Friday, July 31, 2015

Maxx242 & Brandon Heart 311 Posters For Dallas and Houston

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311 are hitting Texas this weekend and fans are going to get a set of posters done by Maxx242 & Brandon Heart.

Brandon Heart did the poster for tonight in Houston

Maxx242 did the poster for tomorrow in Dallas.

Now each night there will be 211 numbered posters and 20 foil variants. Plus there will be 25 uncut double posters of the regular edition and 25 uncut foil variants that will feature both posters like a huge insane playing card.

Plus Houston is getting a special 25th Anniversary shirt as well.

Joe Dunn & Tom Whalen team-up with Cyclops Print Works

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New Limited Edition Serigraphs for Disney's Big Hero 6 and Lilo & Stitch.  Joe Dunn and Tom Whalen team-up with Cyclops Print Works on their latest release.

Cyclops Print Works Print #2: Yokai (Big Hero 6)
Artist: Joe Dunn
Size: 20"x30"
Technique: Serigraph | 18 colors
Edition Size: Limited Edition of 125
Features: Hand-Signed | Hand-Numbered | Metallic Inks | Authenticity Seal
Paper: Colorplan Ebony 330 gsm
Printed by: Eclipse Workshop
Officially Licensed by Disney

(Note: Cyclops Print Works Print #2V: Yokai Variant Edition by Joe Dunn (which has a much smaller edition size) will be available at the Cyclops Print Works booth in Hall B at the D23 Expo 2015.)

Cyclops Print Works Print #4: Lilo & Stitch
Artist: Tom Whalen
Size: 24"x36"
Technique: Serigraph | 7 colors
Edition Size: Limited Edition of 250
Features: Hand-Numbered | Varnish Finish | Authenticity Seal
Paper: Coventry Rag Vellum 320 gsm
Printed by: Eclipse Workshop
Officially Licensed by Disney

(Note: Cyclops Print Works Print #4V: Lilo & Stitch Sunset Variant Edition by Tom Whalen (which has a much smaller edition size) will be available at the Cyclops Print Works booth in Hall B at the D23 Expo 2015.)

Both Prints Will Be Available at at 12 PM PST TODAY (7/31/15)

Lars Krause Avett Brothers Free Friday Poster Giveaway


The Avett Brothers have gained popularity more and more each year, for this weeks Poster Giveaway we go back to 2013. Lars Krause did this poster for their 4 concerts in Germany.

 Now go to the top of the post above the picture and click on comments or scroll down (depends on how you see this post) to leave a comment for a chance to win this poster. Don't worry if your comment does not appear immediately I have to approve them before they are published. I will use the Random Number Generator to pick a winner. Entries are limited to ONE PER PERSON PER HOUSEHOLD. Please leave your name with the comment, comments without names will not be accepted. Entries will be accepted until 11:59 PM PDT Saturday August 1 and the winner will be announced on Sunday.

Go check out more of Lars work at

John Vogl Dave Matthews Band Tampa Poster

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John Vogl has released a couple of new posters and a print. But the stand out piece of work for me is the killer looking Dave Matthews Band for the recent show in Tampa. The poster is a 4 color screen print measuring 18 x 24 with an artist edition of 40.

Buy it and the rest over at

Kyler Baker Counting Crows, Grateful Dead & New Print

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Kyle Baker has just released a bunch of great work.

His Grateful Dead 50 Chicago Tribute Print

The Meltdown series comes in a couple of fairly big editions (403 for the 'primary' coloway, 223 for the 'red gold' variant) plus tiny rainbow-foil editions for the diehard poster geeks out there.

 Last summer Kyle designed and printed over 4,000 posters for the Counting Crows' US (summer) and European (fall) tours, and now they're finally getting around to selling the very limited artist editions that they've only sold previously in-person at art festivals, etc. He channeled Wes Wilson for this extremely challenging but rewarding typographical puzzle.

See all the new work at

Shepard Fairey Natural Springs Print Release

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Another excellent commentary piece on big oil from Shepard Fairey, the latest print is titled Natural Springs.

