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Tim Doyle Appleseed Cast and art print on sale now

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Tim has put his two latest posters up for sale. He does not have many.

Run over to to buy them

“Small Change” by Truffaut movie poster by Chuck Sperry

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“Small Change” by François Truffaut is playing at The Red Vic Movie House on February 28 and March 1, 2010. Chuck designed and printed this 5 color movie poster with heavy gold and several layers of light tints – a portrait of the director Truffaut – a tip-of-the-hat to Truffaut and the great films of the French New Wave.

“Small Change” is a light comedy concerning the daily lives of young children in Theirs, France. Truffaut is less interested in telling a three act story, instead focusing on the small events that make up childhood. The result is an almost completely improvised film study of an elusive subject matter: the beauty of being a child.

“Small Change”

Red Vic Movie House

February 28 & March 1, 2010


Edition of 100

5 colors on archival cream paper

16″ x 22″

Signed & numbered

ON SALE Sunday 2/28/2010 – 2:00 pm PST

Buy it at

François Truffaut made an enormous impact on cinema and his films have an enduring popular appeal. Most significantly, he did a great deal to promote the idea of the director as an “auteur,” making him the inspiration for future generations of independent film-makers.

Truffaut had at least three great passions in his life: women, cinema and American pulp fiction. These passions were such a big part of his life that it is no surprise they should be so keenly reflected in his films.

Truffaut was also a great humanist, who supported many worthy causes for children, and this humanity is also an essential element of his films.

In 1976 Truffaut filmed “Small Change” (L’Argent de poche), a compelling study of young children.

Slash, 'By the Sword' Feat. Andrew Stockdale

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For the last year or so, fans have been tantalized with information on Slash's solo debut, a self-described rock 'n' roll roller coaster that features a who's who of guests from Iggy Pop, Ozzy Osbourne and Dave Grohl to Fergie, Chris Cornell and Kid Rock.

Well, the album is every bit the rock 'n' roll monster you expect. But enough talk, more rock, you say. Spinner is proud to present the premiere of Slash's 'By the Sword,' the album's lead single that features Andrew Stockdale. Starting with a sweet bluesy riff and the Wolfmother singer doing a pretty effective Robert Plant wail, the track picks up tempo as it finds Slash delivering a wicked, slow-rising solo that effortlessly segues from a grind into a guitar-hero moment then climaxes with a psychedelic rock barrage and Stockdale's impassioned vocals.

"'By the Sword' is a favorite of mine off the album," Slash tells Spinner. "I really enjoyed meeting and working with Andrew Stockdale. It was a solid collaborative effort and his voice is fantastic."

When Stockdale jammed with Slash at the guitarist's November 2009 L.A. benefit for homeless kids, the two debuted the song live and Stockdale admitted before the show to Noisecreep that playing with the icon "was a little intimidating." But you can't tell it from this song.

"There was this invisible weight lifted off every person that came in and performed on it," Slash says. "They didn't have the pressure of having to deliver their next hit record, so I ended up getting amazing performances out of everybody."

And did he feel the pressure on his first solo album? "I was more just having a good time," he says. "It's been a release for me after the two Velvet records and my past history in bands. It was just nice to go out and steer my own ship for a minute."

Check out the song at

Friday, February 26, 2010

Heist Print by Prefab PRINTED ON LEATHER !!!

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Heist on Leather

76 x 100 cm approx – £150 / £200 framed

This is black / grey ink, printed onto pink leather, finished with deep pink ink and black spray paint.

Signed / numbered ed/5.

Wholly crap this is badass

Check it out here

Malleus MONO - European Tour- Artist Edition Poster on sale

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Malleus has released their gorgeous MONO poster.

Run: 100
Technique: 5 colors handmade silkscreen on heavy black paper
Size: cm 50x70 cm
Markings:Signed & Numbered

Buy it at

A ton of new stuff from Jermaine Rogers today

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- 'We Carry Each Other (Slight Return) BLUE' Art Print -
The new 'Carry...' art piece, printed on gallery light blue stock.

