Monday, December 6, 2010

“Gods of the South Seas” Tiki print! by Jacob Borshard on sale

Jacob Borshard presents one hundred and eighty small Polynesian Gods in a mind-boggling screen print that pushes the known limits of fitting a whole boatload of Gods onto a single sheet of paper.

‘Being a portable depiction of the various Idols catalogued by Sir Beebort York aboard the H.M.S. Terrier, helmed by the esteemed Captain George Blueberry, upon his recent explorations of the last unseen waters of the far South Seas. Engraved by J. Shardsley for the Encyclopaedia Novus Plumbeus, 1790. Additional copies available for two penny apiece from Gooseberry Bros. Ltd., London.’

Much more than simply a scribbling of imaginary deities, this print is in fact a meticulous catalogue of every single Tiki depicted in the famed 1946 Metropolitan Museum of Art book ‘Arts of the South Seas’ (also known as the ‘Tiki Bible’). Jacob went from cover to cover and painstakingly reinterpreted every single image from in the book. The results are presented here in (roughly) chronological order. He did it because he is insane. But the print is gorgeous!

Edition of 40 three color artist-pulled signed and numbered prints. Measures 18″ by 30″

Available for purchase HERE.

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