Friday, April 30, 2010

Gov’t Mule at The Mahalia Jackson Theatre, New Orleans Poster by Chuck Sperry

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With all the kickass posters Chuck has created this year I really wonder if and when he sleeps.

Details from the Print Godfather of San Francisco :

Gov’t Mule’s night show during Jazzfest is a tradition dating back over 10 years. Following a one year absence last year, The Tradition Continues Friday April 30, 2010 when Gov’t Mule returns to New Orleans and plays the gorgeous Mahalia Jackson Theatre across from The French Quarter.

As the first theatre to reopen since Hurricane Katrina, The Mahalia Jackson recalls the vibe, beauty and spirit of The Saenger Theatre and The Orpheum, two of the band’s (and fans’) favorite venues and sites of truly memorable shows.

Joining Gov’t Mule will be 7 Walkers Featuring Bill Kreutzmann & Papa Mali.
Gov’t Mule at The Mahalia Jackson Theatre, New Orleans
Friday, April 30, 2010
Edition of 200
7 colors on archival cream paper
15″ x 31″
Signed and Numbered
Poster will be made available by Gov’t Mule at the the Mahalia Jackson Theatre in New Orleans on Friday, April 30, 2010.

And at Chucks Website


Todd Slater - 2 new Dead Weather prints & velvet set for sale today

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23.5 x 16.75 - 3 color silkscreen - S/N edition of 150 - collab with Rob Jones - $40

16.75 x 23.5 - 3 color silkscreen - S/N edition of 150 - $40

12 x 12 (each) 24 x 36 (in all) - 2 color silkscreen - S/N edition of 150 sets - all printed on black velvet paper - $100

Todds backstory on the poster:
The Tulsa image was inspired by the last track off the Dead Weather's new album, Rolling in a Burning Tire. However, the track was recently cut from the final album making this a bit of foreshadowing (it could appear as a B-Side). The Tulsa image was also a collaboration with my good friend Rob Jones.

These prints all go on sale Friday, at 2pm CST at

MEME Machine Print Release, Self Medicated Society, An easy Pill to Swallow Prints on sale

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The rest of the "Self Medicated Society, its an Easy pill to swallow" prints are on sale. more images at

Meme Skull White s/n 10 $60
Meme Skull Signed Silver s/n 3 $125
Butterfly for abuse Signed Silver s/n 3 $125
Its an Easy Pill to swallow Signed Silver s/n 3 $125
Self Medicated Society Signed Gold s/n 3 $ 300
Meme Skull Painting Signed gold $490

Lucy McLauchlan art print from BLK/MRKT Gallery

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BMG is pleased to announce the release of Lucy McLauchlan's latest print "From Every Angle," a gorgeous 4-color screenprint created from an original ink and watercolor work. This is a great example of her unique and compelling style printed on 100% cotton rag, 18 x 24 inches, $110 signed/numbered/stamped
Available NOW at BLK/MRKT Gallery online.


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Nice looking poster by Munk One for Angels and Airwaves. 18 x 24 signed and numbered edition of 100

Buy it at

Banksy Gives $300k Painting to Band to Resolve Naming Mess

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Copyright woes in the contemporary art world aren’t limited to Shepard Fairey. According to Telegraph, Banksy has given one of his paintings, valued at $300,000, to a band sharing its name with the artist’s recent film, “Exit Through the Gift Shop.” The gift was offered both as an apology for using the title and as a request for the band to change its name.

The band, now known as Brace Yourself, received a large-scale black-and-white painting featuring the Grim Reaper driving a dodgem car. Amidst plans to use the painting as a backdrop for gigs, the recipients intend to display the painting in a gallery.

Find the full story at Telegraph.

Return of the MYSTERIOUS TUBES! From Nakatomi

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Man, has it been over 4 months since Nakatomi's last one already? Time flies when you’re traveling through time in a Delorean.