This edition consists of only 30 signed and numbered prints, measuring approx. 32 x 22 inches.

$60.00 USD plus shipping/insurance.

This print goes on sale at on Friday, Feb. 26th at 3:00PM EASTERN TIME (12:00 NOON PACIFIC TIME).

Absolutely no holds or reservations: one print per buyer.


- 'We Carry Each Other (Slight Return)' Art Print -
This screen print measures approx. 32 x 22 inches and is printed on white gallery stock. The imagery is an updated twist of one of Jermaine's most recognized images, 'We Carry Each Other', which depicted two bunny rabbits in an intimate embrace. That 'bunny' design was not only used by the band Deftones in a poster for their Philadelphia and Boston shows, but was also released as a much sought-after art print. This new design substitutes another of Jermaine's highly recognized creations, The Dero, in the same intimate embrace...though a bit more disturbing. Of the imagery, Jermaine says, 'These 'Carry' images, both the one with the bunnies from years ago and this new one with the Dero bears, convey a certain intimacy between two characters that, in each case, I'd always depicted alone. I first used the Dero bear on a prominent concert poster/flyer back in 1995. It was a flyer for a KMFDM show. Since then, the DERO bear has become quite known in the 'rock art' world, and I've used them on various prints for various well as creating a vinyl toy line based on these beings. Individually, these characters were always a bit disturbing... and depicting them as a single, solitary threat was enough to convey this. To actually depict TWO of them involved in an embrace gave them a warmth that was non-existent in my previous works featuring them. I like the idea that everything is co-dependent... no matter how threatening it is on its own. Everything, on some level, needs something else. We all carry something, or someone else.'

From a very limited edition of 60 signed and numbered prints.

$50.00 USD plus shipping/insurance.

This print goes on sale at on Friday, Feb. 26th at 3:00PM EASTERN TIME (12:00 NOON PACIFIC TIME).

Absolutely no holds or reservations: one print per buyer.


- 'Winter' Art Print -
This screen print measures approx. 31.5 x 23 inches and is printed on white gallery stock. The imagery completes Jermaine's 'Seasons' series: a group of 4 prints promoting 4 selected Ween shows...which depicted Jermaine's 'nature children' in different seasonal settings. The prints were also released in 'art print' versions, sans the show text and info. This print depicts 'Winter', and is a beautiful 7-color screen print, including a seamless ink fade. Delayed in release due to previous logistical commitments to the band WEEN (for whom the artwork was originally created), 'Winter' will finally be released.

NOTE - Many have inquired about the art print release of 'Spring'. Jermaine answers, 'Arrangements have been finalized to release this print, which will come with a bonus item. The art was originally commissioned for a show by Ween, The Flaming Lips, and Sonic lots of folks were involved. To cut through a bunch of legal mumbo-jumbo, a lot of time has passed and I can finally release it as an art print. Release info. is forthcoming.'

From a very limited edition of 40 signed and numbered prints.

$50.00 USD plus shipping/insurance.

This print goes on sale at on Friday, Feb. 26th at 3:00PM EASTERN TIME (12:00 NOON PACIFIC TIME).

Absolutely no holds or reservations: one print per buyer.


- 'Western Pop' Art Print -
This screen print measures approx. 25x16 inches and is printed on gallery white stock.

About the imagery, Jermaine comments:
'I was asked by Saul Williams and Matt Morgan of Afro-Punk to come up with a design for the 2009 Saul Williams / Afro-Punk tour posters, merch and advertising. The design I came up with taps into many of the themes that Saul talks about on his awesome records...the idea that social patterns of thinking which become very ingrained & almost sacred are enforced by manufactured 'popular culture' that permeates every aspect of our society. I wanted to take 2 big socially-relevant trademarks of culture that were decades removed from each other & have absolutely no relation to one another. I wanted to mix these two together and see what would happen.

