Sunday, April 25, 2010

Jay Ryan VERSUS Aaron Horkey Art Print on sale info

From Jay Ryan :

as you know, i've just had the pleasure of spending 12 days working with aaron horkey, who is possibly my favorite living illustrator, and one of the nicer and more interesting folks on the planet. we made a collaborative print, titled VERSUS, based on drawings which aaron and i had each done individually, ahead of time, which we compiled and laid out for screenprinting without using computers.

in the end, we printed 25 screens

1. sky/stripes
2. sky/stripes
3. background light blue cloud flood
4. brontotherium yellow flood
5. background cloud blue shadow
6. pangolin orange flood
7. brontotherium shadow texture
8. pangolin shadow
9. grey foreground cloud flood
10. sky trans overprint
11. lighter grey foregound cloud shadow
12. brontotherium shadow flood
13. brontotherium highlight flood
14. brontotherium highlight texture
15. background cloud highlight
16. tongues
17. pangolin highlight flood
18. pangolin highlight texture
19. background cloud second highlight
20. highlight foreground dust
21. key plate background cloud
22. key plate pangolin
23. key plate foreground cloud
24. key plate brontotherium & grass
25. key plate dark shadows & grass

the paper is approximately 29.75" wide, by 12.875" tall. we printed on 90# stonehenge printmaking paper, color fawn. all prints are signed by myself and aaron.

1) the regular edition is 130 pieces, of which 120 are available. they are numbered 1-130/130. these will cost $300.

2) there is an edition printed on the same stonehenge paper, but in the color 'natural'. these prints were cut fractionally smaller than the regular edition, by roughly 0.25" in each dimension. this is the exact same print as the rest, but these 20 prints have the title ("versus") hand-drawn in pencil by aaron, with flanking brontotherium busts drawn in pencil by me. obviously, since these are drawn by hand, there is some variation in their appearance. these prints are numbered 1-20/20. twelve will be for sale for $600 each.

3) there is an edition of 60 prints (on fawn color paper) for the bird machine subscribers, numbered VSE 1-60/60. these have already been committed to the current subscribers.

4) there are 10 artists' proofs (on fawn color paper), numbered AP 1-10/10. these will be kept by myself and aaron.

photos of the finished prints will be posted in this thread when i get to work on monday morning.

the prints will be posted at The Bird Machine at 12pm (noon) CDT (chicago time) on monday, april 26th. there is a limit of 1 print per order. as usual, prints will ship rolled loosely in a heavy tube. due to the long grain of the landscape-oriented prints, they will roll lengthwise, which may seem counterintuitive to those unfamiliar with the behavior of paper grain direction.

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  1. i've been watching the process thread. amazing of course. but i don't think i can work 300$ out of my budget for this one sadly.