Saturday, January 31, 2009

New items have been added to the store check it out

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Emek MARSians and Peacock puzzles have been added. As well as some new posters. Tyler Stouts Kukuweaq 2 poster will be added soon. Malleus Fantomas poster has been added also. Some new items on ebay also

USA Network Character Approved Awards Shepard Fairey video

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Shepard is everywhere these days. This video profile is for USA Network’s first ever “Character Approved Awards” which honor “individuals from a cross-section of creative disciplines who are positively influencing American culture”. This video was made by Henry Alex Rubin (the guy that directed Murderball), and might be the best quality Shepard Fairey interview you have seen.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Preview: World on Fire “Grammy” Show art work paintings

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Trent Reznor (NIN) by Travis Louie

Angus Young (AC/DC) by Shawn Barber

Madonna by Lori Earley

Art and music have always been intertwined. Whether it be Jay-Z including one of Murakami’s paintings in his music video “Blue Magic,” KAWS collaborating on an album cover with Kayne West, Good Charlotte’s Joel Madden collecting Luke Chueh paintings, or Dave Cooper creating a music video for Danko Jones, the examples seem endless.

One of these intersects will open next week with the “World on Fire” show at the Pacific Electric Lofts in LA where many well-known artists in the Low Brow and/or Contemporary Art genre were asked to paint portraits of even more famous music stars. In honor of the Grammy Awards opening on Feb. 8th, the show was curated by Kris Lewis, Justin Giarla (Shooting Gallery) and sponsored by with the auctioned off works as well as prints benefiting the Pea Pod Foundation.

Members of the Los Angeles graffiti crew MTA busted.


The LA Times has an update on the “tagging” arrests that people started talking about this morning:

Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies today arrested at least eight alleged members of the notorious Metro Transit Assassins tagging crew, some of whom are believed to be responsible for a several-blocks-long “MTA” tag in the concrete Los Angeles River bed that authorities say will cost millions of dollars to remove.

The arrests occurred during a series of early-morning raids centered in the Hollywood area. Among those detained for a parole violations is a famous tagger whose work “SMEAR” has has won acclaim in the art community.

Those arrested were booked on suspicion of vandalism, drug possession, narcotics for sales, weapons possession and other parole violations, officials said

“These individuals are responsible for tags not only in Los Angeles but Las Vegas and San Francisco,” said Sheriff’s Cmdr. Dan Finkelstein, who is chief of the Metropolitan Transit Authority police. “The Army Corps of Engineers estimates that removing the “MTA” tag from the riverbed alone will cost $3.7 million."

Cleaning graffiti from the river is far more expensive than cleaning other areas. Officials use high-pressure water spray to remove the toxic paint.

But hazardous-materials crews must then dam and capture all the paint and water runoff to prevent it from getting into the river. The crew did an additional $20,000 worth of damage to transit vehicles and facilities. Finkelstein said the Los Angeles River “MTA” tag, in a vast industrial district east of downtown between two rail yards, took about 400 gallons of paint — 300 gallons white and 100 gallons black. “It took them four nights to do it,” he said.

The three block letters cover a three-story-high wall and run the length of several blocks between the 4th Street and 1st Street bridges. The tagging crew, which is also known as “Melting Toys Away” and “Must Take All,” began about the time the transportation agency began using the MTA letters. Investigators say they have statements, including some on video, that implicate some of the crew members in the enormous tag.

To grasp how HUGE this tag is, watch this video.

Our thoughts go out to these guys. Let's hope they don't throw the book at them too hard. They should just leave it, it's like free advertising for the Transit Authority.

End of the Week Reward Lisa Dergan

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The snow wont stop coming down. So to keep things hot I give you Lisa Dergen. And since its the Super Bowl this weekend I figured one more hot sportscaster babe. Good luck to the Arizona Cardinals and Kurt Warner !!!!

Lisa Dergan is as hot as sportscasters get. There are none hotter, or more willing to take it all off for her fans. Getting a break in 2001, Lisa was hired for a weekend sports show on L.A.’s KCBS. She then joined FOX Sports in 2002, gaining notable interviews with everyone from Tiger Woods to John Elway. But more importantly, she’s a former St. Pauli Girl, was Playboy’s Playmate of the Month for July ‘98, and she’s been in special editions of the magazine six times. Beat that!

Bear of the Dead Art Print by Ernesto Yerena and Philip John Lumbang new Studio One release.