The 'Golliwog' character sprang out of Western pop-culture in the 19th century as a commercial and advertising subject... first in England, then migrating over to the USA. Used to sell everything from bottles of jelly, to cigars, to bicycle tires, black-face 'Golliwog' imagery was profitable. Dolls were made. There was power in the imagery. What now depicts supreme ignorance and prejudice was once a mainstream 'cash-cow'.

I did an art print a couple of years ago which was also used by The Foo Fighters for a show poster. It depicted a little bunny rabbit decorated in the 'lightning-bolt' face-paint made famous by David Bowie on the cover of his 1970's album, 'Aladdin Sane'. Of course, I knew the image would trigger immediate connotations to Bowie and all that he represented during that era, and yet Im still amazed by the process. The power of a single, simple image or icon can dredge up immense feeling! I decided to put this same symbol from modern pop culture onto that startled black-face of the 19th century 'Golliwog'. Two pieces of pop-culture separated by a century... joined. I'm sure if the creators of each design were magically brought together in the same room, each would be SURE that the other was a freak. Popular culture is a beautifully divine, perfect, sick and twisted thing. Sometimes it's difficult to even visually 'sip' on an image that once was heartily gulped down by the masses, guilt-free.'

From a signed and numbered edition of 150.

$30.00 USD plus shipping/insurance.

This print goes on sale at on Friday, Feb. 26th at 3:00PM EASTERN TIME (12:00 NOON PACIFIC TIME).

Absolutely no holds or reservations: one print per buyer.


One more surprise: A very limited and special variant of the new 'We Carry Each Other (Slight Return)' print will be released exclusively via FACEBOOK. This screen print variant is 33 x 22 inches and is printed on REFLECTIVE FOIL STOCK. This brilliant print is from a very limited edition of only 10 pieces. $100.00 USD plus shipping/insurance.

At approx. 11:30 PACIFIC TIME (2:30PM EASTERN) go to the official Jermaine Rogers FaceBook Fan Page, here:

On the page will be posted the special instructions to snag the print immediately.

First come, first if you think you want this, be on your game.

Of course, if you're not yet a member of Jermaine's official FaceBook page, go to the above address and join.

Welcome to the Terrordome! New work by Eric Tan

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From Eric:

Okay, if you've been following my blog for a while, you may remember a Mike Tyson something-or-another post I made about a year ago. Well, here's exactly where that project ended up. And no, I hadn't exactly worked on it nonstop for that entire year. This, my friends, is a case of what they call 'procrastination'. While I did have plenty of other projects in that time span, I really am worthless without a deadline, and so I always screw myself and wait til the very last minute to turn it in. I seriously need to take a time management course or something.

If you follow boxing, or sports in general, you're well aware of the shocker that took place in the heavyweight division 20 years ago. 'Iron' Mike Tyson was as close to a sure bet as we had ever seen in the ring. He was an undefeated and indestructible superhero who would annihilate everyone who stood in his path. NO ONE gave his opponent, James 'Buster' Douglas an ounce of hope that fateful night in Tokyo. When something impossible happens in front of your eyes, it's something you'll remember forever. Mike Tyson's defeat changed not only the landscape of the division, but the rest of his life as well. That's why I decided to capture this historic event for my contribution to Gallery1988's 'The Greatest Moment in Sports' show which starts March 4th - 26th.

The 'Manga' look is influenced by the setting where the fight took place. I was definitely inspired by video games like 'Street Fighter' when it came to the action. I highlighted their trademark moves (a la Ryu's Fireball or Guile's Sonic Boom) with Tyson's uppercut and Douglas' jab. All the Kanji was written by my coworker, Chisato. I believe the upper left says 'Final Battle', the stamp on the upper right says 'Iron', and the red headline type says 'War'. She does have a sense of humor and knows I can't read or write a word in Japanese, so I wouldn't be surprised if she screwed me on the translations. Oh well.

