Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Aaron Wolf A Delicate Balance 8 Print Set

Aaron Wolf has drawn what feels like to him millions of bricks and stones, thousands of trees, and hundreds of buildings, fortresses, and spires to him. I mean look at these prints every bit of it is hand drawn, it's crazy how much work he put into these. What started as a doodle, a fragment of an idea in the middle of a large piece of paper is now a collection of 8 prints. These are high quality 9 x 12 inch giclee prints for $100 including shipping, which are available in the STORE of

If you would like fewer prints then the whole set you can email Aaron with the numbers of the prints you want. There is a declining scale as to how much the prints cost:

1 or 2: $20 each
3 – 4: $15 each
5 – 7: $12.50 each

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