Saturday, June 30, 2018

Ivan Minsloff Dave Matthews Band & Ryan Adams Posters Release

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Ivan Minsloff will be releasing some posters today.
Ryan Adams Red Rocks - AP edition of 75 - rainbow foil variant AP edition of 10 (18x24 four colors)

Ryan Adams - Salt Lake City - AP edition of 50 -  foil variant AP edition of 10 (18x24 four colors)

Dave Matthews Band - Camden - AP edition of 40 (18x24 four colors)
All posters come signed and numbered. 
On sale at 10am PDT at

Friday, June 29, 2018

Michael Hacker Pixies Jacksonville Poster Release

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Michael Hacker just added his latest gig poster for Pixies' show at Florida Theatre, Jacksonville to his store:

It's a limited seven color screen print
18 x 24in (45,7 x 60,9cm)
Signed and numbered AP Edition of 50 (and 25 four color Rainbow Foil Variants).

The image is inspired by Pixies' latest release's title track "Head Carrier". The song is about St. Denis of Paris, a 3rd-century saint who was beheaded by a sword and is said to walk without his head for several miles.

Will Barras Oz Street Art Print Release From Dark Hall Mansion

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Dark Hall Mansion's latest limited edition fine art print, "OZ Street," by leading contemporary UK artist WILL BARRAS just went on sale and is available RIGHT NOW exclusively via DHM's store at:

DHM is excited to debut our latest limited edition print release, "OZ Street," by leading UK contemporary artist, Will Barras. A piece inspired and influenced by the rich legacy that is Oz Will's very contemporary take showcases his unique, bold and dynamic style placing his piece in a personal context of his own.

*VIP! DHM were so taken with Will's original concept artwork for his "OZ Street" piece that they had to release it as its own edition so they're going to include a free 10" x 10" limited edition concept art print-also limited, giclee printed and hand numbered-with each purchase of a full sized "OZ Street" 18" x 24" full color print.

Quantities are very limited for these prints so get yours now while it's still available!!

All "OZ Street" limited edition prints are strictly limited, giclee printed and hand numbered. Editions measure 18" x 24" and each full color "OZ Street" print will come with a free 10" x 10" "OZ Street" concept art print as well!

Oliver Barrett Uncle Drew Movie Poster Release By Mondo

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Mondo are very, very excited about their poster release this week. A lot of them at Mondo are big basketball fans, so as soon as UNCLE DREW was announced as a full-length feature film, they knew they had to do something for it, and the art was to be handled by none other than the mighty Oliver Barrett. Oliver's poster is about as perfect as you could hope for, paying homage and pulling inspiration from iconic basketball trading cards of yesteryear.

This poster will be available on Friday 6-29-18 at a random time via

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

TAZ Pixies Dallas Poster

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TAZ seems to love Dallas and doing posters for the PIXIES, so once again, for the show tonight at the Starplex Pavilion, the PIXIES have a new TAZ poster. The last one aped the German expressionists, this one zeros in on Texas outlaw biker gangs. TAZ figured that when the PIXIES ride into town, folks pay attention, they are hard, weather beaten, and tough – not a band to be messed with. TAZ lives at the beach, and when he thinks of Dallas it is all chrome, choppers, and drag pipes – not really, but it makes a great retro romantic poster image.

Once again TAZ cranked out original hand-lettering for the name of the band. The size of the poster is 18x24, and it’s a 7-color silkscreen. It is printed on #100 Cougar paper. There will be 50 signed and numbered regular posters, and 25 signed and numbered rainbow foil versions – which looks sick.These will go on sale very shortly at

Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds Canandaigua Poster by Half Hazard Press Release

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Half Hazard Press has 2 new posters and both will be available at Thursday, 06.28.18, at 11am CDT.

Gig poster for Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds in Canandaigua, NY. 18”x24”, 5-color screen print. Signed and numbered edition of 50 by artist Joel Hunter.

