Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Patrice O'Neal Benefit Poster by Tyler Stout



On 2.19 a benefit will be held in memorial of Patrice O'neal, an extremely funny comic who passed on way too soon. In order to help Patrice's family as much as they could they commissioned a gig poster by Tyler Stout which will be available at the show. Both editions measure 18X24. The Purple edition is of 300 and the gold is of 100. All signed/numbered by Tyler. A handful will be available at the event signed by ALL the performers. Leftover prints will be sold online an Tyler will have AP's for sale at a later date. Patrice O'Neal had roles in The Office, Arrested Development, hosted Web Junk 2.0 and most recently starred in his own one hour Comedy Central special 'Elephant In The Room'. All proceeds from the print (and gig) benefit Patrice's family.

Tickets can be had HERE


  1. I want to go to the benefit but the ticket sold out and I could not get off work. plz tell me you will make this into a tee shirt $25 a pop i will buy 3 i would have paid that for the ticket. I have to give Mr. P something he gave me so much

  2. Plz make this into a t shirt I will buy 3 at $25.00 a pop. I was going to go to the benefit but could not make it. Plz let me get them I have to give Mr.P something

  3. how do i purchase a poster?

    1. they sold out and from what we were told, they will not be making anymore. The site was patriceoneal/bigcartel, I saw one on ebay about a month ago. Good luck