Thursday, February 28, 2013

Dazed and Confused Movie Poster Chuck Sperry


Odd City Entertainment is excited to announce, in partnership with the Austin Film Society, Hangar 18, and Varnish Fine Art gallery, a limited edition Chuck Sperry print for the 20th anniversary screening of Richard Linklater’s iconic film, Dazed and Confused. This will be the first print release for the company based in Austin, Texas. Roman Morales, the company’s Founder and long time print collector expressed his excitement over Odd City’s involvement in the event, “It has been a long hard road leading up to our launch and we couldn’t have asked for a better platform to release our first print run than the AFS Dazed and Confused event.

And, it’s a Chuck Sperry no less! The best mix of artist and subject.” Chuck Sperry, the print artist, also expressed thoughts over his involvement, “To me, Dazed and Confused presents a pinball storyline structure and afforded me the opportunity to present the cast in equal weight to emphasize the ensemble nature of the film. They appear as bonus lights on the play table. I reproduced Mr. Linklater’s director notes to the actors on the pinball instruction card. The directions inspire the cast towards spontaneity, truthfulness and in Linklater’s words, “100% accuracy and thoroughness in detail”, as I sincerely hope is also reflected in my poster design.”

The Odd City art prints will be sold at Austin Film Society’s Dazed and Confused screening event on March 6th at the Marchesa Hall & Theatre in Austin, TX: . Event attendees will receive priority when purchasing. All net proceeds from the sell of the art prints will benefit the Austin Film Society. In the unlikely case there are additional prints after the event, they will be sold through Odd City’s website. Please see below for print details, pricing and images. For more information visit

Poster details
Size: 20x35
Paper: Regular: Cougar 100 / Variant: Opalescent Pearl; both w/3 metallic inks
Printed by: Hangar 18
Details: Regular 9-colors / Variant: 9-colors
Run Size: 240 Regulars & 50 Variants
Pricing: Regular - $65 / Variant - $135

Slayer Sydney Australia Poster by Vance Kelly

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Beyond the Pale has released the metal poster to end all metal posters featuring Slayer. The poster designed by Vance Kelly used the very latest metallic foil printing on this poster. The "gold" metal foil on here is like nothing they've ever seen, it's 3D, it leaps off the page!

The poster measures 19 x 26.7 inches with an edition of 300, half of which sold out at the show in Sydney.

Buy it at Beyond The Pale Now

Django Unchained Rich Kelly Mondo Movie Poster Release Details

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Details from Rich on how he designed the poster:

I was recently tasked with creating a Django Unchained poster for Mondo’s annual Oscar-themed release event. The scheduling of this job put me in the position of having to create this image before the movie was even in theaters. Therefore, I essentially was left to pull from two distinct sources for the idea and visual reference. For the latter, I was basically limited to a couple of high-res trailers (which turned out to be more than enough.) The idea, however, came from reading the final draft of Tarantino’s script (which somehow found it’s way online.) This was the first time I had to create a poster before seeing the film, and I found the experience to actually be quite liberating. I wasn’t a slave to screen shots and I was allowed to inject a little more of my own personality and thought process into the final product. I suppose that some of the more talented illustrators are able to do that anyway, but I often find myself struggling to get beyond the carefully chosen visuals selected for the audience by the cinematographer and director. After reading and processing the script I focused on two central ideas. One being that a shooter’s speed can make all the difference between living to fight another day or taking a dirt nap. Therefore, I have Django frozen in that split second, right before he’s about to fan his revolver and consequently vanquish his foes. The other facet that I wanted to represent was Dr. Schultz’s German legend of Broomhilda and Siegfried. Instead of a mountain, I have the forlorn Broomhilda trapped in a castle-like plantation, the southern gothic pillars acting as bars imprisoning her in a cell. Standing in for the dragon are Candy’s henchmen, guns loaded, awaiting the inevitable battle.

These will be available for purchase on Friday, March 1, 2013 at 11:00 am EST.

Variant: Edition of 135. 24”x26” screen print. Signed and numbered. Six colors on French Construction Steel Blue paper. $110.

