Friday, March 31, 2017

Jay Ryan Midnight And Tortoise Prints

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Jay Ryan has a couple of new offerings of awesomeness this week. Midnight is a
18 by 24 inches. Four color screen print on French cover stock. Signed and numbered edition of 120.

Jay Ryan's pals Tortoise played one of the Empty Bottle 25th Anniversary events last weekend. He made posters for the show.

Tortoise with the Lonesome Organist. Two shows. Empty Bottle's 25th Anniversary.
18 by 24 inches. Six color screen print on French cover stock. Signed and numbered edition of 200.

Buy them at

Arna Miller Denver 303 Print Release From Sally Centigrade

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This coy fellow wants you to see what he’s got. This poster featuring a cat and a beer is part of the “Travel By Screen” series hosted by Sally Centigrade Gallery. It celebrates a fun Denver fact on any given day, more beer is brewed in Denver than in any other city in the US. What do cats have to do with Denver and beer? That’s for you to decide.

This screen print is made up of seven translucent colors, layered to make the illusion of many colors. The drawing of the cat and beer is drawn and shaded in pencil, then 6 more drawings are made, one for each color that will be printed.

Arna Miller is a Denver screen print artist, using her own drawings to illustrate an often humorous, often thought-provoking scene, featuring an interesting character in a noteworthy situation; with the guidelines of “possible, but not likely.” Her drawing and design technique are informed by the medium of screen printing.

Artist: Arna Miller
18 x 24"
7 color screen print on 100lb "fuse green" French paper
Edition of 75-- signed and numbered

Release Saturday April 1st at noon mountain time:

Erica Williams Peace Be With You And Luminous Prints Release

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Having gotten settled back in her studio after Flatstock Erica Williams is ready to share a couple of new prints with the internet.

First is "Peace Be With You". This piece was inspired by the Islamic faith, and is to show my support and adoration for Muslims, especially those refugees affected by the recent travel bans. Peace Be Upon You is my first print for a cause.

$5 of every sale will be donated to the ALCU.

In Islam bats are considered to be a perfect create, the soul turns into an owl after you die, and cats (while not included in the art) are the most beloved by Muhammed. While there is no "official" flower, roses are important and are commonly used in Muslim weddings and funerals. Also included is oleander, which grows throughout the region affected by the travel bans. The symbols on the Misbaha are that is Islam, and an African symbol that means "unity through diversity." Lastly, the seven stars (one is hidden by the bat, which kinda worked out after the ban was revised) stand for the seven countries affected by the ban.

 Luminous was released shortly before Flatstock, but Erica didn't get the chance to put them online prior to heading to Austin.

Buy them at

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Malleus Magma Art Print

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Magma is a woman becoming a volcano and a volcano becoming woman. This is the first Malleus print dedicated to nature and its power. Nature is like a woman, a creature that gives birth and creates life. But from life, as the history of humanity can prove, comes destruction.

"MAGMA" is a limited edition art print taken from the original offset gigposter Malleus did for Møster! show at Sojo in Belgium.

It's a 5 colors poster measuring 50 x 70 cm printed on black glittered paper in a limited edition of 51 copies.

Buy it at

Justin Santora Amos Lee Poster And Art Prints

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Justin Santora has bunch of new prints for sale. The first is a new art print entitled "Awake!" which is available in two different colorways, one with text and one without. Both are three color screen prints on Cougar natural cover, 14x24", signed and numbered editions of 50.

Also up in the store is an Amos Lee tour poster with the same illustration, as well as a recent poster for Spektral Quartet.

Also up in his store is this a special print from which Justin will be donating $10 from each sale to the ACLU, which is of course doing some especially important work these days. These are 12x18" and printed on cougar natural cover. Open edition, signed/not numbered. These were originally released on January 20th, or the day that reality TV, racist baby boomer fear mongering tabloids, Goldman Sachs, and Exxon Mobil rapidly accelerated their existing pace of destroying any shred of all that is good in the world.

There are also some special vinyl stickers of the same design, which will be included with all orders while supplies last. They're pretty awesome for covering up Infowars stickers. Or maybe your punk-as-heck niece or nephew would like to put it on their guitar case.

Buy them all at

Ryan Mowry Emma Ruth Rundle Tour Poster Release

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Ryan Mowry will be selling his Emma Ruth Rundle tour poster Thursday at 9am mountain standard time. The print is 18x24, signed and numbered, 4 color, and printed on white French paper stock. They are in a edition of 100 but much fewer available online.