Like the Battlecat poster I finished last month, this really is a departure for me from a style standpoint. Lots of inking and a ton of mistakes made this a lot more time-consuming but a whole lot more fun too. Anything new is always a challenge and I'm never sure how it'll turn out in the end, but I hope you like it.
The poster itself is a 3-color silkscreen printed by the fine folks at D&L Screenprinting. It's pretty damn HUGE at 24" by 36" and there's 100 of them that are signed and numbered. I'll post prices as soon as that's figured out.

Future of the Left @ TT the Bear's, Boston by Lucky Bunny

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Another kickass poster from Lucky Bunny today.

Screen printed poster for Future of the Left at the T.T. the Bear's Place in Boston on November 1st.

Size: 21×27
Strict Edition: 100, Signed and numbered.
Paper: 150lb Tag stock.
Details: 2-color Screen print. Metallic gold, and black.

$35 with shipping

He also has some of the Melvins posters I showed you yesterday still for sale on his website below.

Buy them at

REVOK's Vandal Vacation t-shirt now available on

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Get yours at:

“Sugar Skull Letterpress” Print by David Lozeau

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David Lozeau has just released a new letterpress print, that was made along with Cody Langford. The print features imagery from David’s “Sugar Skull Song” painting, and was made the old fashioned way. The print is 11″ x 17″, is a Hand-Pulled 6-Color Letterpress Print, “plus subtle variations in pigment and texture ensure that no two are exactly alike.” The print is signed by both artists and is limited to an edition of 200 for $35 each.

Get em here: Sugar Skull Letterpress

via Creep Machine

Limited Edition “Move a Head” T-shirt by Amanda Lynn

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Limited Edition “Move a Head” T-shirt by Amanda Lynn available for 1 week only!

San Francisco based Amanda Lynn works by day restoring and painting motorcycles and metal sculptures. When she’s not working, she paints on her figures on doorways and walls around SF and throughout the country, usually accompanying graffiti mural productions.

The dark image of a skull with deer antlers framed in gold hints of a trophy motif. Gold foil spot colors has been added to the photograph of the original painting.

On sale through Sunday, February, 28th.

I got the Neon Dreams shirt last year and it rocks

Save My Oceans tour art by STUDIO NUMBER ONE

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The Marketing Division is producing a “Save My Oceans” national college tour featuring MUSIC ,ART and a screening of Disney Natures latest film “OCEANS”. Here is the first look at the key art created by Shepard Fairey's Studio Number One design agency.

For more information please visit:

Thursday, February 25, 2010

New Prints from Ian Millard

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Ians latest release is titled, "Swine Rebellion". Swine Rebellion measures 17" x 6" and was created using 6 hand cut stencils. The print comes signed and in a numbered edition of 25. Swine Rebellion will be available on Thursday, February 25th at for $40 shipped.

Bisco Power Mission - Adopt-a-Watt Limited Edition Print
The Disco Biscuits have teamed up with HeadCount to stage Bisco Power Mission - a benefit concert and volunteer initiative to help outfit a Philadelphia public school with solar power. You can add to the energy by purchasing a handmade limited edition print by Ian K. Millard. The proceeds will be donated to Bisco Power Mission and, as a "watt adopter", your name will appear on a ceremonial plaque displayed at the school.

Purchase the print here.
Learn more about the project

Down, Melvins, Weedeater, Evil Army at The House of Blues - Screen Print by Lucky Bunny Worldwide

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A creeeeepy screen printed poster for Down, Melvins, Weedeater and Evil Army at the House of Blues in Boston on September 13th. Designed and printed by Lucky Bunny Worldwide.

Size: 21×27
Strict Edition: 100, Signed and numbered.
Paper: 150lb Tag stock.
Details: 2-color Screen print. Metallic gold, and black.

One of the coolest posters I have seen in a while.
Only $35 plus shipping

Get it at LuckBunnyEtsyShop

Burlesque of North America Posters on sale today

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Do you ever have problems remembering the exact date of Dre Day each year? Do your friends come over to your house and wonder whether or not you're down with the Doctor? With this giant poster designed by Wes Winship and Mike Davis, you'll never have these problems again!