Gig poster for Mandolin Orange in Raleigh, NC | 18”x24”, 4-color screen print, selling edition of 30, Signed and numbered by artist Christopher Gray.

Pearl Jam Roma Print By Emek Release


Emek did the poster for the Pearl Jam show in Roma/Rome.

Here is what the back says.
Many skeletons of eternally embracing couples have been discovered throughout the Roman Empire. I liked playing with the classic themes of mythology and history. Vulcan was an important god in the founding of Rome. He also built the first automatons (one of history's first robots!) It was a Roman couple that was originally discovered buried in an eternal embrace. What if these forbidden lovers, sharing one heart, buried under years of bloody civilization and restoration, were escaping from Vulcan? Because like... Ancient Aliens. -Emek
Poster comes Signed, Numbered, Embossed and Doodled
Size: 18 x 24
Edition of 100
Price: $150

On sale at Thursday

Click on the NEW RELEASE image to open the sale page

The BUY NOW buttons will appear sometime between 12:00pm and 12:15pm PDT on Thursday June 28th. When the sale is complete he will replace the BUY BUTTONS with SOLD-OUT, then the butt-hurt and sense of entitlement will erupt and spew forth all over the internetz.

Chuck D Print by Shepard Fairey Release

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New from Shepard Fairey Chuck D Black Steel Screen Print (RED). 18 x 24 inches. Screen print on cream Speckle Tone paper. Signed by Shepard Fairey, Chuck D, and Janette Beckman. Numbered edition of 550. $80. Available Thursday, June 28th at 10am PDT

 Chuck D Black Steel Large Screen Print (BLACK). 24 x 36 inches. Screen print on cream Speckle Tone paper. Signed by Shepard Fairey, Chuck D, and Janette Beckman. Numbered edition of 300. $150. Available Thursday, June 28th @ 5PM (PDT) on in Store under Prints.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Widespread Panic Zoltron Morrison Poster Release

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Zoltron was another of the artists that did posters for Widespread Panic's 3 nights at Red Rocks. He did one for each night.

Widespread Panic Red Rocks Amphitheatre
June 22, 23 and 24, 2018

18" X 24"
6 color screen print with translucent, metallic layers (one unique color way per night)
Edition of 650 per night.

A limited signed and numbered artist edition (A/E #/50) sold in sets or individually, along with some fancy variants, will available for purchase from the Z Store on Thursday June 28th at apx. 11AM PDT.


Update: Due to an unforeseen shipping fiasco, this release is postponed to a later date. Will update soon.

Widespread Panic Morrison Print By Chuck Sperry Release

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Widespread Panic Summer Solstice last weekend at Red Rocks, was three days of incredible music under the stars. Chuck Sperry did one of the posters for the shows.
Look up! Let me show you my favorite constellation, the Corona Borealis, the crown of stars, the god of wine and song Dionysus set high in the heavens to express his immortal love for the kind beauty Ariadne.

In some tellings of her story, the shining crown was made by the fiery blacksmith Hephaestus — the ever hardworking artist — and given to Ariadne by Venus because she favored her grace and gentle spirit.

Ariadne lent the bright crown of stars and a fine unbreakable thread to clever Theseus to help him escape the labyrinth after slaying the Minotaur and saving the children of Athens — poor imperfect democracy — from the evil beast.

Lot’s of reasons to love the starry Corona Borealis, but mostly because it crowns Widespread Panic for three beautiful nights of friends, family, and the music at Red Rocks. Enjoy! -Chuck Sperry

Widespread Panic Red Rocks, 2018
16 x 35 inch and 5 color screenprint on cream paper
Signed and Numbered Edition of 650

Chuck will be making a very limited release of the Artist Edition and variants of his Widespread Panic Red Rocks poster on Wednesday, June 27, 2018 at a random time at

Ames Bros Blink 182 Las Vegas Poster

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Blink-182 and Ames Bros come together again for their limited edition screen printed posters for the band's Las Vegas Residency - Unfortunately, the show was canceled due to an illness, but you can still get the poster!

