Monday, November 11, 2019

Gumball Designs The Black Keys Brooklyn Posters

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Ben Wittholz of Gumball Designs was tasked with creating the official poster for Ohio’s Garage Blues duo The BLACK KEYS to commemorate their recent show at The Barclays Centre - Brooklyn, NY as part of their current 2019 ‘Lets Rock’ Tour Poster Series.

Featuring a Neon/Metallic Hybrid Inkset accompanied by a Lustrous Silver Metallic inked layer all laid upon on Classic "Cougar Bright White #110” Card Stock.
With all available Show Copies Selling Out on the night.... Here is your last chance to add one of these Artist Signed & Numbered gems to your abode along with some tasty variants!

Poster deets
SIZE: 18x24" Portrait
EDITION SIZE: 50 Regular Show Copies Available Only from their XXX/380 Edition
+ Strictly Limited Artist Exclusive Colorway Variants.
PRINT: 5 Color Screen Print including a popping Neon/Metallic Hybrid Inkset accompanied by a Lustrous Silver Metallic inked layer.
Paper: Cougar Bright White #110


Friday, November 8, 2019

Miles Tsang Primus Hersey Poster Release

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It's almost 2020 when are we going to get a scratch and sniff poster ? This Primus poster for the concert in Hersey would have been perfect for a little chocolate delight.

It's still a badass fish that Miles Tsang has brought up from the depths for this sick print.

Here is Miles breaking it down:
The piece is my simple but surreal take on one of the band’s most well-known classics: John The Fisherman! The vibe is inspired by the band’s dynamic and turbulent instrumentation, featuring analogously rhythmic typography and linework, clusters of sea-fauna local to the state of Pennsylvania, and a twist on another song in the form of Tommy The [Giant] Cat[fish].

Primus - 11.06.2019. / Hershey, PA
18" x 24" screenprint. Hand-numbered. AP / Regular Edition of 50.

18" x 24" screenprint. Hand-numbered. Alternate "Tweaker Blue" Cool Colourway Edition of 35.

18" x 24" screenprint. Hand-numbered. “Krinkle Catfish" Keyline Edition of 15.

18" x 24" screenprint. Hand-numbered. Swirl "Fish On" Foil Edition of 25.

The regular and the Tweaker variant glow in the dark.

Bait that hook and get ready to catch one of these Friday, November 8th (11/08/2019) at 11AM EST over in Miles pond or store at

The Black Keys Munk One Raleigh Print Release

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Who let the wolves out ??!! Ok sorry I'll stop....

Invisible Industries happy to announce the upcoming release of The Black Keys Official Artist Prints by Munk One!!!

From the November 8th PNC Arena Show in Raleigh, NC.

There will be 4 versions of The Black Keys print to choose from:

AP Show Edition of 315 AP
(Only 25 available through our store.)
AP Orange Variant Edition of 30
AP Rainbow Foil Edition of 15
AP Moon Lava Foil Edition of 15

Release date Saturday Nov. 9th, 2019 after 10:00am PST at

Simon Marchner American Football England Tour Poster

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Simon Marchner has a new seasonal poster for the group American Football and their 3 recent concerts in England.

American Football | UK Tour 2019
6 color screenprint, 42 x 59,4cm
Limited Edition of 96 that are signed & numbered.
Buy it at in his shop and then get back to raking the damn leaves.

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Joey Feldman Fast Times at Plaquemont High Print Release

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Bottleneck Gallery is sliding into the week with their newest collaboration with Rampant Decks and Joey Feldman!

Joey’s added a fresh coat of paint to his iconic Plague Doctor with the new CMYK inspired design for Rampant Deck’s newest skate deck. They’re continually impressed with Joey’s design aesthetics, and always love venturing deep into different mediums with him, especially with the fine folks at Rampant Decks.

Fast Times at Plaquemont High by Joey Feldman
Screen print 24 x 12 inches
Signed, embossed and hand-numbered edition of 120

BNG will also be selling the matching screen print Thursday (11/7) at 12PM EST on their homepage,!

J.A.W. Cooper Luminous Art Print Release By PangeaSeed

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PangeaSeed Foundation is pleased to announce their latest print release of their "In Peril" print suite by guest artist J.A.W. Cooper (USA). This limited edition is highlighting the iconic endangered polar bear and this issue of climate change.

