Monday, June 29, 2020

Paul Jackson Pantera Cowboys from Hell 30th Anniversary Poster Release

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Pantera took over this town 30 years ago when they released their major label debut COWBOYS FROM HELL in the Summer of 1990. This album went on to become one of the defining albums of the 90’s and put Pantera on top of the metal genre. To commemorate the important milestone for the band, Iconic by Collectionzz worked closely with Pantera to produce an epic 30th Anniversary poster. Pantera played an integral part of the design, and wanted an old school Clint Eastwood movie inspired poster starring Dimebag Darrell, Philip, Vinnie and Rex. Paul Jackson took the concept and tediously brought it to life with extreme detail, staying true to the band and music.

There are 3 different versions available, and 1 lucky tube will also contain a Golden Foil Variant with their purchase:

Main Edition
Size: 24" x 36"
Authenticity Hologram on rear of print
Edition Size: 130 Hand Numbered
Six Color Screenprint

Red Variant Edition
Size: 24" x 36"
Authenticity Hologram on rear of print
Edition Size: 50 Hand Numbered
Six Color Screenprint

Natural Variant Edition
Size: 24" x 36"
Authenticity Hologram on rear of print
Edition Size: 30 Hand Numbered
Six Color Screenprint

On sale Tuesday June 30th at High Noon EDT at

Tara McPherson Studio Sale For Surgery

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Tara McPherson is having a huge sale, here are the details in her words.
Hi everyone! We hope you all have been healthy, safe, and enjoying some outdoor fun. We have been pretty secluded up here in Beacon, and are just beginning to venture out a little bit more. Erica is back in the studio with proper distancing and safety measures, so it's feeling a little bit more back to normal which is so nice, even if we do have to facetime each other from different rooms!

As some of you may have read, next Monday (today) I will be undergoing some pretty major spinal surgery. Even though it's very heavy and quite personal, I realized it's important for me to share what I'm going through so I can hopefully be another voice for someone in need in the future. While I was researching my spinal issues and specifically this complete neck fusion that I need done, I found so little information on it, and so few people have shared their journey. Fortunately I found 2 extremely brave women who have openly shared their struggles and advice, and for that I am so thankful. I also want to thank everyone for their amazing and loving comments. It's supremely uplifting to read all of the positive notes, even if I am sporadically tearing up in between, they are tears of joy! I swear!

So, before I begin the long journey of recovery, I wanted to do a big studio release and put up a variety of prints to help raise some funds for all the upcoming hospital bills and such while I am out of work. If there has ever been a print you had your eye on, or wanted to get a sweet gift for someone, please take a look below! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

- XO Tara

This print release features all remaining numbers from Tara McPherson's 2019 DesignerCon exclusive prints, including The Absence of Gravity, The Black Water and both color versions of Interstellar Jelly and Shared Shadow. They are also serving up a selection of super fun goodies pulled from the archive, special for you!

Be sure to check the website for the full print offerings here >>

Get well soon Tara.

Zeb Love Willie Nelson 1972 Artist Edition Posters

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Earlier this year (seems like forever ago) Zeb Love worked with Collectionzz to produce an officially licensed Willie Nelson poster. They have an ICONIC series going on, focusing on iconic performances from various musicians.

Regular AP Edition of 14
Variant AP Edition of 12
Both come signed & numbered.

Buy them at

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Paolo Rivera Painted Works of the Marvel Universe Prints Release

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Greetings friends and fans of the art collecting community! We've all been braving some tough times as of late but Summer is officially here and it is the hope of Grey Matter Art hope that they can bring you a a little bit of relief with some jaw-dropping art from master artist and illustrator, Paolo Rivera!
Not only are GMA happy to bring you their first release of the Summer but GMA are pleased to offer the first in a continuing series of premium art prints, titled, "Painted Works of the Marvel Universe." These prints will focus exclusively on the classical and non-traditional painted artworks of several unique illustrators. And with that, we see Paolo touch on 3 distinct artworks that demonstrate this style perfectly with his signature take on Spider-Man, Daredevil, and the beautiful homage to the very famous work of art, "The Persistence of Memory" by one of the most prolific artists of the 20th Century, Salvador Dali! All prints are Fine-Art Giclees, printed on acid-free paper with archival inks.

The Amazing Spider-Man #646 Variant by Paolo Rivera
16" x 24" Hand-Numbered Fine Art Giclee (Acid-Free Somerset Velvet)
Edition of 175

Daredevil #1.5 by Paolo Rivera
16" x 24" Hand-Numbered Fine Art Giclee (Acid-Free Somerset Velvet)
Edition of 150

The Amazing Spider-Man #592 Variant by Paolo Rivera
16" x 24" Hand-Numbered Fine Art Giclee (Acid-Free Somerset Velvet)
Edition of 175

There will be an option for the full set with matching edition numbers as well.