Only 40 Tour Edition and 10 Rainbow Foil Variants Available. Each one is 20" X 26"
6 color silkscreened poster. All signed and numbered by the artist.

Buy them at

Monday, June 25, 2018

JC Richard Rocky Movie Poster Release From Grey Matter Art

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Grey Matter Art, under license from MGM, is proud to announce a new officially licensed, limited edition screen print featuring the classic 1976 Sylvester Stallone film, "Rocky" by artist, JC Richard. With the "Creed 2" trailer being released last week what a way to honor the original film.

"Rocky" by JC Richard
12" x 36" hand-numbered screen print
Regular Edition: 150/$40.00
Variant Edition: 75/$50.00

This poster will be released this Wednesday, June 27th on our website shop page at 1:00 PM EDT. at

1xRUN Mystery Tube Art Print Sale

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This is a great deal on some art for your home. This is your chance snag 1, 3 or 5 Mystery Prints from the 1xRUN extensive archive of prints that are just waiting for a new wall to help look good!

Head over to to get one.

Darin Shock Couch Tour T-Shirt Sale

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To celebrate the start of Summer Tours, Darin Shock has taken 50% off of a limited number of "Couch Tour" t-shirts. That's only $10 for Med-XL...$15 for 2XL! Deal ends at 11:59pm EDT on Friday or when that limited amount is gone.

Friday, June 22, 2018

Kris Atha Winds of Change Art Print Release By Sally Centigrade Gallery

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Sally Centigrade Gallery's Travel By Screen series continues with Artist Kris Atha print titled Winds Of Change.

The 641 area code is mostly rural Iowa countryside with small to medium sized towns sprinkled throughout. A few miles outside of my town, a row of weathered vintage cars and trucks sits by the roadside, this Studebaker being one of them. A couple fields over, a wind farm rises from the horizon. The juxtaposition of the two is a fitting portrayal of the region. It's rich with history and tradition, yet embraces new ideas and technology — evolving with the times while remembering the past. The state bird, a goldfinch, sits perched on the truck's hood ornament reminding the viewer of Iowa's natural beauty and reinforcing the importance of maintaining a sustainable planet for generations to come.

Title: Winds of Change
Size: 24 x 18
4-screens / 1 split fountain
Printed on French Paper Company Pure White Construction, 100#c

Signed and numbered, limited edition of 30 available starting at Noon Mountain Time on Friday June 22nd:

Skateboarding Day With 1xRUN

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To coincide with Go Skateboarding Day 2018, 1xRUN has teamed up with more than a dozen artists to create 25+ new artist edition skate decks! We are excited to present new professional quality skate decks with designs from Bask, Bisco Smith, Brandon Boyd, Cash For Your Warhol, Dalek, David Flores, Denial, Does, Eddie Colla, Hueman, Jim Houser, Mimi Yoon, Naturel and more to help celebrate this year's Go Skateboarding Day on June 21st.

8 x 32 Inches Archival Pigment Print Transfer on Cold Pressed Steep Natural Skate Deck

See more and buy that at

Tara McPherson Fractal Fountain Art Print

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1xRUN are excited to welcome back one of their longest running 1xRUN artists Tara McPherson, who joins them to help raise awareness for the Flint Water Crisis, as she brings us Fractal Fountain as part of the 1xRUN Flint Water Crisis Print Suite! A portion of the proceeds from these editions will be donated to Flint Child Health & Development Foundation and the Michigan ACLU! Joining the likes of Robbie Conal, Shepard Fairey, Brandon Boyd, Ron English and Aiko 1xRUN couldn't be happier to offer Tara's latest release part of this series!
"I was just horrified when I heard about the people in Flint. It is completely unacceptable and those at fault need to be held accountable with some serious repercussions. That simply should not be happening in this day and age. Period.

