Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Brian Methe Elvis Costello and the Imposters Cincinnati Poster Release

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Brian Methe has released a new print for the Elvis Costello and the Imposters show that happened this past weekend in Cincinnati. 
Poster is 18x24 inches, with a signed & numbered edition of 50.

Prints are $40 with free domestic shipping.

Available now at

Friday, October 15, 2021

Jimi Hendrix Print by Luke Preece

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This one is for all of those who couldn't visit Collectionzz at New York Comic Con (and of course those who did visit us)! This new officially licensed, five color screenprint of Jimi Hendrix is illustrated by Luke Preece; and is limited to 125 copies of the Main Edition, and only 50 copies of the Holographic Rainbow Foil.

Each one is 18x24 inches and a 5 color screenprint. 

Brad Klausen 311 Maison54 Print The Celestial Ox & More

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Brad Klausen has released a couple of new art prints plus his artist edition 311 Seattle poster. 
 Cradle Broken Glass comes in 2 different editions. 

The Celestial Ox comes in 2 different colors also. 

For the 311 fans he has a bundle of 3 posters available as well. 

Get them all at

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Def Leppard Pyromania Print & Patch by Gary Pullin

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 Iconic by Collecitonzz are excited to announce their first officially licensed, limited edition screenprint for Rock and Roll Hall of Famers Def Leppard! They're so excited in fact they're giving away a matching Def Leppard Pyromania patch (and a surprise item!) with every order. To kick off their partnership with Def Leppard Iconic turned to one of their favorite artists, Ghoulish Gary Poulin, and as usual he delivered artwork that perfectly encapsulates the band and the time period.

So dust off those battle jackets and head over to Iconic By Collectionzz to grab one.

Alice Cooper Constrictor 35th Anniversary by Vance Kelly

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Iconic by Collectionzz limited edtion screenprint commemorating the 35th anniversary of Alice Cooper's classic album Constrictor is now available!
Alice Cooper's classic album Constrictor, released on September 22, 1986, is celebrating its 35th anniversary! Constrictor was a fresh start for Cooper after a three year hiatus from the music industry, and was arguably the best work he put forth in years. Cooper succeeded in re-establishing himself by bringing back the energy that had made Killer and Welcome to My Nightmare so popular, and in the process regained his crown as the king of Shock Rock!

The horror series Friday the 13th teamed up with Cooper during this time to produce the theme song for its latest film. The song “He's Back (The Man Behind the Mask)” was written for Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives and went on to become a #1 hit in Sweden. The song provides a perfect blend of Alice eeriness and toe-tapping radio appeal.

And who can forget that classic cover art! Artist Vance Kelly took inspiration from the album art depicting the boa constrictor having finished off the job with a skeleton of Alice Cooper all that remains of Ol Black Eyes!
Available now at Iconic By Collecitonzz

Zoe Keller Syngnathidae Art Print

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PangeaSeed Foundation is pleased to announce the latest fine art print release for their educational print program, Printed Oceans. Featuring original artwork by supporting ARTivist Zoe Keller (USA). "Syngnathidae" is a limited art print edition highlighting the plight of some of the ocean's most unique and charismatic creatures, and the importance of a healthy ocean ecosystem

Our oceans cover more than 70 percent of the Earth’s surface and are home to an incredible 94 percent of the planet’s living species. With so much of the Earth’s surface taken up by the ocean, it’s evident how vital these marine environments are to the planet, and how much there still is to be explored.

Artist: Zoe Keller (USA)
Title: "Syngnathidae"
Edition size: 75 regular | 25 hand-embellished
Dimensions: 18x24 inches | 24x32 inches
Details: 18x24 inches full bleed signed and numbered by the artist | 24x32 inches full bleed, uniquely hand-embellished, and signed and numbered by the artist
Paper: Printed on Canson Aquarelle 310gsm museum-grade archival paper
Pricing: 18x24 inches $100 | 24x32 inches $175
Available now via

Artist statement:
Syngnathidae is a family of bony fishes that includes seahorses, seadragons, pipefish and pipehorses. These small, charismatic creatures are important symbols of healthy ocean ecosystems, and they are disappearing. Each year, millions are swept up in trawl nets as bycatch, and millions more are traded illegally for use in traditional medicine and as dried curiosities in souvenir shops. Development, pollution, agricultural fertilizer runoff, and ocean warming driven by the climate crisis are all making life untenable for those that evade capture. By protecting our marine waters, and supporting the work of organizations like Project Seahorse, The Seahorse Trust, and the IUCN SSC Seahorse, Pipefish, and Seadragon Specialist Group, we can preserve these incredible ocean jewels, and the ecosystems they call home, for generations to come.

