Friday, August 18, 2017

311 Chuck Sperry San Jose Print Release

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Chuck Sperry did the poster for 311's concert in San Jose Wednesday night and now you will have a chance to get one.

311, New Politics, San Jose Civic
Edition of 211 Signed & Numbered
21 x 31 6 colors on cream paper

Chuck will be making a very limited online release of his artist edition posters on Sunday, September 3, 2017 at a random time at

Chris Garofalo Crimson Ghost Poster Release from Grey Matter Art

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Grey Matter Art is proud to present a new limited edition screen printed poster for the classic crime serial, "The Crimson Ghost," by the very talented artist, Chris Garofalo. GMA are so incredibly pleased to release "The Crimson Ghost" as an exclusive poster at the Monster-Mania convention, running from August 18-20th, in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Any remaining copies will go on sale Monday, August 21st at 1PM EDT.

The Crimson Ghost by Chris Garofalo
9" x 24" hand-numbered & signed screen print - $30
Edition of 70
Printed by Fugscreen Studios

The Crimson Ghost will be released on Monday, August 21st at 1PM EDT. at

Kai and Sunny x Shepard Fairey Prints Release From Subliminal Projects

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The founder of Subliminal Projects Shepard Fairey and UK-based artist duo Kai and Sunny are releasing two collaborative prints this Saturday, August 19 at the opening reception of Crossed Wave! Doors open at 8pm. To attend, email

Kai and Sunny x Shepard Fairey (Red). 22.5 x 22.5 inches. Hand pulled 7 color screen print on 100% cotton Somerset satin paper with the bottom edge hand-deckled. Signed by Kai and Sunny and Shepard Fairey. Numbered edition of 200. $250.

Kai and Sunny x Shepard Fairey (Yellow). 22.5 x 22.5 inches. Hand pulled 7 color screen print on 100% cotton Somerset satin paper with the bottom edge hand-deckled. Signed by Kai and Sunny & Shepard Fairey. Numbered edition of 200. $250.

Available Saturday, August 19 at 8PM (PDT) at Subliminal Projects (in-store only) and Tuesday, August 22 at 10AM (PDT) on

Andrew Schoultz And PangeaSeed Seahorse Life Vessel Print

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PangeaSeed is pleased to announce the latest print of the ongoing Sea of Change: The Year of Living Dangerously - Vol. 3 print suite by guest artist Andrew Schoultz (USA). The highlighted species of this edition is the Seahorse (Hippocampus).

Artists: Andrew Schoultz
Title: “Seahorse Life Vessel”
Species: Sea Horse
Price: $200 plus shipping
Dimensions: 33x22 inches
Edition size: 50 hand-embellished fine art giclee prints with hand deckle edges. Each comes with its own unique certificate of authenticity created by the artist.

On sale now at

Artist statement:
The mission of PangeaSeed Foundation is very much in line with my ethos. The mission is very much related socially and politically with what my work has been about for the better part of the last 15 years. The environment, global warming, overconsumption, and the degradation of our oceans and waters have been a huge undertone to much of the work I have made during this time period.

It is the utmost importance and I believe there is a huge urgency to be active in addressing and dealing with these issues right now. As they are the most important environmental issues of our time. It has reached an unprecedented stage, we're at 11:59 pm, and if we do not act now, it soon will be too late. So generally speaking it was not a far reach to come up with an image that resonates and relates very clearly to this mission. The horse has been an image that I have used for many years, and so it made perfect sense to choose the Seahorse as the central figure in my piece.

I hope this artwork help people to realize the critical connection we have to the oceans because our lives depend on the oceans for survival much like the "Seahorse Life Vessel" depicted in the artwork. Supplying 70% of the oxygen we breathe, regulating climate and weather, and feeding over 3 billion people on our grossly overpopulated planet, we can't take our oceans for granted. We must work together, support organizations like PangeaSeed Foundation, and together help save our seas.

