Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Dave Matthews Band Gorge Print By James Flames Release

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Here is James Flames latest poster for Dave Matthews Band, from their recent show at the hallowed grounds of The Gorge!

The illustration is titled "Crash Into Me", and the scene takes place on a special night: the night of the comet-showers. Out in the field, there’s an old car that’s grown into the foliage – it’s a favorite spot for this young couple. They climb the car hoping to maybe catch a glimpse of the stars, but the cosmos decides to put on a magical show just for them. The comets dance and fall, and the stardust crashes down upon them, making an everlasting connection between them and the universe.

This is a Limited Edition of 1,750 -- the vast majority of them were sold out at the concert, and so these are the remaining final prints available.

18" x 24", Screen Printed Poster
Edition of 1750 (Much much less available online!),
Signed & Numbered

They will be available Tuesday, September 18th at 2pm Eastern at https://www.jamesflames.com/

Luke Chueh Personal Space (Flooded) Larger Than Life Edition Print Release

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1xRUN is once again hosting Murals in the Market Place in Detroit. Luke Chueh's Personal Space print is part of the daily releases to coincide with the event.

This is a 15 x 18 Inches Archival Pigment Print on 290gsm Moab Fine Art Rag Paper with a signed & numbered edition of 100.

Buy it at 1xRUN.com

Dave Perillo X-Men Poster Release By Grey Matter Art

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Grey Matter Art, under license from Marvel, are very excited to announce a new officially licensed, limited edition screen print titled, "X-Men" with artist, Dave Perillo. This is GMA's first poster release for "X-Men", and they are so thrilled to debut this new license with Dave's poster, featuring so many of everyone's favorite characters all in one!

"X-Men" by Dave Perillo. 12″x 36″ Screen Print.
Hand numbered Edition: 225/$45.00

On Sale Thursday, September 20th at 1PM EDT at greymatterart.com

Monday, September 17, 2018

Todd Slater Foo Fighters Seattle Poster Release

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Todd Slater has released his artist edition poster for the Foo Fighters recent concert in Seattle.

Todd talks about his idea for the poster:

In 2005 the Foo Fighter's released 'In Your Honor' and it's a record that's been on my mind lately.  The band went on the campaign trail with John Kerry in a move I found surprising.  The Foo Fighters aren't an overtly political band and I'm not an overtly political artist.  Listening to that record again and studying the packaging, which features a tiny bison, some ideas for an image started to emerge.  When I think of America two symbols immediately come to mind: an eagle and a bison.  The bison, standing larger than life, represents the people of America.  The eagle is a representation of the ideas that make America what it is.  Lately, I've noticed many people staring the eagle directly in the eyes, questioning the ideas that make America the great country it is, and wondering whether or not those ideas and values are shrinking.  The arrows all point dead center as a reminder that all eyes are on us.
Poster is18 x 24 inches with 4 screens (2 metallics) 1-100 signed APs are sold by Todd.

Buy it at www.toddslater.net

Don Pendleton Foo Fighters Seattle Poster Release

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Fighting 4 Dreams Studio will have the official Foo Fighters Seattle pop-up shop artist edition posters available Monday September 17 Sept at 11am Pacific - f4dstudios.com

The poster shown here is printed on special woven coated archival stock, which is an edition of 60 signed & numbered by artist Don Pendleton. A limited number of 40 rainbow foil posters will also be available.

Gumball Designs 311 Toronto Poster Release

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 Ben of Gumball Designs can cross another band off his bucket list.

“Puffin’ The Magic Dragon”….
 Hand Illustrated Concert Posters that he was recently commissioned to create for the Infectiously Uplifting Nebraska Quintet “ 311”.
To commemorate their recent visit to Toronto - Canada back in August, for their 2018 "Never Ending Summer Tour" with the notorious 90’s famed punker's “The Offspring” as part of their Official Poster Series!