19 x 25"
2 color screenprint on French whitewash paper

$20 + $5 shipping US / $10 international


Todd Bratrud's newest illustration graces not only the chest of hooded sweatshirts, but also this brand new mini-screenprint! Don't have a whole bunch of wall space to commit to a full-size print? At a size smaller than 11 x 17", the mini-print is the perfect way to spruce up your limited wall space! Celebrate the chills of winter with the Cold Heart mini-print!

9.5 x 14"
3 color screenprint on French whitewash paper

$10 + $3 shipping US / $6 international

Both poster will be for sale in Burlesque's online store this Thursday, February 25 at 2:00pm Central time.


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Join The Poster Cause Project Print Club and receive special (super limited) prints exclusive to their print club as well as access to purchase ALL prints ahead of time before the general public! Just for signing up you will receive a special Print Club print exclusive to subscribers.

$75 every 3 months. CLICK HERE

Even if you dont want to sign up for the print club check out all the cool stuff they have for sale.

Pearl Jam Los Angeles Poster by Munk One on sale today.

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Pearl Jam has dropped almost all the posters from the last mini tour in their store.

Today my favorite is going on sale, the one by Munk One with the big shark. Its badass in person.

So if your membership is up to date you can get one. If not just buy a membership and then get the poster tomorrow because they are not selling out like the used too. Speculation is they printed a ton of them.

On sale at a random time tomorrow at

Daniel Danger Fenway Park Print

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From Dan:

i was asked to make a print for the upcoming G1988:LA show “The Greatest Moments In Sports History (A Poster Show)”. being a born and raised Massachusettsian, it was actually legally required that i both involve the red sox in every part of my daily being, and hate the Yankees with a hatred normally reserved for Nazis. so i obliged.

so anyways. i drew fenway. it took me 2 weeks. it probably should have only taken a week, but im still feeling particularly under the weather this past month, so it was a bit of a struggle, as is staying awake and not launching my lungs out of my body. if all goes as planned, there will be two versions. Gallery 1988 will have 100 diptych sets, each side approx 11×22″ image size for their opening, and i will have the full image printed as a 11×44″ wide single image in a larger edition. so, decide which one meets your wall needs or framing budget, and go at it.

Be sure to click the pic to see it in all its huge glory.

"Home Invasion" With Alex Pardee & Shia LaBeouf on FUNNY OR DIE! VOTE FUNNY!

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Go watch this it really is funny

From Alex:

The "Home Invasion" video that I did when I broke into Shia LaBeouf's new
house is up on the front page of Funny Or Die! Most of you have probably
seen it before, but if you haven't, check it out right here:

Shia LaBeouf Home Invasion, with Alex Pardee - watch more funny videos

And even if you have already seen it, please do me a favor and go directly
to the page and vote "FUNNY" as I would hate to see it get murdered:)
Click HERE to go and vote. Or here is a direct link:

Thanks again! Look for a new Home Invasion video soon, as I like breaking
into people's houses.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Intergalactic Nemesis print and comic book by Tim Doyle available!

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From Tim:

For those of you not following us or Doyle on TWITTER or FACEBOOK, or even the new web-app that lets you stare at us as we sleep, you might not know that Tim Doyle is doing all the art chores on the trans-media comic/play/ live-action Graphic Novel, The Intergalactic Nemesis!

Issue one is already drawn and printed, Issue two is at the printer’s right now, and he’s wrapping up the last few pages on issue 3. Coming this Labor Day, the entire live action play/ comic presentation will be performed at the 2400 seat Long Center for the performing arts here in Austin! That’s a lotta nuts.

Here’s a snapshot of what this is going to be like, but on a smaller scale, as chapter one was performed at the Alamo Drafthouse a few weeks back, with subsequent chapters to follow monthly at the Alamo-

Well, what’s this post all about now? Well, that image of Mysterion the Magnificent above is Doyle’s latest print, and the first print for Nemesis! Mysterion is one of the villains from the book, and he’s a stage magician/ mesmerist with BAD intentions for our heroes. And doing a gigposter in the style of the magician adverts of the time (1930’s) just made TOO MUCH SENSE.

