Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Deal With The Devil Michael Hussar White Devil Mini Print

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This promotional mini print for Michael Hussar’s forthcoming book White is being offered for $10 including shipping anywhere in the United States. (That’s not a typo – the price is ten dollars, delivered!)

The mini print of Michael Hussar’s “White Devil” measures four by six inches; it is hand numbered on the back, and comes enclosed in an cross-embossed, deckle-edged folder that bears a matching number. Only 250 of these mini prints were created in July 2010 to promote the forthcoming publication of Michael Hussar’s book, White.

Buy it HERE

Drawing Rock & Roll: Jay Ryan and Brad Klausen at Flatstock 27

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Heading to Seattle for Bumbershoot and Flatstock 27? Make sure to catch Drawing Rock & Roll: Jay Ryan and Brad Klausen

Poster artist Jay Ryan will discuss screenprinted posters with The Jesus Lizard’s David Yow, along with Brad Klausen. Known for his hand-drawn type, humorous animal subjects, and muted color selections, Jay Ryan has been making concert posters for the past 15 years, while Brad Klausen has previously worked as in-house designer for Pearl Jam. Both have recently published collections of their best work.

Drawing Rock & Roll: Jay Ryan and Brad Klausen

Venue: Leo K. Theatre, Words and Ideas Stage
Time: Monday, 9/6/2010 7:15 pm- 8:15 pm

Guy McKinley Art Prints

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Another one of those cool artists I stumbled across on Flickr. He has a bunch of prints from his Carhartt and joint show "Dogs, Thieves and Dead Girls" with Richt and China Mike that took place in Manchester.

They are large Limited Edition A2 ~ 42cm x 59.4cm Giclee print on Acid Free Hahnemuhle 308gsm photo rag using archival quality inks.

Signed, numbered and limited to 50 each.

Check them out HERE.

New Art Prints from Rene Gagnon

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Rene has a couple of new prints with Fred Astaire on them. Fred Surfaire and Fred Skataire, both are 1 color screen print over hand spray on 22 inch high X 30 inch wide 250gsm Stonehendge paper (2 deckled edges) Signed, dated, numbered, blind stamped, and includes COA with an edition of 40. They can be purchased as a set with matching numbers at a good discount also.

Buy them HERE

Bathtime art print by Phineas X. Jones

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Phineas X. Jones has cool looking new art print for a great price $15.

Hand-printed edition of 50. Signed and numbered on the back.
Size: 10" x 8" (254 mm x 203 mm). Suitable for a ready-made frame.
Paper:French Construction Charcoal Brown 100 lb. Cover
Screens: Seven

Buy it HERE

Holy Bombshell Mother of Jesus! From Adam Jackson and LTD Tee

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Whether you're religious or not, you'll want to get your hands on this Saint Mary t-shirt by Adam Jackson! As an added bonus, this awesome t-shirt also comes with a print signed by the artist himself!

This box set is available for presale at http://www.ltdtee.net from August 31th until September 5th. MSRP is $26.99 and our shirts come in both men’s and women’s sizes. My readers can also use discount code "inside" to save 20% off their entire order!

The Adam Jackson Saint Mary includes:
• High quality, screen printed t-shirt
• Signed 8” x 10” art print
• Certificate of authenticity
• Artist bio on the neck label
• LTD Tee Sticker pack
• Custom LTD Tee Box

About Adam Jackson:
Adam Isaac Jackson spent most of his life growing up in Japan where he was surrounded by endless manga shops and books stores that filled his young mind will wild dreams. His love for fashion, comic books, rock posters, and cartoons, created a compulsive need to draw anything around him that sparked his imagination. Adam graduated from the Art Institute of Seattle in 2005, he has since been working in the apparel and fashion industry primarily as a graphic artist.

