Monday, December 30, 2013

Fundraiser for Jonathan Reynolds Help Fight Cancer

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Alison Fujimoto contacted me the other day to help spread the word and help with her husband's (Jonathan) fight with cancer who is battling Stage IV rectal cancer. He was immediately dropped by his insurance (claimed a pre-existing condition) and bills have risen to over $100,000 in only four months of chemo treatments. He still has 1 more month to go before 5 weeks of radiation and then surgery to remove the primary tumor and mets in his liver.  Many artists and galleries have begun promoting his gofundme page at and are sending prints to auction on ebay to raise some money, and the fundraiser will begin today and will run until they have no more prints to list. They will be found here: An Auction for Jonathan Artists include Laurent Durieux, Eine, Fairey, Mau Mau, Ansin, Edmiston, and Faile. About 30 more prints will be posted as they become available in the next few weeks. Here is the the thread on ExpressoBeans for the prints to be auctioned off. Also the members on Daves Posters are listing items as well.

Tim Doyle has also thrown his support behind the effort as well.

Details from Tim

I’ve never met Alison, and most likely never will. I don’t know her, but she is a person in need. And that’s all that matters. 2013 has been very, very good to me and my family- while at the same time being very cruel to so many others. I want to pass on my good fortune to her and help out. And to do so, I am donating 100% of my cut of my print sales from the recent ‘Evolution’ exhibition in Chicago to Alison. I’ve instructed Brian Merel of the Merel Gallery that when the show closes, whatever funds that would have been going to me- to pass those on to Alison instead, in the form of a check. I’m not going to lecture in detail on the unfairness of our Health Care system here in the US, or how medical bills are the leading cause of bankruptcies any more than I just did in this sentence. But what I will say is- if you’ve had a good year, good fortune, or just want to pick up some art and feel good about it at the same time, buy something or donate directly.

So visit the Merel Gallery Website HERE and pick those prints up- get some good art and help out a good family in need.

Also- for the remainder of the year (through December 31st at midnight Central Time) 50% of all sales of my prints on the Nakatomi Site will also be donated to Alison. That means all the prints in the DOYLE SECTION HERE.

If you want to make a donation, but don’t like Tim's art (that’s okay, really) you can do that directly HERE, on Alison’s GoFundMe page.

There’s a lot more info on Alison’s gofundme page, do check it out.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Seasons Greetings from Inside the Rock Poster


Well I intended to do this yesterday but came down with something Christmas eve and spent most of yesterday in bed. And no it was not self inflicted ie hang over hahaha that would have been an improvement over the way I felt.

Just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Also to thank everyone that stops by each day here to check things out and thank the artist for their support in various ways from providing posters for giveaways to the info to pass along to everyone.

Remember the best gift you can give someone is your time. Be safe out there and enjoy yourself.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Malleus Flora Print Release

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Coming this week is another amazing print from Malleus, Flora. This print is 12 colors of metallic magical ink. There will also be only 71 of this hot little number when it goes on sale this Friday December 27 at at a random time

Keller Williams & His Compadres Keystone Poster by Darin Shock On Sale Details

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Darin Shock created this great poster for this past weekend's Keller Williams shows in Keystone, CO. Keller was joined by members of The String Cheese Incident on Friday and members of Leftover Salmon on Saturday. The poster is a 24x18" screen print that will be available on Monday at 12pm EST here:

He'll be releasing APs of the regular edition for $20 and he'll also have a very small number of green variants available for $30. The poster obviously would not arrive in time for Christmas, so if bought as a gift, Darin will send a special email to the recipient on Christmas day (if requested).

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Winner of the Chuck Sperry Widespread Panic Poster

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Hope everyone is safe after the crazy ice storm that has blown across the US and Canada. Also that everyone got their Christmas shopping done and can relax a little maybe. Someone will be getting a real good present from Chuck Sperry.

And the winner of the Widespread Panic poster is ............. SDPanic with comment #181. Email me your address and Chuck will be sending the poster to you.

Massive THANK YOU to Chuck Sperry for providing the poster for the giveaway and to everyone that entered. 