The print is the most technically proficient print we’ve ever done, and I think it shows- the over printing, transparent gray, metallic inks- the whole thing came together beautifully, under the keen printing hands of Nakatomi print-labs technician, Clint Wilson. It measures 12×24 and has an edition of 300, signed and numbered by Doyle. The prints, and the comics are available right now in the Intergalactic Nemesis store HERE. The poster retails at $30 a pop, and is in hand for immediate shipment!

Ken Taylor Terminator 2 Movie poster

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Killer looking poster by Ken Taylor for the Alamo Drafthouse Screening of Terminator 2. Sorry but its the best I got right now for a pic.

Alamo will not be doing any mail order or web sales on this one. So the only way to get it is to stop by in Austin and pick it up.

Both versions are 36 x 24

The picture above is the one printed on metal. Only 20 were made and they are $200. Regular version is an edition of 120 and is $40

Thomas Hooper The Kingdom Art Print

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Thomas Hooper has just released this ultra limited edition giclee of one of his paintings, titled The Kingdom.

The print is a high quality archival giclee print on 100% cotton watercolor style paper. It measures approx 10 x 22″ and is printed in an edition of only 10. Grab one now while you have the chance:

New Shirts from Alamo Drafthouse

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My favorite is above, Alamo Interceptor - - one of several new t-shirts on sale from Mondo.


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Dredge Imperial Version (First Release) Information

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From Rotofugi:

The first release of our newest figure, Dredge, is upon us! We’re calling this first release the Imperial Version after the pearl purple finish and because, after all, purple is the color of royalty. This release is black vinyl with silver and pearlescent purple sprays and silver eyes. Dredge – Imperial Version will be released on Friday, February 26th. It will be available in-store at Rotofugi in Chicago

beginning when we open at noon. Online sales at will begin at 2pm the same day. The price for this release is $60.

Huge thanks to Brian Morris for his great design and Chris Ryniak for his amazing work on the sculpt.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010




Europe is about to have a RELAPSE

Multi-platinum, Oscar and Grammy-winning rapsuperstar Eminem will descend upon European soil to headline three major festivals this summer - Scotland’s T In The Park, Switzerland’s Openair Frauenfeld and Ireland’s Oxegen - giving hundreds of thousands of fans a live dose of select tracks from his impressive catalogue.

First, the hip-hop icon storms the UK, headlining the mainstage at Scotland’s T In The Park in early July. This marks Eminem's first European show in five years and his first-ever appearance at the festival. He then continues his European return with appearances at Gampel, Switzerland's Openair Frauenfeldand Dublin, Ireland's Oxegen 2010. Much like the blistering show he performed at New Orleans’ Voodoo Festin October 2009, Eminem will be performing with a live band, bringing a new and different level of intensity to his music. He will also be joined on by his group D12 all the dates.

“I’m excited to get backto Europe to rock some shows,” said Eminem. “The crowds there are always big, crazy and dedicated…it’s going to be great to feel that energy again.”

At the 16th annual Openair Frauenfeld, Eminem is set to share the stage with another hiphop legend, Jay-Z. His headlining set is expected to draw 40,000 fans.

Marshall Mathers will also take the stage in Dublin, closing out Oxegen with a highly anticipated mainstage headline set. It's Eminem's first appearance in Ireland since his phenomenal sold out shows to over 200,000 fans in Marley Park in 2004. Eminem will follow an Oxegen tradition that's included unforgettable performances by previous headliners The Who, Muse and Kings of Leon.

2009 has seen there-emergence of one of hip-hop’s finest MC’s. Ever since he returned to the game with Relapse, the biggest selling hip-hop album of last year, Eminem has made himself an unmistakable presence: from the chart topping success of the album, through live performances at the American Music Awards and the Grammy Awards, to ferocious verses on tracks with Lil Wayne, Kanye West and Drake. He also snatched up two more GrammyAwards at the 2010 ceremony, upping his total count to eleven.

