Thursday, September 28, 2017

Jim Evans TAZ Jigsaw Movie Poster

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Jim Evans aka TAZ, has been working on SAW films since the very first one, he’s done lots of artwork, marketing, and a few limited editions over the years. His love of SAW imagery has finally lead to his magnum opus of horror art. It is for the new film, titled JIGSAW, to be released on October 27, and which features the most amazing display of the kind of torture device depravity that makes up the latest entry in the SAW franchise.

The poster was done especially for the IMAX release, and will be available in limited quantities at Lionsgate’s Jigsaw: Survive The Trap experience at the New York Comic Con on October 5-8. Jigsaw: Survive the Trap will be located directly in front of the Javits Center, within the convention gates, and will be open during NYCC hours. Comic Con badge holders will wait in designated lines to go through in pairs. Fans who complete the escape room will get movie swag, including an exclusive IMAX poster and a free ticket to see the Jigsaw in theaters. More prizes will be given away throughout the convention
If you are in New York, swing by, and maybe you’ll be lucky enough to pick one up.

Brian Methe Eddie for President and Kings of Leon Posters Release

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On Thursday Brian Methe is releasing a couple of new posters.

First is the new Kings of Leon print from last nights show in Charlotte, NC. Two colors, 12X18 and limited to 30 APs

He is also releasing a new version of his sold out "Eddie for President" print. 18X24, two colors, run of 70

Check them out at

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

NC Winters Pixie Poster And Blister Prints On Wood Releases

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NC Winters is pumped to announce his newest gig poster, for one of his favorite bands: Pixies. According to NC "This was a challenging gig to have come together, as it was a much shorter timeline than I was used to, but I’m super pleased with the final result. I’ve had this idea gestating for a long time, specifically for a Pixies poster, and I’m glad it was finally possible. The initial design was actually sketched out on a waterproof sketchpad that is attached to my shower wall. The shower is where some of my best ideas come from, and there are currently several drawings plastered on the tiles for when I had to get an idea down quick before I lost it."

NC have his artist copies of the poster (identical, but for a slight shift in the original blue) will be available Tuesday, September 26. Prints are 18″ x 24″, six color screenprints on natural 100# cover stock. Each print is hand signed and numbered, and available for $50 each.

Prints will be available will be available Tuesday, September 26 at before Noon EDT in the online shop here.

Secondly, NC is thrilled to announce his first collaboration with Prints on Wood. Together, they're releasing a fine art reproduction of his painting "Blister" on sustainable birch in a limited edition, timed seven-day release.

NC's painting "Blister" will be a highest quality print on sustainable .5" birch, with a bright white finish. Prints are 12" x 16", and as an added bonus, Prints on Wood have accommodated his request that the corners be rounded- much like every painting he makes. Prints are available for $90 each, and final shipment date will be determined by the final edition size, as each print will be hand signed and numbered.

The print sale begins Wednesday, September 27 and runs through Wednesday October 4. The total number of sales will indicate the final edition size, and the print will never be reprinted.

Full details and purchase availability here.

Tatiana Suarez Fioritura Print Release

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As part of the daily releases of art for the Murals in the Marketplace from 1xRUN, Tatiana Suarez has released a print titled Fioritura.

The print is a 24 x 24 Inches Hand-Embellished Archival Pigment Print on 290gsm Moab Rag Fine Art Paper with a signed & numbered edition of 40.

Buy it at

To see entire 2017 Print Suite GO HERE

Amien Juugo Wonder Woman Movie Poster

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Cult Classic Prints have released a Wonder Woman movie poster that is really good. It measures 24 x 36 inches and has a very small edition of 65 and it's screen printed with metallic inks.

Buy it at

Monday, September 25, 2017

Zeb Love Bourbon & Beyond Festival Poster Release

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This weekend Louisville was the the place to be for the Bourbon & Beyond Music Festival and Zeb Love did the poster for the 2 day concert.

It's a 24x18" screen print, with an AP edition of 40.

On sale this Tuesday September 26, at a random time

Greensky Bluegrass Red Rocks Print By Chuck Sperry Release

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Chuck Sperry did the poster for the Greensky Bluegrass concert in Morrison at Red Rocks Saturday night and now you will have a chance to get one and some variants.

The poster measures 17 x 35 inches
It is a signed & numbered edition of 550
7 color screen print on cream paper

Chuck will be making a very limited online release of this poster on Tuesday, September 26, 2017 at a random time at

Dan McCarthy Sphinx Observatory Black Hole Print

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Dan McCarthy has released his print for the month of September and it looks really nice.