The print is an 18 x 24 inch screen print on cream speckle tone paper.  Signed and numbered edition of 450. 

Release date: August 4, 2015 at a random time between 10am and 11am PDT in the Store.

Richey Beckett Fenrir Print Release

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This bad boy is crazy good Richey Beckett just killed this. Fenrir is a Limited Edition 5 colour silk screen print. Originally created as the mascot for Denmark's Copenhell Festival, celebrating the reintroduction of wolves into the wilds of the Danish countryside and the legend of Fenrir the mythological giant wolf of Scandinavian folklore, who's strength was challenged by the Norse Gods.

Beautifully silk screen printed on 18"x24" 100lb Charcoal Brown French Paper. Hand numbered, embossed and signed by the artist. Expertly printed by Burlesque Of North America.

Strictly limited to 100 prints, signed numbered and embossed.
A Charcoal variant edition of 50 is also available.

The print will be available via Richey Beckett's store in two versions, a standard and variant.

On sale at 1pm EDT at

Brian Methe Poster Explosion Release

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Brian Methe just released a bunch of new prints and the titles would not all fit in the title bar, so here you go.

Truckin' (Jerry) - Two color, split fountain.  Regular edition of 40.  Pillars of light foil of 12.
Hustle (Pete Rose) - Three color, edition of 40.
J. Turner (Jeff Ament)  - Two color regular edition of 60 and foil 30.
Stoney (Stone Gossard) - Two color regular edition of 60 and foil 30.

All of them are on sale at

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Jeff Soto 311 Lake Charles Poster

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With only 5 dates left on their summer tour 311 roll into Lake Charles, Louisiana tonight for some good ole fashion debauchery at the  L’auberge Casino Pool.

The poster for the concert is done by Jeff Soto, it is numbered out of 113 with 25 foil variants also available at the Merch stand which will be where the 2 lawn chairs are on the astro turf on the right hand side of the picture.

I will have artist edition on sale details later today so check back.
Artist Edition Release Info

The posters are 6 color screen prints measuring 18" x 24"

All prints are signed and numbered out of the edition sizes below by Jeff Soto and will be available at at 12pm noon PST Friday, July 31st

Regular AP's - $70 each
Edition of 40

Color Variants - $100 each
Edition of only 5 "Stormy" (Grey)
Edition of only 5 "Flame" (Orange)
Edition of only 3 "Bubblegum" (Pink)
Edition of only 3 "Pearl" (White)
Edition of only 2 "Twilight" (Dark Blue)

Foil Variants - $150 each
Edition of only 4 Rainbow Foil
Edition of only 4 Double Rainbow Foil
Edition of only 4 Gold Foil
Edition of only 5 Lava Foil
Edition of only 2 Sparkle Foil

Both the Color Variants and Foil Variants will be limited to 1 per order and will randomly be picked from the stack. Purchasers cannot specify which type they would like to purchase - randomness is fun!

Tim Doyle Emperors of the North Watch the Clock PangeaSeed July Print Release

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PangeaSeed and special guest artist Tim Doyle are pleased to announce the seventh official print release of our 2015 print suite "Tales from the Deep: Stories, Myths & Monsters" - a fine art print suite to help save our seas.

Month: July
Artist: Tim Doyl
Title: “Emperors of the North Watch the Clock"
Edition Size: 150
Print details: 7 color screen print on classic crest white
Dimensions: 16”x 36” inch

Price: $50 USD each - plus shipping (please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery)

Artist statement: "This print is a continuation of my 'The Sea Also Rises' series of prints, as I'm expanding the scope of the human/ nature interaction I normally portray in an urban environment into the Arctic. (And yes, I know there are no penguins in the arctic...they're also not normally 80 feet tall, either.) The idea of rising sea levels, and the animals of the sea (mythic or otherwise) coming into areas they aren't normally seen is fascinating to me. This weird, visual story I'm slowly telling across these prints of giant gods and monsters of the deep coming into the world of man as a result of our environmental decay, is by far my favorite personal project, and I'm always happy to have PangeaSeed supporting it, while I help support them!"