Friday, December 20, 2013

Chuck Sperry Widespread Panic New York City Holiday Poster Giveaway


Chuck Sperry never fails to surprise and amaze me in new ways it seems. I mentioned the giveaway to him and he was like sure how about such and such poster. I'm like yeah that would be cool, I sometimes ask artists for certain posters like Brad Klausen's Pearl Jam poster yesterday since I think it's badass. Most of the time I leave it up to the artists since I'm not sure what they have available and grateful for anything they want to giveaway to you fine folks. 

Chuck comes back 90 minutes later with I changed my mind lets giveaway the Widespread Panic Madison Square Garden New York City poster that is an Artist Proof. I responded with "wholly shit ok thank you" hahaha.

So here it is one of the coolest Christmas gifts you might ever get, from the man himself Chuck.

Now go to the top of the post above the picture and click on comments or scroll down (depends on how you see this post) to leave a comment about your most special Christmas/Holiday Time Memory (want to make sure people know Chuck is not looking for Halloween stories or something) to have a chance at winning the posters. Don't worry if your comment does not appear immediately I have to approve them before they are published. I will use the random number generator to pick a winner. Entries are limited to ONE PER PERSON PER HOUSEHOLD. Please leave your name with the comment, comments without names will not be accepted. Entries will be accepted until Midnight PST Sunday December 21 with the winner announced on Sunday

HUGE THANK YOU to Chuck Sperry for one of the most incredible giveaways this year on the blog. Thank you to everyone that stops by the blog every day also.  Happy to bring you guys all the giveaways that I do and people like Chuck that make them happen.

Tatiana Suarez Happy Happy, Joy Joy Print and Original Artwork

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Tatiana Suarez's charming style is distinctive -- the trademark eyes draw the viewer into a beautiful and surreal world. Rich with symbols that stem from her Brazilian and El Salvadorian heritage, subjects appear as if they are under water, frozen in lovely stillness. For her latest 1xRUN she has returned with Happy Happy, Joy Joy an homage to one of her favorite 90s cartoons.

"This piece was inspired by Ren & Stimpy, which I loved so much growing up. The idea for this piece came about after watching some of their most recent Lost Episodes. These are much grosser, risqué and perverse versions of the show, geared towards adults rather than children. They weren't as great as the past episodes, but it still sparked inspiration for a a piece. Also, the fact that my dog is the embodiment of Ren, it's an idea that's been floating around for while now. The original painting itself is no longer available, it sold very recently during Art Basel a few weeks ago. This was the first piece in a long time that I started for myself, not for any shows. It was meant to be a fun, experimental piece, full of more expressive brush marks and a complex composition." - Tatiana Suarez

 Happy Happy, Joy Joy and some original work will all be on sale Saturday at NOON EST at

Munk One Arrested Print Release

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A new limited edition print titled "Arrested" x MUNK ONE was released this past weekend at the "Playground Legends" Print show in San Francisco at gallery FIFTY24SF. The 15 RED versions of this print sold out at the gallery (Numbers 01-15 of 25).

The following BLUE editions will be available tomorrow at 10:30 AM. PST @

BLUE Edition (Numbered 16-25 of 25)
Signed and Numbered

AP BLUE Edition (Numbered AP01-05 of 05)
Signed and Numbered, embossed and doodled on the back in pencil

Winner of the Brad Klausen Pearl Jam Los Angeles Poster

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Can I get a drum roll please ..... The winner of the Pearl Jam Brad Klausen Los Angeles poster is Kristin Nielsen with comment #27. Kristen email me your address and Brad will be sending you the poster.

THANK YOU to Brad Klausen for the killer poster for the giveaway. If you're looking for that last minute gift or reward even for yourself he still has some of these for sale and a few other Pearl Jam posters check them out at

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Pearl Jam Brad Klausen Los Angeles Artist Edition Holiday Poster Giveaway


Pearl Jam fans Day 4 of the Holiday Poster Giveaway here on the blog is BIG. I'm talking Brad Klausen Signed and Numbered Poster BIG. Brad was kind enough to provide his killer Los Angeles Poster for one of you lucky readers. Hopefully this will make up for not winning the Mega Millions, well a little anyway. And if you did win hopefully you would not end up like these two guys in the poster.

The poster is 15 x 24 screen print with 4 colors and as I said it is signed and numbered by Brad.

