Thursday, December 2, 2010

Directors Series of Poster with Guillermo del Toro from Mondo Tees Launches with Blade 2 Movie Poster by Mike Sutfin & Hellboy 2 Movie Poster Preview

Mondo Tees has launched their Directors Series of Posters by working with Guillermo del Toro on Blade 2 and Hellboy 2 movie posters. The “Director’s Series” line that will commemorate the work of specific filmmakers, with Del Toro the first artist to be given the treatment.

Mike Sutfin created the Blade 2 poster and it goes on sale today at at a random time. It is a 24"x36" screen print on silver metallic paper. Signed and Numbered by the artist. Printed by Monolith. Edition of 175. The variant is 24"x36" screen print. Signed and Numbered by the artist. Printed by Monolith. Edition of 75.

Ken Taylor did the Hellboy 2 poster and it will be on sale later this month.

The posters were designed with input from the man himself. “We’ve had a relationship with Guillermo for a while,” says Alamo Drafthouse CEO Tim League. “He lived here after he made Cronos and became a fixture, if you will, at the theater. Justin Ishmael, the head of Mondo, pitched him on the idea. Guillermo decided to not just approve the series but also serve as the point for approving the actual design. He’s said, ‘Yes, I like that,’ or ‘No, that doesn’t look too much like Ron Perlman,’ or whatever.”

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