"Painted Works of the Marvel Universe" by Paolo Rivera Goes On Sale Thursday, June 25th at 1 PM EDT in the Grey Matter Art Shop!

Hokyoung Kim Siren Art Print Release

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Black Dragon Press has the perfect print for these hot summer days, so much so you just want to jump into this new print and let that cool water wash over you. Way better than sitting in a lawn chair in front the sprinkler.

This week they are releasing ’Siren’, a beautiful and refreshing art print by the very talented Hokyoung Kim. The piece is a 14" x 20" giclée print on Hahnemühle fine art cotton archival paper and comes from a limited edition of just 60 copies.

‘Siren’ will go on sale this Friday June 25 at 5pm UK time and NOON EDT exclusively from in the Black Dragon Press Shop.

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Joey Feldman Outside It's America Art Print Release

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Joey Feldman has been creating throughout this turbulent, uncertain time. The Abstract Pandemic Series is an exposition of his feelings and experiences through what we are all living through together.

His new print is titled Outside It's America. Regular edition size 50 and Hand Embellished edition size 3 all signed and numbered.

On sale Thursday at NOON EDT at

Jim Mazza The Long Way Virtual Gallery Show

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Gabba Gallery presents The Long Way, a virtual solo exhibition by Jim Mazza — Going LIVE Thursday, June 25th at 11am (PT).

The Long Way will feature original artwork, prints, variants, and defaced 1/1 show prints.

Visit the link below for the entire collection, Thursday June 25th at 11am PDT right here

Dan McCarthy The Days We Live In Print

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Dan McCarthy has a new socially distant print, 4 color screen print  - 18” x 24”" - signed & numbered - edition of 400.

"Because of the time we are living in now, I know money is tight with a lot of us. The price for this print will be offered on a sliding scale. The general price is $40. If you are watching your spending, but still want to send some support (and need this print), I will be offering a few discounted options: $30, $20 & $15. Any support you can give would be much appreciated. It will surely help keep this ship afloat!" - Dan McCarthy

Also, this is available wood panel (cradled and ready to hang, no need to frame) 18” x 24” x 1.5.

Check them out and others at

Kii Arens Conan O'Brien Tour Posters

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Right from the start Kii Arens was a huge fan of Conan O’Brien. He loves how he gives new comics a much deserved break. He also enjoys how he travels around the world to make his show Conan Without Borders... The new episode Conan In Ghana is a must see on Netflix.

"I hope you enjoy these two Conan prints, it’s an honor to be asked to create them."- Kii Arens

By them at

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

David Welker The Mill Road Art Print Release

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Details from David Welker on his new print release:
I've always been fascinated with Rural America, Appalachia, and the ominous beauty of the post industrial "Rust Belt" region. My family had Midwest roots after immigrating mostly from Scotland in the early 19th Century. My Grandmother from a poor coal mining family in Alabama moved North and met a wealthy son of a publishing family just West of Cleveland, Ohio. Our family travels through Western Pennsylvania and Ohio are forever etched in my memories, as are the sensibilities of that rural mindset.

For this latest piece titled "The Mill Road" I worked in cooperation with Coal Camp USA and Rust Belt journalist Chris DellaMea. Originally a part of some research for a concert poster for "The Decemberists" playing in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania in 2011, at the time I changed gears and chose a more stylized depiction of "Steel Town" for the final poster. So all these years later I decided to rework the old sketch I had started back then. And having lost the original photo, I finished it from memory.

I think there is some extra charm in the piece having waited for so many years and with the subtle interpretations of memory.

Now my good friends at The Half & Half in South Carolina have made a beautiful screen print edition on an Opal Pearlescent paper and we will also have a beautifully hand-deckled giclee edition as well.
The Mill Road
Screen print on Opal Pearlescent paper
13 x 16 inches
Signed and hand-numbered edition of 200

The Mill Road - Giclee Edition
Archival pigment on cotton rag paper with hand-deckled edges
14.5 x 17.6 inches
Signed, embossed and hand-numbered edition of 100

The Mill Road will be available on Wednesday, June 10th at 1PM EDT in his store

GMA: The Art of the Cinematic Universe Part II Prints Release

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Greetings everyone! Last week, Gray Matter Art held their online release gallery with Part I of "The Concept Art of the Marvel Cinematic Universe" that featured a wide range of concept art by some of the finest artists, illustrators, and designers working in Marvel's Visual Development department today. Concept art is not only a visual reference aid used by moviemakers throughout the film-making process, but are also seen as artistic masterpieces in their own right.

With over 10 years and 23 incredible movies in the making, Marvel's Visual Development team has been able to realize their artistic vision for the Marvel Cinematic Universe and create some of the most visually dynamic superhero art seen to this day.