Artist: J.A.W. Cooper
Title: "Luminous" Blue, Green and Gold Special XL Edition
Dimensions: 24” x 32” inches
Details: 4-color screenprint on Bright Gold Foil 100lb French paper
Edition size: Limited edition screenprint signed and numbered edition of 50 plus 13 APs
Pricing: $250 plus shipping

Available: Thursday, November 7, 2019, at 12pm PST via

Artist statement:

"Depending on how you orient this piece the polar bear is either falling away from the light above or actively swimming toward the light below. I chose to orient the work "upside-down" as it felt more hopeful and unexpected. Issues such as climate change and habitat destruction can feel insurmountably large and shifting how we approach problems can help us find new and creative ways of exacting change." - J.A.W. Cooper

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Gabriele Dell 'Otto Amazing Spider-Man Print Release

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Comic covers have a way of drawing you in and leaving you completely taken aback. This is how Grey Matter Art felt when they got the first glimpse of Italian illustrator and author, Gabriele Dell 'Otto's epic Spider-Verse mural of The Amazing Spider-Man. Gabriele's Spider-Verse is so grand in scope that it needed to be divided into six separate covers. It is quite breathtaking when you see all 6 variant covers lined up together, but when you see it in its entirety as a completely connected piece of artwork, it is something different altogether. GMA are so pleased to announce The Amazing Spider-Man Variant Covers #9-14 by Gabriele Dell 'Otto in one all encompassing 36 x 12 inch fine art giclee print that can be proudly displayed on your wall!

The Amazing Spider-Man (Spider-Verse) Variant Edition #9-14 by Gabriele Dell 'Otto
36" x 12" Hand-Numbered Fine Art Giclee (Cold Press Natural)
Edition of 150
Printed by Grey Matter Printing

On Sale Thursday, November 07th at 1 PM EST at

Anoop Bhat aswekeepsearching Rooh Album Tour Poster

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aswekeepsearching is a four-piece post-rock band from Pune, India. The band recently released their third full-length album titled Rooh. Anoop Bhat had the opportunity of drawing the cover art for the album. What he also did was draw an extended version of the art as a poster for their album launch tour that spanned for almost two months.

 According to Anoop the idea for the poster came from the band's name and an exploration of what that 'place' might look like. It belongs to the same universe as the cover art, in fact it's an extension of it.

These posters are two-color serigraphs expertly hand-pulled/printed by Pritam Arts on 130gsm Plike Black paper measuring 16.5 x 23 inches.
 The band logo has been screen-printed using a silver ink that's got a beautiful shine to it. All posters come signed and hand-numbered by Anoop. There's only 50 copies of the poster.

Buy it at in his store.

Saniose Fargo Movie Poster Release

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On Wednesday Mad Duck Posters are releasing a new Fargo poster by Spanish artist, Saniose!

Mad Duck wanted to create an image that captured the infamous wood chipper scene, and this poster does that and so much more! Saniose created a beautiful landscape image, and customers can choose from a poster with the title, or a title-less variant with a brighter sky. The colors look stunning in both versions!

Regular Edition, 36x24 screen print, Run of 150 $65
Variant Edition, 36x24 screen print, Run of 75, $85

Fargo will be available to purchase November 6th at 12PM EST at

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Half Hazard Press Lotus Billy Strings and Pigeons Posters Release

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Half Hazard Press is releasing 3 posters this week.

Available Wednesday, November 6th at 11am CST.
Lotus - Halloween/ CO Run | 18”x24” | 5-color screen print w/ glow in the dark layer | AP Edition of 50.

Available Thursday, November 7th at 11am CST.
Billy Strings - Halloween | 16”x24” | 5-color screen print | AP Edition of 50.

Available Friday, November 8th at 11am CST.
Pigeons Playing Ping Pong - Stop Making Cake | 18”x24” | 3-color screen print | AP Edition of 40 standard and 15 rainbow foil variants.

Buy them at when the time is right.

N.C. Winters Umphrey's McGee Philadelphia Poster Release

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N.C. Winters is happy to announce his latest gig poster: done for the band Umphrey’s McGee for their double-header gig at the Fillmore in Philadelphia, this past Friday and Saturday November 1-2. Also, excited to share a new painting for a Dark Art Society group show as well as his interview by legendary artist Chet Zar for the Dark Art Society Podcast.

Take it away N.C.
Had a blast working on this poster. Had a lot of subtle effects going on for this one, and they absolutely nailed the printing, yet again. The prints are seven color screenprints on natural off-white stock, with a rainbow foil variant as well. Also added a desaturated version, with just the transparent brown layers, as that is my new favorite way of treating the main tones for my prints as of late. Thought it would be a good look to just showcase those tonal layers in their own limited stand alone print.

Umphrey’s McGee November 1/2 at the Fillmore in Philadelphia gig poster
Show version
Print size: 18″ x 24″ limited edition of 300. Only 50 available
Seven color screenprint on Cougar 100# natural stock.
Each print is hand signed & numbered. $50 each.