Saturday, September 25, 2021

Louder Than Life Poster By TAZ

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If you're at the Louder Than Life Festival this weekend in Kentucky be sure to snag one of the posters designed by TAZ
Poster is a 18x24 6-color silkscreen and is available in high octane foil and regular, and it is available at the event today for lucky fans to grab.
Be sure to wear a mask also, lots of folks in Kentucky dont believe in the vaccine or wearing masks. Stay safe and think about others.

Monday, September 20, 2021

DMX Prayer Print By Godmachine

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 DMX announced himself to the world in 1998 with his multi-platinum-selling debut album It’s Dark and Hell Is Hot, a stormy survey of greed, violence, crime and betrayal, which also displayed his gift for blending light and heavy textures behind an intense, menacing presence at the microphone. His next four albums also went to number one, making him the first rapper to have their first five albums go straight to the top of the US chart.

Earlier this year the world lost DMX, but his story and his music will live on. Iconic by Collectionzz are truly humbled to have been invited to create an official piece of art commemorating the life of such an iconic figure. As always, up for the task was artist Godmachine who illustrated the art entitled "Prayer" like DMX's delivery of lyrics, blending the smooth with rough. The poster measures 18x24 and hand numbered edition of 200. 

Available now at Iconic By Collectionzz Store !!

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Willie Nelson Stardust Poster by Matt Tobin Release

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Iconic by Collectionzz is commemorating one of Willie Nelson's masterpieces, Stardust, with limited edition, double sided screenprints by Matt Ryan Tobin. The art is inspired by Willie's words about the titular track, and what it meant to him personally growing up as a child during the depression days looking up to the stars, which is transcribed on the back of the poster. This print is for all the stargazers out there!

Poster is 18 x 24 inch screenprint with a hand numbered edition of 100.

  Available Tuesday September 14th at 2pm EDT in the Iconic By Collectionzz Store !!

Friday, September 10, 2021

Rush Roll The Bones 30th Anniversary Print by Ben Brown

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On September 3rd, 1991, Rush released their 14th album, Roll the Bones. The album has a taste of rap, a bit of funk, and a bigger “groove” than fans expected from Rush at the time. Neil chose to be more straight-ahead, leaving room for Geddy's bass playing to be more aggressive.

"Roll The Bones' is the perfect title, because through all of the thoughts that I go through on the album, about all these nasty things that happen, and all these terrible things that could happen to you: a drunk in a stolen car could run over you on your way home tomorrow night, and you could have the best-laid plans for what you want to do, but there's still that element of chance that it could all go wrong. But the bottom line of that is, 'Take the chance, roll the bones.' If it's a random universe, and that's terrifying and it makes you neurotic and everything, never mind. You really have to just take the chance or else nothing's going to happen. The bad thing might not happen but the good thing won't happen either, so that's really the only choice you have." Neil Peart, “Roll The Bones Radio Special"

The album went to number three in America, the band’s first album to hit the US top five since 1981’s Moving Pictures, and “Ghost of a Chance” made it to number two on the Mainstream Rock chart. For the Rush R40 Tour in 2015, the performance of the titular track features an accompanying video for the rap section that had lip synching cameos from Rush super fans Peter Dinklage, Chad Smith, Jay Baruchel, Les Claypool, Tom Morello, Paul Rudd, and Jason Segel.

To mark Roll the Bones' 30th anniversary, Iconic by Collectionzz is releasing brand new officially licensed limited edition screenprints by Ben Brown!

