Wednesday, April 28, 2010


For this special solo show, titled “FOLKS 1,2,3”, GUY BURWELL is creating his signature style in a whole new medium: woodprints. This show will also feature new original works in print and other media.

Date: Opening reception April, 29th 6-9pm with artist in attendance. Show runs April 29th – May 23rd.

Location: Screaming Sky Gallery – 1416 NE Alberta St – Portland, OR 97211

GUY BURWELL is an internationally collected poster artist. He has been asked to create concert posters featuring his unique style for various national and local bands. His work has been exhibited throughout the US and Europe.
Show Statement:"GUY BURWELL's FOLKS are friends you have, hanging around the house, folks to talk to, to hang with, to entertain you and be entertained. Folks to chat with and folks to watch your stuff. Folks to keep your shelf in order and folks to liven up your rainy day, to say hello to on your way to the kitchen for a cup of tea, or nod good day to on your way to pee. Folks are there when you get home and they'll wait right there when you have to leave. On the table by your clock, or on the dresser near where your socks live, folks are always around when you need them. Musical folks, fashionable folks, international folks, hipster happening fun, funny, fancy, furry, fabulous folks. We can all use a few new folks to spend some time with."

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