Monday, October 31, 2011

Tim Doyle Back to the Future 2 movie poster to benefit Michael J. Fox

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The guys at the The Opie & Anthony Show on XM Radio had Tim do a poster for a live interactive radio broadcast of Back to the Future 2 movie. The event is called Secret Show To the Future Part 2.

You may be wondering why there is just a little bit of the poster, well that's all I'm allowed to show, I have seen both posters and you guys will love them. But here are the details from SSTTF on the poster.

Tim Doyle and SSTTF have been going back and forth on this gig poster for about 6 weeks now, and I just saw a pretty final draft and it is totally awesome. We kept it “future” themed while trying to avoid all the typical “BTTF” hackiness that tends to become unavoidable. I may release a tease here or there so check back often! Something I think I’ll mention now is that this print will have a variant and versions of both will be available signed. I wanted everyone to be able to get what they want and I think this works. So there will be a regular edition, a regular edition signed, a variant edition and a variant edition signed. Be aware that the variant and signed variant will be extremely limited in production. When will these be available you ask? Same time the show airs. Nov 5th at 10PM these posters will be available in the store at Please don’t forget, all the proceeds from this gig poster are going to TEAMFOX which is part of Michael J. Fox’s Parkinson’s foundation. It’s a great cause, a great reason to get some guys together and do a “Secret Show” and a great poster anyway! Show or not, I’d totally love a BTTF related poster like this.

For those who do not want to be left out and absolutely MUST have one of these prints I can only recommend to start F5′ing the store page 5 mins before the show and the second I have them up, you can be all checked out. The total run including variants will be under 200 and will never be reprinted.

So head over to the Secret Show To the Future website and get ready

Rhys Cooper Bad to the Bonez prints on sale details


An EPIC Halloween treat from Rhys Cooper.
He has been wanting to kick off this series for a few years now and thought Halloween would be the perfect time to do it. He finally got it done in time and is having his first time limited release to determine the edition.
It will run from Halloween to the end of Día de los Muertos, Nov 2nd.

"Ol Ludwig Van" and "Man In Black" are 18 x 24 screen prints with glow in the dark, Day of the Dead skulls.
Prints are $40.

Buy them HERE

Warren Haynes Band, SF & Denver Poster Set by Chuck Sperry

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Warren Haynes Band at The Warfield
San Francisco “Sly Stone” Jam Night
October 29, 2011
Firehouse Goldenvoice Poster Series No. 146
16 x 23
Edition of 300
4 colors on archival cream paper
Signed and Numbered

Warren Haynes Band at The Ogden Theatre
Denver “James Brown” Jam Night
October 31, 2011
16x 23
Edition of 300
4 colors on archival cream paper
Signed and Numbered

Chuck Sperry has a couple of cool new trippy posters dropping Tuesday November 1 at random time at

SKUZZLES / TROMA Print Release Rhys Cooper Toxic Avenger / Surf Nazis Must Die movie posters

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Skuzzles wanted the perfect artist to continue their TROMA series, who better than Rhys Cooper. Rhys is also a huge Troma fan and had recently watched Surf Nazis Must Die. Skuzzles originally intended to commission Rhys for the Toxic Avenger print of their series, but there was a catch. He would only do it if the Canadians at Skuzzles, sent him a 666L of maple syrup, a Team Canada hockey jersey, some flannel clothing and of course, allowed him to create a Surf Nazis Must Die print. They didn’t hesitate to the baron’s requests and immediately brought the demands to the higher council, known as Troma. As they had hoped, Lord Lloyd Kaufman and his devoted minions at Troma signed off on the deal. The package of odd requests was mailed to Rhys' castle in Australia and the battle on the artwork commenced. They knew Rhys was talented and they had seen what he could do, so they told him to go buck-wild on the colors. A few weeks of total destruction passed and sure enough, Rhys Cooper had crafted an 8-color masterpiece of magnitude that can only be explained by one single word, EPIC !