I was fan of the early records of Rush - and being a big music fan, always paid respect to their very capable music chops - both as players and composers. As a kid I loved 70’s hard driving rock (still do!) - Alice Cooper, Deep Purple, The Faces, Led Zeppelin - and those early Rush LP’s fit right in to my play list. I was not as familiar with later output from the band - in the early 90’s I had moved on and was riding skateboards and listening to hard core punk rock and metal.
When Collectionzz approached me to create a Rush poster - I was stoked - and revisited ‘Fly By Night’ and 2112. I also played Roll the Bones. At first I fell back on the old cliche of 'I like the early stuff better'. But the more I listened to it as I worked up the images for the poster, I just couldn’t believe how it grew on me. Testament to their skill to write songs and riffs that drag you in. Pouring over the lyrics for inspiration added another layer too. Neils lyrics and writing in general gave me plenty to draw on. There are quite a few obscure and cryptic visuals we have included in the poster detailed below. It was great fun to work on. I love screen printed rock posters and feel privileged and excited to add this one to my portfolio. - Ben Brown

There is a regular edition and a Now It's Dark Variant available now in the Iconic By Collectionzz Store !!

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Alan Campbell Homage to Catalonia Art Print Release

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Homage to Catalonia is George Orwell’s report of his time fighting in Spain during the Spanish civil war in 1936 through to he was wounded in 1937 being shot through the throat by a sniper.

For Alan Campbell's design he combined elements from the works of Pablo Picasso's painting Guernica and Joan Miro’s Aidez L'Espagne (Help spain ) which was designed as a stamp to help fund the Spanish government during the civil war.

Details are as follows,

Homage to Catalonia Regular edition (Red)
Based on the novel by George Orwell
4 color Screenprint on Gfsmith Colourplan 350gsm
Numbered, Initialed and embossed on front
Full signature and artist stamps on back
Edition of 25 - Printed by Artist at Glasgow print studio
£40 / $56 + S/H

Homage to Catalonia -Variant (Silver) (image shown below)
Based on the novel by George Orwell
3 color Screenprint on Gfsmith Colourplan 350gsm
Numbered, Initialed and embossed on front
Full signature and artist stamps on back
Edition of 15 - Printed by Artist at Glasgow print studio
£40 / $56 + S/H

Alan also recently found a few remaining copies of his Nineteen Eight-Four screenprint he released way back in 2013. A limited number of them will be released at the same time.

Based on the novel by George Orwell
5 color Screenprint on Gfsmith Colourplan 275gsm with hand painted embellishments on hands, Deckled edges
Signed and Number on front
Edition of 45 - Printed by Artist at Glasgow print studio in 2013

Available 7th of September 2021 at 5pm GMT/ 12 EST/ 9am PST in Alan Campbell's Webstore HERE !!

João Ruas Nighthunters II Art Print Release

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Black Dragon Press are very excited to release a brand new art print from one of their favorite working artists, the great João Ruas. ‘Nighthunters II’ is a 14.5" x 18” fine art print printed on a hefty 350gsm museum grade paper and will be available for 72 hours starting this Wednesday 08 September at 5pm UK time. The final edition run will consist of the number of copies sold during this time. This edition will not be reprinted.

Please note that 5% of the profits from this edition will be donated to Projeto Harpia, an NGO that is trying among other things to reintroduce harpy eagles around the threatened Atlantic forests of Brazil. This in top of our ongoing campaign raising money to plant trees with the World Land Trust.
Join the Hunters Wednesday at Noon EDT in the Black Dragon Press Store

Friday, September 3, 2021

Black Crowes Shake Your Money Maker Poster By Dan Black Release

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Iconic by Collectionzz have released three prints for The Black Crowes so far, and they are excited to announce the fourth! If you have attended (or will be attending) the band's Shake Your Money Maker Tour, you may have noticed the beautiful tour poster hanging up in the merchandise booths. Or you may have not noticed it because they've been selling out! Collectionzz can finally officially announce their collaboration with the The Black Crowes in creating those prints, which are illustrated by Dan Black and printed by LandLand!  
They're offering an exclusive variant of the tour poster that's printed on a Brushed Gold Foil that gives the colors an even deeper richness, and the script lettering and other finer details throughout the illustration are golden! You won't be able to grab this exclusive variant on tour, now is your chance to celebrate the return of rock and roll!

"Its an honor to create the poster for The Black Crowes' Shake Your Money Maker tour! This art was inspired by many of the songs off of Shake Your Money Maker, but in particular "Struttin' Blues" and the lyrics "out there, breeze is finally blowing, no tellin' when the train pulls in." I think this song is relevant right now for a number of reasons. Not only are the Crowes back, but it's a reunion of fans and live music after a very difficult year. The train's boxcars are textured from the weather but, but they're still solid and the lights are still on. The cities are hand-painted onto boxcars, like badges of honor that tell the story of the Shake Your Money Maker tour and where the caboose has been.