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Jetset Graffiti just released this cool new art print by two Studio Number One designers, Ernesto Yerena and Philip John Lumbang. “Bear of the Dead” is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 40, and is $60. To purchase, shoot them an email, or give them a call at (702) 813-4006. For more info, visit

For sale now, only 30 prints available

Print Mafia Cinema Series Terminator I'll Be Back print sale info

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Another cool art print by Print Mafia with Arnold Schwarzenegger's Terminator, "I'll Be Back"

Size (dimensions): 13 x 20
Year: 2009
Paper: 100lb. Cougar Heavy Stock
Number Of Colors: 3
Number In Edition: 80


Head over to to get one

MINDstyle's Hazel Minis by Kathie Olivas in Silver, Red & Blue

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Collectors have made MINDstyle's Scavengers mini-fig series (1 & 2) by Kathie Olivas one of the hottest in recent memory. Perhaps the hottest of all is the Two-Faced hazel. The original black chase from S1 is in high-demand and currently commands prices north of $150 if you're lucky enough to find one.

To add even more excitement to the hunt, MINDstyle and Kathie Olivas have recently dropped three special Hazel minis -- silver, blue and red. Each edition is available through its own way. The Silver Hazel Mini edition will be available exclusively from Kathie via as part of a special Book set.

The Red Hazel Mini is a friends and family edition, given out to celebrate Chinese New Year and is not for sale (NFS). "It's our way to say thanks to fans and friends who have made the MINDstyle's Scavengers mini figures series a huge success," stated Emi Uchiki (MINDstyle's Relations Manager). " The Red Hazel will also be available to Art Toy Society (ats) members with renewal and to all new members. If you would like to join the ATS, please email info[at]mindstyle[dot]com. Finally, we're pleased to reveal as a special bonus and thank you, the Red Mini Hazels will be randomly packed-in with the 9" Two-Faced Hazel FDR figures which were sold through Vinyl Pulse Exclusives and will be shipping shortly.

The Blue Hazel Mini is available as randomly packed-in chase figures (1 in four) with both the Asian and European editions of the 9" Two-Faced Hazels. So that's two opportunities to score the Blue Hazel mini for free (no additional cost). The Asian edition is currently available from retailers in Asia. The European edition will be released through select MINDstyle EU retailers in late spring and later online through Cardboard Spaceship.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Jay Ryan’s New Andrew Bird Poster Available Now

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Jay Ryan’s newest Andrew Bird poster,

andrew bird / carnegie hall
with dosh
carnegie hall, new york, 01/28/09
approximately 20 x 26 inches, printed on french cover
five screens used
edition of 500, signed

'the giant of illinois' is a song by the handsome family, which andrew has been covering, and requested as a theme for the print.

Head over to

Bask - "Change We Need" Barack Obama Art Print sale info

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On Sale now at Outer Edge Studio

Edition Size: 100
Paper Size: 24" x 14"
Image Size: 20" x 10.25"

One of the best Obama works of art yet get one before they are gone.

I’m Lacerta Rex rgis, I’m Dead Art Print by Todd Slater on sale Info

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This new Todd Slater art print is simply amazing. “I’m Lacerta Rex rgis, I’m Dead” is a 17″ x 24″ screenprint with two metallic inks, has an edition of 100, and will be $50. These come out on Friday, January 30th at 2pm CST. Visit There will also be a tiny edition of 30 printed on black velvet. The price on those will be $150.

Roughly translated the title is Latin for lizard king god.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


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The cross-cultural collaboration of N.A.S.A.’s debut album The Spirit of Apollo (Feb 17, 2009 on Anti-) has been passionately carried over to the album artwork. Each album will contain artwork for five interchangeable covers by popular artists from varied backgrounds and cultures.

The artists who contributed covers include:

Shepard Fairey. Los Angeles-based artist and graphic designer Shepard Fairey recently gained international prominence through his iconic imagery of Barack Obama (which subsequently graced the cover of TIME Magazine). Fairey’s cover utilizes his distinctive graphic style to address the themes of money, capitalism, war and various other upbeat global issues of the day.

Sage Vaughn. Los Angeles-based artist Sage Vaughn started out as a graffiti artist and has become one of the most respected painters in the contemporary art scene in
Los Angeles. Vaughn’s collage for the cover of The Spirit of Apollo deftly incorporates a disco ball, rockets, seemingly drunken astronauts and a religious Spaniard.