Jay Ryan In The Morning Print

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Jay Ryan has released a print titled In The Morning and according to him it was the most liked image he ever put on Instagram. It's 16 by 20 inches. Five screens on white cover stock. Signed and numbered edition of 270.

Buy it at

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Metallica Ames Edmonton Print Release

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Metallica wrapped up the North American leg of their WorldWired tour last night in Edmonton, Alberta and Ames Bros paid tribute to the Great One with the poster for the show.

Artist editions and variants will be on sale Thursday at 10am PDT at

James Flames 311 Salt Lake City Poster Release

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James Flames says "It's always so much fun to work with 311." Here is his newest poster from their recent Salt Lake City show.

This illustration features the Spaceman Skeleton, Commander Bones, whose journey has led him both inward and outward.

Here in this scene, he’s emerged from the tunnel of truth and has opened the doors of perception. His eyes are open to all the dimensions surrounding him, swirling all around. Time ceases to be a constriction, as all the phases of the moon exist simultaneously around him. He’s shed his suit, which he no longer needs, except for the deep connection he holds to the tunnel of truth within this Red Planet. Because here in this strange Red land full of pyramids are the answers to which he's been seeking.

He sits at peace and takes it all in, and as he connects to the vibrations around him, he recognizes the sounds of the vibrations. It’s the sounds of 311.

Along with the regular edition poster that was sold at the show, James will also have two variant editions in very small editions: the "3-D Bubbles" Foil Variant, and the "Kaleidoscope" HoloFoil Variant. Both of the foil variant editions were printed with Black Light Inks to give it that extra special touch!

Everything will be on sale Thursday, August 17th at 12noon Eastern at

Dan May Connected Prints On Wood Second Release

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"Connected" by Dan May
Second row of images in this three part release includes a set of three 6 x 6 in. (15.24 x 15.24 cm)

Fine art wood prints on 1/2" sustainable birch wood, bright white finish
Limited edition timed release ending Thursday, August 24th
Hand signed and numbered fine art wood canvas prints.

The complete set includes 9 prints, each set of three prints will be released separately as detailed below:

First row of three prints releases on Monday, July 17th.
Middle row of three prints releases on Thursday, August 17th.
Third row of three prints releases on Sunday, September 17th.

Link to the print below:

Fugscreens Studios Dee Snider and Premier League Jersey Prints Release

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All Star Press have a couple of new releases happening on Thursday.

Fugscreens Studios
8 color Screen print measuring 18x24 inches
Edition of #150
Printed on cougar natural 100lb cover paper

Also available as an art print.

Releasing August 16 at 2PM CDT. Available as Full- Color Art Print.

Best 11 Premier League Jerseys.
Finally. it's here. the 2017 English Premier League season has kicked off and All Star Press is predicting this year's best team. With a strong core at the back lead by captain Alderweireld, their team is midfield heavy with strength in the middle and speed on the flanks. Up top this year's blockbuster move Lukaku leads the strike-force along with 2 time golden boot winner Harry Kane.

Available August 16th at 2PM CDT at all 11 prints will be available in small select editions of  40.

Link to Jersey Collection:

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Sean Cliver Heart & Skull Art Print And Skake Deck

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Sean Cliver once again has a rad release with Paisley Skates which includes a new skate deck and print titled Heart & Skull.

The print is designed by Sean of course
Signed and numbered edition of 75.
It is a 7-Color hand-pulled screen print on Coventry Rag Vellum 320gsm white stock with a torn deckle edge.
Size: 10” x 30"

The Skateboard deck is Screen-Printed
Dimensions: 8 7/8” x 32 3/4”
Nose: 7” • Tail: 6 1/2” • WB: 15”

Buy them at

Alan Campbell Cancer Ward Art Print Release

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Alan Campbell just released a new screenprint based on the novel Cancer Ward by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn which won the noble prize for literature in 1970. Alan read the novel about 8 years ago and now just felt like the right time to make a print based on it.