The Best American Cities for Artists and Designers

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In January of this year, Artbistro published a list of the 25 best cities in America for artists and designers to live in. The results might surprise you as it’s not just a roundup of the usual suspects and the list is notably heavy on smaller cities. In creating the list, Artbistro (which is a division of Monster.com, the ginormous job-hunting site) first narrowed the field down to cities with vibrant art and design scenes and then focused primarily on cost of living and other economic factors. So keep that in mind as you browse.

Whether you’re looking for a new scene, hunting for work or just want to see how your city stacks up, click through for the full list.

25. Lousiville

Louisville is a charming southern belle of a city with a derby full of galloping job opportunities. Ranked at #16 for cost of living, Louisville offers country charm and city amenities. The job growth is pacing around the national average, and the unemployment rate has gone up a reasonable 4% since the recession began.

24.Hartford, CT

Hartford boasts some of our nation’s oldest institutions — the oldest art museum, park and continuously published newspaper all hail from Hartford. With a high average salary and a relatively low cost of living, its no wonder this picturesque city made our cut. It has a great arts community and is close to New York City so that you can get inspired regularly.

23. St. Louis

Known as the city that marks the divide between the Eastern and Western United States, St. Louis is often called the “Gateway City.” It’s home to some of our nation’s largest public and privately held corporations —Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Scottrade, Energizer and Anheuser-Busch Breweries are just a few of its best known local companies. And it didn’t just make our own short list of great cities — this charming city ranks among the whole world’s top 100 cities in terms of quality of life.

22. Indianapolis

Formerly a manufacturing-heavy city, Indianapolis has shifted to encompass a much more diversified economy – today, its key industries include education, healthcare, tourism and finance. The low cost of living and rich cultural life of this city makes it an attractive place for artists and designers to live.

21. Portland, ME

Portland is the banking capital of northern New England, home to major international law firms, import/export companies, and modern high-rise office buildings located in historic districts with centuries old architecture. It is also a top employer of fashion designers (ave. mean). It is a big city with a small town feel and plenty of support for the arts.

20. Boston

The unofficial “Capital of New England” is home to 21 four-year colleges and universities, making it a national center for higher education. Boston is the home of numerous art museums, art schools and design firms. And at an average salary of $66,870, Boston boasts one of the highest incomes on our list. Living costs, however, are on the higher side, which pushes this iconic city farther down the list.

19. Charlotte

Home to the nation’s largest financial asset – Bank of America – as well as a number of Fortune 500 companies, this comfortable North Carolina city offers a solid salary to cost of living ratio. However, this has also left it more vulnerable to the economic downturn. When the economy turns around you can count on the Charlotte companies giving money to the arts.

18. Columbus

Named after Christopher Columbus, the largest city in Ohio is also one of the largest cities on our list. The city boasts a robust economy, ranking in the top 10 in the nation. Government jobs provide the largest source of employment here, followed by its large higher education institutions. Columbus offers a relatively low cost of living and also boasts the lowest unemployment rate of all the 25 best value cities on this list. This city takes pride in its creative architecture and support of the arts.

17. Kansas City, Mo

Kansas City houses the headquarters of four Fortune 500 companies and several more Fortune 1000 corporations, providing a richly diverse economy with significant trade and transportation sectors, government programs and business services. Its cost of living has consistently been at or below the national average, boosting its rating on our list. Not only that, Forbes.com claims “there’s a ‘zone of sanity’ across the middle of the country, including the region around Kansas City, Mo., that largely avoided the real estate bubble and the subsequent foreclosure crisis.”

16. Minneapolis

When most people think of Minneapolis they think, cold. Well it is cold in the winter, but have you been there for a summer? It is beautiful. But apart from the weather, Minneapolis is known as a creative capitol of the Mid-West. Moreover, graphic designers get paid well in this state. It is ranked in the top 5 for graphic design salaries. And it has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the nation.