GMA cannot be more thrilled to announce their second offering with Part II of our Online Gallery Show, also featuring two never before released exclusive prints! And with that, because GMA have been so pleased with the fan's response to the show, they are excited to be offering a new & continuing Series of Marvel Concept Art Releases, so be on the lookout for upcoming announcements. All prints are fine art Giclees printed on acid-free paper with archival inks!

Part II: "The Concept Art of the Marvel Cinematic Universe" Goes On Sale Thursday, 6/11 at 1 PM EDT in the GMA Shop!

Francesco Francavilla Rambo First Blood Part 2 Movie Poster Release

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After Rambo First Blood, Nautilus Art Prints continues to build on its success by presenting Rambo “The Mission”. This second installment plunges us this time into Vietnam with a Rambo in search of redemption. Sylverster Stallone, omnipresent on
the screen, even signs part of the script alongside James Cameron.

To revive this emblematic moment in the cinema of the 80s, Nautilus called on Francesco Francavilla, an American graphic master with a striking portfolio. The result is a poster that gives the lead role to a “Sly” who is more iconic than ever. In collaboration with
Studiocanal, Nautilus Art Prints offers a regular version from Mondo and a variant version from them. You can’t miss it!

Regular edition
Size: 24x36 inches / 61X91,44 cm
Colors: 8
Edition size: 250 hand numbered

On sale on the Mondo store June 11th at Noon EDT

24x36 inches / 61X91,44 cm
Colors: 9
Edition size: 85 Hand numbered

On sale on Nautilus Art Prints store June 11th at 1pm EDT. 

Friday, June 5, 2020

Brian Methe George Floyd Justice Art Print Fundraiser

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Brian Methe designed this George Floyd print that is being printed by Broken Press Design as a fundraiser for Black Lives Matter.

 Broken Press Design is generously donating the screen printing this 18x24 inch poster of my “Justice” drawing in memory of George Floyd and the victims of police brutality.

ALL PROCEEDS, after shipping will be donated to Black Lives Matter. $30 a print, $10 shipping, $20 to BLM.

These will be signed and numbered LEs

Available now at

Scott Listfield & Mckenzie Fisk Prints Release

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Thinkspace Gallery have some new print editions from Scott Listfield and McKenzie Fisk

A portion of the proceeds from each print edition will be donated directly to Black Lives Matter Los Angeles and the Los Angeles Action Bail Fund.

Mount Rushmore
Edition of 75
Fine art print on 290gsm paper
18 x 26 inches / 45.7 x 66 cm Signed and numbered by the artist

Hollywood Forever
Edition of 75
Fine art print on 290 gsm paper
16 x 20 inches / 40.6 x 50.8 cm
Signed and numbered by the artist

Legend Has It
Edition of 75 Signed and numbered by the artist
Fine art print on Signa Smooth 300gsm cotton rag paper with deckled edges
Deckled edges 20 x 20 inches / 50.8 x 50.8 cm

Available now in the Thinkspace web store

Thursday, June 4, 2020

Concept Art of the Marvel Cinematic Universe Print Release

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Grey Matter Art are so thrilled to share this weeks release with you all. Earlier, they had the opportunity to be a part of a special art exhibit with their pals at Gallery Nucleus who presented concept art from the films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Concept art is utilized as a basis to invent a wide range of assets from characters, creatures, and costumes, to vehicles, props, and environments too.

Concept art is not only a visual support for movie makers to aid as a reference throughout the film-making process but also seen as artistic masterpieces created by some of the finest artists, illustrators and designers working today. Marvel has assembled quite the team over the years to help assist in bringing their vision to the big screen and with the unparalleled talents of their visual development department, they have produced 23 impressive movies in just over 10 years! Part I Release features art that consist of key scenes and elements that made these movies so memorable and enjoyable to watch time and again. All prints are fine art Giclees printed on acid-free paper with archival inks!

The Concept Art of the Marvel Cinematic Universe Goes On Sale Thursday, 6/4 at 1 PM ET in the GMA Shop!

Rhys Cooper Killer Klowns From Outer Space Movie Poster

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This week Mad Duck Posters are excited to release new licensed posters for Killer Klowns From Outer Space by Rhys Cooper and Black Sabbath by Richard Hilliard!

Rhys brought his terrifying take on Killer Klowns, focusing on the different Klowns from the movie with incredible detail!  Richard's digital painting of Mario Bava's Black Sabbath perfectly captures the uneasiness of the film, combining all three stories from the movie into one stunning poster!

Both posters have variants and are on sale now at

Monday, June 1, 2020

Brian Methe No Sleep Til Art Print

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Brian Methe has some new art that is a limited edition, screen printed art print in honor of the Beastie Boys. It is entitled “No Sleep Til”.

There are 40 on white paper and a variant on mint paper limited to 10. He is also offering doodled versions.

Image is drawn by hand and hand screen printed. 4 colors, measures 18x24 inches. Domestic shipping is free.

Whatch want is right here at >>