Prints are available for purchase Thursday July 30 2015 at 3pm EDT via

For more information on how you can help save our seas, please visit

Timothy Pittides Reefer Madness & Chris Garofalo Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde Posters Release

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Grey Matter Art is proud to announce two new exclusive poster releases for the classic films "Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde" by Chris Garofalo, and "Reefer Madness" by Timothy Pittides. GMA are so incredibly pleased to release them as exclusive posters at the Monster-Mania convention, running from July 31st-August 2nd, in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Chris & Grey Matter Art will both be in attendance, so please come on down, and show your support. Any remaining copies will go on sale Monday, August 3rd at 1PM EDT in the GMA shop page. Also, as an added incentive, they will be offering a chance to win a piece of Timothy Pittides's original artwork for "Reefer Madness", as well as 2 original "Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde" novels from the 1920's, each will include a shirt & sticker pack. To be entered to win you must purchase on drop day or at Monster-mania.

"Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde"
Artist: Chris Garofalo
Size: 24x18
Regular Edition (Green): 40/$30.00
Variant Edition (Purple): 15/$35.00
Paper: Regular Mr. French Tile Green/Variant Mr. French Whitewash
Printed By: Fug Screen Studios

"Reefer Madness"
Artist: Timothy Pittides
Size: 18x24
Regular Edition: 60/$35.00
Paper: French Packing Chip Kraft-Tone
Printed By: VG Kids

 For all information on Monster-Mania please go to their official website at

On sale Monday August 3 at 1pm EDT over at

Here is what Chris had to say about "Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde"
"To me, "Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde" is a film that perfectly plays on the notion that any fairly normal person at any point has the potential to become a monster under the right circumstances. The eyes are a dead giveaway when first spotting that transition, so I really wanted to focus on depicting the actual transformation inside the eye itself, which was weird, different, and a whole lot of fun. It's always a challenge to put a unique look on a classic, so I hope you all enjoy it."
Here is what Tim had to say about "Reefer Madness"
"Reefer Madness" needs no introduction. The American propaganda film that follows the exploits of teens in the 30's being peer pressured into trying "The Devils Weed" aka Marijuana and what follows is lunacy, depravity and insanity all caused by marijuana addiction. Ridiculous and often hilarious, this film needed some more poster love. I decided to veer away from the propaganda type feel as well as the cartoon like approach. The film itself was INTENDED to be serious and to scare viewers into believing these awful events were caused by pot. So I decided to go that route, giving it a film noir feel with an art nouveau flare. A young woman, pressured into trying some marijuana and being tempted by the devil with a yellow rose. The inclusion of the flowers within the piece adds a bit of depth and symbolism as well. The yellow rose symbolizes friendship and joy, while the white flower in her hair, represents her innocence and purity. By "taking" the devil's flower she is accepting him into her making her his to control. I truly hope you all enjoy this print and thank you to Jared and Mike at Grey Matter for embracing the idea and running with it."

Jim Mazza Avett Brothers Canandaigua Poster Release Details

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Jim Mazza has new Avett Brothers poster for last nights show in Canandaigua, New York.

He will be releasing his copies in the morning at 8am PDT.

The regular edition is a run of 200, 18" x 24", 6 color poster on 100lb cougar white cover stock.

The foil edition is a run of 16, 18" x 24", 5 color poster on 10pt Holographic foil paper.

Jim on the design:
For this image I wanted to kinda make a companion piece to my Long Beach poster and the image just kind of evolved from there.
On sale Thursday at 11am EDT at

Glenn Barr Now And Again Print Release From 1xRUN

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As 1xRUN and Inner State Gallery gear up for the musically themed Lyric III show they welcome back artist and curator Glenn Barr with his latest release. The massive lineup features of over 50 artists from around the globe.

“Music and its lyrics can always stimulate our emotions, as well as leave us contemplating a visual narrative. Artists have used lyrics as inspiration and as a muse in their work to express an idea or a phrase for eons. History has shown us that they have created some of the greatest works in the world when guided by a melody and its words. This exhibition will illuminate the artist’s personal transcription from a song lyric to canvas.” - Glenn Barr

On sale Thursday at NOON EDT at

Christina Inkster Dead Men Tell No Tales Print Release

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Christina Inkster has released her latest print which can be found on her website:

Details on the print
Limited edition of 50 hand signed and numbered.
A3 giclée print on 250gsm matte paper.
£30 (GBP) each.