It's set during Russia's recovery from the purges of the Stalin era, in a cancer ward; Detailing the treatments, and stories of the different patents, its masterfully layered.

Cancer ward
18"x24" - 5 color screenprint, with hand embellishments on Gfsmith colourplan 275gsm
Signed & Numbered edition of 45
£40 / $52

On sale now at

Dave Perillo Year Without A Santa Clause Poster Release From Dark Hall Mansion

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Dark Hall Mansion is dropping a little snowy Christmas fun into your Summer along with bringing the heat with our latest limited edition officially licensed fine art print created by leading contemporary artist Dave Perillo in partnership with Warner Bros. Consumer Products, THE YEAR WITHOUT A SANTA CLAUS.

Dark Hall Mansion's limited edition THE YEAR WITHOUT A SANTA CLAUS fine art prints are hand numbered giclee prints with (2) separate Snow Miser and Heat Miser prints measuring 12" x 12" sold as a paired set or the select single print 12" x 24" Banner edition.

All prints will be available Thursday, August 17th, at 12:30 PM PDT exclusively via DHM's dedicated store page here

12" x 12" SET of BOTH: Snow Miser + Heat Miser prints
Standard Edition Set of 280 $65 (for BOTH prints shipped together)

12" x 12" SET of BOTH: Snow Miser + Heat Miser prints
Variant colorway Edition Set of 50 $85 (for BOTH prints shipped together)

12" x 24" Banner Edition of 50 $75

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Florey Spider-Man Vs. Vulture Poster By Grey Matter Art

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Grey Matter Art under license from Marvel, is proud to present a new officially licensed, limited edition screen printed poster for the classic comic characters, Spider-Man and Vulture, by the very talented artist, Florey. GMA are very excited to be continuing the Marvel Universe series with Florey.

Spider-Man Vs. Vulture by Florey
18" x 24" hand-numbered screen print - $40
Edition of 150
Printed by Lady Lazarus

Spider-Man Vs. Vulture by Florey will be released on Thursday, August 17th at 1PM EDT at

Metallica Emek Seattle Print Release

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It's crazy to think as long as Emek's been doing poster this is his first one for Metallica.

Emek comments on his work:
 Back in high school, I always wanted to do a big, evil, wacky, old-skool flyer for Metallica. I finally got my chance... 4 band members on his shoulders like little demons whispering, and 4 skulls surround the one eye (which could be you the viewer, or the band’s singular vision for keeping the band rocking’ all of these 36 years.) On the monster’s old-skool denim and leather jacket are pins symbolizing their albums and tours over the years…
Only 60 were made as silkscreens, and only these are signed, numbered, embossed and doodled.

Created for the August 9th show in Seattle. Posters purchased at the show are not silkscreens and not signed or numbered.

Limited Edition of 60 Silkscreen prints on Pearl Paper
SIZE: 18” x 24”
PRICE: $150 + shipping

On sale Thursday at The BUY NOW buttons will appear sometime between 12:00pm and 12:30pm PT on Thursday Aug. 17th
When the sale is complete he will replace the BUY BUTTONS with SOLD-OUT and then the butt-hurt will set in.

Metallica Ames Bros Vancouver Poster Release

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With only one date on their North American tour left (Wednesday in Edmonton)  Metallica headed north of the boarder last night to Vancouver and Ames Bros did the poster for the show.

Their artist editions and variants will be on sale Tuesday at 1pm EDT at

James Eads Jerry Garcia Red Rocks And Alabama Shakes Posters Release

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James Eads will be releasing his recent posters for both Jerry Garcia and Alabama Shakes Tuesday in his shop.

Each print is a small AP edition and will be available Tuesday, August 15th at 3PM Pacific Time.

"Cats at the Rocks Under the Stars" is an 18" x 24" 5 color screenprint on white paper for the Jerry Garcia 75th Birthday Concert at Red Rocks. Prints are hand signed and numbered in a limited AP edition of 50.

