Monday, September 11, 2017

Alexander Hanke Ink And Ride Poster Plus Bill Murray

Check out these posters Alexander Hanke is releasing on Monday, including one for Bill Murray. Yes that Bill Murray.

The first is a design for a Tattoo & Cycle Convention called „Ink&Ride“ in Hamburg, Germany. They asked Alexander to exhibit there and if he could design something in that realm for their promotion online and offline.
Size: 40x60cm (15.7x23.6 inch)
Price: 30€
Edition: 60
Screens: 5

Second print is for a concert of Bill Murray (yes the actor) and Jan Vogler this past Friday at the Elbphilharmonie. The standard edition is sold exclusively at the Elbphilharmonie shop and Alexander have a Variant edition on matte black paper stock.
Size: 40x60cm (15.7x23.6 inch)
Price: 45€
Edition: 15
Screens: 5

I asked Alexander what the Bill Murray concert was and he had this to say:"I’m super curious too, it’s said that he’ll be singing, dancing and reading. The main focus is, that he’ll be reading American classic novelists and a friend is playing classical music on his cello in the meantime."

All of them will be on sale Monday at

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