The print can be purchased at

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

David Welker Lonious Monk Fish Prints Release

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Welker Wednesday is back, and this time Bottleneck Gallery are diving deep to meet some of the incredibly imaginative and fun deep sea creatures that David Welker has created!

The first creature that David is going to feature is the Lonious Monk Fish. They’re always amazed at just how much character comes through in David’s pieces, and the Lonious Fish is one of our favorite quirky characters so far.

BNG want this release to be fun and accessible to both new and old fans of David’s work, so in addition to a regular edition, there will be a silver edition and a very special letterpress version of the print! They will also have a very limited number of sets available as well.

Lonious Fish - Regular
Screen print 12 X 9 inches
Signed and hand-numbered edition of 300

Lonious Fish - Silver
Screen print 12 X 9 inches
Signed and hand-numbered edition of 150

Lonious Fish - Letterpress
Letterpress 12 X 9 inches
Signed and hand-numbered edition of 100

You can hook the Lonious Fish this Wednesday at 12PM ET at .

Bernie Wrightson Cycle of the Werewolf Portfolio Print Set

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Nakatomi is now offering the remainder of the Bernie Wrightson CYCLE OF THE WEREWOLF box sets for purchase, now through the Nakatomi Store page HERE. Sets sell for $200 each.

This was the last project they were able to complete before Bernie passed earlier this month. They have received a lot of requests since then to purchase Bernie's work, and they are honored to continue to get his work into the hands of his fans.

All these sets include the signed Autograph plate, included with the limited edition, hand-numbered prints. These are the last autographs Bernie was able to sign.

12 full-color high-quality archival Giclee 11 x 14" prints of the Cycle of the Werewolf art- limited to 500 copies each, presented in a heavy-duty red-foil stamped collector's box. Included is a 11 x 14" signature plate, signed by Bernie. All prints and the signature plate will have matched numbers, out of an edition of 500. Giclee prints are on archival 305gsm cold-press natural watercolor paper, printed with archival Epson Ultrachrome inks.

48 page chapbook that includes never before seen production sketches
Silver metallic pin
Letterpress Lunar Calendar from 1984
All packed in a sturdy foil-stamped collector's box

Buy it at

Isabel Samaras Planet of the Drapes Print On Wood

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"Planet of the Drapes" is a super saucy portrait by artist Isabel Samaras of Dr. Zira, who combines beauty *and* brains in one stylish (if slightly furry) package. This print lovingly reproduces the painting at its actual size so you can enjoy every painted detail. Available in self-hanging "original" ready to pop up on your wall, or beautifully framed in a custom shadow box style.

8 x 12 in. (30.48 x 20.32 cm)
Hand signed and numbered fine art wood print on 1/2" sustainable Birch, bright white finish
Limited edition of 100 that are signed & numbered.

Buy it at

George Bletsis Hunt for the Wilderpeople Poster Release From Black Dragon Press

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In partnership with Piki Films and coinciding with the first anniversary of the film's release in New Zealand, Black Dragon Press are delighted to present this majestic poster for 'Hunt for the Wilderpeople'. In this large format limited edition screen print, UK illustrator George Bletsis has created a super fun piece that draws you in as it beckons you to quite literally hunt for the wilderpeople.

"I love this poster. It reminds me of the kind of thing I would make as a kid, obsessing over every detail I remembered from movies I loved. I'm particularly pleased to see the minister is in there too!" - Taika Waititi.

And for the more creative among you, they're also releasing a smaller keyline poster so that you may unleash your inner colorist. These are printed on the same heavy duty paper stock as the main edition so you can frame it up and display on your walls whatever medium you use.

 24" x 36" Hand-Pulled Screen Print
270gsm Superfine Softwhite Eggshell Archival Paper
Limited Edition of 300 Hand Numbered. Galllery Stamp On The Reverse

'Hunt for the Wilderpeople' will go on sale this Friday 31 March at 3pm UK time 10am EDT from Black Dragon Press.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

James Flames Dave Matthews And SXSW Film Fest Posters Release

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James Flames will release two brand new posters on Tuesday that his really psyched about. 

First is a poster James made for Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds' recent show in Dublin, Ireland from last week. The illustration is titled "Our Afternoon Melody", and features an Irish musician playing his tin whistle. He's accompanied by a family of wolves, who sing along with his song, and the melody fills the warm afternoon air.

Next is the poster James created for the SXSW Film Festival. James felt it was a true honor to be commissioned by the folks at SXSW to create the official poster for the event.