Says Ben:
It was an absolute honour and a milestone to be invited to create for these guys! Not only due to being a big fan of their tunes and what these guys represent & have given us over the past decades….. but also being my first ever screened creation for both 311 and a Canadian show too boot!
SIZE: 18 x 24" Portrait
EDITION SIZE: Artist Main Edition of only 30 accompanied by several small X/7 Artist Exclusive Specialty Papered and Colorway Editions.
PRINTED BY: Lady Lazarus - Houston Texas
PRINT: 6 Color Screen Print including a Lustrous Gold Metallic accompanied by a Neon/BlackLight Tainted Inkset.
STOCK: Cougar Bright White #110 (Main Edition) + Variants on Various Holographic Papers accompanied by a “Lapis Lazuli” StarDream Metallic.


Nine Inch Nails Phoenix Print By Guy Burwell Release

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Nine Inch Nails kicked off their Cold and Black and Infinite North American tour last week in Phoenix and Guy Burwell did the poster for the second night. His second of the tour season for NIN is an expression of the construct that lies behind the mechanisms that make up the music that stirs the devils in us all.

According to Guy
It was...meditative...to make. A strange one from this end. There is a standard edition on 100 Cougar Natural, slick like technology in four colors. There is also an edition on mirror surface stock with just enough reflection to accent rather than overpower or undermine.
 Buy them at  http://guyburwell.com/

Friday, September 14, 2018

Acorn Metallica Sioux Falls Poster Release

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Official Metallica Sioux Falls Artist Edition posters by Acorn.

For sale on Friday, September 14th at 1pm Pacific - f4dstudios.com

Posters measure 18" x 24" each and are 4 color screen prints for Metallica's September 11th, 2018 show at Denny Sanford Premier Center in Sioux Falls, SD.

Edition of 70 silver colorway posters and edition of 30 silver colorway rainbow foil posters, all signed and numbered by artist Acorn.

Purchase each poster individually or as a matching number set. Limited number of sets available!

Thursday, September 13, 2018

David Welker Transistor Boy Resin Figure & Print Release

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Back in 2014 David Welker made a poster for the band Primus where he imagined a band of misfit heroes about to embark on a mission to save the world from alien invaders. The unlikely leader of this ragtag brigade was a little radioactive, neon magenta, space kid we have come to know as "Transistor Boy". With unwavering bravery and enthusiasm for this and all missions of peril, he leads the way like a beacon in the galaxy.

And now because of the three dimensional visions of his good friends at Bottleneck Gallery he has materialized in this world as a 6" hand painted resin figure. Available this Friday September 14th at 12noon EST with a limited edition, signed and numbered, metallic screen print included in your purchase of $125. He comes in a cool box. He is cool.

Look for the release in his online store page.

Matt Leunig Widespread Panic Nashville Poster Release

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Matt Leunig has a new Widespread Panic poster.
I was psyched to get the Nashville gig as the vibe of the city tends to allow the art direction a bit of a different look then most of their other stops. A bit more of a rustic, Southern feel. I know the rooster has been used by them in the past but I wanted to give my take on it and have been dying to try some of that “hot chicken” they got down there. As I was working the melty/flame like elements of the design I realized I could work in some foxes and give the overall image a bit more of a story quality to it. From there the concept came together pretty quickly. ML
The show edition was a print run of 350 prints & he will have an Artist Edition of 65 prints (Signed/Numbered) available on Wednesday, September 13th at 11am PDT. To keep with the rustic vibe there will be NO FOILS available for this print, instead he tried a “wood veneer” variant On a wood patterned veneer paper for the 1st time. In total there will be a run of 40 of these (signed/numbered)

Get some of that tasty hot chicken at http://scrapedknee.com/

Skurktur Dipol Art Print

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The guys from Skurktur have a new art print titled Dipol available in their shop.

These are 1 color screen prints on 24 x 24 cm, (9.4 x 9.4 inches) 300 g/m² stock. Regular edition of 15. Price: 600 NOK (approx. 62€ / 72$).