Regular: Edition of 290. 24”x26” screen print. Signed and numbered. Six colors on French Speckletone Old Green paper. $85

Buy them at Rich Kelly's Store

Rachel Print by Steven Daily On Sale

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Steven Daily masterfully incorporates his artist vision with one of his most beloved Sci-Fi Films of all time in creating Rachel from Blade Runner.
* Limited Edition Giclee on Watercolor Paper
* 82 piece hand-numbered edition
* Signed by artist Steven Daily with hand drawn remarque
* Measurements: 11 inches by 14 inches

Buy it HERE

Mr Brainwash Sleeping Is Boring Print Release Details

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Mr. Brainwash will be releasing a new print called "Sleeping Is Boring".
A four-color screen print on hand-torn archival art paper and hand finished with stencil and spray paint. They will be released in three color variants and each print is signed, numbered and thumb printed by the artist.
The print will be available online Thursday, February 28th at 12pm PST.

Edition: 15 of each color
Size: 48in x 22.5in
Price: $300

Buy it HERE

The Last Exorcism Part 2 Movie Poster by Anonymous Ink and Idea Release Details

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CBS Films had Anonymous Ink and Idea do up a poster for the release of The Last Exorcism Part 2 movie that is opening this Friday. He will be selling the red edition as well as the green variant poster this Friday morning.

Red Edition
3 colors measuring 24x36″ screen print. Printed on 110lb Neenah Classic Crest -Epic Black Paper
Signed and Numbered Edition of 100

Green Variant Edition
3 colors measuring 24x36″ screen print. Printed on 110lb Neenah Classic Crest -Epic Black
Signed and Numbered Edition of 30

Buy them HERE

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

BASK Smiling Charlie Thoughtcrime Hand-Painted Multiples

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"These pieces are a continuation of my Thoughtcrime series. The Smiling Charlie image holding a grenade, is painted on a series of weathered panels. This set was completed within the past month. It’s hard to say how long they took to create because salvaging the panels from a variety of places over a long time is just as much of a part the art as laying down the paint on top of them. Each piece has it’s own history imbedded onto itself.

Each piece is hand crafted and each panel has been painted and processed by me. I like the idea of small production works that let people get a original piece of art for the cost of some prints these days.

I have been saving these panels for a while and finally it was time to cut them down and make some art out of them. Paintings of the same stenciled image but each looking 100% original to itself. Each piece has it’s own distinct character and personality while keeping the repetition of the Thoughtcrime." - BASK

This RUN from BASK features 30 Unique Hand-Painted Multiples. Each is completely unique and measures 9 x 14 Inches Hand-Painted Multiples on Wood

This RUN comes signed, numbered and with a Certificate of Authenticity from BASK and 1xRUN.

On sale now at

LifeVersa Undefeated Print Release Details

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LifeVersa has a new print coming out on Thursday, February 28th. The print is titled “Undefeated" and is a limited edition of 50, hand signed/numbered, 16 x 20 inches.

Buy it here "Undefeated" link:

Tyler Stout & Ken Taylor Mondo Gallery Show in Austin

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The internet almost melted down yesterday when Germaine Lussier at SlashFilm broke the news about the up coming show at the Mondo Gallery. On March 15 at the Mondo Gallery in Austin, Texas, legendary poster artists Ken Taylor and Tyler Stout are teaming up for an exhibit of new work. It’s Taylor’s second U.S. show and Stout’s first ever poster show of any kind. There has been no hint's as to what the work will include other than it's "new". Some speculation is it might be 80's-90's movies based on the style of the flyer.

The Flatstock poster show during SxSW opens on March 14 at the convention center. Stout and Taylor opens on March 15 from 7-10 p.m. and will be on display through April 6. The gallery is located at 4115 Guadalupe St. Austin, TX. So I wonder if anyone is line yet at the gallery.....

New prints and originals from Mr. Frivolous

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 Mr. Frivolous has some new work to tickle your pickle, mini prints and an original.

3 mini 9"x 6" prints on Fujicolor Crystal Archive Paper
Set includes:
Limited edition of 40
Buy them here

Marker pen on A4 paper
Black wooden frame ("14 x "11)

Buy it here

Mr Brainwash Punk's Not Dead Print Release Details


This week Mr. Brainwash will be releasing a new print called "Punk's Not Dead".
It is a five-color screen print on hand-torn archival art paper. Each print is signed, numbered and thumb printed by the artist.
The print will be available online Thursday, February 28th at 12pm PST.

