Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Roman Morales & Odd City Entertainment EXPOSED

People in the print & art world are pretty forgiving and compassionate folks as long and you make the effort to do right. If you stumble get up have the humility to acknowledge your mistake and in most instances you will be given a second chance.

Roman Morales started Odd City Entertainment in 2013 and in February they released their first poster. Many grand plans and ideas were being talked about. In May 2013 they offered a Print and Event Subscription Plan with three levels.  And then something happened, only Roman knows what happened. This began the path of ruin that resulted in printers not getting paid for jobs, artists not get paid for their work, artists even questioning their career choice and a lot of unhappy customers that did not get posters they paid for.

I want this article to serve as a warning to anyone thinking of getting involved any more with Roman Morales & Odd City Entertainment. I feel a sense of responsibility because I promoted the work here on the blog. I had an artist (that never did any work for Odd City) even ask me why I was continuing to support him with the release of the Godfather posters. I was hoping it would help people get past items and get Roman back on track to clean things up. The optimist in me believed a second chance would help.

During this time I had ordered and received posters from Odd City. I ordered Matt Ferguson's Usual Suspects posters a regular & variant. I also ordered Matt Tobin's True Romance posters a regular & variant. To this day I still have not received them but have been told several times they would be shipping. Even got bogus tracking numbers. Most recently back on December 21 2015, but it was just a pre-shipment notice and Roman has not been able to provide any proof they were actually picked up by USPS because there was never any acceptance scan. I texted him every mail day since December 23 2015 asking about them and to prove they were picked up. I even asked him to provide tracking numbers of other tubes he claims to have shipped at the same time he refused. I have resigned myself to the fact I wont ever see them or my money again.
Scroll down for the UPDATE I got them !!

There is a thread now closed on ExpressoBeans HERE where you can read about a lot of problems people had and the responses by Roman.

The Better Business Bureau of Central, Coastal, Southwest Texas and the Permian Basin rate Odd City an F, read about it HERE.

There is also a civil suit against him as well you can read about from the Travis County Clerks Office, enter his name it will come up

I have spoken with many people recently about Odd City and all of them have asked to remain anonymous for this article. All of their statements are documented as being said by them and nothing was done by phone. Everything is true and not hearsay. I want to share some quotes with you now about the business practices of Roman Morales and Odd City Entertainment. Some of the quotes had specific names removed on request.

From an artist:
Never got APs, took months and months to get paid
From one source:
"He owes one printer almost $20k. They've gotten a lawyer involved."
He never paid 2 artists
And another printer is owed thousands
And whoever printed the letterpress NIHM prints too

this is from me directly asking people involved
the shops, the artists
At the time Roman claimed on EB not to owe anyone money but my source started asking people he knew. Those statements were current as of November 2014, after that my source stopped paying attention.

Sorry had to delete them see below

Those two statements came within an hour of each other, 2 different artists wanting to quit their careers after dealing with Roman, it should not be like that.

Quotes of have been removed at the threat of being sued by Roman

There is obliviously a lot more than just this. But I could not use some information as it would reveal sources. Actions such as these are no good for anyone within the print & art community. There are many well established folks producing great work that have earned the trust of the community through a commitment of taking care of the artists and the collectors the way they should with respect and integrity.

With SxSW coming very soon to Austin, Texas I dont want to see anyone else getting burned by Roman & Odd City Entertainment.

Do you have anything to add to this story ? Email me or leave a comment and they must be factual, no flaming just the facts.

UPDATE 1-22-16

I got all 4 posters in the mail today !! But as you can see from the tracking they were not actually mailed until January 20 as I said along because that is when the Acceptance scan of the tube happened. Still need to inspect them to check the condition, but finally got them. It should not have taken all this to get a simple tube of posters. The date on the label is also Dec 21 2015.

The printers I mentioned as being owned $20k have publicly come out and identified themselves they are The Half and Half and even posted a picture of the invoice.

Courtney the Half and Half's studio manager even offered to wave all the late fees if Roman contacted them and paid the bill within 48 hours of her posting on Facebook. Waiting to hear if anything happened with that.

Lastly in a post of Facebook Roman said this:

"Last post..... Anyone that has purchased one of these three prints please email True Romance Tobin Variant, Usual Suspects Ferguson, and Usual Suspects Variant Ferguson. Most of these were cancelled by the person who ran the system previously. Please send any information relating to your order. As of now I am a bad situation in that I have to receive a complaint to double check whether these were really canceled or canceled by accident. I am sitting on all of these for people that have not sent a complaint (which is the worst way to do business) or have not contacted us. Please write to me so I can have all of these cleared up by next week."
So if he owes you posters send him an email and let me know what happens.


  1. I'd say around 85% of the people that have dealt with him have experienced the same shitty customer service, false tracking numbers, lies about when artwork will be sent, lies about how the post office lost "100 packages, etc." I was personally fucked over several times for both the Gabz true romance and durieux godfather prints. it took many threats of legal recourse until I got what I paid for. I believe in total I waited a year and a half.

    I would recommend you report him for fraud to your credit card company and also inform his local police jurisdiction. good luck, but you will certainly not get your prints or money back through any other method.

  2. I have 7 variant credits remains for a sub I paid $1000 for 3 years ago. Roman is a con artist.

  3. I actually receive the Godfather II Variant and wood variant in September, both damaged. Like a fool I returned them being told he had replacements for both he would ship right out. Now I have nothing but a hole in my wallet and can not get a reply.

  4. For those who've lost out, talk to your banks. If a merchant makes a promise to ship well after the purchase, it can extend your window to do a chargeback. I worked with chase, and they went ahead and processed a chargeback 8 months after purchase.

  5. This reminds me of the "Modern Rock Art" subscription many of us got duped for a few years back. It's shitty when something like this happens, that's for sure. Hopefully (although unlikely) everyone will get sorted in the end.