If you look closely, you'll also notice candles, 30 to be exact. Not only are they a reference to "Hard to Handle," but they commemorate the 30th anniversary of the iconic album that the band is playing in full. Hope you enjoyed the show!" -Dan Black
Available Friday September 3rd at 2pm in the Iconic By Collectionzz Store !!

Thursday, September 2, 2021

McMonster The Wrong Way Art Prints Release

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PangeaSeed Foundation is pleased to announce the latest fine art print release for their educational print program, Printed Oceans. Featuring original artwork by supporting ARTivist McMonster (USA). "The Wrong Way" is a limited art print edition highlighting habitat destruction, such as mangroves, and the importance of wildlife conservation. Currently, mainly due to human impact, we are losing species 1,000 and 10,000 times higher than the natural extinction rate. At this rate, at least 10,000 species go extinct every year.
Artist: McMonster (USA)
Title: "The Wrong Way"
Print dimensions: 16x20 inches with a half-inch border
Paper: Printed on museum-grade textured archival paper
Edition size: Standard black & white edition of 50 and Variant color edition of 25 all signed and numbered by the artist 
Pricing: $100 and $150 USD

Release date: Thursday, September 2 at 12 pm PST via

Artist statement: 
"Mangroves are home to some of the most diverse ecosystems in existence. Every inch of them teeming with diversified life, from fish to birds, reptiles to big cats. Mangroves are truly magical. They are enchanting and an integral part of mitigating climate change. Unfortunately, every year more and more are disappearing due to coastal development.

In this painting, I chose to use the flying Egrets to represent moving upwards on onwards from our current climate situation, and their glow represents the importance of doing so. Having them move from left to right, mirroring the smoke and smog of the city is implying that this is the correct way to go. I have the mangrove tiger moving from right to left to represent their population moving in the wrong direction. I chose to make the smoke from the city imitate the veiny tangles of branches and vines of the Mangrove forests. The colored editions of this piece are meant to show the magic that the Mangroves possess, while the black and white versions are meant to represent the somber and heavy mood of what is actually taking place, which is the steady decline of these magical water forests due to coastal development." - McMonster

Alex Ross Amazing Spider-Man #33 & Wolverine #1 Comic Book Cover Prints Release

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What would comics be without the epic dust-ups between Heroes and Villains.... This week's Grey Matter Art release brings us two of Marvel's most courageous heroes knocking heads against their most formidable foes. Spotlighting Spider-Man and Wolverine in the beautiful and artistic stylings of Alex Ross and Jeehyung Lee, respectfully. Both Prints come sized at 16" x 24" Fine Art Giclees with a Metallic Silver Variant Edition for each. The perfect accent highlighting this already beautiful artwork!

The Amazing Spider-Man #33 & Wolverine #1 Goes On Sale Thursday September 2 at 1 PM EDT. in the GMA Shop!

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Cuyler Smith OutKast ATLiens Lenticular Print Release

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OutKast’s early work placed the American South squarely and inextricably on the hip-hop map, proving that the genre was not destined to be exclusively bi-coastal forever. Beyond their music, the group’s bravado and pride played no small part in convincing people to redefine the geographic boundaries of hip-hop.

Some may recall the infamous events of August 3, 1995, the day that The Source held its annual awards ceremony in New York City. The tension-filled event represented a tipping point in hip-hop’s East Coast versus West Coast feud of the mid-90sOne moment from that evening that you may not remember as vividly is what happened to OutKast when they were named Best New Artist. Upon ascending to the podium to accept their award, André and Big Boi were welcomed with a chorus of boos to which André confidently replied “the south got something to say” and exited stage left. As history has proven since, OutKast have definitely had the last laugh.

Unveiled in the waning days of August 1996, the pair’s sophomore album ATLiens was—and still is—a revelation. "It's not your average, everyday album," Big Boi explained to The Source in August 1996. "Listening to it, it's very phenomenal. It's gonna take the whole hip-hop thing to a whole 'nother level. Don't expect the same ol'. Just put it like this: it's something different." 

ATLiens debuted at number two on the billboard top 100, and sold nearly 350,000 copies in its first two weeks of release. The album has been certified double platinum by the RIAA, for shipments of two million copies in the US. The album spawned the singles "Elevators (Me & You)", "ATLiens", and "Jazzy Belle". Since its release, ATLiens has been listed by several magazines and critics as one of the greatest hip hop albums of all time.

