Thursday, November 27, 2014

Hope Everyone Has a Happy Thanksgiving

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Thank you to everyone that stops by the blog everyday to check out the latest visual candy from all the artist. Have a Happy Thanksgiving with your family's and loved ones.

I need to check on dinner now...

*Grabs turkey*
 *Smacks it up, flips it, rubs it down*
 *Is asked to leave kitchen*

Tim Doyle RWBY Print For Rooster Teeth

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Rooster Teeth are taking off work for Thanksgiving, but they still have a new RWBY print for Friday! This week has one of their favorite prints from the series. Tim Doyle did a poster recently for Skrillex that featured a big car wreck, and he drew inspiration from the RWBY Volume 2 Torchwick mech fight to expand on that new work.

Here’s what he has to say about his piece:
"RWBY is a show full of great moments to adapt into prints, but the one that stuck out to me, and seemed to fit the most with my particular style was the big-ass MECH FIGHT on the highway in season 2. The sheer kinetic energy and back and forth in that scene really captured my eye, and spoke to my particular love of complete chaos on the canvas. It was fun trying to lock down the look of that Mech, and just seeing HOW MUCH motion I could put into a print and still have it read to the viewer. This print features a LUSH full flood of metallic ink, and a bunch of glow in the dark accents that will pop like crazy when you shut off your lights! Note- I am not responsible for you losing sleep due to MASSIVE GLOWING PRINT in your room. As always, big ups to the people at RT for thinking of me, and letting me help co-ordinate this series!"

Tim’s print is a 24x36 eight-color poster with glow-in-the-dark ink on 100lb Cover Cougar White. It’s a run of 250 copies and is $74.95

On sale Friday at

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Ben Frost Pearl Jam Milwaukee Poster Artist Edition On Sale Details

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I know a lot of you have been waiting to find out when you can get this poster. Ben Frost's recent design for the October 20th PEARL JAM gig in Milwaukee will be available TOMORROW MORNING November 27th
9am: Los Angeles time PST
12pm/Noon: New York time EST

This 5 color screenprint measures 18 x 24 inches edition of 100 - signed and editioned by the artist Screen print also features 1 color print on the reverse.

Available tomorrow at 

Aaron Horkey & James Jean Mangchi Prints

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David Choe had a couple of close friends Aaron Horkey and James Jean create prints for his Mangchi project. Each print is Offset lithography on premium 100lb Cover Stock Paper and printed by 8 color Heidelberg Offset Press. Embossed with 'Mangchi' Logo for Authenticity, Print size: 18 × 24 inches. Quantity: Open Edition

David Choe on the art :
"There's nothing mysterious about me, I talk about my entire life I'm completely transparent - however these two elusive men are shrouded in mystery - the great James Jean and Aaron Horkey, are 2 of the greatest artists in the world, I bow down to their talent and creativity, it is humbling - they both, in their own style and way, create art that seems it's made with a hand not of this earth, they've tapped into some mystical matrix mind bending new world building shit. So to the best of the best I laid out the homework assignment. At almost 40, I am pushing myself together with the whole mangchi crew to create music to think, fuck, fight, nap, cuddle and dance to, whether you agree with me or not I pushed myself way beyond my limits and I created with mangchi, the greatest music on earth, I believe that, we send the message of love, chaos and judging/no judging to bring people together- so I asked james and Aaron to do the same, you're already the best, now push yourself to create the best art you've ever created in your life, it only makes sense that the greatest band in the universe should have the greatest art in the universe to visualize, represent and capture the imaginations of the whole earth - we are just the messengers spreading the message of love, creativity and fucking shit up through the vessels of art, music and dance motherfucker dance. I am beyond proud, honored and excited to present to you the art of James Jean and Aaron Horkey, creating the best shit they've ever created for mangchi ! - so please enjoy and be inspired" - David Choe 
Buy the prints at

Laurent Durieux Pulp Fiction Mondo Poster Release For Black Friday

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At long last the dreams of Mondo fans have been realized as a poster for the iconic Quentin Tarantino movie Pulp Fiction will be released. The best part is everyone will be able to get one.

Black Friday is this week! In honor of Pulp Fiction's 20th Anniversary, Mondo will be releasing a timed edition poster by Laurent Durieux. The edition will be open until 11:59pm on Monday, Dec. 1st, and there is no limit on the number of prints you can purchase. The posters measure 36 x 24 inches and they are silk screened. They'll be donating 10% of the proceeds to the Sally Menke Fellowship. You can find out more info on this partnership on the Mondo blog.