The illustration is titled "Until It Feels Like Home", and the scene takes place in an old theater, completely in bloom with plants and flowers, and a group of friends who have brought their magic keys with them, and begin to prepare the theater for the most incredible show ever. 

Everything will be available  Tuesday, March 28th at 1pm Eastern on

Zakuro Aoyama Moby Dick Poster Release From Mad Duck Posters

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Mad Duck Posters is releasing a new poster this week for our Classic Literature Series! They are thrilled to announce Herman Melville's "Moby Dick" with art by Zakuro Aoyama!

"Moby Dick" was first published in 1851, with the original title "The Whale". A timeless tale of obsession, the story has influenced countless authors as well as pop culture. The "white whale"is a phrase that is still widely used today to indicate an ultimate goal, conquest or obsession.

Zakuro did an amazing job capturing the feeling of the book. The poster contains imagery of the doomed wreck, Ahab's obsession, and an incredibly detailed whale illustration!

This poster is available in two editions.

Regular - 8 color screen print, 24X36, hand numbered edition of 75, $65

Variant - "The Whale", 9 color screen print, 24X36, hand numbered edition of 45, $75.

Both will go on sale this Wednesday, March 29th at 12pm eastern time here

Monday, March 27, 2017

Risk Collateral Damage And Riskoleum Prints Release

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1xRun has a couple of new prints from RISK on sale right now.

Collateral Damage is an 18 x 24 Inch Archival Pigment Print on 300gsm Cotton Rag Fine Art Paper with a signed & numbered edition of 50

Small Riskoleum Can measures 5 x 12 Inches, it to is an Archival Pigment Print on 300gsm Cotton Rag Fine Art Paper. It has a signed & numbered edition of 200.

Buy them at you can buy them as set and save $20.

Gumball Designs Primus Oakland NYE Poster

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Primus gave Gumball Designs the approval to do another poster for their New Years Eve show in Oakland last year.

Both posters have the same details
SIZE: 11 x 17” (Portrait)
ARTIST SIGNED & NUMBERED: Numbered on the Front - Signed on the back
PRINT: CMYK Digital Giclee - Archival Inks
STOCK: 220gsm Heavy Coated Card

Jorge Gamboa Teenage Fanclub San Francisco Poster

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Jorge Gamboa came outta poster retirement to make another poster at Hanger18 (Chuck Sperry's print shop) for one of his favorite bands Teenage Fanclub and their show in  San Francisco last week. For those of you that dont know Jorge he has been around the Oakland/San Francisco art scene for many years and is an accomplished painter.

I asked him how they dragged him back into the poster world:
They're one of my favorite bands, nicest guys on the planet, and the first tour in 6 years . They had had their first number one record, in the UK , since 93 it was like a vortex . I've been wanting to since in the Winter the weather doesn't allow me to paint which is what I've been doin mostly . Chuck was utterly gracious and supportive to let me do one there. We're going to try and convert a painting into a screenprint in the future . Do a one color like Hogarth use to do . This one was a combo of my likes punk rawk flyers, Stanley Mouse and the beautiful building that is the Glasgow school of art .
The poster measures 20 x 25 inches and has a signed & numbered edition of 80.

Buy it in his Etsy Show HERE

Friday, March 24, 2017

Lars Krause Beginner Dresden Germany Poster

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Lars Krause has a new poster for the group Beginner and their concert in Dresden Germany. Its a 5 Color Silkscreen on 44 x 61 cm 260g/qm cardboard.

Printed in an Edition of 100 that is signed and numbered.

Buy it at

Mr Lee King of Corn Print Release By Sally Centigrade

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The seventh release in the "Travel By Screen" series by Sally Centigrade Gallery, this one inspired by Indiana and the 317 area code in Indianapolis. For the series 51 screen printers were chosen, one from each state + Washington DC, each making a screen print themed / inspired by an area code in their state.

King of Corn by Mr. Lee | Todd Urban
18 x 24
3 layers on French Paper
Signed and number Edition of 25

Release Friday March 24th at Noon Eastern Time available at

Fossil Factory Print By Shepard Fairey Release

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Shepard talks design regarding his new print.
The Fossil Factory image is an illustration I made based on a former factory in the 13th district of Paris which is now used for classrooms at a university. The architecture of the factory is fantastic and serves as a reminder of what monolithic and impressive things were built by, and in service of, fossil fuel powered industries. Those industries still have tremendous power economically, but we now know that not only are those fuel sources finite but that using them is terrible for climate change and therefore the eco-systems that sustain life on our planet. I’d like to see more fossil factories turned into schools while we subsidize research into renewable energy solutions rather than the current practice of subsidizing the fossil fuel industries for billions as they damage the environment. Please read Naomi Klein’s THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING to better understand the conflict between economic interests and climate change. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this print will go to to support their efforts to fight climate change. Thanks for caring. – Shepard
FOSSIL FACTORY PRINT on sale Tuesday 03/28 10AM PDT on in Store. 18 x 24 inches. Screen print on cream Speckle Tone paper. Signed by Shepard Fairey. Edition of 450.

