Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Widespread Panic Darin Shock Pittsburgh Variant Posters Release

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So on Tuesday, Darin Shock is releasing the foils and variants of the Widespread Panic Pittsburgh poster he recently did. There are two foils (rainbow and sparkle) and 4 variants on various pop tone papers (banana split, cotton candy, orange fizz and spearmint). Sorry to disappoint but the paper is not scratch & sniff or scratch & lick.

All available at Noon EDT here http://stateofshockstudios.com/store.html

Greg Gossel Knockout 16 - 30 Print Release

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Greg Gossel has his second series of Knockout Hand Painted Multiples going on sale at 1xRUN on Tuesday.

These HPM's are 18 x 22 Inches Silkscreen Ink, Acrylic, Spray Paint & Collage on 250gsm Paper and there will only be 15 different ones for sale.

"The Knockout! series is kind of a companion print to my Superficial! release from last year. This series is the other side of the coin to the aggressive punching character in last year's release, which I look at as a metaphor for the ups and downs of daily life.

As for the creation process itself, this series is one of my more heavily layered editions. Each piece began with a layer of collaged vintage comic book pages to create a unique base texture. The pieces were then sanded, hand deckled, and built up with a variety of screen printed layers, acrylic washes, and spray painted textures giving the series a very rich and complex surface.

This labor intensive process mimics the layering and decay of old signage & street advertising and leaves each print in the series completely unique from the next." - Greg Gossel
 On sale Tuesday at NOON EDT at 1xRUN.com

Dave Perillo Dr Strange & Ghost Rider Poster From Grey Matter Art

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Grey Matter Art under license from Marvel, is proud to present two new officially licensed, limited edition screen printed posters for the iconic superheroes, "Ghost Rider & Dr. Strange. This is the third project Grey Matter Art has released under Marvel, and this time has chosen to work with the artist, Dave Perillo to bring you an amazing representation for these two great characters.

Artist: Dave Perillo
Size: 12x24
Ghost Rider: 225/$45.00
Dr. Strange: 225/$45.00

This poster will be released on Wednesday, July 01st. on the GMA website shop page at a random time between 1:00-2:00 PM EDT at www.greymatterart.com

Follow Grey Matter Art on Twitter to get a jump on the drop.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Zeb Love Widespread Panic Red Rocks Poster Release

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Zeb Love will be putting up his AP copies of his Widespread Panic poster on Wednesday July 1st around Noon EDT time in his shop at ZebLove.com

Both are 18x24" screenprints.

Regular edition of 50 - $30.00
Variant edition of 23 - $50.00

He will also be giving away the 3 printed color separation progressive proof set of posters into one random order! Meaning one random tube will include 3 extra pieces of paper. 1 sheet has 1 color on it (gold), the next sheet has 2 colors on it( gold + blue), 1 sheet has 3 colors on it (gold/blue/red). These are cool in person since it gives you a look at the printing process.

James Flames Dave Matthews Band & Billy Joel Posters Release

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James Flames is really excited about releasing these two new posters tomorrow: his latest poster for Dave Matthews Band, and a poster for one of his musical heroes Billy Joel!

Also, due to the limited nature of both of these posters, and the fact that these 'drops' usually sell out rather quickly, James is offering an option to add both of these posters into your cart at the same time. So for anyone who was interested in purchasing both posters, no need to waste time carting them separately and then checking out.

The Dave Matthews Band poster for Camden, NJ is titled "Float There And Watch It All", featuring a couple flying through multiple worlds, atop a floating carpet being carried by birds. The poster is 18" x 24", Five Color Screen Print, Edition of 900, Signed & Numbered

Getting to work with Billy Joel was like a dream come true for James. He grew up with his music and has been a fan for life. Billy wanted an "art print" to sell at his shows at Madison Square Garden, and asked James to do it. Pretty amazing. Also, this poster was printed by master printer Dan MacAdam at Crosshair printing in Chicago. Official Billy Joel Art Print 18" x 24", Six Color Screen Print Artist Proof Edition of 75, Signed & Numbered

Both of these posters will be available tomorrow, Tuesday, June 30th at 2pm Eastern at JamesFlames.com

Charles Crisler David Gray and Amos Lee Indianapolis Poster & Print

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Charles Crisler has a couple of new pieces of work for sale in his store. David Gray and Amos Lee Indianapolis Poster and a print titled Red Runner.