To celebrate the anniversary, Iconic by Collectionzz is releasing an officially licensed ATLiens 25th Anniversary lenticular print by Cuyler Smith! This lenticular is literally out of this world with stunning 3D depth and a 2 image flip that shows André and Big Boi turning from OutKast to ATLiens! Measuring 18x24 inches it will have an edition of 175 hand numbered prints.

Available Wednesday at 2pm in the Iconic By Collectionzz Store !!

Justin Hampton Mystery Tube 2021 Sale

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New 2021 Mystery Tube

On sale this Wednesday, September 1st at 12 Noon PST or 3pm EST.

Here's what you will receive!... A tube with 4 random items of my selection will ship to you! The tube could contain any combination of posters, artist proofs, test prints and key line prints as well as handbills or stickers from my poster vault. At least one will be in perfect condition but there will also be some scratch and dent prints. All that for $100. That said, most will be in very good condition. He’ll only accept a limited number of these so act quick while it’s up for grabs!

Purchase them in the Justin Hampton Store !

Thursday, August 26, 2021

Van Orton Design Genesis Abacab 40th Anniversary Poster Release

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On September 18, 2021 it will be the 40th Anniversary of Genesis' iconic album Abacab. It marked the band's development from their progressive roots into more accessible and pop-oriented songs, and their conscious decision to write songs unlike their previous albums.

The name of the album refers to the song structure as it was originally written: "A" (verse), "B" (chorus), and "C" (bridge) refer to different sections of the song. The song went verse, chorus, verse, bridge, verse, chorus, but it ended up having a different structure. "ABACAB" was just a way for Genesis to remember how it was formed when they started working on it.

Abacab was a brave project for Genesis, transitioning away from their successful sound and style of the 70s. "On that particular record, we were trying to get away from what was, at that point, traditionally Genesis, which was quite flowery and fantasy, and to go to something that was much more stark and abstract. That's why we went for an abstract art painting on the front and gave it this abstract title, Abacab, so, that it didn't conjure up any particular emotion at all. We started with a kind of blank canvas. It worked well as both a song and an album title, I think." said Tony Banks.

Abacab was a smash hit producing four singles, "Abacab" "No Reply At All," "Man On The Corner" and "Keep It Dark" all enjoying enormous airplay. Collectionzz is a big fans of the art duo Van Orton Design, whose style incorporates the pop culture and the stained glass windows of churches; and the celebration of the 40th anniversary of Abacab was the perfect project to get them involved with!
"It was a great honor to be able to represent this poster, because Genesis is one of our favorite bands, we are big fans of Prog. Our style in some moments recalls the stained glass windows of the churches, and the best way to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Abcab was to create an original stained glass window" - Van Orton Design
On sale August 26th at 2pm EDT in the Iconic by Collectionzz Store !

Juliet Schreckinger Macy the Moonkeeper Art Print Release

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 PangeaSeed Foundation is pleased to announce the latest fine art print release for our educational print program, Printed Oceans. Featuring original artwork by supporting ARTivist Juliet Schreckinger (USA). "Macy the Moonkeeper" is a limited art print edition highlighting marine habitat destruction and the importance of wildlife conservation. Currently, mainly due to human impact, we are losing species 1,000 and 10,000 times higher than the natural extinction rate. At this rate, at least 10,000 species go extinct every year.

Artist: Juliet Schreckinger (USA)

Title: "Macy the Moonkeeper"
Dimensions: 20x20 inches with a one-inch border
Paper: Printed on museum-grade textured archival paper
Details: Regular edition of 50 prints signed and numbered by the artist

Details: Variant edition of 15 prints uniquely hand-embellished | signed and numbered by the artist
Price: $85 USD | $185 USD

Available now via
Artist statement:
"Lighthouses have always fascinated me; I love how they stand strong as a symbol for guidance and light against rough waters and weather. This is a crucial time in history, where we all must take action and stand strong in the face of pollution and the destruction of natural habitats. Like the eel in this drawing, I hope that we can all be "drawn to the light", to education, peace, and the truth in the importance of protecting all living creatures. As an artist, it is extremely important to me to depict all animals with the importance that they deserve. It is urgent that we all stand strong and fight for the animals who cannot fight back against human destruction, life will not be the same without them." - Juliet Schreckinger

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

TAZ 311 Bridgeport Poster

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Show Edition

Inner space and outer space are both combined in one flaming head trip of a poster by TAZ for the 311 Bridgeport show. Combing a number of elements to dazzle the eyeballs, TAZ wanted to break out of the current blah’s by featuring the 311 logo as a shining cosmic beacon in the hand of an interstellar traveler across space and time. Lucky fans can grab the band version at the show, or on the 311 website. TAZ will make his available at Sugar Press Art, the current go to place for fresh TAZ collectibles. Stay tuned to the blog for the artist edition release.

