Friday, November 8, 2019

Miles Tsang Primus Hersey Poster Release

It's almost 2020 when are we going to get a scratch and sniff poster ? This Primus poster for the concert in Hersey would have been perfect for a little chocolate delight.

It's still a badass fish that Miles Tsang has brought up from the depths for this sick print.

Here is Miles breaking it down:
The piece is my simple but surreal take on one of the band’s most well-known classics: John The Fisherman! The vibe is inspired by the band’s dynamic and turbulent instrumentation, featuring analogously rhythmic typography and linework, clusters of sea-fauna local to the state of Pennsylvania, and a twist on another song in the form of Tommy The [Giant] Cat[fish].

Primus - 11.06.2019. / Hershey, PA
18" x 24" screenprint. Hand-numbered. AP / Regular Edition of 50.

18" x 24" screenprint. Hand-numbered. Alternate "Tweaker Blue" Cool Colourway Edition of 35.

18" x 24" screenprint. Hand-numbered. “Krinkle Catfish" Keyline Edition of 15.

18" x 24" screenprint. Hand-numbered. Swirl "Fish On" Foil Edition of 25.

The regular and the Tweaker variant glow in the dark.

Bait that hook and get ready to catch one of these Friday, November 8th (11/08/2019) at 11AM EST over in Miles pond or store at

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  1. How do I find one of these I wanted one at the show but I couldn't afford it