Several variant editions on different colored stock also available.

Available here: www.skurktur.tictail.com

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Metallica Grand Forks Print By Mark 5 Release

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Official Metallica Grand Forks Mark 5 Artist Edition posters.
For sale on Wednesday, September 12th at 11am Pacific - f4dstudios.com

Posters measure 18" x 24" each and are 6 color screen prints with metallic gold inks for Metallica's September 8th, 2018 show at Alerus Center in Grand Forks, North Dakota.

Edition of 70 orange colorway posters on cream speckletone paper and edition of 30 orange colorway rainbow foil posters, all signed and numbered by artist Mark5.
Purchase each poster individually or as a matching number set. Limited number of sets available!

Joey Feldman Mosquito Rojo Art Print Release

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This Wednesday, Bottleneck Gallery are teaming up with Joey Feldman to release a charity print to support one of Joey’s close friends.

Here’s what Joey had to say about this charity print and a little background on his friend:
“I don’t like getting sick. I become a big baby--I don’t want anyone around me and I do not want any help. But when I recently found out about my friend’s situation, my first reaction was ‘how can I help?’ You see, for me, it’s easier to help others than it is to help myself.

My friend, Eric Gershman, was diagnosed with multiple myeloma. If you’re not familiar, it’s blood cancer. He’s a husband and a father of three. He’s also a high school teacher at Springfield Township High School in Pennsylvania. He’s going to need treatments, time off from work, many treatments, and recovery time. His family will need all the love and support we can give them.

I took some action and got in touch with Bottleneck Gallery--they didn’t blink an eye and were on board, so created this image, which is influenced by a song that was recently played by the Gershman’s favorite band. So now this print will be available and 100% of the profits will go to Gershman family”
Mosquito Rojo by Joey Feldman
2 color screen print on coventry rag
12 x 9 inches
Hand-numbered edition of 200
100% of profit will be donated to the Gershman Family

Joey’s print will be available Wednesday 9/12 12PM EDT on the homepage, Bottleneckgallery.com .

Eddie Colla's Residue Of Arrogance Art Print

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Eddie Colla and 1xRUN have released a powerful print and I encourage you to read Eddie's full write up on his thoughts and reasons for this print.

It is 14 x 22 Inches Archival Pigment Print on 290gsm Fine Art Paper with a signed & numbered edition of 50.
"It's September 11th 2018. Seventeen years have past since the events of September 11th 2001. Regardless of how you may feel about the victims of those events, or the men and women who risked their lives to rescue and aid those victims, it's hard to deny that those events have been used in vulgar ways to promote ideas and agendas that are counter to the basic tenets of our constitution. We're a country that's been at war for 17 years, through 3 presidents. We've accepted as a nation that we'll be at war for the unforeseeable future. To me that day marks a rather grim turning point in American history. A point from which we've yet to return. If the events of Sept 11th 2001 were a test of our convictions then we've failed miserably." Eddie Colla
Buy the print and read Eddie's full thoughts on the art at www.1xRUN.com

Emek Ringo Starr South Bend Poster Release

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Been a long time since I have seen a poster for Ringo Starr or any Beatle. But Emek has done one for Ringo's show in Indiana recently.

Poster is an 11 color silkscreen
Signed, numbered, embossed, and doodled edition of 99
18”x 24”
$100 + shipping

The BUY NOW buttons will appear sometime between 12:00pm and 12:15pm PDT on Thursday September 13th at www.emekstudios.com

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Charles Peterson Pearl Jam Eddie Vedder Boston Bonus Print

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Charles Peterson and 1xRUN decided to drop a bonus print for the Drop in the Park series and this one features Eddie Vedder at the recent concert in Fenway Park in Boston on September 2.
"Often, it's the seemingly simple that can resonate the most for me. For this 1xRUN bonus from Boston, I was envisioning a wide shot, a classic Who jump shot, solid action, Fenway! But this early (ten minutes in, first show) photograph of Eddie really struck me. Capturing the maturity of an artist, in an image that is both resonant and visually dynamic, in a live setting, is a tough thing to do. I’ll leave any interpretations beyond that to the viewer.

