Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Pepper's World by Saber on sale today

Artist: Saber
Title: Pepper’s World
Size: 29.5″ x 38.5″ (78cm x 98cm)
Edition Size: 68 Regular Edition, 10 HPM (Hand Painted Multiples), 6 AP’s, 6 PP’s
Description: 18 Hand-Painted Separations, 28 Colors, 4 Split-Fountains (1 of which is 6 colors), 1 Reductive Stencil and a Gloss spot-varnish. Each print is hand-titled “Pepper’s World” and signed by Saber.
Pre-Order Regular Edition Price: $300 (Please Email for Pre-Orders) Edition will be released on Wednesday, April 21, at 12pm Los Angeles, 3pm New York, 8pm London.


Pepper is a true street artist in the purist sense. He’s known to some by his altar ego; “the Mayor of Skid Row”, and he’s proud to proclaim that he’s the last homeless person on the forefront of downtown LA’s gentrification. He lives on Santa Fe Ave. where years ago a large tent city used to be, the last holdout.

When I was younger and creeping around downtown, I would notice these colorful, bold, and scrappy art instillations. Pepper has a habit of decorating his immediate surroundings, wherever that might be, with multi-colored paint splats, piled on discarded toys, and other purposefully arranged found objects. You can frequently catch him running around the city with his red shopping cart full of freshly discarded trinkets.

The print “Pepper’s World”, and the mural I painted on 7th and Mateo that it inspired, is in homage to his existence. I have enormous respect for those who can survive in such extreme conditions yet still be able to express themselves creatively…….

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