"Sphinx Observatory : Black Hole" is 7 color screen print that glows in the dark. It measures 18" x 24" and will come signed and numbered from Dan.

He also printed a few on 18" x 24" x 1.75" cradled wood panel.

Buy them at

Friday, September 22, 2017

Jim Evans/TAZ 311 Philadelphia Poster Release

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Back in early 1994 Jim Evans, aka TAZ, met with members of 311 to craft a tour poster. The poster featured an alien attack, explosions, spaceships, and chaos imagery fitting for the band at the time. Recently commissioned to do a poster for their Philadelphia show, TAZ revisited the alien theme, but this time with aliens not attacking, but being peaceful, albeit bizarre, messengers – likely to share wisdom, and engage the population of earth in a friendly way. Starting with the philosophy of Aleister Crowley, 311 have come a long way, but continue to be the kind of band that will provide a great evening’s entertainment, and still impart a bit of cosmic wisdom.

Poster Details:
311 Philadelphia show / Festival Pier at Penns Landing
6 Color Serigraph w/ Split Fountain
Edition size:
50 variant prints signed and numbered by TAZ
30 foil prints signed and numbered by TAZ
Stock: 100lb. Archival Paper
Size: 18x24/ including 1/2” white border

On sale Friday at

Richey Beckett Mastodon Cold Dark Place Art Print Release

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Richey Beckett's new print COLD DARK PLACE is a large silk screen reproduction of the full artwork created for MASTODON's new E.P. of the same name. The illustration depicts a vision described by Mastodon Guitarist Brent Hinds, intrinsically tying in with themes from the record.

This is the only time that the artwork will be printed in this format.

A limited edition set of 150, beautifully silk screen printed in 7 colors on 18"x24" 100lb Kraft French Paper. In addition to this he will also be releasing a Limited Edition 8"x8" 7 color screen print of the 'TOE TO TOES' 7" artwork.

The print will be available for pre-order in the store at 6pm BST on FRIDAY 22nd September which is 1pm EDT


 You can find out more about the creation of this piece in the short film "Cold Dark Place: The Story Behind The Cover Art".

James Eads Slightly Stoopid Summer Tour Poster Release


James Eads be releasing his AP prints from the Slightly Stoopid Sounds of Summer Tour Friday at 4PM Pacific Time.

This is an 18" x 24" 5 color screenprint on Cougar Natural White paper. Prints are hand signed and numbered in a very limited AP edition of 20.

Prints will cost $50 and will be limited to one per order at

Wall Street Public Enemy Poster by Shepard Fairey

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Really digging this new one from Obey Giant. Immigrants, LGBT people, African Americans and Hispanics are not the reason you might have lost your job, lost your house get paid less or a myriad of other economic issues you may be facing. It's the greedy bastards on Wall Street and their drive for corporations to have a larger profit margin. But if people don't have money to spend capitalism does not work and maybe that's what they want. As Shepard says"Lack of oversight from the government that is beholden to Wall Street and the banking system in the wake of their lobbying and campaign contributions creates a system ripe for corruption and greed. The public needs to understand that an unregulated Wall Street and the banking system is their enemy!"

Wall Street Public Enemy. 18 x 24 inches. Screenprint on cream Speckletone paper. Signed by Shepard Fairey. Numbered edition of 450. $45.

Available Tuesday, September 26 at 10AM PDT on

Tim Lee Country Crooner Art Print

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It’s been a while since Tim Lee's last multi-color screen-print, so I’m really happy to see this rooster on paper and a new print from him. Yes, that is a squirrel playing a banjo in the corner.

Cockadoodledoo! Y'all
16 x 20, 2-color screen-print on 100lb French archival paper. Signed edition of 100. Great for your kitchen or hen house.

Head over to Tim's new website to get one and see what other new stuff he has been working on at .

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Metallica Paris Prints By Maxx242 Release

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Maxx242's excellent Metallica Paris posters are dropping today and these will be the green artist edition.

Edition of 60 signed/numbered Night 1 & 2 Regular Edition posters
Edition of 20 signed/numbered Night 1 & 2 Silver Foil posters
Edition of 20 signed/numbered Night 1 & 2 Rainbow Foil posters

Edition of 10 signed/numbered 24" x 36" uncut Regular Edition posters
Edition of 10 signed/numbered 24" x 36" uncut Silver Foil posters
Edition of 10 signed/numbered 24" x 36" uncut Rainbow Foil posters

Customers will have an option to purchase the posters individually or as a 2 piece matching number set.