A bit about making the image. For one thing, it's not cropped and is at the long end of a Nikon 80-200mm. Pearl Jam have these enormous black scrims surrounding the stage, which makes it easy to get really clean backgrounds like this. Typically, the first night of any Pearl Jam show there’s a scrum of twenty plus photographers, most right down under Eddies’ nose, there to shoot the first three songs only. I usually avoid that, and head to the far side of the pit or elsewhere, until they’re finished. And that’s how one begins to get a shot like this. Or as I like to say to students: “Bend your knees!” (i.e. find that new perspective).

I also like the arc, the narrative trajectory made from the first image in the 1xRUN series of a young, wild Ed hanging from the scaffolds, to the middle age, dad Ed, still in awe of it all, playing at the legendary ballpark of his youth." - Charles Peterson
 This print is a 17 x 12 Inches Archival Pigment Print. Timed Limited Edition that is signed & numbered will be closed on September 12th at 3pm.

This Drop In The Park print series features 8 new timed limited editions from legendary Seattle photographer Charles Peterson! To coincide with Pearl Jam's 2018 US tour 1xRUN has partnered up with Charles Peterson to look through his expansive archives for some old favorites, never before seen shots and more surprises for 7 new timed limited editions dropping for each stop of the band's 2018 tour! In partnership with Pearl Jam's ongoing initiative to fight homelessness a portion of the proceeds from Charles Peterson's Drop In The Park editions will be donated to Mary's Place in Seattle.

On sale now at 1xRUN.com for only 24 hours.

Bioworkz 311 Chicago Poster Release

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Official 311 Chicago Artist Edition posters by BioWorkz.

Available on Tuesday, September 11th at 11am Pacific.

Edition of 65 Regular posters
Edition of 35 Rainbow Foil posters
Edition of 10 Pyramid Foil posters

All posters measure 24" x 18" and are signed, numbered and hand embossed by artist Bioworkz. The regular and rainbow foil editions can be purchased individually or as a matching number set at a slight discount over the regular listed prices.

Visit F4dstudios.com on Tuesday for more info and to purchase.

Metallica Lincoln Print By Munk One Release

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Metallica Lincoln NE Print AP's by Munk One

From the Sept 6th 2018 Metallica show in Lincoln NE.
Three different variant AP editions will be made available while supplies last.

Blue Glow in the dark AP Edition of 50
Rainbow Foil Variant AP Edition of 30
Green Variant AP Edition of 50

Release Date: Tuesday Sept 11th, 2018 after 10:30am PST at https://shop.invisibleindustries.com/

Grateful Dead Licorice & Red Foil Variants From N.C. Winters

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N.C. Winters Grateful Dead posters Wave Two features two variants: Black Licorice stock and Red Mirri foil. Both have very different looks, but N.C. thinks the black licorice may actually be his favorite.

Grateful Dead licensed screenprint poster
Black Licorice Variant
Print size: 18″ x 24″
Artist edition of 40, each print is hand signed and numbered.
Twelve color screenprint on French Black Licorice stock.

Red Mirri Foil Variant
Print size: 18″ x 24″
Artist edition of 40, each print is hand signed and numbered.
Twelve color screenprint on Legion Red Mirri Foil.

Prints will be available in his online shop this coming Wednesday, September 12 at random time.

Brian Methe Big Business Cincinnati Poster

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Brian Methe has released his latest poster and it's for the band Big Business.

Its a screen printed gig/concert poster he designed for the band Big Business for their Cincinnati show at MOTR Pub on September 9, 2018.

This is an 18x24 inch, four color screen print designed and drawn by hand.

The image is a parody of the famous Sid and Nancy photograph, but i replaced their faces with Ivanka Trump and Jared Kusher, a perfect representation of big business at work.

