Monday, December 11, 2017

Aren Vandenburgh Fantastic Mr Fox Poster Release By Galerie F

Galerie F have got a really fun poster for our holiday edition of releases at The Logan Theatre.

TITLE: Fantastic Mr Fox
ARTIST: Aren Vandenburgh
SIZE: 18"x24"
MEDIUM: Three color screen print on Yellow Lemon Drop Pop-Tone French Paper
EDITION: 50 w. digital signature, hand numbered
PRINTER: ARGhrist Prints
PRICE: $35

VIP RELEASE: The Logan Theatre on Tuesday, December 12th @ 9PM CST
ONLINE RELEASE: on Thursday, December 14th @ 2PM CST

"Hello! I'm Aren Vandenburgh, a multi-faceted creative type who lives in Eugene, Oregon. I spend my days fiddling with mobile apps in an office building and in the evenings I make pictures of critters, little houses, and the moon.

In my youth I was taken to see Wes Anderson's Bottle Rocket in the theater and it had a big impact on me. Ever since, I've been inspired by Wes' dense, immersive, imagined worlds, and so I lunged at the chance to work on a poster for Fantastic Mr. Fox, with it's warm color palette and pleasant excess of small animals."

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