Tuesday, April 13, 2010


From Alex:

HEY!! Want to win a chance for myself and Dave Correia to come paint a mural in your room? Or maybe you would rather just collaborate on a canvas with us in your studio? Or, better yet, maybe you want me to prove to you in person that I eat horribly, have terrible taste in movies and get really nervous when I have to draw on demand Then keep reading, as that is going to happen to one of you, whether you like it or not…
…but hopefully you like it.

As announced moments ago on the ZEROFRIENDS USTREAM Channel, I have been busier than ever lately but, unfortunately, ran into some personal matters that seemed to have stopped me dead in my tracks creatively. And with so many cool creative projects that I have committed to in the near future, including one of the biggest solo art shows in my career, I NEED to jostle my imagination loose and find some inspiration! So, since there is no better way to stimulate my creativity, I, along with artist Dave Correia (playwithknives.com) & director Stephen Reedy, am going to jump in a car, drive all around the country, and attempt to reignite our imaginations by trying to meet and talk with some creative people who have inspired US over the years, while simultaneously meeting as many of you across the country who, in some cases, WE HAVE inspired. Here’s a little press release and some info. And pay attention, as there are some BIG surprises and fun that are happening along the way. REALLY happening, not like that shitty M. Night empty-promise-happening. Word.
There is so much to this really cool contest. Go over to Eyesuckink.com to read the whole thing and dont miss this, it looks to be a lot of fun. And if you are going to show up in person PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT cut yourself.

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  1. HA! yea, the less bloodshed, the better, in this particular case.


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