Thursday, March 11, 2021

Iannocent Kingdom of Ocean Print Release


PangeaSeed Foundation is pleased to announce the latest fine art print release for their educational print program, Printed Oceans. Featuring original artwork by supporting ARTivist Iannocent (Indonesia). "Kingdom of Ocean" is a limited art print edition highlighting the majesty of the ocean and threatened life that lives within it. The human connection to the ocean is undeniable and our fates intertwined.

Artist: Iannocent (Indonesia)
Title: "Kingdom of Ocean"
Dimensions: 24x18 inches
Paper: Printed on Canson Aquarelle 310gsm paper
Details: Numbered edition of 50 prints with hand-deckled edges
Price: $100 USD

Release date: Thursday, March 11 at 12pm PST via

Artist statement:

"The ocean covers 70% of the planet. Supplying every second breath we take, the oceans are the life support system of the planet so we need to maintain the health and balance of the seas. As citizens of Planet Earth, it is our responsibility to take care of vulnerable marine habitats as if our lives depend on it because, in the end, they do.

We especially need to focus our energies on restoring and protecting threatened marine habitat that has been exploited by human greed. If we lose these important ecosystems then the Earth will suffer and future generations will never be able to know how beautiful the ocean and its inhabitants are. Imagine relying on photographs and artwork such as this art print to teach future generations what the oceans once looked like?

I hope someday, sooner than later, people the world over will realize how important the oceans are, and together we can try to repair what has been destroyed, polluted, and lost. Together, we can make the Earth beautiful again." - Iannocent

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