Nakatomi Print Labs prints a LOT of stuff. And printing leads to mis-prints. Some misprints are just too ‘almost perfect’ to throw out. OTHERS are used as test sheets and printed over top of a whole bunch making unique one-of a kind prints.

Those are the scratch/dents! ALMOST perfect, but not close enough to sell. Some of them are signed, but instead of numbered, there’s an “X” in the corner. The 5 or so ‘If you’ve seen what I’ve seen prints’ are glow in the darks that we put in WAY too much glow ink. Made the other ink all pebbly, but still pretty neat. Trust me, there’s a lot more you’re not seeing.

Yes, Test sheets! They’ve got like 25 of these, and one is going in each of the 1st 25 mystery tube orders. (more if they can scrounge ‘em up. They are printing every day!)

And of course, we’ll be putting in TOTALLY NORMAL prints that are on the site as well.

So here’s what you get-

Each tube will get you a random T-shirt in your size plus 4 prints- OR- No shirt and 5 prints.

As with all their Tube Sales, if you have ordered from them before, they’ll make every effort to make sure all NEW posters and shirts come your way! If you order more than one tube, they’ll do the same!

They probably have enough stuff for 50 tubes total, and as I’m writing this blog entry, they have about 35 left


Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Dead Weather Birmingham poster by Aesthetic Apparatus


Birmingham (Habit Mask)

The Dead Weather already have a new record that's about to be released. Damn that Jack White is a productive fellow. With a new record, of course, comes a bit of touring and AA were commissioned to do a poster for their stop in Birmingham, Alabama. The young lady portrayed in this poster would like nothing more than to be welcomed into your loving arms. Do not deny her what you both know is right!

19" x 25"
Two color screenprint (dead blue, dead black) on archival white paper


Like it ? Buy it HERE

Roman Titus "Smokestack III" Art Print Release

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The BLDG will be releasing its third print from photographer, Roman Titus. This is the final print in the series of 3 smokestack prints from Roman.

This print is a bit of a hybrid of the first two prints in the series; A strong focus on the architecture of the building and smokestack with the emotion of an eery twilight sky.

This print is entitled, "Smokestack III" It is a 19"x25", 3 color hand pulled screen print with Metallic Silver. It's an edition of 30 on French Paper. It goes on sale on at 1p.m. on Thursday, April 29th for $30.

The Search Concludes Art Print by Mike Klay

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Get this for your friend that skateboards and they will LOVE you!

Based off the mega ramp at the end of the 1987 Bones Brigade movie: The Search for Animal ChinSkaters pictured from left to right: Mike McGill, Steve Caballero, Lance Mountain, Tony Hawk

Here's a little background to the movie if you haven't seen it:

Twenty-three years ago in 1987, Animal Chin was released, and it instantly became one of the most well received videos in skateboarding. Fourth and fifth generation VHS copies passed from skater to skater around the world. Directed by then legendary skater Stacy Peralta and produced by his preeminent skateboard company Powell-Peralta, it featured the Bones Brigade corps of young pro skaters: Steve Caballero, Lance Mountain, Mike McGill, Tommy Guerrero and skinny little Tony Hawk. The acting quality and background music were not far off from porn—but this was skateboarding.

There is a plot, sort of. The five skaters are on a quest to find a missing skate master, Won Ton “Animal” Chin. Along the way, they skate the Wallos ditch in Hawaii (and eat poi and fruit), the streets of San Francisco, a halfpipe in Bakersfield and the Pink Motel’s pool in Vegas. They skate at a garage nightspot with a lounge MC named Johnny Rad who scats skateboarder gobbledygook, then sends them to skate a still-legendary dream ramp built in an Oceanside, California, pasture. They don’t find Animal Chin, but they have fun skating.