Now go to the top of the post above the picture and click on comments or scroll down (depends on how you see this post) to leave a comment about your favorite Pearl Jam Album to have a chance at winning the posters. Don't worry if your comment does not appear immediately I have to approve them before they are published. I will use the random number generator to pick a winner. Entries are limited to ONE PER PERSON PER HOUSEHOLD. Please leave your name with the comment, comments without names will not be accepted. Entries will be accepted until Midnight PST Thursday December 19 with the winner announced on Friday.

THANK YOU to Brad Klausen for providing the poster for the giveaway. He has a few left if you're looking for that killer last minute Christmas gift check it out and all his other work at

Lady Lazarus Printing The Newest Sponsor & Print Release


Please give a warm welcome to the newest sponsor of Inside the Rock Poster Lady Lazarus Printing. Lady Lazarus is an independent print studio located in Houston, TX. Their crew of experienced print makers and creatives are focused on producing high end flatbed printing & specialize in silk screened fine art editions and gig poster prints. Lady Lazarus offers a refined vision which is focused on quality print production. They provide a wide range of printing and publishing services for the independent arts & music industries. The new facility at 1002 Taft Street in Houston, TX was founded in 2012 by master printer Isaac Menge. Previously co-owner, operator, and head flatbed printer with Night Owls Print Shop (Houston, TX) & Pedal Printing (Buffalo, NY). Menge was no stranger to the specialty print industry. Drawing from his past experience working with a wide array of artists, designers, galleries, musicians, and businesses, the new studio was built to better serve the local, national and international arts communities. Some of their clients include Justin Hampton, Brian Ewing, Jermaine Rogers, Todd Slater, Adam Pobiak and Hero Complex Gallery are just a few of the huge number of clients they have done work for.

They are getting ready to launch the new website & store today, along with 4 new silkscreened posters(details below). They also be dropping some rare printers proofs and test prints into the store throughout the day as well starting at around Noon Central time.

‘RIP’ – mini 8x10 series print – Artist: Sarah Welch

They are all very excited at the studio to kick off their 8x10 mini print series with Houston, TX illustrator and surface designer Sarah Welch. Sarah’s print, titled ‘RIP’ was produced in two silkscreened editions. Both come packaged in a retail style polybag with header card. The ‘Light Mint’ edition is a 2-color silkscreen sized at 8x8” and signed and numbered out of 40. The ‘Junge’ edition is a 4-color silkscreen sized at 8x8.5” and signed and numbered out of 50. Keep an eye out! They are currently working on out next few 8x10 releases. On deck are Houston artists: Eyesore, Ack!, Jermaine Rogers, and Michael C Rodriguez.

‘Kurt Vile & The Violators’ – Houston, TX gigposter – Artist: Sarah Welch

This screen print was created for Kurt Vile & the Violators first appearance in Houston, TX at Walter’s Downtown. 2-colors silkscreened on cougar 100lb. natural coverstock, 18x30" in size. Produced in a limited edition of 100 signed and numbered prints. Most of which were sold at the event.

‘Yalta’ – art print by: Shelby Hohl

Originally released as a print for Saul Williams we are now bringing you the art print edition of ‘Yalta’. Artist Shelby Hohl’s take on the famous Yalta Conference. This print was produced as a silkscreened edition, 29x16” in size on heavy Eclipse black coverstock. All three inks have a brilliant metallic hue. Signed and numbered limited edition of 40.

‘High on Fire’ – Houston, TX gigposter – by: Shelby HohlProduced for High on Fire’s gig at Fitzgeralds in Houston, TX. This print was designed by artist Shelby Hohl and screen printed on heavy eclipse black coverstock with 3 pearlescent inks. It is sized at 18x24” in a limited edition of 75. Most of which were sold at the event.

Buy them HERE at around Noon Central time today

Shark Toof Guilty Pleasures Prints Release

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Shark Toof is back at 1xRUN today with a series of 3 prints titled Guilty Pleasures.

"The name Shark Toof and the original Shark Toof Icon were developed at the same time. With my Graffiti Art roots, I know how important it is to establish and own a tag name, and more importantly an image to remind the viewer of that tag name.