"This is That Feeling" is an 18" x 24" 5 color screenprint on rainbow foil paper for the Alabama Shakes show at the Palace Theatre in Albany. Prints are hand signed and numbered in a limited AP edition of 36.

There will be an art print version of the Alabama Shakes poster available at a later date, there will not be an art print of the Jerry Garcia poster.

Head over to when the time is right.

Gregg Gordon James Taylor Bonnie Raitt 2017 Stadium Tour Posters Release

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GIGART had the honor of creating all the Stadium show posters for James Taylor and Bonnie Raitt on their 2017 Summer Tour.

Fenway Park - Boston
AT&T Park - San Francisco
Wrigley Field - Chicago
Nationals Park - Washington DC.

Gregg Gordon will have some artist copies available of each. There will be a deal if you were interested in the full set of 4.

On Sale Tuesday, Aug. 15, 2017 - 11am Pacific Time Available Here: STORE.GIGART.COM

Monday, August 14, 2017

Justin Hampton Mystery Tube Sale and Lost Highway Project Print Release

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It’s been about a year since Justin Hampton's last Mystery tube, scratch and dent sale and it was such a big hit he thought he'd give it another it’s time again! You’ll get a tube with 4 random posters and/ or art prints of his selection for $75 (plus shipping). The tube could contain any combination of posters, artist proofs, test prints and key line prints as well as handbills or stickers that are just taking up too much damn real estate in his poster vault. A few lucky ducks will get a test of his Metallica and/ or Ween Reunion posters. One print in each tube will be hand remarqued. He’ll only accept a limited number of these so act quick while it’s up for grabs!

On sale On Sale Tuesday, August 15th at Noon PST.

Justin also has an art print of a wine label that he was commissioned to create for Vine St Imports in New Jersey. Vine St highlights a different vineyard from around the world every year with their brand ‘Lost Highway Project’. He designed a previous label for them with the same wine maker from Australia in 2004 giving us a visual story telling of a woman making her way on the ‘Lost Highway’. Since they were getting the ‘band back together’ Justin thought it would be fun to show a glimpse of they beloved girl further down the highway on her new adventures. Justin poured a ton of work into this piece and is very pleased with the result.

This is a very ambitious print and my first 12 color screen print. This is lush poster is available in a very limited edition of only 30 artist proofs. This piece was printed on 100 lb museum quality paper stock and measures a 28″x28″. $50

 There will be a lava foil variant with an edtion of only 10 as well

On sale On Sale Tuesday, August 15th at Noon PST. at

2015 Lost Highway Project with Bindi Pinot Noir – Macedon Ranges Australia.
You can order your this rich & delicious wine by contacting the president of Vine St Imports, Ronnie Sanders, to find a local wine store that carries it near you. This is a very limited run of only 600 bottles created.

You can also read more about the wine and the story behind it's creation & our collaboration here

Ames Bros Metallica San Francisco Poster Release

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Metallica played at the Outside Lands Festival in San Francisco Saturday and Ames Bros did the poster for their appearance. Show poster had a numbered edition of 300

Artist edition and variants will go on sale Monday at 1pm EDT at

Friday, August 11, 2017

Brandon Heart blink 182 Chicago Posters Artist Edition Release

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Brandon Heart Blink-182 Chicago, IL Posters will be available on Friday, August 11th at 11am Pacific - F4DSTUDIOS.COM

Posters measures 18" x 24" and are 4 color screen prints on regular and rainbow foil paper for Blink-182's August 3rd show at Metro and August 4th show at Lollapalooza in Chicago, Illinois. Edition of 50 signed/numbered regular edition posters and 50 signed/numbered rainbow foil posters by artist Brandon Heart.

A number of each regular and rainbow foil posters were held back to be sold as matching number sets. Customers that purchase the sets will receive a 20% savings as well as a FREE random bonus Brandon Heart blink-182 poster from the Fighting 4 Dreams Poster Vault !

