Thursday, October 1, 2020

Zeb Love Heaven Hill & Hi-Fi Art Prints



Hope you're enjoying the first few days of Autumn. Zeb Love spent them in the print shop making these posters. With all the gigposter work on pause for the foreseeable certainly has made his work slow down to a trickle. But he has been staying busy, being able to make these art prints really helps keep the lights on. He is also been enjoying using oil paints.

Heaven Hill
18x24" - 5 Color Silkscreen - 2nd Edition of 82 - Signed/Numbered

"Original artwork I made for an Avett Brothers Bend Oregon show in 2019. I created an identical art print of that poster for an art show in CA, but only a small edition of I think 18? This is a little different, I flipped the canvas so the banjo player is now a right handed player. The colors are also slightly different."-Z

18x24” - 4 Color Silkscreen with metallic gold - 3rd edition of 83 

"With this edition a split fountain of two blues were added for the sky/border. Also the artwork on the record sleeve was changed to the snake/apple emblem. That emblem was also used in Serigraphy Volume 3 as well as some of the last batches of notebooks made."-Z

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