Thursday, December 14, 2017

David Welker Hat Trick Of Art Prints Release

Those of you that like hockey knew immediately what I was talking about. Yes, 3 new David Welker prints are dropping on Thursday.

David’s three newest art prints are wildly detailed demonstrations of his mastery with intricate line work. Talking Tree, Way Station, and Tears of a Bone are a set that I'm sure any and all Welker fans will enjoy!

Talking Tree is a 14x16" screen print with heavy, stinky, uv inks. The edition is 150 prints  for $75

Way Station is a 14x11" hand deckled giclee in an edition of 100 prints. $115

Tears of a Bone is a deep impression letterpress on 600 pound Cranes Lettra paper. In an edition of 100 prints and $100.

All of these prints will go on sale at 12 NOON EST at

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