Poster Details:
311 Wake Your Mind Up Poster /
6 Color Serigraph w/ 2 Split Fountains

Artist Edition size:
30 variant prints signed and numbered by TAZ / 4 AP's
30 foil variant prints signed and numbered by TAZ / 4 AP's

Stock: 100lb. Archival Paper
Size: 18x24/ including 1/2” border

Show edition posters are numbered out 113. Foils numbered out of 55.

Show edition is on sale now in the 311 Bundle Store HERE !

Artist Edition on sale now at Sugar Press Art !!

Monday, August 23, 2021


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Dave Navarro and TAZ are working on some top-secret projects, but Dave has a cool new band, NHC, which stands for Navarro, Hawkins, and Chaney. He enlisted TAZ to put together a fresh new poster that positions the band visually for an upcoming show at OHANA Encore in October this year, along with Pearl Jam, Beck, and a few others. 

Dave wanted something that evoked the summer of love circa 1967, but with a fresh flair and a power trio feel. The poster they came up with is a 7-color silkscreen print with 2 split fountains and hand-lettered by TAZ in my conversations with TAZ I mentioned how trippy and sick the lettering was. This collectible poster will be printed by the legendary Gary Lichtenstein and will be a very limited run. Each print will be signed by Dave, Gary, and TAZ and will have a certificate of authenticity. A few will be available at the event, the others will go to lucky insiders and fans who know the artists and want to own an amazing one-of-a-kind collectible.

There might be an online release at some point, keep an eye here on the blog and TAZ's IG

Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Steve Thomas Woodstock 1969 Poster

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In August 1969 — against the backdrop of a nation divided over politics, civil rights, and the Vietnam War — half a million people converged on a small dairy farm in upstate New York to hear Jimi Hendrix, The Who, Janis Joplin, The Band and other music icons in a concert billed as “3 Days of Peace and Music.”

What followed was beyond anything anyone could have predicted. The cultural phenomenon no one foresaw transformed an ordinary field into a historic landmark where legendary performers played to more than 450,000 people. Unimaginable mud and unforgettable moments transformed Woodstock Music and Art Fair into a cultural rallying cry for an entire generation. It was the defining moment of the counterculture revolution – and it changed their lives and the world forever.

Collectionzz decided to create a poster which not only represented peace and music, but also the grounds upon which it all took place. When Woodstock was being conceived, the original plan was for it to take place in Wallkill, New York. But after locals panicked over the scale of the project, the event was banned. This only brought more attention to the event, which organizers originally assured would only draw 50,000 attendees. Needing a new venue for the event, promoters were introduced to dairy farmer Max Yasgur. His 600-acre farm in Bethel Woods, NY, just about 40 miles southwest of Woodstock, became the site for the historic event. They thought what better way to celebrate Woodstock than with art paying homage to Max Yasgur's dairy farm!

 Available now in the Iconic By Collectionzz Store !

Thursday, August 5, 2021

Doaly Ghost Rider Posters Release

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This week, Grey Matter Art are pleased to feature one of their favorite anti-heroes from Marvel Comics, Ghost Rider and one of their favorite artists, UK based graphic designer and digital illustrator, Doaly! GMA love the work Doaly has been creating for the comic world lately and with this poster, it is no different. We see an incredible take on Johnny Blaze as the fire consumed supernatural character, Ghost Rider. The work Doaly does with this character is quite amazing by delivering 2 separate editions. We see a classic take on the character engulfed in fiery red and orange flames in the Regular Edition and a stunning Variant Edition that utilizes different shades of pink that contrast perfectly with the use of black, both offering a distinct look for the character. Ghost Rider comes as an 18x24 inch screen print!

 Ghost Rider Goes On Sale Thursday 08/05 at 1 PM EDT. in the GMA Shop!