15 Nashville

As a leader in finance and insurance, health care, music and entertainment, publishing, transportation technology, higher education, biotechnology, plastics, and tourism and conventions, the economic diversity of America’s country music capital strengthens itself from the inside out. Its income to cost of living ratio is close to the best, especially given the city’s larger size, while the rise in unemployment has remained decently low.

14. Las Vegas

Las Vegas is still one of the fastest growing cities. It has a growing technology industry and it ranks in the top five for highest paid animators (mean). Never a dull moment in Las Vegas, the University enriches the cultural life in this city and many designers and artists are needed to keep the casino industry happy.

13. Atlanta

Atlanta, Georgia is one of the highest paying cities for artists (mean). It has a deep and rich history in supporting the arts from contributing companies to high stakes art collectors. It is a beautiful climate and a city that takes pride in its hospitality. The cost to live in Atlanta has risen in recent years, but has come down since the recession.

12. Portland, Or

Historically, Portland has had a long-standing association with high-tech industries. According to City-Data.com, more than 1,200 tech companies currently operate in Portland, and, in 2004, microcomputer components manufacturer Intel was the city’s largest employer. Portland is a picturesque city that has long been inspiring to artists and designers.

11. Oakland

Oakland is close to San Francisco and San Jose, two favorite cities for artists and designers. However, it has a lower price tag to live there. Oakland is one of the top 5 states for animators’ salaries (mean). Oakland keeps you in-the-know about the major trends in art and design as well as technology from its creative community and proximity to other major hubs.

10. Seattle

The home to many prominent corporate headquarters; including those of Starbucks, Nordstrom, Microsoft and Amazon.com; Seattle is Washington state’s largest city and the region’s major economic, cultural and educational center. While the cost of living is a little on the high side, our #10 city has a particularly supportive community for the arts.

9. Washington DC

Maryland and the greater DC area pays its artists and graphic designers well. It is not the cheapest place to live on our list, but many find this city full of art and treasures stimulating to their creativity. It certainly is a city that appreciates its artists. Washington DC spends more percapita on art than any other state or district.

8. Raleigh, NC

One of the nation’s top areas for overall growth, Raleigh-Cary shines with expected job growth in in the coming years. Our #8 pick is becoming a preferred location for artists and designers in the South. Its relatively low income to cost of living ratio and potential for growth definitely place it in the top tier.

7. Oklahoma City

Ranked by Forbes magazine as 2008’s most recession-proof American city, Oklahoma City is still bustling with the prospect of significant job growth. Oklahoma’s capital city has managed to hold steady with an impressively low change in unemployment rate since the recession’s outbreak. There is plenty of growth potential in the art and design fields here.

6. Los Angeles

2009 was a tough year for California. The recession hit the state hard but despite that it remains one of the best-paid cities for artists and designers. Artists, animators and fashion designers make more here than 98% of the cities in the nation. Living expenses have gone down in the past year making it more livable. If you can brave the traffic, this sunny location has still got what creative people need.

5. Salt Lake City

Offering better employment conditions than most other large cities, Utah’s biggest city boasts the lowest unemployment rate boosting it right near the top. Many designers are employed here per capita for its growing tech industry. The cost of living in Utah is reasonable and the access to the outdoors is unparalleled. It is not an artist’s mecca but it is growing in support for the arts.

4. San Antonio

The second largest city in Texas, San Antonio has one of the most solid salary to cost of living ratios in the country and has seen the lowest change in unemployment rate since the onset of the recession. Its projected job growth is extremely promising and consistently high performing, with plenty of opportunity in art and design sectors. Famous for its River Walk, the Alamo and Tejano culture, San Antonio’s tourism also continues to thrive despite a down economy.

3. Bridgeport

Bridgeport is a thriving multicultural city located right on the water of Long Island Sound in the southern part of Connecticut. Its great location and proximity to other cities such as New York and Boston make Bridgeport a wonderful city to live and work. Bridgeport ranks in the top five cities for median salaries for graphic designers, architects, and fashion designers.