The results are astounding! These prints are both 12” x 36” (1ft x 3ft) and feature 8-colors on white stock, including 2 metallic green inks that glimmer like the lights on ET’s mother-ship during a clear-skied night. If Elliot had seen this, I’m sure he’d shit himself… and if Spielberg’s movie is true-to-life, that means ET himself would have shit himself (or itself) too. But the sweet stuff doesn’t end with these 2 prints alone. There’s a 3rd print that’s ultra limited and ultra amazing. They blasted both the Toxic Avenger and Surf Nazis Must Die onto a single sheet of 24” x 36” (2ft x 3ft) to create a double-feature variant, limited to only 50. The single posters both have an edition of 130

On sale November 1 Tuesday at a random time HERE

Hallowhedon 3 Poster by GODMACHINE on sale

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Under the Floor Boards over in England had Godmachine create this poster for Massive Event's third 3-day unofficial convention to celebrate the Halloween weekend in style. Featuring the various hit television series created by Joss Whedon. This event will feature guests from some of Joss Whedon's series including "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", "Angel", "Firefly" (and the movie continuation "Serenity") as well as his latest venture "Dollhouse".

The poster is Limited to 100 copies and is a 6 color Screen Print on Mohawk Superfine 270 gsm acid free paper with a spot varnish on the red and black.

Buy it HERE

Rene Gagnon Eye Test Print and the launch of Hood Clothing

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Rene Gagnon has a new print titled Eye Test. It is a 1 color silk screen on 22 inch wide X 32 inch high, 250gsm paper, 2 deckled edges. With an edition of only 50 Signed, dated, numbered, blind stamped and includes a COA.
Unique spatter on each print.


The other big thing Rene has been working on with his daughter is the launch of Hood Clothing.
HOOD CLOTHING INC - Live on November 1st, 2011
After 2 very long months of researching, planning, spending, testing, and more spending, HOOD Clothing Inc. is ready to open it's digital doors.

On November 1st, 2011, HOODCLOTHINGINC.COM goes live.


If they get to 1111 followers (hope for at least 111 lol) followers by October 31st, 2011 at Midnight the SAVINGS ARE EVEN SWEETER!

New movie posters from Derek Gabryszak

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Derek Gabryszak has a couple of cool new movie posters coming out. One is for an old horror movie called Suspiria. It's Derek's second poster for the Coolidge Corner Theatre in Boston. This one is part of their Halloween lineup. It's a 24"x36", 2-color print on 100lb French, Red Hot Pop-tone paper, with an edition of only 40. They will be available for purchase on his site starting Monday (Halloween!), for $40.

The second is an art print he did for Fargo that was part of the Quentin vs. Coen exhibit this past Spring in New York. It's an 18"x24", 4-color print on French Starch White Speckletone, with an edition of 50, available for $35. He will also have just a few copies of his True Romance print left, from the same show.

Buy them HERE

Mr Brainwash Not Guilty Print on sale details

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On Wednesday November 2nd, at 12pm PST, Mr. Brainwash will be releasing a new print "Not Guilty". A five color screen print on deckled edge archival art paper and hand finished with paint. They will be released in 4 color variants and are signed, numbered, and thumb printed by the artist.
Edition: Each color is an edition of 30
Size: 22inx30in
Limit one of each

Buy it HERE

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Winner of the Andy Vastagh Social Distortion poster

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Larry Porter with comment #10 is the winner. Can you believe I got it done this early this week as well. Larry my email address is towards the top on the right shoot me your address and I'll send it out this week.

Thanks again to Andy Vastagh for the great poster, I almost did not want to give it away to be honest LOL. He has a few left at his website as well as all the other killer posters he has created.

Daniel Danger Cotton Candy Machine Prints on sale today


Daniel Danger is putting his copies of the prints from his show earlier this summer at The Cotton Candy Machine. They will be going on sale today Sunday Oct 30th, at 2pm EST in his store. DD only has about 50 copies of the normal editions, but only 5 copies of each of the variants available. Both prints are 24 x 36 with an edition of 150 and they are badass in person. He'll be putting his few copies of ‘The MIST’ up early this week as well.

Buy them HERE

UNHUMAN 6 print deal of the month

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UNHUMAN has 6 of his hottest chick prints as the deal this month. You get all six prints for only 150 Euro's and that includes worldwide shipping.

