Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Arctic Monkeys posters by Ken Taylor

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 Beyond the Pale has a released a couple of new posters in red and gold from the recent Arctic Monkeys concert in Melbourne Australia by Ken Taylor. Some of you maybe wondering why they were on their website then removed. Here is a statement from John Harris as to why.

An unfortunate setback with Florence & The Machine posters we were
commissioned to make. We designed & printed them, shipped them
to Dublin Ireland, two days before the gig Florence broke her foot
dancing on stage in London. The Dublin gig was cancelled.

We'd no idea when she’d re-schedule that show. It happened in the middle of packing
& shipping the Arctic Monkeys poster. I got the new Florence dates & had to drop everything & re
print the Florence posters with the new dates. Pack them & ship them Express to the gig in
Dublin, they made it with two days to spare.

 By them at Beyond The Pale.