Friday, April 16, 2010

Candlemass poster by Malleus

Liking the new poster has done, it’s for Candlemass at Roadburn Festival in Holland.
It’s the only one they’ve done for the festival this year, so enjoy it.

It’s a 4 colors poster, it’s nice, uh?
Malleus said working with Leif has been cool. He’s a fan of Malleus and when he got the news that Malleus was not going to do the poster series for this year edition, he wrote them saying he was happy to be at Roadburn for the Malleus’ posters. So they did it for Candlemass, cause it was cool. And it’s been nice to work with him, he gave them the idea, he wanted this design, so it’s a “collaborative” poster.
I’ll put up some more details soon and it’ll be on sale at the Festival first, then on the Malleus site the 18th of April.

Malleus is working on an art print of the image as well, I cant wait to see that.

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