Edition: 99
Size: 22.5in x 30in
Price: $150

Buy it HERE

Amy Sol Quiescent Light print release details

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Amy Sol has a new print being released this week titled Quiescent Light. It is a limited edition of 25 signed and numbered with embossed watermark and certificate of provenance.  The print is 21" x 17" fine-art archival sheet giclee print on archival fine art paper 12 color archival pigment

Print release on Saturday, March 2nd, 2013 @ 2:00pm Pacific Time at

The Great Electro Print by Mark Brabant

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Mark Brabant has released a shocking new print titled Electro. It's good departure from Mark's usual style, this one looks like a vintage poster. The print is 16" x 22"
with a signed and numbered edition of 140 and it is a 5-color print on #100 natural cover weight stock.

Buy it at

Aesthetic Apparatus: MYSTERIOUS TUBES On Sale Now

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IT HAS RETURNED! The more famous than famous Aesthetic Apparatus MYSTERY TUBE SALE! You may find yourself saying “Oh my goodness, Aesthetic Apparatus, what is a Mystery Tube?” Please, allow me to tell you. The fine folks at Aesthetic Apparatus, will fill a sturdy cardboard tube with five (yes, that’s 5!) posters and art prints of their choosing and ship them to a destination of your choosing for a mere $30 (plus shipping, of course.

Buy them now at the Aesthetic Apparatus Store

Tonight's blink-182 poster from Melbourne Australia by Rhys Cooper

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blink 182 are playing their last head lining show tonight in Melbourne before playing 3 sold out Soundwave Festival shows and Rhys Cooper is the man tonight that did the poster and it kicks ass. Poster is 12 x 36 with a numbered edition of 182. Rhys will have his copies for sale in the coming weeks. Join his Facebook group HERE to know when and stay tuned to the blog here of course as well.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Widespread Panic Emek Charlotte New Years Eve Poster Release Details

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Emek is at last ready to release his Widespread Panic New Years Eve show poster. 2013 also marks 20 years that Emek has been creating posters too.

FOR SALE, Emek's 2012 End of the Year, End of the World, Party Poster. The Mothership is coming back...go back to yer roots maan...Widespread Panic New Years Eve.

Edition of 1000 were made for this one night show and all sold at the show.
We have a 15% A/P (Artist Proof) edition of 150 available.
Size 18 x 24, 7 color silkscreen, Signed, Numbered, Embossed and Doodled

Please visit his Webstore at
*click on the NEW RELEASE image to open the sale page

The BUY NOW buttons will appear sometime between
12:00 noon - 12:30pm PDT on Thursday Feb. 28th

Adam Dare Fight To Win...FTW Hand-Painted Multiple On Canvas

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This RUN of Hand-Painted Multiples come Framed and Ready To Hang In A Gallery Wrapped 1.5 Inch Wood Box.

" For these pieces I used oil based spray paint and my negative stencil technique. I also will work in mixed mediums, spray paint, oil paint, acrylics, paint markers, Krinks, stencils, paper, found objects, and just about anything that sparks my imagination and inspires me. The same technique was used on the original painting as the 1xRUN series.

I wanted to explore this message in the medium that I've been currently exploring. I felt that this technique would be a good fit for the energy of the subject matter. The pieces capture the energy of the subject matter not only in the final aesthetic but in the creation process itself. Each piece in this series is unique." - Adam Dare

Each one is 16 x 12 x 1.5 Inches Hand-Painted Multiple On Canvas Gallery Wrap in your choice of four colors Red, Yellow, Blue and Red/Blue Variant

On sale Tuesday at NOON EST at


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This has to be some kind of record 2 Kaws figures with a week. Like the one last week he will be about 9 inches tall and $315
KAWS COMPANION:RESTING PLACE (BLACK VERSION) will be available today, Tuesday February 26th at noon EST on

JC Richard & Justin Santora at Gallery 1988 The Sound of a New World Being Born

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Justin Santora has emerged from his little cave to spread the word about The Sound of a New World Being Born: Justin Santora and JC Richard, which opens this Friday, March 1st at Gallery 1988 Melrose (7020 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90038). Justin has produced several new paintings and screen prints, including his first ever screen prints on wood (there will be limited maple wood variants of many of his prints in this show). JC Richard has been busy as ever, churning out a whole slough of new prints, some originals, and maybe even a few more surprises.