Available on Thursday, Sept 21st at 11am Pacific - F4DSTUDIOS.COM

Francisco Ramirez Big Lebowski Movie Poster Release By Galerie F

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Francisco Ramirez is the Head Honcho of the one person design/print studio Bureau of Print Research and Design based in Milwaukee Wisconsin. His work primarily consists of lowbrow and collage art that is used mostly for gigposters, shirts, and other promotional items. The Bureau is here to make some prints that you may or may not like, Ramirez likes fun though. For the The Big Lebowski show poster, the idea was to institute at least 3 memorable facets from the the film and combine the items into a layered poster.

The poster is Four color screen print measuring 18 x 24 inches, digital artist signature, hand numbered edition of 100.

Buy it at

You can get AP's from Francisco in his store HERE.

James Bullough Pania of the Reef Print Release By PangeaSeed

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PangeaSeed is pleased to announce the latest print of the ongoing Sea of Change: The Year of Living Dangerously - Vol. 3 print suite by guest artist James Bullough (USA). The highlighted issue of this edition is coral reef conservation and ocean acidification.

Artist: James Bullough
Title: Pania of the Reef
Issue: Coral reef conservation and ocean acidification
Edition of 50 prints plus 5 artist proofs signed/numbered
Paper: Italian cold press watercolor paper
Dimensions: 16x20 inches with a 1-inch border
Price: $100 USD plus shipping and handling

Available Thursday, September 21, 2017, from 12pm PST at

Artist statement:
Pania of the Reef is a legendary protector of the reef in local Maori folklore and is believed to live in the waters off the coast of Napier, New Zealand. Earlier this year, I collaborated with PangeaSeed Foundation's Sea Walls: Artists for Oceans program and painted a large scale mural about Pania in Napier.

Due to man-made climate concerns, specifically, the rising CO2 levels in our atmosphere, the acidity levels of our oceans have risen and continue to rise at alarming rates killing the planet's reefs and the delicate ecosystems around them. Pania is depicted floating defiant and hopeful over her baron reef despite the fact that she herself is dissolving from the acidification of the ocean.
You can help save corals:
Donate to an organization working to raise awareness and research such as PangeaSeed Foundation, Reef Check, Coral Reef Alliance etc.

Advocate global and regional action to protect of coral and coral reefs.

Support the establishment and protection of marine protected areas (MPAs).

Recommend ecotourism and dive or snorkel on coral reefs - but remember to look and DO NOT touch or stand on corals. This offers sustainable monetary alternatives to destructive fishing methods.

Think twice before you buy. Do not support the illegal trade of coral and try to reduce your carbon footprint.

Educate yourself, friends and family on the issues facing coral and other endangered ocean animals. Act NOW if we wish to save our seas.

Kii Arens John Williams Posters And A Sleestak

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Kii Arens has released a couple of great posters inspired by John Williams famous movie soundtracks for his 3 nights at the Hollywood Bowl.

John Williams "Death Star"
Hollywood Bowl 2017
Screen on mirror stock.

John Williams "Jaws"
Hollywood bowl 2017

 Plus there is a Sleestak poster that is Signed by Sid and Marty Krofft 18" x 24" Print - Silk screen with black velvet features on gold mylar stock. Limited Edition Quantity 100

Buy the John Williams poster at

To buy the Sleestak Click HERE

Tara McPherson Father John Misty Poster Philadelphia

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Tara McPherson got the opportunity to make a poster for one of her recent favorites... the awesome Father John Misty! This poster was for the show at the killer outdoor venue The Mann Center For The Performing Arts in Philadelphia. Her and Sean drove the posters down and got to go to the show! What a fun night! This poster features a new lovely heroine with her trusty Mr Wiggle balloons, Ace and Ion, and George the little vampire.

The poster is a 5 Color Silkscreen measuring 18" x 24".
Signed and Numbered Edition of 200.

Buy it at The Cotton Candy Machine.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Metallica Lyon Prints By Jeff Soto Release

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Heads up fans of Jeff Soto and Metallica, his Lyon France AP posters drop on Wednesday.

The posters are 18” x 24” limited edition screen prints for Metallica’s September 12th show at Halle Tony Garnier in Lyon, France. AP (yellow and red with GID) edition of 50, Night (grey with GID) edition of 30, Rainbow Foil edition of 30, and Gold Foil edition of 25.