After a good full year of establishing the Shark Toof Icon on the streets, I didn't quite know where I wanted to move the Icon. It took some isolation to really stand behind my own beliefs without becoming a political artist. Thinking of iconographic shapes, I thought the cigarette pack is an easily identifiable shape which lead me to the idea of "Guilty Pleasures" and the Shark Toof Cigarette Pack. Although, I am not a smoker myself, I support every individual to indulge in whatever pleasures them as long as others aren't effected.

The Shark Toof Slot Machine was a natural progression as the slot machine is also an iconographic image on its own. The twist on the image is that the jackpot are cigarettes which ties into the Shark Toof Cigarette Pack print. In other words, by indulging in your guilty pleasure, the jackpot will be more guilty pleasures. I think the main selling point on these was to make them as sexy, flashy Old Las Vegas swank!" - Shark Toof

All 3 prints are 18 x 24 Inches Screen Prints on 140lb Archival Fine Art Paper

All 3 will be on sale today at NOON EST at

Jay Z & Justin Timberlake Los Angeles Posters by Kii Arens

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Kii Arens has a couple of new posters for the recent Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake show at the Staples Center in Los Angeles in support of Jay-Z's Magna Carta album. Each poster is 24" x 18" (Jay-Z), 18 x 24 (JT) Fluorescent Lithograph Signed/Numbered series of 100

Buy them at

Alan Forbes Queens Of The Stone Age Richmond Poster On Sale

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Secret Serpents has Alan Forbes latest poster he did for Queens of the Stone Age at Richmond for sale. The poster is 17 x 24 and it is a signed Artist Proof.

Buy it HERE

Winner of the Phish Atlanta 2012 Poster

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Well Phish Phans we have a winner for Day 3 of the Holiday Giveaway for the Phish Atlanta poster on the blog. That would be Dave with comment #29. Dave shoot me an email with your address and I will be sending the poster out to you.

Thanks to everyone that entered. Be sure to check back each day this week for a new giveaway for the best readers in the world !!!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Aaron Horkey Lord of the Rings Two Towers Poster Release Details from Mondo

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This is it for 2013, everyone. Mondo decided to go out with something festive and something Aaron Horkey and something Lord of the Rings. Pricing and info is below... nothing I could possibly say could add to these posters, so just let your eyeballs enjoy.

Check the pics of the original drawings Aaron did for the poster just unreal.

Regular Edition Lord of the Rings The Two Towers poster by Aaron Horkey. 19.25"x39" 14-color screen print. Hand numbered. Edition of 505. $100

Variant edition poster by Aaron Horkey. 19.25"x39" 7-color screen print. Hand numbered. Edition of 245. Both printed by Ben Lafond. $200

These posters will be available online at a random time on Thursday, December 19th at

Phish Atlanta 2012 Poster by Mike Davis Holiday Poster Giveaway


Day 3 of the Holiday Poster Giveaway continues on the blog for the best readers in the world, ALL OF YOU !!!  Today's gift is Mike Davis' Phish poster for the show in Atlanta back in 2012 at Aaron's Amphitheatre. Mike Davis put together this surreal landscape in a faraway land filled with ropes, tunnels, steps, bridges, holes, and ladders all leading up to a giant maze. This is a 19 x 25" four color screenprint on acid-free, archival Cougar brand Natural paper. It came from the Burlesque Design Scratch & Dent pile so it's not signed or numbered and there is no visible issues with it the poster.

Now go to the top of the post above the picture and click on comments or scroll down (depends on how you see this post) to leave a comment about PHISH to have a chance at winning the posters. Don't worry if your comment does not appear immediately I have to approve them before they are published. I will use the random number generator to pick a winner. Entries are limited to ONE PER PERSON PER HOUSEHOLD. Please leave your name with the comment, comments without names will not be accepted. Entries will be accepted until Midnight PST Wednesday December 18 with the winner announced on Thursday.

Thanks to Burlesque Design for providing the poster and good luck to all those that enter.

Chuck Sperry Widespread Panic Atlanta Poster New Years Eve 2013

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Details from Chuck Sperry on his beautiful Widespread Panic poster for the Atlanta show on New Years Eve.

Here’s the poster I’ve been hinting about on my website, on Instagram and through Facebook since December 11 (here).