Additionally, they'll have mWo t-shirts & sweatshirts, two versions of The Iron Giant Soundtrack with artwork by Jason Edmiston & Jay Shaw, Run Coyote Run on VHS, and a Mondo Thrasher T-Shirt.

Everything is on sale Friday at a random time at

Van Saro In Greed We Trust Print Release

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Van Saro has a new print release with 1xRUN and 6 original pieces from his In Greed We Trust Series of work.

"This is the first of my work from my series on money. I'm honest with my work. My world has been more about darkness then light, that's what I paint. I only paint things that are relevant in my life or what is on my mind. After having my first child the financial pressure is much more prevalent and that became the inspiration behind this series." - Van Saro

On Sale Wednesday at Noon EST at

Michael Loeb Make My Day Print Release

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Metro Orange Art has released another funny print by Michael Loeb. " Make My Day"  has edition of 60, printed on 310 gsm German etching, 14.5" x 18.5" signed and numbered by the artist, $65.

Death From Above, Ray LaMontagne & More Posters by Robert Wilson

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Dallas has been getting some fine looking posters lately by Robert Wilson and he has put is artist copies up for sale.

Granada Theater, Dallas
Edition of 75

Music Hall at Fair Park, Dallas
Edition of 125 

Granada Theater, Dallas
Edition of 75

Aaron Wolf Hunter S.Thompson This is Bat Country Print

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Aaron Wolf is doing another run of giclee prints, this time featuring the freak that is Hunter S. Thompson.

There are two different versions that are signed and numbered, limited to 25 copies of each (a black and white version and a colored version). The prints are 36 x 51cm (or approx. 14 x 20 inches) on Eterma Elite 320gsm art paper. A print is $80 and $30 for shipping with tracking and insurance ($20 for shipping without tracking and insurance). If you are interested in purchasing one email Aaron and he will send you a Paypal link, please indicate which shipping option and which version of the print you would like (color or black and white).

You can contact him at

See more of this work at

Jay Ryan Front End Loader Print Release

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If you got some work around the house that needs to get done Jay Ryan has just the thing to help out. His new heavy duty print is titled Front End Loader. These prints are 18 by 24 inches, comprised of seven screens, and feature one of the larger rabbits you are likely to encounter this week. Factually correct and accurate in all the ways that matter.

Jay Ryan has added two Workshop dates for ten guests to come to the Bird Machine in Skokie, Illinois on a Saturday to make an edition of prints with him. Please note: They're trying a new time slot, from 10am to 4pm! Come pet Nora the Dog and get your arms and shoes a little bit inky. Great for Street Cred!

You can all this and more at

Artist Black Friday Poster & Print Sales

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Instead of making a post on here about each and every sale they are all in one spot so you can see them all and plan your day. At the top above the header image are tabs look for the one that says 2014 Black Friday Artist Sales, click on that and you will find links and info to the sales. I will add more as I receive information, so check back.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


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La-La Land announced today the grand re-opening of it's gallery doors to the public with a specially curated art and ephemera show that spans the decade in Hollywood that artist Kii Arens created some of his most iconic Rock images.

HOLLYWOOD, CA: If you listen to music and attend concerts, it's likely that you're familiar with Kii Arens' arresting visual work on album covers, posters, billboards, music videos, and more. Arens had already been a successful touring musician and designer for Woodstock '94 when he based in Los Angeles in 2004 and opened La-La Land Gallery at 6450 Santa Monica Blvd. The gallery was known for exciting shows featuring fellow artists Shepard Fairey, Chris Reccardi, Gary Baseman, Tim Biskup, Niagara, and many others. By 2008, Arens was, himself, creating a growing volume of works and, by necessity, the gallery was closed to the public to become Arens' private studio.

In the past ten years, Arens has been busy at his studio, famously working on an ongoing project that combines Arens' love for music with his fine art practice. He has created over 250 limited edition concert prints for Goldenvoice, which spurred clients that include Dolly Parton, Beck, Redbull, The Hollywood Bowl, Radiohead, Tame Impala and many others. More than that, he began a series of groundbreaking music video projects (with collaborator Jason Trucco) for Devo, Glen Campbell, Queens Of The Stone Age, and many more.