Check them out HERE

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Tonight's Primus poster from the Oddity Faire in Berkeley by Zoltron and Dave Hunter

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Dave Hunter and Zoltron got together to throw down some wicked design and ink for the Primus show tonight. Limited quantities will be on sale at the show and a small number of artist copies will be available at this coming Wednesday.

TSURT Pumpkin Carving Contest, win a Chuck Sperry Soundgarden poster and more

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TSURT - Pumpkin carving contest 2011

Carve a pumpkin based on the bands in the above photo & win!

Post a picture of your pumpkin to the TSURT
facebook page Make sure to tag yourself and make sure that it clearly states what category you are submitting your work for.

Winners will based on design and originality for
each prize. Winners are determined just by the one that TSURT thinks is best for each item.

Winners will be announced on the TSURT facebook page on Halloween night October 31.2011

Note: have fun with this and be safe when carving your pumpkin.

If you are wondering who TSURT is they are a merchandise company for cool bands.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Free Friday Poster Giveaway featuring Andy Vastagh. The Halloween Edition with Social Distortion


Since it is Halloween weekend I had to keep with the theme and decided on Andy Vastagh's Social Distortion poster from the sold out three night run at the Hollywood Palladium earlier this year for the giveaway today. The poster is a 2 color screen print measuring 18 x 24 and picture does not do it justice, it's killer in person.

So go to the top of the post above the picture and click on comments to leave a comment to have a chance at winning the posters. Don't worry if your comment does not appear immediately I have to approve them before they are published. I will use the random number generator to pick a winner. Entries are limited to ONE PER PERSON PER HOUSEHOLD. Please leave your name with the comment, comments without names will not be accepted. Entries will be accepted until midnight Saturday October 29 PST that's two days to enter, with the winner announced on Sunday.

Big thanks again to Andy for providing another killer poster for the giveaway. He does have few left at his website HERE. Be safe this weekend kids.

More Spoke Art Bad Dad's show previews

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Craig Tapecat McCudden

Spoke Art's Bad Dads - an art show tribute to the films of Wes Anderson opens Saturday and I have more previews of some of the art that will be there. I'm really happy to show you Craig Tapecat McCudden's piece Young Mordecai done on scratchboard. I had heard about scratchboard for along time but was never sure what is was exactly. Well I tried messing around with some the other day and if you know what you are doing and have the patience you can create some amazing work like Craig did. Imagine drawing with a pin but you can't correct any mistakes. You scratch the black surface which is Indian ink to reveal the white layer below

Opening night Saturday October 29th and Sunday October 30, 2011 6pm - 11pm
show on view through November 25, 2011

For more information on Spoke Art:

Rich Kelly Star Trek A Piece of the Action artist edition posters on sale today with BONUS DRAWINGS

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I'll let Rich tell you the details in his own words:

When asked to illustrate a Star Trek poster in which Kirk and Spock are dressed up like a couple of 1920's mobsters, there was no hesitation. I couldn't imagine anything cooler. Typically, I do a lot of drawing when working on a picture, probably too much. For some reason, this Star Trek poster was giving me a hard time, so I somehow managed to produce what seemed like thousands of drawings during the process. Ranging from thumbnails to polished compositions, hundreds of sheets of paper piled up in my filing cabinet. While the majority of them belong in the wastepaper basket, I like to believe that I do produce a couple gems during the entire process. Therefore I decided to slip some drawings into three randomly chosen tubes containing my the poster(s). I can't promise they are going to be Da Vinci-level sketches but I'll throw in enough so that you feel like you're getting a little something extra. If not, you can always make paper airplanes or write your grocery list on the back. Since my inventory doesn't usually fly off the shelves, I'll leave this open to any Star Trek print purchased in the first week that they're up.

Ugh, that was wordy, sorry if this is a waste of your time.

Anyway, I will put my quantities up for sale tomorrow, Friday, October 28 at 10:00am EST right here in my store. I have a couple of the regular edition, and even less variants. Both editions are 18x24in, will be signed and numbered AP's, and are 5 colors on some pretty 100# French paper.

DKNG Studios 2011 Moog Art Print details

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It’s that time of year again for Moogfest. DKNG Studio's were once again asked to create a print for this year’s group art show SYNTH, a showcase of hand made limited edition screen prints inspired by Bob Moog’s legacy.