DKNG Studios Spider Verse Poster From Mondo

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Spider-Man is one of the greats. Period. The character debuted in 1962 and is as popular now as he’s ever been - if not more. With such a storied history, Mondo have long been wanting to do a “history of” type poster for the many various Spider-people over the course of Spidey’s 55 year history.

In 2014, Marvel published an event called “Spider-Verse” that featured every Spider- character ever. In celebration, Mondo wanted to do their own take so Mondo enlisted the magicians at DKNG Studios to design a Spider-Verse poster that includes upwards of 70 different incarnations of the ol’ web head from alternate Peter Parker’s (and Porker’s) to other iconic characters who also donned spider powers of their own. So much research went into this project and they couldn’t be more proud of how it turned out and the amazing work DKNG did in executing the final pieces.

These posters are available right now as a 72 hour timed edition at .

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Matt Ryan Tobin Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey Poster Skuzzles Release

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It's been awhile since Skuzzles last movie poster release, but it was worth the wait. For this limited edition screen print movie poster, they teamed up with an amazing Canadian artist, Matt Ryan Tobin. Fortunately, they were able to acquire the license to Matt's favorite flick of all time... Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey.

Skuzzles couldn't be happier with how Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey came out. Matt worked on the artwork for this limited edition screen print for roughly an entire year. They were lucky enough to have likeness for majority of the actors (Keanu Reeves, Alex Winter, George Carlin and the whole shebang), so Matt took full advantage of this. He was able to capture the story of Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey by taking multiple elements from the film and incorporating them into the poster.

Here's some design talk from Matt Ryan Tobin regarding his Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey poster:
This is my favorite film of all time. This is the longest I have ever spent on single poster. About a year. I really have to thank my fellow Canadians SKUZZLES for their endless patience as I tried to conquer this. So many times I actually almost jumped ship because I felt I couldn't do it justice and it was starting to drive me insane.
I was way too close to it.
After much sweat and anxiety and hair lost I decided to hit the "Fuck It" button and make the most ridiculous and out-there-jam-packed poster I could. Coming from a guy who tends to prefer and lean on more simplistic and conceptual approaches this was a big jump but one I'm happy I took. This is an outrageous film and it required an outrageous poster.
I started to see why the original one sheet was Bill, Ted and Death against a white background. It's impossible to tell this films outlandish, crazy, and most excellent story in a single image. I guess that's what I tried to do.
The thing is; I still think if you hadn't seen the film, perhaps a poster this outrageous just might make you want to.
Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey - Regular Edition - $50
Officially licensed screen print movie poster Limited Edition of 180
Size 24" x 36"
7 Colors printed on white paper

Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey - Metallic Variant - $60
Officially licensed screen print movie poster Limited Edition of 75
Size 24" x 36"
7 Colors printed on white paper featuring metallic inks


Jim Mazza Eric Church Bozeman Poster

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Jim Mazza has a new poster for Eric Church's show in Bozeman, MT that happened last night.

The poster is 8.25" x 24" inches
5 color screen print.
Printed on 100lb cougar white cover stock.
Signed and numbered artist edition of only 35.

The poster goes on sale Thursday at 9am PDT at

Carl Glover Velvet Underground Poster Release From Flood Gallery

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New and exclusive from The Flood Gallery: THE VELVET UNDERGROUND & NICO – By CARL GLOVER – Commissioned for Classic Album Sundays

Released to coincide with playback events taking place around the world during March 2017, this is the latest in the Flood Gallery series of prints commissioned for Classic Album Sundays .

Carl Glover (Aleph Studios) has produced a contemporary, cool, yet bold design to celebrate the Velvet’s hugely influential 1967 avant-garde debut.

18x24” Giclee print on 100% cotton rag archival paper stock, available as a main edition in black, with a limited edition variant in red of just 50.

 Available at from Thursday 23rd March - 5pm GMT

Half Hazard Press Eric Church Posters And Prints Release

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Half Hazard Press just returned from their first ever Flatstock down in Austin and have a bunch of new posters and prints for sale.