The show will be up from March 1st-March 23rd, 2013. The opening reception is this Friday, March 1st from 7PM-10PM. Both JC Richard and Justin will be at the reception. If you live in the LA area, they'd love to see you! The show will also be on Gallery 1988's website the day after the show, and all work will be available for purchase online.

Facebook event page :

Tonight's blink 182 Dabs Myla poster from Melbourne Australia Release Details

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blink 182 are in Melbourne with The Vandals, at The Sidney Myer Music Bowl and local artists Dabs Myla did the poster. Only 182 of them are for sale at the show. But dont worry they will be selling them online

Dabs Myla will also have an edition of 50 of their Blink-182 posters in a second color way that they are proud to be releasing in their ONLINE STORE this Tuesday 26th February at 1:00pm PST (Wednesday 27th February at 8:00am Melbourne Australia Time!)

The posters will be $50 plus shipping. Each print is 18" x 24" signed and numbered 8 color screen print on white archival paper

Available this Tuesday 26th February 2013 at 1:00 pm PST.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Cobra Commander & Storm Shadow Posters by Rhys Cooper

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Acidfree Gallery are pleased to present Cobra Commander and Storm Shadow, limited edition screen prints by Rhys Cooper. These two prints complete the amazing series of three COBRA prints by Rhys Cooper. Designed to work in conjunction with the Domaradzki GI JOE prints set, these will all look great together or mix and match your favorite heroes and villains. Cooper’s first print in the series, BARONESS, is now sold out so be ready to get these limited prints before they are gone!

The standard prints, along with a color variants will go on sale Thursday, 2/28/2012, 12:30 PM EST.

COBRA COMMANDER by Rhys Cooper - $50.00
Limited Edition Licensed Screenprint
12x36 - 5 color screen print
Paper: Domtar Lynx Opaque
Run Size: 100
Markings: Numbered
Trading Card Certificate of Authenticity – Numbered

COBRA COMMANDER (variant) by Rhys Cooper - $65.00
Limited Edition Licensed Screenprint
12x36 - 5 color screen print (with Metallics)
Paper: Domtar Lynx Opaque
Run Size: 55
Markings: Numbered
Trading Card Certificate of Authenticity – Numbered

STORM SHADOW by Rhys Cooper - $50.00
Limited Edition Licensed Screenprint
12x36 - 5 color screen print
Paper: Domtar Lynx Opaque
Run Size: 100
Markings: Numbered
Trading Card Certificate of Authenticity – Numbered
STORM SHADOW (variant) by Rhys Cooper - $65.00
Limited Edition Licensed Screenprint
12x36 - 5 color screen print (with Metallics)
Paper: Domtar Lynx Opaque
Run Size: 55
Markings: Numbered
Trading Card Certificate of Authenticity – Numbered

Game of Thrones Gallery Show at Mondo for SxSW

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Last year, Alamo Drafthouse's art division Mondo paired up with San Diego Comic-Con to offer up a limited edition series of "Game of Thrones" posters available exclusively at the event. This year, Mondo's pairing up with SXSW for another limited run of collectible artwork inspired by the HBO fantasy series as well as a "GoT" gallery show.

Mondo artists Craig Drake, Daniel Danger, Jason Edmiston, Aaron Horkey, Jock, Phantom City Creative, JC Richard and Ken Taylor and others have created "Game of Thrones" original fine art which will be on display, along with the first two of eight limited edition posters, at the Mondo Gallery at 4115 Guadalupe Street in Austin from March 8 through the 14th. Two more posters will be released digitally each week leading up to the March 31st "Game of Thrones" season three premiere.