He only has 12 available as the band sold the majority of the run at the show.

Buy it at www.bmethe.com

Monday, September 10, 2018

Zeb Love 311 Sioux City & Titan Art Print

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Zeb Love recently worked with 311 to create a gigposter for their September 1 show in Iowa. He loves old science fiction pulp covers, and wanted to do something like that. Zeb also has an art print version of this poster. According to Zeb t"hese were a lot of fun, experimented with some split fountains on the printing."

Posterss 18x24" - Silkscreens
311 - AP Edition of 25 - $50
311 - Lava Foil AP - Edition of 20 - $75
Titan - Edition of 13 - $40

Buy them at https://shop.zeblove.com/

Pearl Jam Boston Foo Fighters Seattle Posters By Brad Klausen Release

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Brad Klausen will be releasing a couple of recent posters this week.

First up is the poster he designed for Pearl Jam and the shows in Boston.

Regular edition
Poster is 12" x 31.85", 7 Colors on tan kraft paper
signed and numbered out of 304

Poster is 12" x 31.85", 7 Colors on tan kraft paper
signed and numbered out of 105

Next is the Foo Fighters poster he did for Seattle.

Regular Edition
Poster is 13.25" x 25", 5 Colors on white paper
signed and numbered out of 100

Foil Variant
Poster is 13.25" x 25", 5 Colors on silver rainbow foil paper
signed and numbered out of 46

All the posters will go on sale 12 PM Pacific on Wednesday Sept. 12th at https://www.artillerydesign.com/

Nate Dino's 311 St. Louis Poster Artist Edition Release

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311 St. Louis Artist Edition posters by Nate Dino
For sale on Monday, September 10th at 11am Pacific - f4dstudios.com

Posters measure 18" x 24" each and are 5 color screen prints with metallic gold inks for 311's September 3rd, 2018 show at the Hollywood Casino Amphitheater in St. Louis, MO. Edition of 40 regular posters and edition of 40 rainbow foil posters, all signed and numbered by artist Nate Dino.

Purchase each poster individually or as a matching number set at a slight discount. Limited number of sets available!

Suburban Avenger Studios Foo Fighters Vancouver Print Release

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Luke Martin of Suburban Avenger Studios will be releasing his gorgeous Foo Fighters Poster from the show in Vancouver recently. He will have regular and foil variants that wil be signed & numbered. Be sure to check out his Queens of the Stone Age poster well.

On sale Monday at 11am EDT at https://www.suburbanavengerart.com/

Friday, September 7, 2018

Queens of the Stone Age New Zealand Posters Release

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Once again Australia's number one publisher of posters Beyond The Pale of have put together an amazing line up of talent to create posters for Queens of the Stone Age as they tour New Zealand and Australia.

The first ones have been released.

Auckland 2018 Official Poster Art by Blair Sayer
Printed on 250 gsm archival stock
18 x 24 inch. Limited Edition Silkscreen
AUD $ 45.00 = USA $ 32.50
Buy Now (https://beyondthepale.com.au/product/qotsa-auckland-2018/)

QOTSA. Christchurch, 2018
Official poster Limited Edition Silkscreen Art by Chris Thornley.
18 x 24 inch, printed on 250 gsm matte stock.
AUD $ 45. = USA $ 32.50
Buy Now (https://beyondthepale.com.au/product/qotsa-christchurch-2018/)

Lightbox Print Co Building the 804 Print Release By Sally Centigrade Gallery

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Sally Centigrade Gallery is going to Richmond, Virginia with their latest Travel By Screen print.

Artist: James and Meredith Hill of Lightbox Print Co.
Title: Building the 804
Size: 18” x 24” Signed & numbered limited edition of 25 4 layers (CMYK), screen printed by hand on Pure White French Paper
Price: $50.00

Available Friday September 7th at 10:00am Mountain Time in the Sally Centigrade Gallery Store HERE.