2. Newark

Newark, New Jersey is a skip away from New York City, the creative hub of the country. But it is a bargain to live in compared to Manhattan’s cost of living. Newark boasts top pay in the professions of fashion design, graphic design, and art. It has a rich cultural heritage of its own. So if you want to be close to the center of things but can’t quite afford to do it in style, Newark is a great choice for you.

1. Austin

Austin tops our list with robust projected job growth and one of the lowest changes in unemployment rate since the onset of the recession. The city has enjoyed a recent explosion of high-tech entrepreneurism. Animators in Austin are some of the highest paid in the nation. A “best cities” list veteran, Austin’s our top pick again this year!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Aaron Horkey Midwestern Heart Show Print

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Here is the print for the Aaron Horkey Show I first told you about HERE. It will debut at the show opening September 12 in Windom. 18 x 26 inches and 4 colors of goodness

Mega Fauna and Aaron Horkey goodies on sale

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Exclusive BLACK OSPREY/MEGAFAUNA 2 pin set available at Midwestern Heart opening, Windom, Minnesota, September 12th, 2010.

Black Osprey Katakana Screenprinted Shirt

Metallic silver on Black
Metallic gold on Brown
Green glow in the dark on Black
Blue glow in the dark on Navy
Price - 2500 yen

Exclusive version of the Horkey ISIS Eagle shirt - MEGAFAUNA colorway.
Metallic orange and gold on dark brown shirts. 2000 Yen

ISIS circle logo and Osprey splash logo metallic pins.

Mega Fauna has cool new stuff designed by Aaron Horkey on sale now
※For version 1 and 3 of shirts available only in store and to previous MEGAFAUNA customers (JP DETRITUS or Bon Iver or Decemberists or ISIS prints customers).
※For version 2 and 4 of shirts available in store and web store.

New 80’s Ukiyo-e print by Jacob Borshard- Monster Attack!

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1. Black Sky Wheat Paper Edition of 30
Black sky fades to deep brown with an orange fire glow over the horizon.
Irridescent white snow and a rich wheat colored heavyweight paper finish off
this gentle giant.
18 X 24″
2. Olive Sky Japanese Unryu Paper Edition of 20
Fine Japanese Unryu paper includes long kozo fibers that interact with the ink layer. Mottling and texture will vary widely from print to print, as every
sheet is unique.
Metallic silvery sky fades to a gorgeous olivine green. Light ink lines recede
to let the bold design speak for itself in this special connoisseur’s print.
18 X 24″

It’s been a while since Nakatomi had a new release by Jacob Borshard- he got married, bought a house, and fought the lava-beasts at the center of the Earth. Oh, and released a split single over seas.

So, they’re glad to present his newest print in the 80’s Ukiyo-e series-

The Seven Stages of Winter
Stage 7: Monster Attack

This three color artist-pulled screenprint from Jacob Borshard’s 80s Ukiyoe series is a heartfelt homage to the cuddliest beast ever to terrorize feudal

The phonetic katakana script reads:

My Pettu Monusuta
Laid waste
To our village
Everybody died
In the snow
Or in his mouth

This initial offering is available in two different editions.(Please keep in mind the Rice Paper Destro prints sold out the same day of it’s release- this is also sure to go fast, as it’s half the price!)

Both prints are available now in the Jacob Borshard section of the Nakatomi store HERE. Scroll down to see how you may get a free print if you order this also.

3-color letterpress print by artist Amy Crehore

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Shygals' Serenade is a limited edition, hand-crafted 3-color letterpress print with an original design by artist Amy Crehore.
It is printed with archival inks on Holyoke Premium Cotton 140# paper.
Size: 11 3/16" x 8" image on 13" x 10" paper. Signed and numbered by the artist.
Also comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist. Edition size: 170.
Featuring: 2 gals, 2 monkeys and 1 ukulele. Amy Crehore created an original
ink drawing with color separations on acetate for this fine art print.
New customers will receive postcards with orders.