Miles Johnson Countercurrent Art Print Release

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Black Dragon Press have released a new and much requested art print by Miles Johnston. ‘Countercurrent’ comes in two versions: a 12" x 16" timed edition and a larger 18" x 24" edition limited to 165 copies. Both editions will be signed by the artist.

The timed edition will be available for 48 hours only ending on August 6. The final edition number will be determined by the number of sales during this period. If you purchase both editions they will send you a matching number set.

Available now at the Black Dragon Press Store.

Friday, July 30, 2021

Foo Fighters Cincinnati Print By Brian Methe

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Brian Methe going to be releasing his first gigposter for the Foo Fighters on Friday for their show earlier this week in Cincinnati. Brian was really excited as this is also the first show at the ICON Center, which is a brand new venue in town.

The print is based on the myth of a local cryptid, the Loveland Frogman, that was sited in the 70s outside of Cincinnati.

 Prints will be signed and numbered and measure 18x24 inches. 

Buy it in his store HERE.

WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Prints Release

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 Are you coming down from the Comic-Con Craziness this past weekend, Grey Matter Art is not either, so this week they are pleased to offer two limited edition posters featuring artwork from the ever stellar Disney+ streaming service for Marvel Studio's, WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier! They have thoroughly enjoyed these shows and GMA can't wait to see how these stories will play out in future films! First up, GMA are pleased to feature art by Ruiz Burgos. He gives us a very classic 50's era style that nails the period from the first two episodes perfectly. GMA love this look here down from the clothes to the furniture! Next up, GMA have Marvel Studios production art for one amazing super-hero team-up from the show, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. GMA love this poster and how Cap's shield looms large as a sign that his spirit still lives on in these characters! Both Prints are Fine Art Giclees printed on acid-free paper with archival inks!

 Available now in the Grey Matter Art Store.

Monday, July 26, 2021

Tupac All Eyez on Me Poster By Mexifunk

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As we look back 25 years since its release, All Eyez on Me was Tupac without compromise—a deep look inside his mind. It captures him at his most vulnerable and provocative. Executing an array of styles at an almost impossibly high skill level that never feels like an exercise in form, and is a remarkable final document from one of his generation’s defining voices.
"There are artists that come on the scene and just perform. AND THEN, there are ARTISTS who do more than perform- they motivate and cast a golden brilliance throughout a generation. For me TUPAC is one of them very few artists who had so much to share because he had lived the best he could and was able to deliver so much beyond any controversy. It's the reason why I collaborated with Collectionzz to honor the 25th Anniversary of ALL EYEZ ON ME. We chose to screenprint them on a brushed gold foil paper to pay homage to the brilliance that emanates from Tupac's wise words of wisdom.” -Mexifunk
Artist: Mexifunk
Size: 24" x 18"
Edition Size: 150
Five Color Screenprint
12pt Brushed Gold Foil Paper
Hand Numbered
Holographic sticker on back of print for authenticity

On sale now at Iconic by Collectionzz Store.

Echo Print Gallery Comic Con at Home Posters Release

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ECHO print gallery, known for it’s artist driven, limited edition silk screen band posters, is set to release a handful of exclusive variant posters for Comic-Con@Home 2021. The posters are being done in small limited runs, so don’t delay.

Jimi Hendrix Under the Sea by Jim Mazza.
This 11-color screen print measures 18”x24” and will be available in these limited edition variations:
Jimi Hendrix Under the Sea Cotton Rag Variant– 30 pcs / $100
Jimi Hendrix Under the Sea Citrine Stardream Variant– 30 pcs / $100
Pink Floyd October 13, 1973 Vienna Austria by Wolfskulljack
This 11-color screen print measures 18”x24” and will be available in these limited edition variations:
Pink Floyd October 13, 1973 Vienna Austria Midnight Cotton Rag Variant– 75 pcs / $100
Pink Floyd October 13, 1973 Vienna Austria Midnight Rainbow Foil Variant– 75 pcs / $100
KISS January 22, 1977 Chicago, IL Lava Foil Variant by Dirty Donny Gillies
This 10-color screen print measures 18”x24” and will be available in this limited edition variation:
KISS January 22, 1977 Chicago, IL Lava Foil Variant – 30 pcs / $100
All the posters are on sale now at the Echo Print Gallery Store.

