Friday, December 10, 2010

100 FREE "WINTER STALKER" Prints To Give Away!! Plus 3 New Shirts! From Alex Pardee

Alex Pardee is giving away free stuff:

That's correct. After the great response and support we got with the Brown Thursday sale, we couldn't stop there! All of your continued support means that we can continue to release new apparel and prints that give you superpowers in a regular manner and do fun things like KEEP GIVING YOU MORE FREE STUFF THAT NO ONE ELSE WILL EVER GIVE YOU EVER. Kinda like herpes, but for your chest and walls, and in a less awkward but more colorful way

So here is the latest info for our final holiday sale: We have THREE BRAND NEW T-SHIRTS (see below) that I designed now up for sale just in time for Christmas-giving (within the U.S, at least. Outside of the U.S. I can't promise but it's possible:)
With the purchase of ONE or more of ANY OF THESE THREE SPECIFIC SHIRTS (promotion only good with THESE 3 shirts, no exceptions), you will receive a FREE "Winter Stalker" Monster print with your order.
While supplies last, starting NOW. We have 100 Winter Stalker prints to give away for this promotion, so get your order onnnnnnnnn right this second ONLY here at the ZEROFRIENDS ONLINE STORE

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