Gig poster for Eric Church in Spokane, WA. 12.5”x25”, 3-color screen print with an AP edition of 30 for $30 each. Signed and numbered by artist Christopher Gray.

Gig poster for Eric Church in Tacoma, WA. 12.5”x25”, 3-color screen print with an AP edition of 30 for $30 each. Signed and numbered by artist Joel Hunter.

Poster for Flatstock 59 in Austin, TX. 16”x24”, 1-color screen print with an edition of 65 for $15 each. Signed and numbered by artist Joel Hunter.

Art print titled, “Spent.” 18”x24”, 2-color screen print with a first edition of 60 for $30 each. Signed and numbered by artist Joel Hunter.

Buy them at

Fish Bone Prints Spring Cleaning Mystery Tube Sale

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Alex MacAskill runs a print and design shop called Fish Bone Prints out in Halifax Canada, and he's having a spring cleaning sale in his online shop. For every gig poster or art print order, Alex is packing the shipping tubes full of different surprise items. Each tube will have at least 2 scratch and dent prints, a t-shirt or tote bag, and a beer koozie. The sale runs until the end of the month. There's tons art prints, and gig posters for the Avett Brothers, John Prine, Blue Rodeo, and several Canadian bands and festivals, as well as some pins and patches to pick from.
Hit his Etsy Store HERE to start shopping

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Zeb Love String Cheese Incident Winter Tour Poster Release

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Zeb Love will be releasing his String Cheese Incident Winter Carnival Tour Poster this week.

It's an 18x24", 4 Color Silkscreen, AP Edition of 50, $30.

On sale Friday at Noon EDT at

Joey Feldman däktər GonZo Dr Gonzo Art Print Release

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Joey Feldman is releasing his first print with Bottleneck Gallery this week. The name of the print is däktər GonZo.

I talked to Joey about the print:
Its no secret that the first time I was introduced to "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” the book became a seminal and liberating moment for me, discovering both the fantastic art by Ralph Steadman and the words by Hunter S. Thompson. Since then my work as always been reminiscent of Steadman’s “gonzo” style.
Years later, bottleneck contacted me about doing a piece based off that book. It was a dream come true to be asked to do a homage to this great piece of literature and culture.
The print will be sold in two editions.
12 x 16” fine art giclee
Hand numbered and signed edition of 125 $45
Hand embellished, hand numbered and signed edition of 20 $100

On sale Friday at 1PM EDT at

Laurent Durieux Gone With The Wind Movie Poster Release From Dark Hall Mansion

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Dark Hall Mansion in partnership with Warner Bros. Consumer Products, is pleased to release the latest limited edition fine art print in their ongoing DHM Seminal Film Series, with the officially licensed "GONE WITH THE WIND" screen prints by leading contemporary artist Laurent Durieux.

Dark Hall Mansion, in partnership with Warner Bros. Consumer Products, welcomes back artist Laurent Durieux for his take on one of the most notable of all golden age cinema classics, "GONE WITH THE WIND." Few words are needed to comment on this 1939 film's landmark place in cinematic history, Laurent's piece addresses its varied themes and arc with boldness and subtlety. From his powerful yet emotionally conflicted rendering of Leigh's expression as Scarlett O'Hara to the provocative visual concept for Scarlett herself as both woman and thematic entity, Laurent's piece lends itself to charged contemplation. On closeup you'll find his address of the horrors of war, the destruction of Tara, the famed exit of Clark Gable's Rhett Butler, as well as more subtle elements throughout such as Ashley's image in Scarlett's hand, the inscriptions on varied tombstones and more. Laurent's piece is at once evocative of original 1930's vintage movie posters while still very contemporary in approach and personal to the artist's style and aesthetic.

DHM's Laurent Durieux "GONE WITH THE WIND" limited editions measure 24" x 36," are 10-color screen prints, strictly limited and individually hand numbered. The select canvas run of only 30 editions worldwide are giclee printed on canvas and hand numbered.

"GONE WITH THE WIND" Standard Edition of 345 $70
"GONE WITH THE WIND" Variant Edition of 145 $100
"GONE WITH THE WIND" Foil Edition of 20 $150
(based on Std edition colorway)
"GONE WITH THE WIND" Foil Edition of 20 $150
(based on Variant edition colorway)
"GONE WITH THE WIND" Select Canvas edition $250
(15 based on Standard colorway, 15 based on Variant colorway)

Officially licensed "GONE WITH THE WIND" Laurent Durieux limited edition screen prints will be available Friday, March 24th, at 12:30 PM PST exclusively via DHM's dedicated store page at