Wednesday, July 31, 2013

White Stripes Rob Jones 2007 Set of Posters Release Date

For 6 long years White Stripes and Jack White fans have waited for this day. Rob Jones is finally officially selling the 2007 White Stripes posters sets next Thursday, August 8th at 10 AM Central Time.

The White Stripes 2007 set contains 33 posters including ones for the 10th anniversary Glace Bay show and sadly their last live show in Southaven. All sets will come with some sort of surprise. Maybe just a handbill, maybe a lot of handbills, maybe an uncut sheet of UGWNL prints, maybe an inked drawing of the Tin Man crying himself rusty, or maybe something else entirely...maybe.

Sets are shipped as follows:

18 posters (20X26" and under) shipped in flat pack per normal.
11 posters (13X36" and under, the long thin ones) shipped in a flat pack.
4 posters (24X36" and under, although Nashville is slightly larger) shipped in a tube.

Sets are $1333 plus shipping. Shipping costs for domestic customers are $60. International rates are listed on Rob's site.

As one more caveat Rob will email set buyers on a first come first serve basis after purchase and offer an opportunity to buy a metal 10th Anniversary Glace Bay print at a special set holder price, it will be $500. If any of these are left over afterwards, then he'll put them up for sale by themselves for $750.

Get your White Stripes posters next Thursday at

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