Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Half Hazard Press Black Fridayish Sale & 3 NEW Prints Release

The Free Print

Lots of cool work from Half Hazard Press.

It’s that time of year again! Starting now, like literally right now, Half Hazard Press' Black Fridayish Sale has begun.

As always they're doing genre specific mystery tubes. $50 gets you four prints specific to the category you selected, plus an 8”x10” art print! Genres include Jam Band/Bluegrass, Country/Americana, Rock/Indie, and Art Print/Test Print.

HHP also has 25% off select items and a whole slew of other new things added to the new site so be sure to look around while you’re there. Still want to snag that sweet art print but don’t wanna get a mystery tube? You’re in luck, cause they’re also included in all additional orders as well!

New Art Prints

Gravitate | 16”x20” | 5-color screen print | Edition of 100.

Where You'll Find Me | 12”x24” | 5-color screen print | Standard Edition of 100/ Yellow Variant Edition of 50.

Bird Song | 18”x18” | 3-color screen print | Edition of 100.

It's all happening over at www.halfhazardpress.com

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