Print Description: Richmond, the heart of the 804 area code, is a medium size city rapidly putting itself on the map alongside some respectable large cities as one of the top places to visit for its award- winning food and craft beer scene, thriving arts and creative community, downtown riverside adventures and historic architecture (along with its interesting and infamous history as the capital of the Confederacy). This print captures the city’s amalgamation of old and new through an architectural sense – one of the buildings stands as one of the tallest and oldest in the city yet is vacant while another is one of the city’s newest and hottest boutique hotels, both residing only within a couple blocks of each other.

**The 804 is subtly shown vertically in the windows of the blue building on the left**
Statement/Bio: Married printmakers Meredith and James Hill (working together under the name Lightbox Print Co.) produce bold, contemporary works out of their studio in Richmond, VA. All of their work is screen printed and registered by hand the old fashioned way and based off their own drawings and photographs. Drawing from and inspired by their backgrounds in architecture and design, the content of their work is influenced by their often-pondered question of what gives a place its character – something they have always loved to investigate by traveling on foot with a camera and sketchbook – then documenting through their own lens and style via their artwork.

The couple share in the various steps of their collaborative printmaking process from the conceptual development of an idea to the separation of color layers to the final printing, allowing one or the other to take the lead on drawing, mixing ink colors or pulling the squeegee depending on the needs and aesthetic of each particular print.

Dan McCarthy Dandelion Wine Art Print

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Dan McCarthy's new print is inspired by the Ray Bradbury novel about the first and last days of summer, memory and nostalgia, here is “Dandelion Wine” - 6 color screen print (glows in the dark), 18” x 24”. CLICK HERE to purchase. 

Also available on 18” x 24” x 1.5” cradled WOOD PANEL (ready to hang) for $100 + shipping. 

Send Dan some Birthday love by buying some prints! Use the CODE: HAPPYBDAY for 10% off all orders (for the next 24hrs).

Ken Taylor Modern Times Movie Poster Release From Nautilus & Mondo

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On Friday Mondo are releasing the second poster in their partnership with their friends at Nautilus Art Prints for the brilliant Charlie Chaplin film MODERN TIMES. Widely viewed as one of Charlie Chaplin’s greatest films, artist Ken Taylor has paid incredible tribute to this seminal film. Mondo are proud to exclusively offer the Regular Version of MODERN TIMES through their website. You can pick up the Variant Version over at Nautilus Art prints.

Nautilus x Mondo #2: MODERN TIMES (Regular Version) by Ken Taylor. 24"x36" screen print. Hand numbered. Edition of 200. Printed by S.P. Productions. Expected to Ship in October 2018. Available at a random time on Friday (9/7) via mondotees.com. $60/ €55

Nautilus x Mondo #2: MODERN TIMES (Variant Version) by Ken Taylor. 24"x36" screen print. Hand numbered. Edition of 100. Printed by S.P. Productions. Expected to Ship in October 2018. Available 7PM (Brussels Time) which is 1pm EDT on Friday (9/7) via Nautilus Art Prints. $92.50/ €75

Thursday, September 6, 2018

311 Allentown Poster By Dayne Henry Release

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Official 311 Allentown, PA Posters by Dayne Henry with that 90's throwback turtle vibe.

Available Thursday, September 6th at 11am Pacific - F4DSTUDIOS.COM

Edition of 60 Regular Edition prints
Edition of 30 Rainbow Foil prints
Edition of 20 "Pixel" Foil prints

All posters are 6-7 colors on 18" x 24" paper, signed by artist Dayne Henry. Every poster ordered will ship with 1 free custom (approx. 6" x 6") die-cut sticker! A handful of purchasers will receive the special holographic foil sticker in place of the regular sticker. If you order 1 poster you'll receive 1 sticker, 2 posters you'll receive 2 stickers, etc, etc...
//SEO SCRIPT POWERED BY www.alltechbuzz.in