The poster was inspired by Metallica’s "…And Justice For All" album, as well as the famous Monument à la Gloire de la République in Lyon.
 Available on Wednesday, Sept 20th at 11am Pacific -

Malleus Foo Fighters London Posters Release

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These are the brand new posters Malleus designed to celebrate the release of Foo Fighters "Concrete and Gold" album.

They worked on two different prints, one for the opening of "Foo Fighters Arms" pop up store in London, and one for Foo Fighters gig on September 19th.

Live in London 4 colors on cream paper - ltd of 249
ARMS 4 colors on cream paper - ltd of 250 copies
Live in London - Variant Edition 4 colors on foil paper - ltd of 50 copies
ARMS - Variant edition 4 colors on foil paper - ltd of 52 copies

They'll be making a limited online release on September 20th in their store at a random time .

QOTSA Pittsburgh Print By AJ Masthay Release

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Bottleneck Gallery have got a great new gig poster release from AJ Masthay.

AJ’s print for Queens of the Stone Age’s recent Pittsburgh show features a uniquely new stylistic approach that they really admire. Here are AJ’s thoughts on the poster, “This one's a bit of a departure from my norm as I wanted to pay homage to the art nouveau poster artists of the early twentieth century. This one in particular is styled after what is likely the most famous print from that era, Henri Privat-Livemont's Absinthe Robette, with some obvious rock ‘n roll twists.”

Queens of the Stone Age - Pittsburgh, PA - Regular Edition by AJ Masthay
7-color linoleum block print
18 x 24 inches
Signed, hand-numbered, and embossed edition of 50

Rain Foil Variant
Oil Slick Foil Variant
Lava Foil Variant
Stained Glass Foil Variant
Watercolor Variant

AJ’s print, alongside its variants, will be available for purchase Wednesday at 12PM EDT on the homepage,

Brian Methe Brokeback Mountain Movie Poster

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Brian Methe released his officially licensed "Brokeback Mountain" screen print which is part of the Gallery1988 Focus Features anniversary show.  Its a four-color screen print, 18x24 and is a run of 50.

Its available here:In Brian's Etsy Store

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Matt Ryan Tobin Society Movie Poster Release

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This Wednesday Mad Duck is releasing a new Officially Licensed screen print movie poster for the 1989 Cult Classic film, "Society", with art by Matt Ryan Tobin!

Directer Brian Yuzna describes the movie as being about "fear and paranoia in Beverly Hills". Matt Ryan Tobin had the following to say about the movie and his design:
"SOCIETY is a completely original, tongue in cheek, thought-provoking 80's gem...and its absolutely batshit crazy.
So when Mad Duck reached out to me to do a poster for it, I said yes without hesitation.

Upon more research into the film I learned that director Brian Yuzna was heavily inspired by the work of Dali.
As soon as I learned this, Dali's "In Voluptas Mors" came to mind...and fully inspired this 80's redux/homage to his incredibly legendary and iconic work.
I wanted to capture the era of the 1980's and 80's poster art itself but also create something elegant, statuesque and upon closer look...grotesque.

Those that have seen the film can probably understand what the relevance of this piece is to the film and what it suggests
both on the surface and beneath the surface. For those who have not seen the should do so. Its a trip."
The poster will be available in two editions.

Beach Edition (Reg) - 24X36, 6 color screen print, hand numbered, Run of 125, $65
Party Edition (Variant)- 24X36, 6 color screen print, hand numbered, Run of 75, $85

Both will go on sale this Wednesday, September 20th at 12PM Eastern time!

Monday, September 18, 2017

Adam Pobiak Eric Clapton Posters Release

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Adam Pobiak has a couple more stunning Eric Clapton posters releasing this week.

Adam discuss the prints:
"Of course things can always change, but Eric Clapton does not plan to play any more concerts after the September 18th show at the Forum in Los Angeles. Since it is likely these posters are for his last ever performances, I set out to create art work as grand and as celebratory as such an illustrious career deserves. Photos were chosen to best encapsulate his entire career across the set. The younger photo is from one of his earliest solo performances in 1973, and the recent photo was taken at Madison Square Garden this March."
Here are the details:
New York City (blue)
AP edition of 100
5 colors: white, blue, dark grey, transparent black, black
Printed on gold foil stock

Los Angeles (red)
AP edition of 150
5 colors: white, red, dark grey, transparent black, black
Printed on gold foil stock

All posters are 21 x 36 inches
All posters are signed and numbered

On sale Tuesday 6pm London (1pm EDT, 10am Pacific) at

QOTSA Cleveland Print By Neal Williams Release

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Neal Williams will be releasing his QOTSA Cleveland print on Monday along with foil variants and even the original drawing.