As a kid you couldn't stop me from drawing cars and trucks - really
anything with wheels. And as you can see lately, I've delved back into my
old passion.

You hear a lot about the '57 Chevy Bel Air car, but what about the truck?
Well, here you are - the 1957 Chevrolet 3100 pickup in a custom hue,
The posters are 4-color screen prints on Natural 100C paper measuring 24 x 18 in
Gig Poster Edition: 175 (60 available online)
Art Print Edition: 60
Signed & numbered

Buy them at  http://www.27designco.com/

Darin Shock Couch Tour Poster 2015 Release

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Just in time for arguably the biggest couch tour event ever with the Grateful Dead shows, Darin Shock will be releasing his Couch Tour 2015 prints on Monday at Noon EDT. If you recall, Darin conducted a pre-sale for the foils and he is now selling the extras as well as the regular edition and the orange variant.

The poster is 24x18", 4 color screen print.
Grey edition of 23 ($25), Orange variant edition of 25 ($35), sparkle foil edition of 62 ($60)

The will all be available here: http://stateofshockstudios.com/store.html

Sarah Joncas Blossom Print Release Details

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Sarah Joncas is releasing a new print with 1xRUN on Monday titled Blossom.

"I made the original painting 'Blossom' for the 4th Annual Supersonic show that opened this past January. The painting was less about a deeper theme and more about exploring a different direction with my work. I like to bring in graphic elements from time to time and this painting was all about that aesthetic. Kind of a Mucha-esque inspiration. Since then I've been enjoying the style in quite a few newer works. I find it beautiful and fun to play around with, especially when I get to contrast the flat, brighter colours of acrylic alongside the richer skin tones in oil." - Sarah Joncas

On sale Monday at NOON EDT at 1xRUN.com

Dayne Henry Feelin It Print Release

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Fight 4 Dreams Studios have released a new print by Dayne Henry Jr. titled Feelin' It. The print measures 17" x 22" on high-quality exhibition watercolor textured paper and is a signed and numbered edition of only 30 prints by artist Dayne Henry.

Buy it at F4DStudios.com

Raid 71 Judge Dredd 2000 AD Urban Sprawl Print Release

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The first in a series of officially licensed, limited edition, original, screen printed art prints featuring characters and titles from the pages of the galaxy’s greatest comic, 2000 AD and Judge Dredd Megazine.

Vice Press under license from Rebellion are extremely proud to announce the first of their ongoing 2000 AD screen-printed series of art; featuring Mega City One Lawman, Judge Dredd! For this release they chose to work with British artist Chris Thornley, aka Raid 71. Vice Press have long been fans of Raid’s work and they are extremely pleased with the thought and care he has put into this truly unique Judge Dredd screen print. Raid has also captured a number of clever Easter Eggs, which are hidden throughout the art.

Artist: Raid 71
Title: 'Urban Sprawl'
Size: 18 inches x 24 inches
Regular: Edition of 100, £30, 5 colors, 100# Pop-Tone Banana Split Paper
Variant: Edition of 50, £40, 5 colors (including metallic), 100# Construction Grout Grey Paper
Printer: VGKids

'Urban Sprawl' will be available on Thursday the 2nd of July at 6pm BST at www.Vice-Press.com. 

Vice Press had this to say about the project, “For our first release we wanted to present something that would break expectations and deliver something truly original. Having seen Raid’s amazing work in gallery shows and magazines, we agreed very early on that he we would be the perfect fit. Raid is a true fan of 2000 AD and Judge Dredd and really relished the opportunity to work in that world and the results are obvious.”

Sebastian Bentler Behind the Iron Veil Print

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Sebastian Bentler has a new unique handpainted screenprint titled Behind the Iron Veil. It is a screenprint on handpainted acrylic background + UV/Matte Finish on 315gsm Innova Soft Textured Natural White.