The Date Farmers. The Date Farmers (Carlos Ramirez and Armando Lerma of the Coachella Valley) artwork echoes their Mexican-American heritage rooted in California pop culture. Their paintings, collages and three-dimensional sculptures contain elements influenced by graffiti, Mexican street murals, traditional revolutionary posters, sign painting, prison art and tattoos, all elements present in their cover for N.A.S.A.

Marcel Dzama. The Canadian artist known for small-scale ink and watercolor drawings of human figures, animals, and imaginary hybrids. In addition to creating iconic covers for such musical artists as Beck, They Might Be Giants and The Weakerthans, Dzama’s visual art has been praised throughout the world. By signing onto the N.A.S.A. project by contributing a cover Dzama’s reach may finally expand into space.

Mark Gonzalez. A former professional skateboarder and artist, Gonzalez is known in the skateboarding world as the pioneer of modern street skateboarding. Gonzalez has designed skateboards and clothing, and his original art has been shown in galleries around the world. Gonzalez chose an aquatic theme for his contribution to N.A.S.A. – we can only hope that there are fish on Mars.

All of the cover artists have contributed to The Spirit of Apollo’s animated music video project, which pairs these artists with animators to create music videos for songs on the record. The first such video, featuring the art of Shepard Fairey, was released digitally in late 2008 and can be seen here:

Shepard Fairey also designed the first official poster for The Spirit of Apollo, using graphical themes and images from the video for “Money.”

We’re not finished, N.A.S.A. will be launching two skateboard decks to commemorate the record release. A limited edition deck for Girl Skateboards will feature art by
The Date Farmers, and deck brand Chocolate will be designing a N.A.S.A. deck with their in-house design team. Both skateboard decks will be available in skate shops by street date and will include Mark Gonzalez-designed sticker/download cards – which will allow buyers to download the entire album.

For more information on the music, art and videos visit

Leap of Faith collaboration print by Martha Cooper and Shepard Fairey release sale info

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We will be releasing the Leap of Faith collaboration print by Martha Cooper and Shepard Fairey this Saturday 1/31, inside Subliminal Projects Gallery. The print is 18"x24" and an edition of 450. It will be $50 +tax and can be purchased by CREDIT CARD only. Prints will be sold in person only, one per person, and no phone orders or reservations. We will be open from 12pm - 5pm on Saturday. This is your chance to check out all of Martha's beautiful photographs and have a great print to remember it by.


These will be on sale some time tomorrow February 5 at

Contest: Sam Flores Painting Giveaway by Upper Playground

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To celebrate Upper Playground’s 10th Anniversary, Sam Flores has decided to give away a large painting (6 x 4 feet) to one lucky fan. The medium is acrylic and spray paint on wood framed canvas. Also, as a way of thanking fans he has made a series of 200 illustrations/drawings available at a very affordable price.

2009 marks Upper Playground’s 10th Anniversary, and to celebrate the momentous achievement, Upper Playground has a year planned with tremendous giveaways and compelling collaborative projects. In the first of many valuable drawings slated for 2009, Upper Playground is giving away a Sam Flores painting, Flores y Zorro, valued at over $10,000. The painting is signed by Sam Flores, the dimensions are 6 feet by 4 feet and the medium is acrylic and spray paint on wood framed canvas. To enter, all you have to do is register your email at the top right corner of If you’re already signed up, then you are already entered – it’s that simple! Don’t forget to tell your friends. The contest is open for 2 weeks and a winner will be announced on Thursday, February 12th.

In the spirit of thanking his fans, Sam Flores also created a series of 200 small illustrations and is offering them at a very affordable price. The drawings are framed and are on sale now only at the San Francisco Upper Playground store. The figurative drawings give a glimpse into how Sam develops his characters and pieces and are not only unique, but are affordable so that his young fans can have the opportunity to purchase his art.


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Kidrobot and Frank Kozik are due to release this new 10 inch Labbit. Release date and prices coming soon. Check back and be the first to know.