"There's a real connection between an artist and his environment. I'm pleased to see this exhibition of works, most of which were created right here in the space which they are now exhibited, available for people to check out," says Arens, "Pleased that LaLaLand has re-opened as a public space, a brick and mortor home for people who love art, Rock, drinks, and snacks."

KII ARENS' ART OF ROCK: LA- LA-LAND CELEBRATES A DECADE OF POP ARTIST'S PAINTINGS, POSTERS, AND MORE opens tonight, Friday, November, 28th at the gallery located at 6450 Santa Monica Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90038.

The opening will showcase the wide and differing body of Kii’s work, including over 250 concert prints he has been creating since 2008, non-music related prints, and a handful of brand new, never before seen, works. The show also features products from many of Kii’s friends, collaborators, and fellow artists. Works from Popkiller, Ameoba, Totally Blown, DKE Toys, LA based clothing designers, vinyl, art toys, books, and oddities of all kinds. Along side the artwork and merchandise will be drinks, snacks and a tasty DJ.

Kozyndan x PangeaSeed Kelp Magic November Print Release

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PangeaSeed and Kozyndan are pleased to announce the eleventh print release of the 2014 print suite "HOME: A Fine Art Print Suite for Threatened Ocean Habitats". November's print release helping to raise awareness for kelp forests and the species that call this fragile environment "home".

Artist: Kozyndan
Title: "Kelp Magic"
Habitat: Kelp Forests
Printmaker: Hero Complex Gallery
Print details: Giclee on cold press watercolor paper
Dimensions: 18”x 24” inch
Edition size: Limited edition of 100 signed / numbered prints

Price: $100 USD - plus shipping (please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery)

Prints will be available for purchase at 12pm PST Tuesday, November 25, 2014 via

For more information on how you can help save our seas, please visit

Alan Campbell Macbeth Print Release

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Alan Campbell has one last print release this year and it's titled Macbeth.

Here are the Inside details on the print from Alan:" I had read Macbeth back in a high school English class and enjoyed it, Then when i was reading Haruki Murakami's 1Q84 in November 2012 the above quote was mentioned and at the time i misread it and came up with this visual which kept coming to the front of my thoughts.

The print was commissioned and facilitated by Yuck Print House in Manchester who have the majority of the copies, they are all from the same edition, and were printed by me at the Glasgow Print Studio
I'm included links where you can preview the images and download them from there ."
Alan will be releasing his copies of the print on Wednesday the 26th of November at 5pm GMT, 12pm EST, 9am PST.

on GFsmith colourplan
Edition of 30 - A3 - 11.69" x 16.53"
3 layer screen print, last layer is mono printed and thus has variations on every copy,
I've also added hand embellishments on these 5
this HTML5 Gif shows some of the variations

Variant - on Red Mirror Foil
Edition of 6 - A3, 11.69" x 16.53"
3 Available - £30 / $47

Buy them at on Wednesday

Richey Beckett Tender Abuse Print Release Details

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Richey Beckett will have one very last print release of the year: 'TENDER ABUSE' is an 18x24" screen print, artwork originally created for Converge.

A limited edition of 150 prints, with 50 variants (w/ metallic blue ink). Beautifully silk screen printed on 18"x24" 100lb Pop-tone Black Licorice French Paper.

Hand numbered, embossed and signed, this artwork will never be reprinted.

On sale WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 26th at 6pm GMT (12pm CST)

Brian Ewing Lecture at Galerie F Tuesday Night

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Brian Ewing is gonna be in Chicago at Galerie F Nov 25th at 6pm (this Tuesday) to do a public lecture and Q&A FREE to the public.

After the talk he'll be giving away a free screen print for the people who stuck around until the end. They'll probably be free booze and an opportunity to view the show if you haven't gotten your ass to it already. Bring yo checkbooks and gold bullion! Spend an evening with Brian Ewing at Galerie F

Check out the Facebook Event Page

After the recent opening of his solo exhibition SCREAM WITH ME, Brian will return to discuss his artwork process as well as stories related to the work.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Jim Mazza Eric Church & Skrillex Posters On Sale

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Jim Mazza has released 6 new posters for a bunch of recent concerts by Skrillex and Eric Church. He only has 5 of each of the Skrillex posters so you better get on them quick.