Official screenprinted poster for Queens of the Stone Age in Cleveland, OH on September 15, 2017.
18" x 24"Three screens (five colors) on 100 lb. Cougar Natural paper.
Signed and numbered in an artist edition of 40.

Foil variants.
18" x 24" Three screens (five colors) on assorted foil paper (see images, foils vary slightly and you will receive a random foil variant).
Signed and numbered in an artist edition of 17.

Original ink drawing on bristol board. Used for the Queens of the Stone Age in Cleveland, OH on September 15, 2017 show poster.
9" x 12", signed.

Everything goes on sale Monday at 10am PDT at in his store.

Rhys Cooper Queens of the Stone Age Prints Release

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Looks like it's going to be a Queens of the Stone Age kinda of day. As Rhys Cooper is releasing a couple he did for the groups concerts in Darwin and Melbourne.

From the July 16th, 2017 show at Darwin Convention Centre.
Darwin, Australia
12 x 36 inches 6 color silkscreen poster on heavy paper stock printed with metallic inks.
Numbered and signed Edition of 295
Much much less available from Rhys.
(these are from the same edition that was at the show).

From the July 20th, 2017 show at Festival Hall in Melbourne, Australia
12 x 36 inches 6 color silkscreen poster on heavy paper stock printed with metallic inks.
Numbered and signed Edition of 295
Much much less available from Rhys.
(these are from the same edition that was at the show).

 Available Wednesday morning 20th September, Australian time (around 7am - Melbourne), US WEST coast midday Tuesday 19th September at

Dan May Wood Print Release Connected Row 3

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"Connected - Row 3" by Dan May

Third row of images in this three part release includes a set of three 6 x 6 in. (15.24 x 15.24 cm)

Fine art wood prints on 1/2" sustainable birch wood, bright white finish

Limited edition timed release ending Sunday, September 24th

Hand signed and numbered fine art wood canvas prints.

The complete set includes 9 prints, each set of three prints will be released separately as detailed below:

First row of three prints releases on Monday, July 17th.
Middle row of three prints releases on Thursday, August 17th.
Third row of three prints releases on Sunday, September 17th.

Buy your birds at

Brian Ewing Queens of the Stone Age Columbus Poster

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Brian Ewing was commissioned to design a poster for the current Queens of the Stone Age - Villains tour. He took a chance on this one and went in a different direction (for him at least) and cultivated his love of John Romita Sr and the romance comic book covers of the 60's and 70's. So bad it's good - as the kids say.

Brian talks concept:

"Once the band and management approved of the sketch and direction I called upon local printer Upright Press to see if they wanted to try an experiment with me. I wanted to go the opposite direction of the anatomical style I like to do and see if I designed a poster to look like an old comic book cover if he (Jess) could help make it look like the way comic books used to be printed - 4 color process. Basically breaking the artwork down to CMYK and printing them as dots. We tried to mimic that style of printing and hoped there would be some mis-registration to help further it looking like a vintage comic book. I can say "vintage" now - I'm old. I'm only a few years away from getting that senior discount! Catch me at Denny's for the early bird specials.
Screen Print
Edition of 100
Signed & Numbered

Screen Print
Edition of 20
Signed & Numbered

QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE - pulp variant
Screen Print
Edition of 10
Signed & Numbered

Prophets of Rage Print by Shepard Fairey Release

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Obey Giant is releasing a new print featuring the most dangerous band in the land. If you get a chance listen to the new album it is really good.
I made this Prophets of Rage – New Day Rising print to accompany the release of their self-titled album dropping TOMORROW, for which I created the cover. Prophets of Rage make powerful music accompanied with compelling messages that have the potential to change people’s minds and push them to become more engaged in all things social and political. Prophets of Rage, whose members have a rich history in music and activism, are an essential part of the cultural conversation so I’m proud to provide visuals for their sonic and political firestorm. – Shepard
Prophets of Rage – New Day Rising. 18 x 24 inches. Screen print on cream Speckletone paper. Signed by Shepard Fairey. Numbered edition of 600. $55. 300 available Tuesday, September 19 at 10AM PDT via 300 available on tour.

Aaron Powers My Morning Jacket Massachusetts MOCA Poster

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Aaron Powers has a new gig poster that he designed and printed for a My Morning Jacket concert at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art last month. It’s a six-color, 18x24 on French paper and he is selling my few remaining copies for $30 on his site. The band’s edition sold out, but this AP version is of 50.

Buy it at