Buy it HERE.

Eelus Firestarter Art Print on sale now

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As part of his upcoming show at Brooklynite Gallery which opens on the 4th of Sept, Firestarter is now available as a 7 color screen print. It's only an edition of 50 so bag one quick before they're gone! Available now over at www.brooklynitegallery.com
20 x 28 Inches
Screenprint on Archival Paper
Edition 50
7 color screen-print on Somerset Paper

Oh yeah stop busting his balls about not being able to ship the last print before he left for the New York Show. Things happen in life that none of us can control. Does your life real depend on you getting it that bad ?

Shepard Fairey, AP trial date set for March

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It appears that the long-running legal saga between artist Shepard Fairey and the Associated Press will drag on well into 2011.

A judge in New York has set a March trial date in the case that pits Fairey against the news organization in a fair-use battle involving the artist's "Hope" poster, which depicts then-Sen. Barack Obama.

The trial in New York will begin selection for an eight-member jury on March 21, said U.S. District Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein on Monday. The trial is expected to take three weeks.

Fairey, a Los Angeles-based street artist, is accused of copyright infringement for using an Associated Press photo as inspiration for his "Hope" poster. The artist's legal team maintains that his use of the photo is protected by fair-use laws.

On Monday, a lawyer for Fairey said the artist would appear in court to show the judge and jury how he made the poster.

Last week, Mannie Garcia, the freelance photographer who took the photo of Obama in 2006 for the Associated Press, dropped his claims against the news agency in which he had stated he held the copyright to the photograph.

In October 2009, Fairey admitted that he knowingly submitted false images and engaged in other wrongdoing in connection with the case. The artist is under criminal investigation as a result of his actions.

VIA LA Times

Tim Doyle The Cook Art Print- Breaking Bad AP's on sale now with a free poster

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Nakatomi's new free print is a portrait of everyone’s favorite Baltimore Stick-up boy and Honey Nut Cheerio aficionado, Omar Little.

This 18×9 hand-pulled silkscreen print is signed and numbered by the artist, Tim Doyle in an edition of 120- available FREE with the next 120 orders.

Tim Doyle just dropped a limited number of his Breaking Bad The Cook Artist Proof Prints for sale. He has around 10 hurry over to Nakatomi to get one.

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Winner of the Munk One Pearl Jam Belgium Poster

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Drum roll please.......2le won the Munk One Pearl Jam Poster as determined by the Random Number Generator with comment #1. Please email me your address, my email is to the right.

Thanks to everyone that entered and to Munk One for providing the poster. He still has some for sale on his site check them out.

Exclusive Photos of Arcade Fire Show at Madison Square Garden

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Forgot to post this, whoops. Nice person from MSG sent this info over and thought it would be cool to share it with you guys.

As you may already know, Montreal-based rockers Arcade Fire performed two unforgettable nights (August 4-5) at Madison Square Garden with opening acts including the band Spoon and violinist Owen Pallett!

"For fans of indie music, Arcade Fire's emergence on the biggest stage in the world was a transcendent event as it signaled a more mainstream acceptance of one of the obscure bands we had idolized for the last half decade..." - The Huffington Post

The Huffington Post also called their MSG performance "a truly remarkable musical experience." And that it was as the band tried their best to fill up the World's Most Famous Arena with great sound and energy and I think they succeeded at doing so! Also, you may have already heard that their latest album, "The Suburbs" hit #1 on the U.S. charts! You can check out these exclusive front-row shots of the band performing their hits in action: http://www.msg.com/photos/arcade-fire-and-spoon-at-the-garden/wake-up-1.47829

Andy Warhol x Dom Perignon Bottles coming soon

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Dom Perignon, which was known as Andy Warhol’s drink of choice while he partied at Studio 54, has commissioned bottles with Warhol-inspired designs. For those who can’t wait for the 2002 vintage champagne to be available October 15 at wine retailers, here is some video footage for your consumption.