.24"X15" 3 color screenprint w/ metallic gold (ramp wood) on French Speckletone Madero Beach out of 100$40 shipped to the US and $45 internationally

Poster Artists for Pearl Jam Tour 2010

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Someone within the Pearl Jam 10 Club dropped a little info regarding the short tour starting soon. They actual announcement who the artists are going to be.

Ten Club will NOT be having a 2010 tour poster presale. Posters will be available at the shows and we will have our usual post-tour members only sale.
featured artists for this years tour (in no particular order):

Ames Bros
Brad Klausen
Mark 5
Guy Burwell
Maxx 242
Taka Hayashi
Justin Hampton
Munk One
Jeff Soto

Never heard of Mark 5. Glad to see Munk One doing it again. His from the last tour were the best.

SABER interview on

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Known as one of the best graffiti writers of all-time, SABER can also be described as a pioneer, legend, hero, Guinness World Records holder, and activist. Most of all though, he is an artist. An artist in the true sense of the word. One with keen and insightful observations and expressions of the world he lives in, the beauty that surrounds him, and the injustices that affect him. He has dedicated his entire adult life to the work he believes in, often at great risk to himself and his body.

Underneath his prolific throw-ups, burners, and tags lies someone who is just as capable with the paint brush as he is the spray can. He has proven to be able to masterfully create on a wall, canvas, or with wood or metal. SABER has shown at renowned galleries and has traveled throughout the world, blessing walls from Los Angeles and San Francisco to New York to Korea. He is also extremely thoughtful and well-spoken and the following is an interview AM was lucky enough to conduct with the artist.

Read the entire interview at:

PlasticAndPlush-exclusive Jade Tuttz by Argonaut Resins April 30-release

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Scheduled for an online release on Friday April 30th @ 8pm EST ~ is the PlasticAndPlush-exclusive colorway JADE TUTTZ resin feline figure (King Tut's cat / origin story) by Argonaut Resins! Available via the PlasticAndPlush online shop for US$50 per (+ shipping & handling), there will be 5 x different shades of the jade tints plus a special solid tint painted chase figure (image-turnaround shown above with gold-accent color) painted by END aka Eric Nocelle Diaz (interviewed here on Neon Monster) ~ with each figure signed and numbered on their bottoms. Included will be a custom numbered sarcophagus box packaging a"Tuttz story card" and signed certificate of authenticity by END.

TUTTZ first made it's public debut in early-April at ToyStreet, and now with Jade Tuttz being one of the first "officially" announced resin figure produced in collaboration with toy-news blogs and retailers. Keep on the look out for other goodness to come!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Dead Weather poster HOB FL, 04/26/10 ON SALE

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Alan Hynes is selling this badass The Dead Weather Poster.

The Dead Weather at the House of Blues, Lake Buena Vista Fl. 04/26/10.
5 colour screenprinted poster by Alan Hynes. Dimensions are 19" x 25" Edition of 190 signed and numbered.


Buy it at Classfieds

MY MORNING JACKET PRINT Designed by Mike Davis

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Designed by Mike Davis for a concert in his hometown of Nashville TN! My Morning Jacket recently played a show at Municipal Auditorium in downtown Nashville and Burlesque were happy to make the poster. This brightly-colored print features a bunch of Nashville landmarks (can you name them all?) and a split-fountain gradient which was beautifully printed by Ben LaFond.

25 x 19"
3 color screenprint on French Whitewash paper

$20 + $5 shipping in the US / $10 international

On sale Thursday at 2pm central time at


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For this special solo show, titled “FOLKS 1,2,3”, GUY BURWELL is creating his signature style in a whole new medium: woodprints. This show will also feature new original works in print and other media.

Date: Opening reception April, 29th 6-9pm with artist in attendance. Show runs April 29th – May 23rd.