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Iggy and the Stooges Detroit 1969 Print by Godmachine Release

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Exactly fifty-two years ago on July 20, 1969, arguably two of the most important moments in mankind occurred at the same time. First, at 10:56 p.m. ET the American astronaut Neil Armstrong put his left foot on the lunar surface and famously declared, “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” Also at 10:56 p.m. ET Iggy and the Stooges were playing in Detroit, Michigan. No doubt, equally important to civilization.

In the summer of 1969, most of the world simply didn't know what to make of Iggy Pop and the Stooges. The brash and abrasive band blasted out of the Detroit underground with a seething vengeance, armed with caustic songs laced with bracing titles, like "I Wanna Be Your Dog." But The Stooges essentially laid out the blueprint for punk rock to generations of noisemakers eager to plug in and turn it up to 11. The album's brutal and violent approach was reflective of the mood of a nation dealing with the atrocities of the Vietnam War, and civil unrest bubbling up across the country.

"My memory of the original years was a transfixed, frozen attention," Iggy Pop told Rolling Stone in 2007. "Few people wanted to be anywhere near the stage. They would just stare. It was as if the audience was a gigantic cardboard cutout, a diorama. Nobody moved. Nobody went to the bathroom," he cracked. "Little by little, people started liking it. It was mostly high school kids -- tenth graders," Pop continued. "What we did didn't bother them. They thought the riffs were cool. The songs said something to them. And then there were the Ramones, sitting in Queens, going, 'I can get with that. It's kind of simple.' It didn't bother them at all."

The Stooges were a late addition to the bill at the Grande Ballroom on July 20, 1969. Audience accounts of the evening recall Iggy being told on stage that Neil Armstrong landed on the moon. Ecstatic at the news, Iggy proclaimed "I'm gonna play a special dedication" and the Stooges played "1969" in honor of the event. Well fifty-two years later, we're going to honor it all with an out-of-this-world Iggy and the Stooges print by the one and only Godmachine.

Main Edition - $75.00
Artist: Godmachine
Size: 24" x 18"
Edition Size: 100
Four Color Screenprint
Hand Numbered
Holographic sticker on back of print for authenticity

Moonbeam Glow Edition - $125.00
Artist: Godmachine
Size: 24" x 18"
Edition Size: 25
Four Color Screenprint w/ Glow In Dark Inks
Hand Numbered
Holographic sticker on back of print for authenticity
On sale Tuesday July 20th at 2pm EDT the Iconic by Collectionzz Store HERE.

Thursday, July 1, 2021

Josh Homme What is a Villain Art Print Release

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Joshua Homme What is a villain to some, a hero to others & don't mean nothin' to one? Didn't hear you mate, I was drifting downstream. Words by Joshua Homme.

 The first official portrait of one of rocks most dynamic, mesmerizing & inventive musicians. During lockdown John Harris of Beyond the Pale asked Josh what he thought of the gallery doing a portrait of him. He was enthusiastic & naturally wanted some input. The design behind his head is " The Helm of Awe" Josh was adamant the Viking symbol be featured on the poster. Aegishjalmr, or the Helm of Awe, is a Viking runic symbol designed to protect warriors in battle, and also give them courage and strength. The symbol can also be used to give a person the fortitude to overcome their fears. Joshua Homme the family name originated in Norway, a country with a long historical connection to Vikings. It's not too hard to imagine Joshua Homme standing tall on the prow of a Viking longship as it sets sail. 
 Joshua Homme, Rhys Cooper the artist & John collaborated on every aspect of this work.
SUPPORT MUSICIANS & ROADIES 50% of sales go to Support Actan Australian charity that, helps people in the music industry that have been smashed by Covid. 
There are 3 different editions

RED MIRROR FOIL A new paper stock. Mirri Legion 250gsm has a metalized surface that’s 100% biodegradable & provides a very high mirror finish. 6 Color Silkscreen * Edition of 100 Signed & Numbered.

CHROME MIRROR FOIL Mirri Legion 250gsm has a metalized surface that’s 100% biodegradable & provides a very high mirror finish. 6 Color Silkscreen. Edition of 100 Signed & Numbered.
 BLACK MIRROR FOIL Mirri Legion 250gsm has a metalized surface that’s 100% biodegradable & provides a very high mirror finish. 6 Color Silkscreen. Edition of 100 Signed & Numbered.
Available now at Beyond The Pale !