It is extremely important for me as an artist to use my platform and artwork to help raise awareness for these issues. I wouldn’t say I’m a political artist, but to be able to use certain themes within my work that have parallels with our lives and be able to inspire a positive response is key.

This painting is definitely an evolution on the water concept I have been putting into some pieces lately, water flowing out of chests, characters submerged in water, etc. I painted this piece as a continued exploration with my fascination with water. Water as a cleanser, water as a source of life, water as a protector. I see her as a water deity and a helpful soul." - Tara McPherson
You have you choice of one that is 10 x 18 Inches Archival Pigment Print on 290gsm Moab Fine Art Paper or the over sized 18 x 33 Inches Archival Pigment Print on 290gsm Moab Fine Art Paper.

These Timed Editions will be available until July 3rd 3pm EDT at which time the edition size will be closed to the number sold.

Buy them at

Matthew Johnson Twilight Horror Art Prints

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Matthew Johnson released a set of 9x12 screen prints based off of the Twilight Voorhees timed edition print that he did back in April for Friday the 13th. The series consists of four prints: Twilight Krueger, Twilight Leatherface, Twilight Myers, Twilight Voorhees. Because Voorhees was a timed edition, he is only available in the set.

The prints were screen printed with four colors plus a glow layer on 100# white paper. These are a limited edition of 50 prints that are signed and numbered on the back with a custom machete stamp to denote the edition. There are sets available as mentioned, and they come in a hand stamped envelope that also has the machete stamp and is numbered to match the prints.

The prints are $20 each, the set of four is $70. These are very limited and have been selling pretty quickly. They’re currently available on his website at

Last, Matthew has the original illustrations up for sale on his site as well. These are 6x9 illustrations done with archival ink on 140# watercolor paper. They’re signed as well.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Grateful Dead Print by N.C. Winters Release

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This is really an amazing piece of work by N.C. Winters.
Yes, it is indeed an official partnership with the Grateful Dead estate and Bottleneck Gallery to release this 12 color screenprinted poster in celebration of the band. Easily my most detailed work to date, with well over a thousand hours working on this beast between September of 2017 and April of 2018. The work went through quite a labor intensive process and is layered with multiple vibrant hues and transparent shades to try and garner maximum depth and fidelity. I’m extremely pleased with the final result. - N.C. Winters
Grateful Dead licensed art poster
Print size: 18″ x 24″
Twelve color screenprint on Legion Colorplan Stone stock.
Timed edition, final amount sold will determine edition size.
$60 each.

Grateful Dead licensed art poster Foil Edition
Print size: 18″ x 24″
Twelve color screenprint on rainbow swirl foil.
Edition of 150.
$125 each.

These posters will be available as a timed release through Bottleneck Gallery. A limited number of rainbow swirl foil variants will also be for sale through the site. Sale starts on Thursday, June 21st at 12pm EDT and ends on Sunday June 24th at 11:59pm EST. The edition size of the release will be determined when the sale ends.

Jermaine Rogers The Transition Art Print Release

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The Transition' Silk Screened Art Print -
'Everything is moving. Everything is changing. Nothing is static. I have become comfortable with routine, and routine has built security. Lately, my confidence in the familiar is wavering. My security has become untrustworthy...thin and brittle. I hear it cracking beneath my feet. I need to find a way to be OK with this entire process...the strange thing that is happening to me. I need to embrace the fact that things will be different, tomorrow. I will be different. Show me how to let go of things.' -JR

Gallery Cotton Rag Edition:
'The Transition' measures 24x17 inches on rich cream cotton rag. This 7-color print utilizes rich inks, meticulously screen printed by the talented hands of Lady Lazarus Press. From a limited signed and numbered edition of only 75 pieces.
- 60.00 plus shipping / handling

Holographic Lava Foil Edition:
'The Transition' measures 24x17 inches on holographic Lava Foil specialty stock.
From a limited signed and numbered edition of only 30 pieces.
- 75.00 plus shipping / handling

The above items will be made available on THURSDAY, June 21st 2018 at 3:00 PM EDT / 12 Noon PDT.

