Friday, February 15, 2013

David Welker Prints and Poster Release Details

Details from David Welker:

I have 2 gallery shows opening tomorrow on both coasts. The preview sale for my Fifth Element inspired print "She Has No File" is tonight at 8pm here... The final online sale is Saturday February 16th at 12noon est. This print will only be available through the gallery. It's a 17x11" giclee on heavy mat paper in an edition of 30. $25

Also, "The Alley" 15x11" giclee on 305gsm cold press natural $30 At the Hero Complex Gallery -Oscar Legends Show Full online sales on Friday night Feb 15th as soon after the show opening as possible (so figure about 7pm est)

He also did a cool looking poster for the Umphrey's McGee show Saturday night in Madison. In the future cats will survive humankind and colonize outer space where they will use DNA replicating plant technology to grow mini humanoid pets. So there you have it end timers. A very stinky 7 color screen print.

I'll have release details for this early next week.

He also did a poster for Eric Church's Canada tour for the show last night in London.

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