Since last year’s print was such a success, they decided to create an all new giant Moog synthesizer, with the addition of some new bells and whistles. This year’s print is a 24″ x 18″ four color screen print and has a limited edition of 100. The graphics go full bleed, they created a DKNG Moog parody logo, and to top it all off, it glows in the dark. The best part is the glow ink spells out the name MOOG which is composed of the buttons and knobs from the artwork.

The print will be available for purchase in the DKNG Studios online store starting November 1st

Kaws x Peanuts Snoopy Joe Kaws x Original Fake Figure and shirts

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Kaws will be dropping his latest Peanuts Snoopy figure at 12 PM EDT today. At a price of $180 some people are having second thoughts on purchasing it. Halloween always calls for a number of limited releases from people like Original Fake. Done in conjunction with the Snoopy ‘Kaws Version’ vinyl toy, these new tees are perfect to rock this month. Swapping out a jack-o-lantern for a dog house, Snoopy naps the day away on the head of a perfectly carved pumpkin. The shirts will available in Grey, Black and White, hoping Kaws has them on his site, if not check Original Fake

Buy the figure at

Emke Umphrey's McGee HauntLanta poster for tonight

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Umphrey's McGee fans are in for special treat tonight, Emek did the poster for the two nights of shows in Atlanta. The bottom represents the old (death), in the middle is a skeleton who can no longer fly, but he is making music that is soaring to the top...a mashup of life and death themes. The poster is 12 x 33 silk screen goodness. Get there early this is going to go quick.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Lord of R’yleh, CTHULHU print by GODMACHINE

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Nakatomi have had the privilege of printing several of Godmachine’s prints in the past (most notably for the good folks at Tommygood), and they’ve been wanting to get him on a project for quite a while now.

Well the stars finally aligned, but unfortunately they aligned under an evil sign in the sunken city of R’yleh, rending the bonds that keep the ancient ones from invading our reality through secret geometry.

But hey, you’ve gotta roll with the punches, eh? Even when those punches come from a tentacled fist.

All the way from the cursed land otherwise known as THE UNITED KINGDOM, the artist known as Godmachine has produced this portrait of everyone’s favorite Dark Lord, Cthulhu.

This amazing 7 color hand-printed art print measures 16×24 and is numbered in an edition of 150. Nakatomi has 100 for sale, with the rest going to Godmachine in the previously mentioned black pit of suffering, THE UNITED KINGDOM.

Pick up one of these prints HERE. And may Cthulhu’s judgement on all flesh be swift and harsh.

Chuck Sperry Soundgarden and Mastodon Poster on sale details

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The Soundgarden reunion tour continues and they had Chuck Sperry do the poster for the show last night in Grand Prairie, Texas. The poster is 18 x 33 inches and 4 colors on archival cream paper.

Chuck will be selling 100 signed and numbered artist edition copies on November 2 at a random time HERE.

Long Beach Zombie Art Show this weekend

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Part of the Long Beach Zombie Walk this weekend is the Zombie Art Exhibition. Garry Booth of Phone Booth Gallery (Long Beach, CA) and Jason Liwag of e•phem•er•al (Hollywood, CA) have combined efforts to co-curate an exhibition of zombie themed artwork in conjunction with this year’s Guinness record breaking Long Beach Zombie Walk on October 29th, 2011 on Pine Ave.

The art exhibition will be in a 1,500 square foot venue kindly provided by their friends at Long Beach Pedalers Society, right in the middle of the zombie action, and will be on view for the month following. Projected attendance for opening night is between 15,000-20,000 enthused zombie-clad individuals!

The prints above will be available at the show and online after the show at

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Munk One Pearl Jam Toronto Variant Poster on sale tonight

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Rare Purple Variant Edition of the Pearl Jam Toronto Ontario print by Munk One. (S/N, Variant Edition)

On sale tonight October 26th, 2011 at 6pm PST

12×36″” 5 Color Screen-Printed Poster from the September 11th, 2011 Show.
Signed and Numbered Edition of ONLY 20

100.00+S&H each

Buy it HERE