Wednesday, January 21, 2009


On Thursday Jan 22 Tyler Stout will be releasing his second KUKUWEAQ art print. The size is 18x 24 6 color screen print that glows in the dark with an edition of only 65 for $45. Head over to to pick one up at 3pm est.

Part of the Beasts, "A Pictorial Schedule of Traditional Hidden Creatures" from Fantagraphics. With the understanding, of course, that "all of the creatures herein abide by one rule only. They are each a part of mythological or folkloric storytelling. These creatures originate not as entertaining images, nor as an individual's story, but as cultural entities, whether still thriving or long extinct. It is the Curator's hope that the reader will consider this while viewing the pieces, which are admittedly, in and of themselves, remarkable and deserving of undivided attention."

Inspiring fear in the natives of the frozen stretches of North America, this enormous polar-bear monster is as large as several polar bears walking in close tandem and often is known to possess ten stout legs.

Yes this thing is hot.

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