Location: Screaming Sky Gallery – 1416 NE Alberta St – Portland, OR 97211

GUY BURWELL is an internationally collected poster artist. He has been asked to create concert posters featuring his unique style for various national and local bands. His work has been exhibited throughout the US and Europe.
Show Statement:"GUY BURWELL's FOLKS are friends you have, hanging around the house, folks to talk to, to hang with, to entertain you and be entertained. Folks to chat with and folks to watch your stuff. Folks to keep your shelf in order and folks to liven up your rainy day, to say hello to on your way to the kitchen for a cup of tea, or nod good day to on your way to pee. Folks are there when you get home and they'll wait right there when you have to leave. On the table by your clock, or on the dresser near where your socks live, folks are always around when you need them. Musical folks, fashionable folks, international folks, hipster happening fun, funny, fancy, furry, fabulous folks. We can all use a few new folks to spend some time with."

New gallery in Tucson Arizona

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Works by Various American and British Artists
Exhibition Dates: 1 May 2010 – 30 May 2010
Gallery Opening Date: 30 April 2010 7-10pm
Reception Date: 1 May 2010 6-9pm

My Addiction Gallery’s inaugural exhibition, “God Save the Streets,” offers several examples of street and urban contemporary art from England and the United States, two countries that have played key roles in the development of this style. Prints and originals by artists of both nations pose some intriguing questions about the ways in which people from different countries communicate the importance of their individual cultures. This exhibition aims to familiarize viewers with the diverse artistic and contextual styles of British and American culture as well as how they critique one another through the use of relevant social and political content. The exploration of these topics aptly calls attention to the relationship between American and British street and urban contemporary art, both visually and culturally, and the signifiers of cultural identity found in these works are certainly not to be missed.
Summer Gallery Hours: Saturday – Sunday: 1pm–6pm
(Street Art Salon – First Wednesdays: 7pm and by appointment)
Free to the public every day

My Addiction Gallery specializes in limited edition prints and originals by street and urban contemporary artists from around the world. The gallery is located in the Firestone Building on the southwest corner of Sixth Street and Sixth Avenue. Parking is available behind the building, as well as on Ferro Avenue and Seventh Street.

Please view their website:

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Iron Man 2 movie posters by Tyler Stout and Mike Saputo

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Tyler Stout

Mike Saputo

On sale tonight at the Alamo Drafthouse Austin Texas opening of Iron Man 2 movie.

On sale online soon
$40 for the regular and $80 for the variant

The Sea Also Rises: Interlude- The Camino Cats Make their Escape Print by Tim Doyle

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OH OH Looks like Damien Hirst is missing something and the Camino Cats are on the run. Tim Doyle will be on releasing this next week, once it's printed. 18x24 6 color metallic inks.

New Prints from Ana Bagayan

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Tick Tock Clock
15 x 15 inches with one inch border.
100% Cotton Hahnemuhle Paper and Archival Inks
Edition of 30, Signed and Numbered

15 x 18.75 inches with one inch border.
100% Cotton Hahnemuhle Paper and Archival Inks
Edition of 30, Signed and Numbered

Ana will be having two new prints available at her upcoming show at Mondo Bizzarro Gallery but she decided to put a small portion of the prints available in her store for those who will not be able to attend the opening.

Shark Toof May Day and Michael Jackson Thriller Wheatpaste Poster

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LA’s streets have been swimming with sharks for several years courtesy of

Shark Toof’s wheat paste hits throughout the city. For his Mayday! solo opening on May 1st, 2010 (6 to 9:30 PM) @ De La Barracuda, Shark Toof is looking to take full advantage of the large gallery space with two large format installations. As a bonus for his fans, the first 50 in line will receive a free limited-edition print (50 pcs) signed, numbered, and embossed 2-color screen prints. The opening will feature sound by DJ Kutmah and Klazzique, drinks by Red Bull and Bear Flag Wines.