42x54cm (17x21″)

Stamped, signed and numbered edition of 7.

Underlining the iron veil theme, the print comes with a small Metatron/Flower of Life print on the back - which pretty much represents being out of the matrix/grid symbolically.

The illusion people behind the iron veil are presented
The deception selling people in the veil (their own) life as technology
Separation of what people truly need sold to them as what they think they need
People being kept blind of what they do in the veil until it is too late

Buy it at http://thirtythr33.de/shop/

Jeff Soto Nightgardens Solo Show

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KP Projects/MKG is proud to present Nightgardens, the latest exhibition by Jeff Soto.

In his first solo exhibition in Los Angeles since 2006, Jeff Soto’s Nightgardens is a continued exploration into contemporary landscape painting coupled with the idea of myth and the mysterious. The imagery created does not exist in our world yet references real life dilemmas, conflicts and journeys into the unknown.

Both familiar and otherworldly images dot alien-like terrain where creatures of the night such as owls, cats and wolves make appearances, yet are not always what they seem. Ancient Yeti-like creatures called ‘Seekers’ - either from the distant future or forgotten past - meander through purple-blue sunsets and moss covered hills while traversing past urban civilization in the form of geometric architecture, telephone poles, palm trees, and toys. Soto invites us into an imaginary world of magic, monsters and daydreams that alludes to a need for transcendence in the modern world.
“Most of my visuals come from free writing and drawing, dreams, and other Surrealist techniques. I have a long-standing love of landscape painting and have been working it into my compositions for decades. Nature is one of my biggest inspirations, especially the purple-blue hills and mountains of Southern California. The compositions can be busy and chaotic because that is how my life and thoughts are. I enjoy playful randomness well as traditional illustrative rendering. Graffiti was and continues to be a factor in my work.” – Jeff Soto

Exhibition Dates: June 27th - July 25th, 2015
Gallery Hours: Tuesday – Saturday 12 – 6pm

KP Projects / MKG
170 S. La Brea Avenue
(in the ART 170 Building)
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 933-4408

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Aaron Horkey Capricorn Blues Mural For Pow Wow Long Beach

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Last night in Long Beach, California Pow Wow Long Beach kicked off with Vitality and Verve opened at the Long Beach Museum of Art. Among the huge list of artists at the show Aaron Horkey stands out as the one so many people want to see. So for those of us not in the area I give you pictures of Aaron's mural titled Capricorn Blues. The show will be up through September 27 so if you are in the area check it out. There is a map on the Pow Wow website for all the outdoor murals as well.

Thanks to Craig McCudden for the pictures.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Dave Perillo Will The Real Martian Please Stand Up Twilight Zone Poster Release

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Dave Perillo & Dark Hall Mansion are very pleased to reveal their next guest-artist Twilight Zone release: "WILL THE REAL MARTIAN PLEASE STAND UP," by leading contemporary artist, Dave Perillo. A charming and wacky piece that riffs in 12" x 12" vintage LP record cover format on a terrific and classic "Twilight Zone" episode, they think you'll agree Dave's artwork perfectly suits the somewhat manic quality of this humorous yet pensive episode.

Artist Dave Perillo brings to bear the influence of one of his, and DHM's, favorite artists, the enormously influential, Jim Flora. Flora's unique and highly stylized jazz and pop record cover artwork of the '40s and '50s exploded with color and hyper-stylization influencing generations of illustrators in all fields, and Dave Perillo has done him justice! Formatted to appear as the vintage record cover you might always have wanted but not known existed, his 12" x 12" "WILL THE REAL MARTIAN PLEASE STAND UP" has all the earmarks of a classic jazz inflected cover from the '50s while creatively rendering this classic TZ episode's entire story arc and twist ending in one dynamic piece.

To be clear, you do NOT need to purchase the 10-print "Twilight Zone" subscription series to be able to purchase the Dave Perillo "WILL THE REAL MARTIAN PLEASE STAND UP" prints, however, DHM TZ subscription holders ARE entitled to advance purchase the Perillo prints in advance of the general June 30th on-sale date when all fans can look to purchase!