Polluted Culture: Volume 2 Art Print by Jermaine Rogers Onsale Info

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Jermaine is kicking out some kickass art prints this year hear is another one. Little Beatles little U2. “Polluted Culture: Volume 2″ is going to be a huge 20″ x 38″ screenprint poster. It will drop Tuesday, February 3rd between 12pm-3pm Mountain Time. Visit

Jermaine's thoughts about the piece:

“Seeing the totality of modern popular culture as one whole, dissecting it, and re-attaching its parts is a wonderful and satisfying exercise. Years ago, before the first ‘Polluted Culture’ print, I did an image for a Mudhoney flyer depicting the Beatles as a grunge band…ripped jeans, Chuck Taylor’s, and all. Here, I wanted to revisit that aesthetic in a sense. I chose to take the band that many feel are the modern-day torch bearers of the Beatles, U2. The imagery from the 1987 album, ‘The Joshua Tree’ was always very striking to me. The starkness and weighty aura surrounding the photographs of the band were almost religious…and actually very prophetic in a sense: this was the album that many feel rocketed them to ‘biggest-band-in-the-world’ status. To depict the Beatles in this modern ‘clothing’ was delicious. Pop culture belongs to you and me. We birthed it and groom it every day. ‘We are the music makers and the dreamers of the dreams’. Culture is ours to hijack and choreograph. Past popular culture is our plaything. We can do whatever we want with it. You don’t need a reason.”

Lafourcade II art print by Anville for sale NOW

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One of the most amazing art prints I have seen in awhile. Click the above image to see the large detailed picture. Its just badass.

Lafourcade II screenprint

Printed by Burlesque of North America ( and 6 months to ink, this behemoth of a print is on heavyweight 100lb french construction whitewash. 36" x 24", and an edition of 100. $70 including shipping. Will be shipped in a sturdy tube with kraft paper.

A few artist proofs are available, and will come with a random sketch. Hand highlighted variants on steel blue and kraft are also available upon request.

Go over to and get one. Be sure to click the artwork button and see his other amazing work.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


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The first-ever ARTSPROJEKT/LABz Elite Edition is a collaboration between world-renowned artist/designer/typographer Luca Ionescu of Like Minded Studios and L.A.-based fine clothier Drifter Industries.

NEON DREAMS is a premium double-layer Supima cotton top featuring Luca’s 3D/reflective skull design on the front and signature typography in pearlescent foil on the back, with flocking on the sides, and a black foil logo on the sleeve. Available in Men’s (short sleeved) and Women’s (long sleeved) styles. Drifter tees are stylishly fitted; select one size larger than normal for a looser fit.

Each NEON DREAMS Elite Edition top is packaged in a one-of-a-kind collector’s case, hand-decorated and signed by Artsprojekt founder Andy Howell, The package also includes a signed certificate of authenticity.


The coolest thing I have seen in along time

Head over to to get yours NOW !!!! Be sure to use the code and save some money.

ICA Boston 20 Year Retrospective of Shepard Fairey

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FEB. 6 - AUG. 16, 2009

Boston, MA – On the 20th anniversary of the Obey Giant campaign, the Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston opens the first museum survey of Shepard Fairey, the influential street artist who created the now iconic Obama poster. Stickers and posters of the artist’s work have appeared on street signs and buildings around the world as part of a guerrilla art campaign of global scale. Featuring over 80 works, Shepard Fairey: Supply & Demand traces the artist’s career over 20 years, from the Obey Giant stencil to screen prints of political revolutionaries and rock stars to recent mixed-media works and a new mural commissioned for the ICA show. In complement to the exhibition, Fairey will be creating public art works at sites around Boston. On view at the ICA from Feb. 6 to Aug. 16, 2009, Shepard Fairey: Supply & Demand is accompanied by an expanded, limited-edition version of Supply & Demand, the retrospective publication of the artist’s work. FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT THE ICA WEBSITE.

Exhibition-related Programs

Artist Talk: Shepard Fairey
Thursday, Feb. 5, 2009, 6:30 pm
The subject of a new ICA survey exhibition, Shepard Fairey shares insights into his work which shifts easily between the realms of fine, commercial, and even political art. Tickets: $20 general admission; $14 members, students (with valid ID) and seniors. This program is made possible through the generosity of Vivien and Alan Hassenfeld.

OBEY Experiment
Friday, Feb. 6, 2009, 9 pm - midnight
On the opening night of his first museum survey, artist Shepard Fairey DJs at the ICA’s wildly popular Experiment party. Tickets: $25 general admission; $20 members and students with valid ID. 21 +

Lunchtime Gallery Talk
Shepard Fairey: Supply & Demand
Thursday, Feb. 12, 2009, noon
Exhibition curator Pedro Alonzo shares his perspective on working with Shepard Fairey in a program tailor-made for the lunch hour. Free with museum admission. Space is limited. Free tickets are available first-come, first-served one hour before the program. Ticket holders receive a 10% discount at the Water Café. May not be combined with any other offer.