New Posters from Spiegelsaal

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Torsten & Jochen of Spiegelsaal have a bunch of new posters for sale.

First one is their German tour poster for Sleaford Mods, which is in the shop since today.

Face melt! She is not amused, no, not at all. With colors based on the color code of the UK royal mail.

2- and 3- color screenprint on 300 g/m2 design offset paper and 300g/m2 cardboard.
Format: 50 x 70 cm
Edition: 107 s/n

Very few of the posters remain, the rest was sold on tour.

Next is Mogwai and an art print. 

We just came back from Flatstock Barcelona, taking place again at the PrimaveraSound Festival. For us, it's the most enjoyable of all Flatstock. Hanging out at the mediterranean sea until 4 in the morning, with a fantastic line up of bands and poster artists, what's not to like.

We were lucky to do a poster for the festival show of one of our favorite band's, Mogwai.
Those who have been to PrimaveraSound will instantly recognize the massive brutalist concrete structure, that is the landmark of the whole festival ground, not being able to withstand zero gravity. -TJ
It's a fierce 3- color screenprint on 300gsm Design Offset paper,
with two day-glo-oranges and black.
Size: 50 x 70 cm
Edition: 50 s/n

New art print
For the fourth year in a row, we were included in Serigrafia Monostereo's festival demonstration screen printing. They printed the final color of our new art print "No need to suffer silently" at the festival. It's a smaller version with different colors of our Viet Cong/Preoccupations gig poster from 2016.
3-color screenprint on Arjowiggins Inuit 300gsm bone color
Size: 35 x 50 cm
Edition: 76 s/n

In their shop now:

We made this poster for the european tour of the power pop / punk rock double bill Radioactivity and Bad Sports. Quite contaminated, 4 different versions and some day-glo involved.
4c-screenprint (3 split fountains + black) on 300 gsm Design Offset paper.
Size: 50 × 70 cm
Edition: 130 s/n

MID Goods Ray LaMontagne Posters Release

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MID Goods have released their 2 new Ray LaMontagne posters for the concerts in Nashville and Southaven. Along with the posters they have art prints of each one as well.



Buy them at

Matthew Woodson Solaris Movie Poster Duel Release

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On Thursday Mondo will have the next release in their partnership with the fine folks at Black Dragon Press - a gorgeous poster for SOLARIS (Andrei Tarkovsky’s mesmerising sci-fi masterpiece) by Matthew Woodson. In addition to SOLARIS, they'll have a poster by Leslie Herman for one of their favorite films to release in 2017, THE DEATH OF STALIN. The film is a biting political satire/slightly exaggerated true story that focuses on the immediate aftermath of Joseph Stalin’s death as his colleagues fumble around to determine who will assume the now vacant seat of power. Leslie’s art is striking, bold and - like the film - very funny. If you haven’t seen the film, do your best to seek it out and settle in for a hilarious ride.

The SOLARIS (US Version) and THE DEATH OF STALIN will be available Thursday (6/21) at a random time via SOLARIS UK Versions (two gold variants, one with the title in English and one in Cyrillic) will available at 5PM UK time via Black Dragon Press.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Nine Inch Nails Las Vegas Print By Emek Release

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Details from Emek on his new poster for NIN in Las Vegas.
I titled this image “head like a hole” but really it’s an amalgam of many nine inch nails lyrics. The skeleton represents what’s inside all of us... what’s underneath the surface... our mortality, our frailty, our uncomfortable nakedness... it represents a man or woman or any gender, any race... we are here and then we’re gone... back into the dust.
Beneath a galactic “downward spiral”, standing on the precipice of the Nine Inch Nails logo. The Skeleton, without a heart, begins its journey before the imposing and ancient Ozymandias of a crumbling multi-armed deity; a Kafka-esque creation by the skeleton’s own mind? Is the quest for the heart of purpose beginning or ending? Is the heart long since fossilized or is it just protected in armor and can no longer be suppressed? Is it all just a fever dream of NIN lyrical inspiration? Or is Emek just losing his mind again? Will you bow down before the one you serve?…..Head like a Hole.
... also a little Las Vegas skyline is in the background of the dark desert wasteland.-emek
Size: 18 x 24.75
Signed, Numbered, Embossed and Doodled
Artist Edition of 150
(slight color difference than the show edition sold at the concert)
Price: $100