Andrew Kolb National Lampoon's Vacation Poster Release By Mondo

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On Thursday Mondo will be releasing a poster for NATIONAL LAMPOON'S VACATION by Andrew Kolb. They're so excited about his take on the film. His fun, whimsical style worked so well to capture the essence of the comedy classic.

Here's a note from Andrew about the print:
"Whoa, where to even begin? Before the crew brought me the project, I'd only seen the film a half dozen times, but thought I knew it pretty well. Wrong. After watching it again - taking notes, rewinding, and jotting down ideas the whole time - I realized just how brilliantly paced the whole thing is. In working through concepts (maps, postcards, etc.), the goal was to make something as expansive as a film about a road trip deserves, while also literally packing in as many references as possible."
 The poster is 18"x24" screen print. Hand numbered. Edition of 200.

On sale at a random time Thursday at

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Emek Grateful Dead Chicago Poster Release

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Here is Emek's official poster for the Grateful Dead’s final shows in Chicago that only people with the VIP ticket package received. Celebrating 50 years of Grateful Dead: "Fare Thee Well"... 50 years down memory lane... What A Long Strange Trip Its Been…

Size: 18” x 24"
Limited Artist Edition on pearl paper, signed, numbered, embossed, and doodled :)
800 were printed for the event.

The poster traces a nostalgic couple's memories in semi-chronological order... from a star child birth, “What’s Become of the Baby”, to a loving family, to learning to crawl with China Cat Sunflower, Casey Jones, Jerry’s first 9 fingered Tiger Guitar, blowing your mind on music, the band performing flanked by Jerry on one side and Trey on the other, Friend of the Devil, Sugar Magnolias blooming, Box of Rain, Dire Wolf queen of spades, Golden Road and Dead in Egypt, “710” license plate, Deady Bear, Terrapin Turtle and Wake of the Crow dancing on the Wall of Sound with "Ripples" behind them, PigPen’s cowboy hat, Keep on Truckin’, Jerry’s missing finger hand, flying eyeball, dancing shroomy, third eye roses and special quilted fonts for saying "Fare Thee Well…"

“I need a miracle“
This poster will be sold through a LOTTERY STYLE sale.To participate, Email Emek your answer to the following question:
“How many hours total did Emek spend drawing this poster?”

PLACE THE NUMBER IN THE SUBJECT of the email ONLY!!!  Send your guess to anytime between NOW and TOMORROW night,

All entries received after Thursday July 30th at 11:59pm PDT will not be valid

Emek will sort the emails by subject so be sure to JUST put the number in the subject of the email (nothing else!) Otherwise you risk being disqualified.

He will notify winners by Monday August 3rd with how to order, winners will have a time limit to reply and place their order, if they do not respond in time we will go on to the next in line... He will announce when the contest has closed.

311 Munk One & N8 Van Dyke Chicago Poster Artist Edition Release

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I first showed you this sick 311 poster by Munk One & Nate Van Dyke for the Chicago show back on July 11th HERE

Limited Edition Variant Artist Prints. Made in the USA. Signed and Numbered by Artist MUNK ONE.

White Stock AP Variant (Teal Munk Colorway)
Screen print 6 colors
Aprrox. 18 ” x 24” on White Stock
S/N AP Edition of 25

Rainbow Foil Stock AP Variant (Teal Munk Colorway)
Screen print 6 colors
Aprrox. 18 ” x 24” on Rainbow Foil Stock
S/N AP Edition of 25

Gold Foil Stock AP Variant (Teal Munk Colorway)
Screen print 6 colors
Aprrox. 18 ” x 24” on Gold Foil Stock
S/N AP Edition of 30

Release Date:
Thursday, July 30th, 2015 at 1:13pm PST @

Persue Bunny Kitty MTA Card Prints & HPM's

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Persue is back with several new releases from 1xRUN featuring his Bunny Kitty character on MTA Cards.