ICA/AIGA Design Series: Design as Social Agent
Saturday, April 4, 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Bringing together speakers from the fields of design, street art, music, and politics, this day-long event frames Shepard Fairey’s work within the context of grassroots civic action, punk rock, and 80s graffiti and skate culture. Featuring Steve Heller, Elliot Earls, Nicholas Blechman, Luba Lukova, Cliff Stolze, Caleb Neelon, PIXNIT, and Mirko Ilic. Ticketing information TBD.

Bike Tour: Shepard Fairey Off Site
Sunday, May 17, 10 am
Sunday, June 28, 10 am
Exhibition curator Pedro Alonzo leads a bike tour of Fairey’s public work in Boston and Cambridge. Stopping at six locations along the way, Alonzo will talk about the context, content, and culture of the artist’s work and the relationships between graffiti, public art, graphic design, and advertising. The tour will cover approximately 10 miles. Tickets: $20 general admission; $15 ICA members, students, and seniors

PUSHEAD 92 Minutes of Pus at SDCC NYCC Feb 7

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Pushead’s ‘Minutes of Pus’ events are one of the highlights of each year’s SDCC shows. So we’re stoked to report that for the first time he’s bringing the heat to NYCC ‘09 with 92 Minutes of Pus on Friday, February 7th @ 2:09 PM in the Toy Tokyo booth (#858).

For this first east coast Pus event, Pushead will debut the Lefty Skull Pirate, the first edition with a left amputated arm. Lefty features red, black and metallic tones. Plus, the insanely limited ‘booty sack’. Each sack contains a rare or handpainted figure for a fixed price. Plus, expect a few dope handpaints for sale.

Joining Pushead, Mike Sutfin will rock handpainted Bop Dragons by Rumble Monsters. Also, he’s going to offer a very limited set of matching handpainted sets of Bop Dragon and Mini Damnedrons. Mike will be at the ‘con but he will not be signing at the event.

Finally… Secret Base head honcho, Hiddy will be in the house. He will kick off a special Secret Base event on Saturday, February 7th @ 4 PM. This one is loaded with vinyl goodness. First up is Usugrow’s Rebel Ink Premium Black edition which is specially plated to render the bandana and pants in black flock. Next, Usugrow’s 2nd figure – Salvation Ink in a ‘dark’ clear brown Valentines ed. Following that up will be the new Blue GID Secret Base All stars, a few Deka Bee handpaints and the latest SB release – Dr. Mortality.

So if you bleed Kaiju, then you need to make it out to NYCC and park yourself at Toy Tokyo’s booth (#858).


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Pearl Jam's Ten Club has Brad Klausen's South America poster for sale in the good section on the web site $30. Really nice poster and its huge.

They refused to sell it years ago during the tour since Stone did not like the image. I guess making money won out.

New Alex Pardee giclee art print The Real Batman

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"The Real Batman"

By Alex Pardee.

Limited Edition Of 200. $40

17" x 22" Printed with Archival Inks on Acid Free Velvet Cotton Rag.

Each print is hand signed and numbered by Alex Pardee.

"BATMAN (yah, your favorite masked detective) was originally an ancient mythical cult being whose story was basically about a bat hunter who, in a fit of symbiotic revenge rage, captured the bat that killed his wife and, since he couldnt live without his wife, he wanted to show the bat what it was like to depend on someone else for life and love. So the hunter shoved the Bat onto his head like a mask and forced the bat to remain a part of him. Shortly after, the tables turned and the hunter's foolish attempt at revenge backfired when he suffocated and died. The bat then took over the hunter's body and used his new found appendages and abilities to lead warriors to kill weak people because it was fun. True story."

Head over to to get one. Been looking forward to this for a while now.

Methamphibian Strikes Again- Angel of Death figure

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We don’t get to see too many 1/6th scale custom figure offerings, but Peter Kim, aka Methamphibian, is definitely at the top of the 12″ pile with his awesome original creations.

Last weekend saw the release of four more unique, one-of-a-kind figures from his ongoing ‘Shadow Project’ storyline, which focuses on top-secret government operatives called ‘Black Ghosts’. What they do and which government they’re associated with is ambiguous, but the eerie mix of skull-faces and military battle gear is stunning indeed. Mix in the new leather-clad, curvaceous Angel of Death and you have the makings for an intense narrative that’s suddenly departed from traditional ‘top secret agency’ stuff.

Each one-off, handmade figure sells for around $200 to $250 each, with the elaborate Angel of Death selling for $400. These are available for sale on his website, at the ’store’ link, along with various art and t-shirts. And if you dig the 1/6th custom thing, don’t forget to check out Triad Toys and their absurdly extensive collection of scaled outfits to make your own figures with - most of them providing ample views of secret agent cleavage.

