Thursday, August 6, 2020

Daredevil #16 1966) & The Incredible Hulk #340 1988 Print Release

Greetings friends! Don't you love it when Marvel pits two heroes against one another? So does Grey Matter Art! Not only have these classic hero skirmishes gone on to become timeless stories, but have also given fans some the most iconic cover art from their respective ages. So with this, GMA decided to take two very classic Marvel covers that featured hero dust-ups and releases them as limited edition fine art prints!

First, we enter the Silver Age and see Daredevil and Spider-Man having it out from the classic comic issue, Daredevil #16, (1966) with story by Stan Lee and cover art by John Romita and Frank Giacoia.

Round 2! We're leaping into the Modern Age and featuring maybe the best of the classic Marvel hero rivalries with The Incredible Hulk #340 (1988)! There has been a long-standing game of fisticuffs between Hulk and Wolverine and this cover by Todd McFarlane and Bob Wiacek depicts that quite perfectly, with a raging Hulk reflecting off Wolverine's adamantium claws!

Both prints are Fine Art Giclees measuring 16" x 24" inches and printed on acid-free paper with archival inks! They both also have an edition of 100

Daredevil #16 (1966) & The Incredible Hulk #340 (1988) Go On-Sale Thursday August 6 1 PM EDT. in the GMA Shop!

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