"After the success of our San Diego Comic-Con initiative with HBO in 2012, we thought this was a perfect fit. We hope the fans feel our work has done justice to the show,” said Mondo CEO Justin Ishmael. The gallery event will also serve as the launching point for another "Game of Thrones"-inspired work -- Ommegang’s Iron Throne beer, the first in a collection inspired by the series. The beer will be available in stores and on draft in mid to late March, for anyone really dedicated to hosting a themed party.

The artwork from the postcard for Mondo's "Game of Thrones" event, by Mike Mitchell, is above

New Graveyard and art print from Anonymous Ink and Idea On Sale

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Anonymous Ink and Idea have released their Graveyard poster for the show in Dallas this past weekend as well as an art print from the recent Corrections House poster
Graveyard - Feb 22 (Dallas, TX)

• 3 ink colors
• 16x26″ hand-pulled screen print
• Printed on 100lb Wasau Astrobright (Eclipse Black)
• Numbered Edition of 100
• Signed by Anonymous
Art Print entitled: "for those that never sing, but die with music in them"

• 2 ink colors + invisible varnish
• 18x24″ hand-pulled screen print
• Printed on 100lb French Speckletone Kraft
• Numbered Edition of 50
• Signed by Anonymous

Buy them HERE

Munk One Blink 182 Brisbane Australia Poster Release Details

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Official Blink - 182 Poster featuring Artwork by Munk One.
From the Feb 22nd Brisbane show in Australia.

Limited Edition of 50 (Dark Purple as shown) Artist Variant Color.
Signed and Numbered by Munk One.
18”x24” on white stock 5 color screen-print

Available Tuesday Feb 26th, 2013 at 1:30PM PST at

Eric Church & Zac Brown Band Posters by Matt Leunig On Sale

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Details from Matt Leunig on the new posters :

Hey hosers, the Eric Church train has come around again and this time it’s going to Canada. 2 new prints, for the latest tour….. Lethbridge, SK & Regina, AB which are both going down this weekend. These make the 3rd tour & 6th poster I’ve done for Church and I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the response to not just my prints but all the artists prints involved in these tours. People seem to love em’ and the guy has a massive following.

Both prints are 3-color (18′x24′) and signed / AP (Artist Prints). For those who are unfamiliar, “Artist Prints” are the artist copies allotted to them from the same print run as the “numbered” edition. Basically, a band asks for blank amount, they say you can print blank amount for yourself. There’s are too be numbered, yours are “AP”. Some bands still don’t mind if artist copies can be apart of the the numbered edition, but it is becoming less and less. I say this because a lot of people have been asking why I only sell “AP” on some prints.

I was recently contacted by the Zac Brown Band to do a print for their current,… the Springfield, MS stop. I was a little unfamiliar w/ the band but know they have a pretty huge following and got a kick out of their music video “The Wind” done by Mike Judge.

Anywhoo… I was happy to do it. They really wanted to steer clear from typical “country” references, which I was more than happy to do so I thought I would explore the idea of a country wizard. The print is a 5-color and is a limited run of 80 prints.

Buy them HERE

Moment of Zen and Disc Golf Prints by Ian Millard

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Not sure if Ian Millard is a fan of Jon Stewart or not with the titles on these prints, it's a segment he does at the end of The Daily Show. Either way these new prints by Ian look great.

"Moment of Zen" Disc Golf Art Print - 16"x20" - Edition of 30 - $50
5 hand cut stencils and spraypaint on stonehendge paper. The sky colors in each print are custom. You are welcome to suggest colors for Ian to use in the sky or suggest the sky by theme (night, sunset, daytime,etc). After you order send an email to him with your color requests. Prints come signed, numbered, and with a hand made certificate of authenticity (COA).

Available Tuesday February 26th at 9am MST USA in his online store.

 "Moment of Zen" Art Print - 16"x20" - Edition of 20 - $50
5 hand cut stencils and spraypaint on stonehendge paper. 5 hand cut stencils and spraypaint. The sky colors in each print are custom. You are welcome to suggest colors for him to use in the sky or suggest the sky by theme (night, sunset, daytime,etc). After you order send an email to him with your color requests. Prints come signed, numbered, and with a hand made certificate of authenticity (COA).

Available Tuesday February 26th at 9am MST USA in his online store.