On sale in his store at click on the NEW RELEASE image to open the sale page. The BUY NOW buttons will appear sometime between
12:00pm and 12:15pm PDT on Thursday June 21st.

Brian Methe Paul's Boutique Art Print

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Brian Methe has released a new print. Its a drawing he did of the classic Beastie Boys album cover "Paul's Boutique"

Its screen printed on French Kraft-Tone Parcel Wrap paper. Measures 24x18 and is signed and numbered in a limited edition of 45.

Buy it in his Etsy Shop HERE.

Daniel Danger meet in secret, speak in code Art Print Release

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Daniel Danger has released a diptych set of two 24x36" 7 color screenprints.
that are "titled meet in secret, speak in code". Prints will a signed and numbered editions of 150 each color, you have your choice of blue or a purple.

Buy them at

Gregg Gordon Dead & Company Darien Center Poster Release

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Size: 18X24 Inch / 5 Color Silk Screen Print
Signed Artist Print by Gregg Gordon / GIGART.

Show was June 19th at the Darien Lake Amphitheater in NY.

GIGART had the honor of creating another poster for the Dead & Company. There will be a limited amount of Artist Prints available. Don't miss out!

On Sale here at 11am PDT Wednesday: DEAD & COMPANY POSTER LINK

Claire Hummel Jurassic Park Movie Poster Release

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It's dinosaur week at Mondo as they celebrate the opening of the latest chapter in the iconic JURASSIC PARK franchise!

In addition to Michael Giacchino's excellent soundtrack for the new film, they'll have a gorgeous new poster by Claire Hummel for the one that started it all - JURASSIC PARK! Steven Spielberg's seminal classic is a film that truly stands the test of time, inspiring as much magic, awe and wonder today as it did 25 years ago. Claire's approach, choosing to focus on man's meddling with science, is incredibly smart and one of their favorite posters for the film yet. Mondo couldn't be more proud of how this one turned out. The poster is 18"x24" screen print. Hand numbered. Edition of 300

JURASSIC WORLD: FALLEN KINGDOM opens in theaters this Friday. The film is a big dose of summer fun and they definitely encourage getting out to see it big and loud.

This poster will be available Wednesday (6/20) at NOON (CT) via

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Matt Leunig Primus Camdenton Poster Release

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Primus is on tour again and this week ventured deep into the heart of the Ozarks, playing a show in Camdenton, MO.
Ever since one crawled past my studio a couple years ago I have been wanting to work a possum into a print and this was the perfect opportunity considering the locale. From the start I knew I wanted to do a family of trippy Awesome Possum. Or is it Opossum…. no one knows. NO ONE!!! -Matt
This print has a run of 175.
“Lava” Foil variant.… 15 copies Artist Edition available (Signed/Numbered)
“Sparkle” Foil variant.… 15 copies Artist Edition available (Signed/Numbered)

Along with the main run Matt will have a slew of variants available including an alternative “Midnight” color version and various foils.

“MIDNIGHT” edition variant
Print run of 25…. Artist Edition available (Signed/Numbered)
MIDNIGHT “Rainbow” Foil variant.… 5 copies Artist Edition available (Signed/Numbered)
MIDNIGHT “Lava” Foil variant….5 copies Artist Edition available (Signed/Numbered)
MIDNIGHT “Sparkle” Foil variant…. 5 copies Artist Edition available (Signed/Numbered)

 Matt will have a small Artist Edition (signed/AP) run of 50 regular available on June 19th @11am PDT along with the foil variants and Midnight edition at