Monday, January 25, 2021

Malleus Selkie Art Print

This is Selkie, the brand new art print Malleus just finished printing at the Malleusdelic headquarters in Italy. 

It’s a 10 color handpulled silkscreen on black paper, with a lot of metallic and shimmering inks.

It’s a limited edition of 70 copies only and it’s dedicated to Selkie, mythological creature that is able to change from seal to human form by shedding its skin. Selkie comes from folk-tales from the Northern Isles of Scotland, revolving around these mythological creature being coerced into relationships with humans after they steal and hid their sealskin.
Once they found their skin, Selkies go back to the sea, their coveted world

Some years ago Malleus desgned the original artwork for the label of a whisky for the House of MacDuff , a small family distillery based in Renfrew, Scotland.

Available now in the Malleus Store.

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