New Huck Gee custom munny Corporal E.E. Lensman on sale info

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Huck Gee has become THE leader in customized toys, and for good reason. Later this week, he will drop the third entry in his “Colonial Life” series. “Corporal E.E. Lensman” is a custom Munny with tons of accessories. Only 10 were produced, the price will be $750 each. These drop Friday, January 30th at noon PST. Visit Huck Gee’s eBay Store.

New Aaron Horkey Sketch Junebuggery

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Preliminary sketch for The Blinding Light’s forthcoming full length album, Junebug, to be released via INIT Records spring 2009. Expect an art print…

Monday, January 26, 2009

New EMEK Prodigy poster Singapore

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The thinking mans poster artist has come out swinging in 2009. EMEK has created a sick new poster. This is the sunset foil variant, regular version pic is first. This thing is just awesome.
11 colors 22.5" X 30.5"

UPDATE more pics added

ONSALE SATURDAY 2-6 1PM est over at

MINDstyle’s Two Faced Hazel Asia Edition and Chase Blue Mini

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MINDstyle has released the Two-Faced Hazel Asia edition by Kathie Olivas. It’s available at numerous retailers in Asia. Within the USA, it’s available exclusively from Gunnzo in SD. Limited to 500 pieces, the Asia Exclusive is likely to continue Kathie’s extremely brisk sales. Especially considering that MINDstyle and Kathie are celebrating Chinese New Year by releasing the Blue 3” Hazel as a free randomly packed-in chase with the 9” Asia edition. Hazel in all her forms, especially the 3”, is in extremely high-demand. So this very sweet bonus is bound to drive frenetic action by serious collectors.

New art prints by Marq Spusta

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Mark Spusta has released a bunch of new art prints. Small editions priced very cheaply. Marq has taken the gigposter community by storm with his My Morning Jacket and Widespread Panic posters. Check them out at MARQSPUSTA.COM


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Hailing from Chennai, India, artist Kishore has painstakingly compiled and created this gorgeous letterpress print. Composed of MrsEaves, Bickam Script Pro, Adobe Garamond and the Trajan font families, this platen press print is now available through the artists website for only $40 shipped

Each poster measures 14" by 20" and is printed on handmade cotton paper by a good old platen letterpress machine - one of the very few left in Chennai which can handle this big a poster. Due to the handmade nature of the paper, each poster is printed uniquely with varying intensity of the black ink on different parts of the paper.

Sperm on My Valentine!

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Just in time for Valentine's Day, Shane Geil has introduced an all new male gamete. Sperm on My Valentine is a 21" long plush pink sperm that has 4 hearts on it. Each one is handmade, signed and numbered by Shane. The Limited Edition of 100 pieces should retail around $25. For more information, contact DKE Toys.

Quasimoto Figure Kid Robot and Stones Throw

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Kid Robot and Stones Throw have teamed up for the Quasimoto figure, which will be released February 19, 2009. The Quasimoto figure is 8-inches tall, available in equal quantities of yellow and blue, each with a brick and spliff “cigarette”for $49.95 each. Pre-order now over at

Kathie Olivas’ Scavengers mini series silver Winston figure release

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Tenacious Toys have just launched a preorder for their first ever exclusive release, a silver version of “Winston” from Kathie Olivas’ Scavengers mini series. This vinyl figure is about 3″ tall and limited to 200 pieces. You can preorder one now for $15 at

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Pelosi Open To More Federal Money For Banks

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No no no more money for them. They need to answer for the first $350 billion and where it went. They need to go before congress and show how they spent the first installment and what they are going do with the rest of our money. The auto companies are getting a loan and they have to show their business plan. These damn banks are being given the money but don't have to show what they are doing with it. Why are they not being held accountable like the auto companies ? When you go to a bank for a business loan you have to present a business plan, yet they don't have to when they ask for our money. Its just plain wrong. Call and email your representatives and voice your disapproval.
About Economy
Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

Aaron Horkey Fans Dead Arts email list

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If you have not done it already head over to Dead Arts and subscribe to Aaron's email list of up coming projects. Some big things are coming in 2009 like his Letter Press sets of prints so you don't want to miss it.

Burlesque of North America celebrates Dre Day 2009

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Each year Burlesque of North America throw a bash called Dre Day. This year its on Valentines Day. Head over to or for the info. The twin cities are never the same after this party.