"WILL THE REAL MARTIAN PLEASE STAND UP" Standard edition of 280: $35
"WILL THE REAL MARTIAN PLEASE STAND UP" Variant edition of   50: $50
"WILL THE REAL MARTIAN PLEASE STAND UP" Wood edition of 10 (based on Standard edition colorway) $95
"WILL THE REAL MARTIAN PLEASE STAND UP" Wood edition of 10 (based on Variant  edition colorway) $95

DHM's officially licensed Dave Perillo "WILL THE REAL MARTIAN PLEASE STAND UP" limited edition prints go on sale NEXT Tuesday, June 30th, right here in they DHM store:
http://darkhallmansionstore.com at 9:30 AM PST!

Icy & Sot American Dream Print Release Details

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Icy & Sot will have a new print released through 1xRUN on Friday titled American Dream.

The print is a 24 x 24 Inches 5-Color Screen Print on 140lbs Mohawk Fine Art Paper with a signed & numbered edition of 85

"American Dream is inspired by the homeless guy who was holding Starbucks cup asking for money. There are a lot of homeless people in New York, but they are invisible in between skyscrapers. We painted him bigger than the empire state building so he can be noticed more." - Icy & Sot

Along with this print they will have 3 pieces of original artwork for sale as well. They all go on sale Friday at NOON EDT at 1xRUN.com

Monty Python and the Holy Grail & Time Bandits Posters Release From Galerie F

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Two more phenomenal film posters to add to Galerie F's Logan Theatre Series! Finishing off the month of June with the last two Terry Gilliam films on show - Time Bandits and Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Nothin' like wrapping up the month with a bang. Again they present two new artists to the Galerie F roster with very different aesthetics. C.S. Logan's scratchboard illustration is a blend of trippy existentialism and Gilliam silliness; Monsell captures the bright chaos of the Holy Grail perfectly in his digital montage design. Grab both prints on their webstore this coming Monday and stay tuned for some amazing releases in July and August that will be sure to titillate.

Time Bandits by C.S. Logan
Screening at Logan Theatre Thursday June 25th at 10:30PM [no table, only web sale]
Regular edition of 60, variant edition of 30
Measures 18"x24"
$35 regular, $55 variant
Signed and numbered
Printed by FugScreens Studios

Monty Python and the Holy Grail by Jordan Monsell
Screening at Logan Theatre June 26 thru June 29 [no table, only web sale]
Edition of 100
Measures 18"x24"
Printed by FugScreens Studios

DROPPING MONDAY JUNE 29th at 2PM CDT at GalerieF.com

Radiohead Tribute Art Show

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If you are anywhere near Newport, Kentucky there is cool show happening tonight if you are a fan of Radiohead. Rob Warnick helped organize an art show to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Radiohead's The Bends. A group of local musicians will be covering the album in its entirety. To go along with the music they will have 12 artists creating original artwork inspired by a song from the album.

Artists for the show include: Julie Hill, Tommy Sheehan, Neltner Small Batch, BLDG, Brian Methe, Austin Dunbar, Robot Inside, Chris Dye, Ronson Slagle, Joe Wehrman, Emily Patton and Rob Warnick.

 Julie Hill created a piece for the song Sulk. Keith Neltner's piece is enormous. It is 3 feet x 4 feet, wheat pasted onto wood. He also shot it with a shotgun in the bullseye. Rob's is pen and ink on bristol board. And Tommy's in a one off giclee print. Also big at 39.5 x 27.5.
The show is  Friday, June 26 at the Southgate House Revival in Newport, KY.

A link to the Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/434178580076808/

Matthew Johnson Classic TMNT AP Print Release

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It’s been a while since Matthew Johnson released a print but he is working hard and hopes this will be the start of a trend for the summer, releasing prints that is.

These Classic TMNT prints were originally done for Hero Complex Gallery’s Kung Fu Theater show. They’re 18x24, three colors on Cougar White paper, signed and labeled “AP”.

On Friday the 26th, he will be releasing a small amount of his “Classic TMNT” APs at 11am EDT. They’ll be up at www.seventhink.com at that time. 
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