Via Arrested Motion

Saturday, August 28, 2010

John Legend and The Roots ACL poster by Bobby Dixon

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This gigposter was commissioned by Austin City Limits for the 2010 taping of John Legend & The Roots.

3-color, waterbased screen print on 20" x 26", white paper.

Limited Edition. Each print is signed. Buy it in Bobby Dixon's Etsy Shop.

Creature Skateboards x Munk One


Creature Skateboards and Munk One are pleased to present “The Last Laugh”. A Skateboard series for the comedian in everyone. In this Series Munk One has come in and paired each Creature team member with their undead comedian alter ego. These boards are stained, not painted and each of these boards comes with stickers and a tallboy coozie to ensure maximum hilarity. 100% North American Maple Deck. Available at Creatureskateboards.com

Obey Giant Shepard Fairey Gold Sticker Packs

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New stickers are here!!

GOLD SERIES LIMITED sticker pack. Only 1000 made. Gold is hot and Gold never fades.
13 Collectible Stickers in 4 Colors: Gold
Red Black and Cream. Kids this is a limited run. Get it and stick it while you can!
OBEY ICON & STREET BOMBER sticker packs. The best choice if Andre is your man.

Purchase in the “STICKERS” section of ObeyGiant.com.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Free Friday Pearl Jam Belgium 2010 Poster By Munk One Giveaway


Hey it's Friday time for another giveaway from the blog that loves it's readers more than any other. Summer is unfortunately winding down, the sweet corn is ripe and ready to pick. Unless like me you decided not to grow it this year to feed the raccoons, squirrels and crows and not have any for yourself.

Well this crow just wants to make your wall look better. And Munk One wanted to help by making this available to one lucky winner. The poster is for the July 4th 2010 Pearl Jam show in Werchter, Belgium. It is signed and numbered out of only 100.

Leave a comment and a way to contact you and we will pick a winner on Sunday. If you leave your email address replace @ with ().

Thanks again to Munk One for providing a killer poster to the best readers out there.



Bob Dylan and His Band at The Warfield Poster By Chuck Sperry

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Words can barely describe how perfect this poster is by Chuck. You could be looking at the Poster of the Year here, be sure to nominate it on Expresso Beans

Bob Dylan and His Band at The Warfield
Firehouse Goldenvoice Poster Series Number 109
23 x 35 Inches
Edition of 150
9 Colors on archival cream paper
Signed and Numbered
Chuck will be making a very limited release of this poster on Sunday 12 noon PST. on his website ChuckSperry.net

Gigposters.com New Logo = New T-shirts & Aprons Fundraiser Presale!

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Clay over at Gigposters.com had a new logo created and refreshed the look of site. To celebrate the new site logo, and raise some money for the site, they are offering the following PRESALE:

***Printed in September 2010, will ship early October 2010***

-Mens T-shirts (available in Charcoal or Blue Dusk - all sizes)
-Womens T-shirts (navy - all sizes)
-Full Length Apron with pockets (navy - Teflon® coated)

Buy a shirt or apron HERE

Amy Sol - "The Last Mermaid" limited edition print on sale

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“The Last Mermaid”

limited edition of 100

19.5" x 17" fine-art archival sheet
17.5" x 15" image

•signed and numbered
•embossed watermark
•giclee print on archival paper

Get it HERE before it goes on sale at 2pm PDT
Buy it HERE at 2pm

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Malleus Swans Poster

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Well Malleus has settled into their new studio and have finished printing their first poster in their new work space. Killer looking poster for the Swans show in New York this October, yes you will have to wait to buy it until then.

Tim Doyle Die Hard Movie Poster and Predator Movie Posters on sale from the artists

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Tim Doyle and Godmachine created posters for the Astor Theater in Australia and TommyGood. Now they have put their copies up for sale.

Predator from Godmachine buy it HERE

Die Hard from Tim Doyle buy it HERE.

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