Since dropping his classic debut The Slim Shady LP in 1999, Eminem has sold over 75 million albumsworldwide, and over 30 million in the United States. He is the biggest selling artist of the last 10 years, a feat that resulted in him being recently named Artist of the Decade by NielsenSoundscan.


7/9-7-11 Balado Kinross-Shire, Scotland T in the Park
7/9-7-11 Gampel, Switzerland Openair Frauenfeld
7/9-7-11 Dublin, Ireland Oxegen

New Stuff From Tim Doyle

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Mysterion poster, details to follow.

Gigposter for the band 'The Appleseed Cast''s show at the Mohawk in Austin Texas in Feb of 2010. 2 color silkscreen print, 12x24, edition of 40. will only have 15 of these for sale. I'd suggest getting them at the show if you want a shot at it!

This is the Art Print version of the gigposter Tim did for the Appleseed Cast's show in Austin. This 12x24 print has an edition of 75, a split fountain, and glows in the dark. Will be for sale on his site,

And a new drawing Tim is working on, he is such a tease.

Mike Giant and Rebel Eight Posters

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Mike Giant and Rebel Eight have released some new posters and some old ones for sale on their site.

Check them out at

Awesome new Limited Edition "Pumkin Warrior" Giclee Print from Jon-Paul Kaiser

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Jon-Paul Kaiser is releasing a limited edition A3 Giclee print this Thursday, February 25th, 2010 at 0800 GMT titled "Pumpkin Warrior". This print is in true JPK fashion, where it is only using black and white to compose the whole image! This is going to coincide with his birthday weekend, and there will only be 25 prints available, each will be hand-numbered and signed, and will be £6.50 (roughly $10 USD) +P&P through his online store HERE... so help celebrate JPK's bday and buy one of these rad prints!

Mike Klay The Early Bird Print

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15"X24" 3 color screenprint with a silvery varnish underprint (the sky pattern)
on French Blu Raspberry out of 75 and on French Sour Apple out of 75
$40 shipped to the US and $45 internationally

Preview – Kidrobot 18: KidMutant 8-Inch by Frank Kozik

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The Kidrobot icon is back to contaminate your vinyl collection! After Frank Kozik exposed him to nuclear radiation, Kidrobot emerges with green skin, three eyes, and tentacles for arms! Limited to only 1000 worldwide and retailing for $50, this 8-inch aberration comes with a one-eyed, three-eared, six-legged mutant smorkin’ Labbit and arrives at Kidrobot stores,, and select retailers on March 18.

Win an authentic Salvador Dali - Alice in Wonderland!!

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The William Bennett gallery will be giving away an authentic Salvador Dali from the series Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland to one lucky Facebook Fan!

To enter the contest, just become a fan of the William Bennett Gallery on Facebook.

The drawing will take place on Sunday March 7th, 2010. The prize includes a frame and delivery. Authentication provided by Frank Hunter of the Salvador Dali archives. Tell your friends! Anyone can enter! The winner will receive one of the original prints Dali created in 1969 for the series. Normally retails for: $2,500 - $4,000

Monday, February 22, 2010

John Seabury The Damned Poster

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Here is one gorgeous looking poster by John Seabury. Created for the recent The Damned show at Slims in San Francisco it's 21 1/2 x 15 1/2, three colors. Transparent "black" over trans pink over silver metallic.

Signed numbered edition of 125

Buy it at

Miss Bugs Carry Your Sins Print Release


As some of you already know, Miss Bugs always said they would do a print release of 'Carry Your Sins' and now seems like the right time...

As they have finished their superhero work; to close that chapter once and for all they’ve decided to end this body of work by releasing a print of the piece that started it all - just a short 3 years ago!...

4 color Stencil
2 color Silk Screen
Hand Gold Leaf on Japanese Paper

Going to be expensive but well worth it.