Monday, August 30, 2010

New 80’s Ukiyo-e print by Jacob Borshard- Monster Attack!

1. Black Sky Wheat Paper Edition of 30
Black sky fades to deep brown with an orange fire glow over the horizon.
Irridescent white snow and a rich wheat colored heavyweight paper finish off
this gentle giant.
18 X 24″
2. Olive Sky Japanese Unryu Paper Edition of 20
Fine Japanese Unryu paper includes long kozo fibers that interact with the ink layer. Mottling and texture will vary widely from print to print, as every
sheet is unique.
Metallic silvery sky fades to a gorgeous olivine green. Light ink lines recede
to let the bold design speak for itself in this special connoisseur’s print.
18 X 24″

It’s been a while since Nakatomi had a new release by Jacob Borshard- he got married, bought a house, and fought the lava-beasts at the center of the Earth. Oh, and released a split single over seas.

So, they’re glad to present his newest print in the 80’s Ukiyo-e series-

The Seven Stages of Winter
Stage 7: Monster Attack

This three color artist-pulled screenprint from Jacob Borshard’s 80s Ukiyoe series is a heartfelt homage to the cuddliest beast ever to terrorize feudal

The phonetic katakana script reads:

My Pettu Monusuta
Laid waste
To our village
Everybody died
In the snow
Or in his mouth

This initial offering is available in two different editions.(Please keep in mind the Rice Paper Destro prints sold out the same day of it’s release- this is also sure to go fast, as it’s half the price!)

Both prints are available now in the Jacob Borshard section of the Nakatomi store HERE. Scroll down to see how you may get a free print if you order this also.

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