Rodrigo Luff Psychic Undergrowth Art Print

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1xRUN have another stunning release from the LAX/DTW: Detroit Hustle II Gallery show that marked the eleventh iteration of Thinkspace Gallery's traveling group exhibitions.

For this release they have Rodrigo Luff's stunning Psychic Undergrowth print. It is an 14 x 18 Inch Archival Pigment Print on 290gsm Moab Rag Fine Art Paper with an edition of only 50.

Buy it at

Tim Doyle 512 Tacos Print Release From Sally Centigrade Gallery

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The latest in Sally Centigrade's Travel by Screen series, where a poster is made for a popular area code for each state. For the Lone Star state they knew it had to be the legendary 512, area code for Austin. The artist for this one is Tim Doyle and it's titled 512 Tacos.

Artist statement:
Bats, Cats, Grackles, and Taco Trucks is just about all we have here in Austin. I’ve been here almost 20 years now, and this pretty much sums us all up. Although these new cats, man…I don’t know how I feel about them. The new cats moving to town are all…business.”
This 18×24 5-color hand-printed silkscreen art print is signed and numbered by the artist in an edition of 200.

Available Friday August 11th at noon Mountain time at

Jermaine Rogers Primus Las Vegas Poster And Fear Print Release

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After using most of this year to focus on art prints, designer vinyl and resin figures, and upcoming projects, Jermaine finally accepted his first gigposter commission of the year...and it's a good one! Jermaine pulled out his pens and brushes for the mighty band PRIMUS.

PRIMUS Las Vegas 2017 Measuring 27x24 inches and screen printed on white gallery stock, Jermaine's new print for PRIMUS boasts 8-colors, including subtle fades and rich inks.
'Stupid little animals see enemies everywhere.' -J.R.
From a signed and numbered edition of only 75 pieces.
$60.00 plus shipping / handling

SPARKLE FOIL Edition-Measuring 27x24 inches and screen printed on holographic Sparkle Foil stock. This piece is from a signed and numbered edition of only 25 pieces.
$100.00 plus shipping / handling

FREAK Mini Art Print -This mini art print measures approx. 9x6 inches and is screen printed on rich Stardream Opal stock.
'No one really sees who I am. They don't see me. I pass right by them, and they don't even know.'
Signed by Jermaine Rogers. - $15.00 plus shipping / handling

FREAK Mini Art Print (LAVA FOIL Edition) -This mini art print measures approx. 9x6 inches and is screen printed on holographic Lava Foil stock.
Signed by Jermaine Rogers. - $20.00 plus shipping / handling

All of these will be on sale Friday August 11th, 2017at AT 3:00 PM EASTERN (12 NOON PACIFIC).

Matthew Johnson Hang Loose Let's Rip Print

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Matthew Johnson has released a new print he did for his art and clothing brand Seventh.Ink.

Title: Hang Loose, Let’s Rip!
18x24 three color screen print on 100# French Banana Split paper that comes signed.

This is an open edition print that is inspired by Matthew's love of summer, Shark Week, and having a good time. Available at for $25 (or $20 early bird price through this coming Sunday).

He also put together a time lapse video of this illustration, which you can view here:

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Miles Tsang Primus Dallas Poster Release

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Miles Tsang will be releasing his insane new poster from the recent Primus show in Dallas.

All the posters measure 18" x 24"
5-Color Screen print on French Paper (100 lb. Speckletone White)
Artist Edition of #/60
Glows in the dark

5-Color Screen print on French Paper (100 lb. Speckletone White)
Electric Grapevine Blue Edition (Cool Colorway) of #/65
Glows in the dark

5-Color Screen print on French Paper (80 lb. Speckletone Cream)
Frizzle Fry Orange Edition (Warm Colorway) of #/65
Glows in the dark

All posters Screen-printed, numbered, and signed by Miles Tsang. Commissioned by Primus for their 2017 Summer Poster Series with Clutch.

These posters will go on sale at 12 PM Eastern on Thursday, August 10th, 2017 at