Buy them at

Christmas Story The Greatest Gift Poster by Darin Shock Release Details

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A Christmas Story is still one of my all time favorite movies and now Darin Shock has new poster for it that he is dropping on Monday. Entitled "The Greatest Gift", it's an 18x24", 3 color screen print that will be $40. He'll also have a metallic red variant for $50. 
Details from Darin on the poster:" A Christmas Story is not only the ultimate Christmas classic, I'm prepared to declare it one of my favorite films of all time. It's a simple tale with many rich layers and comedic hard truths about childhood. Although I didn't grow up in the time period, it paints such a vivid picture that it somehow seems familiar. Plus I've always been fascinated with the build up to Christmas. This film is just genuine.

Long before the 24 hour TBS explosion I made certain I watched it every year without exception. Now I watch it 4-5 times in a row in a debatably unhealthy manner. Simply put, no film is capable of making me feel like a kid more than A Christmas Story, and I like feeling like a kid...there's no mortgage or mouth sores.

This was indeed a passion project that I am quite proud of and very much enjoyed working on. The only downside is I had to design it (and therefore watch the film several times) in the midst of my ritualistic horror film binge of October...that was frickin' weird! The ShiningHalloween IIIA Christmas StoryPoltergeistDawn of the DeadA Christmas Story. Honestly I'm not sure if I've recovered from such unnatural experiences."
On Sale today at 2PM EST at

Tron Poster by DKNG Studios Galerie F Release

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For NERDY NOVEMBER Logan Theatre has screened some very classic sci-fi and video game films, alongside some love-to-hate kitsch flicks. Galerie F got lucky when DKNG Studios chose TRON as their film of choice for the month. Thirty two years Tron first graced the silver screen, and despite its box office flop, it's still making waves in the film and sound engineering industries. Galerie F are pleased to present this film poster as their second Logan Theatre release.

Designed by DKNG Studios
Printed by FugScreens Studios
Edition of 125
$45 plus shipping

ON SALE MONDAY November 24 2014 AT 2PM CST over at

Mear One Freedom For Humanity Print Release Details

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Mear One has an incredible 14 color screen print titled Freedom for Humanity being released through 1xRUN this week in two color ways, regular and chrome.

"This piece 'Freedom For Humanity' is a symbol of the attitude we should be taking when it comes to our rights as human beings. It’s a play on George Orwell’s 'Newspeak' from his novel 1984 where he combines and condenses words to create a new language. Language is so important for understanding what it means to truly be free, yet it is constantly being eroded, redefined, and replaced to suit the corporations and superficial consumer pop-culture trends for profit.

People need translation out of our current language based on greed towards a more meaningful and insightful existence, using language based on our humanity, sharing, and cooperation. I want to inspire critical thought on the implementation of 'Newspeak' in our current Orwellian, media-blitzed reality." - Mear One
On Sale Tuesday November 25 at NOON EST at

Jeff Soto Eddie Vedder 50th Birthday Poster Sale

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In honor of Eddie Vedder's 50th birthday in one month, we're now running a very special promo code at to help his fans collect posters they still need. Use the code EV50 to receive 50% OFF any Eddie Vedder posters they have remaining in stock! This promo runs until Dec. 23. Some of the posters are almost gone so hurry while supplies last!

Squadt Ferg & Brandt Peters Terror Boys Gohstbat Yeti Wizrd Western Figure Release

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Screaming down from the mountain top comes the newest Squadt figure from the minds of Brandt Peters & Ferg. Terror Boys Gohstbat Yeti Wizrd Western Figure has been unleashed upon the world.

This killer figure includes-6" vinyl, ABS, fur and cloth.
HT lenses, 2.1 and classic arms, claw hands, jeweled sword cane and a removable helmet.

Buy it now at

Kevin Tong Batman The Dark Knight Posters Artist Edition Release Details

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Keving Tong's posters from Mondo’s official BATMAN 75th Anniversary Art show will be up for sale from his online store at a random time on 11/24/14.

The prints are available individually and as sets with matching numbers. All prints are screen prints with metallic inks and are all signed and numbered.

The sets will be released first at a random time on 11/24/14 and the individual prints will all be released at once shortly after. All sets include a bonus unreleased print in addition to the four prints. Check out the pictures above for the prices for the individual and set prices for regular and variant Batman prints.