I set aside the entire month to work on my poster for Widespread Panic New Years Eve. Starting in late November, I have been working diligently on my poster design for Widespread Panic’s New Years Eve show. Months ago, Widespread Panic asked for an asian themed poster. I answered that I am very influenced by Japanese art, and that I would love to create a Japanese styled poster for the band.

I own an original Hiroshige, I have it hung right above my drawing board. It is my talisman, a beacon to guide me to work harder, an acme to reach for. I have pored through literally hundreds of Japanese prints over the years, until I have gotten good at distinguishing the different artists, 17th, 18th and 19th Century prints from each other, and in the process learned quite a lot about Japanese prints. One general idea I respond to in the history of Japanese printmaking is: the prints were produced and sold to the broad general public. Editions were very limited, usually 200 prints were produced, the woodcut technique limited edition size; the blocks would become ink-soaked, water-logged and distorted if more than 200 prints were produced. This also matches my belief that my prints should be as limited as possible, popularity of the band or event permitting.

I love the handling of space in the classic Japanese woodcut, the use of tight composition, and the use of pattern to break the space and add interest. One would have, no doubt, noticed this approach in my design and printing by now. I love the dynamism of the line work in Japanese art. Again, my love of this line quality carries through most of my work.

I worked on the sketches and preliminary designs in late Novemeber, started to create all the pattern designs and ink drawings into poster form from Dec 1 through Dec 11. On December 11 I started dropping hints in public, posting a cherry blossom photo on Instagram and posting a cherry blossom video on my website and linking it to Facebook.

I felt it would be a nice surprise, to break from the themes that I have been working on lately. To make this poster a surprise.

My poster is inspired by the 17th Century concept of Ukiyo-e (literally: floating world) “living only for the moment, gazing at the moon, snow, cherry blossoms and autumn leaves, enjoying wine, women and song, and in general, drifting along with the currents of life…” according to the Buddhist priest Asai Ryoi, the famous Japanese author. I portray a geisha playing a shamisen. A visual pun has this traditional musical instrument plugged discreetly into an amplifier hidden behind a screen (the cord runs from the shamisen under the screen and is plugged into the amp). I felt that this affirmation of carpe diem (seizing the moment) would be an appropriate note to strike at New Years, and a good note to ring us into 2014.

Most of this poster was color to color registration, where all six colors meet without being hidden by the black lines. In fact the black line only delineates between differing patterns, but does not hide or mask where the colors meet each other. I aspire to make a pure kind of print, where the technique is shown, and the artifact of printing is apparent, not hidden by black ink placed over where the colors are meeting. It’s an expression in form of clarity.

I created four custom patterns for my poster (see below). Three run as themes throughout the design, and the fourth, the cherry blossom pattern has four sub-patterns that interlock throughout it’s design. One note about the cherry blossom pattern, is that there are about 75 individual cherry blossoms in each repetition (not counting buds), and my custom geometrical patterns behind the blossoms are interlocking, repeating with each reiteration of the blossoms. The cherry blossom pattern was in itself many days of designing.

Widespread Panic, New Years Eve 2013
20 x 35
Edition of 625
6 colors on archival cream paper
Signed and Numbered

Widespread Panic will release this poster at their show in Atlanta on December 31, 2013.

Chuck will make a very limited release of Artist Proofs and variants of this poster on Sunday, January 5, 2014 at a random time on his website.

BASK Art Should Kill Protestor

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Welcome back 1xRUN regular BASK as he joins them yet again with his latest hand-painted multiples Because Art Should Kill Protestor . Since 1xRUN inception BASK has been a fixture at 1xRUN and never one to remain still Bask has brought a piece that was finished just last weekend. This time around the Florida-native has again showcased his iconic Art Should Kill motif, this time with a custom made hand-crafted box to compliment each piece.

Each piece in this RUN includes:

- (1) One Art Should Kill Protester 11 x 24.5 x 1.5 Inches. Pieces are individually hand cut from .5" plywood and each attached sandwich board sign is cut from .25" plywood with a .75" offset at the base.
- 2 White tipped screws for proper installation. Pre-drilled hanging holes are directly through the eyes.
- Each includes a custom crate which measures 13"x 2"x 26.5.

Only 20 of these will be on sale today at NOON EST at