"One night while in the studio with my friend Rime we were talking about ideas how I could let people know that I had made the move cross country from my home city of San Diego to New York. He just blurted out, how about painting on MTA cards?

I've seen the cards sprawled all over the floor of the subway stations. Everyday I ride the train it has become a scavenger hunt to see how many cards I could find. Some days I find 1 or 2. Some days I can find 10. And some days you strike out and don't find any. I even have friends collecting them off the floor of the subways for me. It's just a brilliant idea. It's a sustainable approach to art." - Persue

Prints and Hand Painted Multiples are on sale now at

Joshua Budich Big Lebowski Poster On Sale Info

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Artist Josh Budich is back at Nakatomi with a very special 24×36 uncut sheet edition of his killer Lebowski portrait sets!

“Takin’ ‘er easy for all us sinners” is a hand-printed 24×36 inch 7-color print, available in a limited edition of 150! Printed on 100lb Madero Beach French paper at the Nakatomi Print Labs.

Prints will go on sale on Wednesday the 28th at 2pm Central Time in the ART PRINT section of the Nakatomi store HERE.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

BioWorkZ 311 Birmingham Poster On Sale Artist Edition Details

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Show Edition

Artist Edition

As they continue through the southern United States on their summer tour, 311 make a stop in Birmingham, Alabama tonight at Iron City. That place is one of the most unique venues you can ever see a band play.

BioWorkZ did the poster for tonight and I asked him about the design:
I've been sitting on this designs for about 6 months and not knowing how to use it. Then I got the call to work on a gig poster for 311. I knew this was the perfect opportunity to use this concept. Decided to work on this poster digitally so I can zoom in and get all the details without the trouble of drawing on a huge piece of paper. I'm happy with the results and I hope the 311 fans dig it too.
The show posters are numbered out of 113, with 25 foils for sale at the Merch stand.

Artist Edition Information

Bioworkz 311 Birmingham, AL Poster
For sale at 11am PST on Wednesday, July 29th

18" x 24" 4 color screen print for 311's July 28th Birmingham, AL show. Signed and numbered edition of only 60 artist edition prints by Bioworkz

Bioworkz 311 Birmingham, AL Foil Poster
For sale at 11am PST on Wednesday, July 29th

18" x 24" 4 color screen print on rainbow foil paper for 311's July 28th Birmingham, AL show. Signed and numbered edition of only 20 artist edition prints by Bioworkz

The variants will be released on July 29th and will be sold through

James Flames Phish Los Angeles Poster Release Details

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James Flames is stoked to announce that on Tuesday he will release his newest poster for Phish , from their show this past Saturday in Los Angeles!

The illustration is titled "Shoreline Summertime Blue", featuring a couple who are riding a Ferris wheel, celebrating the magical summertime vibes along with everyone else down below. With the wind in their hair, and salt water mist in the air, the good times don't get much better.

The posters are 18 "x 24", Five Color Screen Print. Edition of 850 each, Signed & Numbered

These will be available Tuesday, July 28th at 2pm Eastern at

Erica Williams Originals, Poster, Print & Clothing Release

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Erica Williams is releasing a ton of new work on Tuesday. A new poster, a print, some stunning originals and clothing for the favorite woman in life or if your woman something for yourself.

Midnight - 4 colors, 18x24”,Edition of 90, $25
Midnight Lustre Variant, 4 colors, 18x24, Curious Metallics Lustre paper, Edition of 10, $40

The Tallest Man on Earth at Eaux Claires Festival 2015 - 5 colors, 18x24”, AP edition of 30, $45

Original Art
Butterflies: 3 available each one is unique, 8.25x6” on Bristol, Ink, $250 each
Queen Bee: gouache on Arches cold press watercolor paper, 6.5x8.25”, $200
Lucky Cat;Gouache and ink on Arches cold press watercolor paper, 9x12”, $200

Girls Tank Top and Panty Set: Pre orders start Thursday July 30th. American made tank and undies. Water based printing. Each set is $40 + shipping.

All of the art goes on sale  Tuesday July 28th at a random time at