Shark Toof / Mayday!
Opening: Saturday, May 1st 2010 (6 – 9:30 PM)
De La Barracuda
7769 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90046

You can buy the Thriller poster and others HERE

Aaron Wolf Queen of the Dead Print

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Crazy good looking print by Aaron Wolf, Queen of the Dead is on A3 (11.7 x 16.5 inches or 30cm × 42cm) Hahnemühle German Etching and Photo Rag 308 gsm cotton white paper. It is a limited run of 12 signed and numbered prints. They are $60 each (including shipping) and will be available to order through his website on Wednesday, April 28th.


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The release date is set for FRIDAY, APRIL 30, 12:00 noon - Central Time
The webstore for this release is located here>
Additional info:
- 9" rotocast vinyl. Includes velvet bag.
- 100 pieces produced.

Price: $85 USD - includes worldwide shipping via FEDEX


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Rebel 8 is getting back into making skatedecks !! Some will be limited and and signed by Mike Giant others like this one will be for grinding.

Buy it at Rebel 8 Shop

Monday, April 26, 2010

Tonights The Dead Weather Poster from Orlando House of Blues

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The poster from tonight's Dead Weather show. Artist is Alan Hynes . Plague Doctor on a poster !!!! Awesome. Thanks for the 2nd pic Rick.

Thanks for the info Chuck !!!

Jay Ryan VERSUS Aaron Horkey Art Print on sale info UPDATE

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the 'remarque' edition (meaning drawn on with pencil)

Here are the final pics. On sale today at 1pm est. at

Full details can be found in my post from Sunday

Be sure to enlarge the pics they are magnificent.

Dark Star Orchestra – Firehouse Goldenvoice Series reaches 100. Chuck Sperry and Dave Hunter poster goodness

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WOW Chuck and Dave really killed it with this weekend.

From Chuck :

The Firehouse Goldenvoice Series of posters has reached number 100, with the promise of the next 100 posters and a bright future for the series ahead.

Many Thanks to David Lefkowitz for commissioning 100 posters for Goldenvoice, and making all this possible.

That’s why this pivotal poster includes numbers 100 and 101 in one piece designed and printed by Chuck Sperry and Dave Hunter.

The band on the poster is the Dark Star Orchestra, who recreate the music of the Grateful Dead. Dark Star Orchestra gathers the tribe – really most of the same people, their children and friends - who inspired The Original psychedelic rock promoter Chet Helms to commission the very first modern rock posters by Stanley Mouse, Wes Wilson, Rick Griffin, Alton Kelley and Victor Moscoso.

The venue is the Regency which occupies the very same room - then called the Avalon Ballroom - where Mr. Helms promoted the first Grateful Dead shows for his production company, the Family Dog. It seemed appropriate to end the first 100 and begin the next 100 right where it all started.

In fact, when Dave and I delivered the posters on Friday to The Regency, there was Stanley Mouse with easel and canvas – painting a Skull and Roses – right in the lobby.

The inspiration for the poster is the Grateful Dead song “Sugar Magnolia” with it’s follow through to “Sunshine Daydream.”

With much respect and appreciation to the roots of the modern rock art poster, and with “next-level” design and printing techniques, Dave Hunter and Chuck Sperry present 100-101 – a psychedelic thank you, a friendly rock and roll IOU to the masters of the past, and a cheerful iridescent / metallic good morning to the future.

Dark Star Orchestra at The Regency
April 23 and 24, 2010
Firehouse Goldenvoice Series Number 100
Edition of 150
6 colors on archival cream paper
35″ x 23″

This Poster and it’s variants will be released at and on Dave Hunter’s site at 12 noon PST on Monday, April 26, 2010.

There are 3 variants also

Speckled Egg Edition of 20 on white with reflective white flecks paper

Blue Wave Edition of 10 on blue with opalescent wave pattern paper

White Marble Edition of 10 on white marble paper

Check Chuck's website for pictures of the variants

Polish Asymmetry Festival Poster by Malleus

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Another stunning poster from Malleus. Malleus are big fans of the Polish Poster Scene so they were more than happy to get a chance to work on this one. On sale soon