Show version on rainbow foil
Print size: 18″ x 24″ limited edition of 75. Only 25 available
Seven color screenprint on holographic rainbow foil.
Each print is hand signed & numbered. $125 each.

Artist Variant: "Evening" version
Print size: 18″ x 24″ limited edition of 50.
Seven color screenprint on Cougar 100# natural stock.
Each print is hand signed & numbered. $60 each.

Artist Variant: "Evening" version on rainbow foil
Print size: 18″ x 24″ limited edition of 30.
Seven color screenprint on holographic rainbow foil.
Each print is hand signed & numbered. $135 each.

Artist Variant: Desaturated version
Print size: 18″ x 24″ limited edition of 25.
Three color screenprint on Cougar 100# natural stock.
Each print is hand signed & numbered. $100 each.

Prints will go up for sale in the online shop this coming Wednesday, November 6 at a random time after Noon EST.

Adam Maida Stalker Movie Poster Release

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Black Dragon Press have teamed up once again with the legendary Moscow studio Mosfilm and with the mighty Texas-based gallery Mondo to bring you not one, but two new large-format screenprinted posters for Andrei Tarkovsky's ‘Stalker’ by visual artist Adam Maida.

The cream version, both the English and Cyrillic variants will go on sale Tuesday at a random time via MONDO for North America based customers, and at 5pm UK / Noon EST time from the BDP online shop for everyone else.

The red version will be sold at Thought Bubble Festival this weekend (any leftovers, if any, will go up online some time after).

Over to you, Adam:

"Tarkovsky’s ‘Stalker’ is filled with the harrowing feeling of the unknown. There is an ever-present and unnerving psychological tension that the Stalker and his clients grapple with as they haphazardly attempt to reach their full transcendental potential. I reflect on this tension by representing the affective experience of what would be like to travel through Tarkovsky’s “Zone.” - Adam Maida

Get it from the Black Dragon Press Store.

Sonny Wild Playground Art Print

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Internationally renowned artist, Sonny, is most well-known for his majestic and intricate large-scale wildlife murals scattered across the globe. But 1xRUN got him to do another fantastic print release with them titled Wild Playground.

"[Wild Playground] speaks to the power of learning through play and was originally painted on a wall that sits opposite the school’s playground. The two tigers are playfully fighting, learning the important skills they need to be able to hunt and survive in the wild. In the same way, competitive playing is an important way for children to make sense of their world and learn the social and cognitive skills they need to thrive."–Sonny

Wild Playground - Hand-Embellished Edition by Sonny
27" x 24" Hand-Embellished Archival Pigment Print on 230gsm Matte Coated Fine Art Paper.


On sale now at

Monday, November 4, 2019

Maxx242 Tenacious D Phoenix & Reno Poster

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Tenacious D wrapped up a few shows last week in Phoenix and Reno and artist Maxx242 was given the honor of creating the official poster for the events!

F4D have two versions of the poster available - a Regular edition and a Rainbow Foil edition (that's extra shiny)!

This is Maxx's second Tenacious D poster and some of you may notice that it's a companion piece to his first poster from New Years Eve last year.

Posters measure 18" x 24" each and are in the following signed and numbered editions by artist Maxx242.

Edition of 60 Regular Posters
Edition of 50 Rainbow Foil Posters

Buy them at

Avett Brothers Lexington Print By Darin Shock Release

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Darin Shock has a new poster for The Avett Brothers and it features a great tribute to Darin's favorite college basketball team, the University of Kentucky Wildcats.

Darin imagined Bob Crawford as being one those scrappy, hard working, 3 point specialists that every now and then takes it to the cup off of a steal. This is that moment.

Poster details
5 color screen print with a regular edition, rainbow foil and a few rainbow foil setlist variants

Available at 2pm EST at

Sehfeuer Screen Print Calendar 2020

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Matthias Schrader is Matze from Sehfeuer, a Berlin-based screen printer and has released a limited edition of 100 2020 calendars featuring some great work.

Hand-made and printed in the Sehfeuer workshop it includes original artwork from a number of international gig poster artists. The 12-featured artists come from the US, Germany, Mexico, The Netherlands, France, Italy, the UK, Austria and Spain.

The calendar itself measures 30x62cm, with each individual artwork measuring 30x40cm, who can after their use be cut out and used as posters themselves.

Artists in the calendar are:
Arrache-toi un Oeil (FR) | Boss Construction (USA) | Clockwork Pictures (IT) | Janta-Island (D) | Handprinted stuff (NL) | Justin Santora (USA) | Michael Hacker (A) | Mike Sandoval (MEX) | Sehfeuer (D) | Subterranean Prints (ES) | Toucan Tango (GB) | Zum Heimathafen (D)

Buy it at