Friday, January 29, 2016

Maxx242 Enchanted Dance Fine Art Print Release

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Introducing Fighting 4 Dreams Studios newest print by Maxx242 titled "Enchanted Dance". A signed and numbered edition of 100 of these beautiful fine art prints are available now through the F4Dreams online store. Prints measure 18" x 24" and are printed on Epson high-quality exhibition watercolor textured paper using Epson UltraChrome HDR inks.

Makes a great Valentine's Day gift for Mickey, Minnie and Disney fans alike!

In celebration of this print we're giving away a pair of our "Mickey and Minnie Muertos" mini prints to the first 10 orders we receive (a $20 value!)

The Flood Gallery Carl Glover and Lasse Hoile Index Exhibition

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The Flood Gallery is pleased to announce the release of an exclusive new three color screen print celebrating their INDEX exhibition. Measuring up at 18 x 24”, the print has been produced in a very limited edition of 50- all signed and numbered by Carl and Lasse.

Featuring the photography of Carl Glover and Lasse Hoile, the exhibition consists of photography centred around the musical projects of Steven Wilson (including Porcupine Tree, Continuum, Bass Communion and many more). The Giclee prints from the show are available at Pledge Music and directly from The Flood Gallery right now.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Richey Beckett Grey Wizard & Grey Watcher Prints Release

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Richey Beckett has revealed TWO new screen prints that will hit the store this Friday.

 'THE GREY WIZARD' is a Limited Edition silk screen print originally inspired by the classic BLACK SABBATH song of the same name, featuring the eponymous character as described in the lyrics.

Beautifully silk screen printed on 12"x18" 100lb French Charcoal Brown Paper including metallic gold ink. Strictly limited to 100 prints and 10 silver variants. Hand numbered, embossed and signed by the artist.

'THE GREY WATCHER' is a Limited Edition silk screen print originally created for UNEARTH's 'Watchers Of Rule' record cover art.

Beautifully silk screen printed on 12"x16" 100lb French Charcoal Brown Paper. Strictly limited to 100 prints and 10 silver variants. Hand numbered, embossed and signed by the artist.

Both prints will hit the store this FRIDAY JAN 29th at 6pm GMT which is 1pm EST. Prints will be £30 each, with worldwide shipping available. Every order will receive a very limited edition, silk screen printed, hand embossed 'DEADITE' bookmark (while stocks last).

Buy them at

JJ Harrison TMNT: Rise of the Turtles Poster From Mondo

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The Mondo crew can't get enough of Nickelodeon's new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series that launched in 2012. It's got everything fans of the turtles could want, and works on a level that entertains long-time followers while also expanding to a whole new generation of shell heads. Today they'll have an incredibly fun new poster throwing back to the first episode of the series, 'Rise of the Turtles,' by JJ Harrison! Mondo are big fans of JJ's work and here he was able to perfectly capture the fun and exciting energy that propels the show.

TMNT: Rise of the Turtles by JJ Harrison. 18"x24" screen print. Hand numbered. Edition of 250.

TMNT: Rise of the Turtles (Variant) by JJ Harrison. 18"x24" screen print. Hand numbered. Edition of 125.

On sale at a random time Thursday at

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

David Welker Primus Nashville Poster Release

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David Welker will have his Primus Nashville poster on sale today. This is a 6 layer screen print with 3 neon inks and a varnish coat. It's 18x24" in an edition of 200 prints.

It will be available Thursday, January 27th at 12noon EST for $50 via Bottleneck Gallery

Check out the video from David's recent solo gallery show.

Darin Shock Squirrel Master Half Baked Poster Release

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Here is Darin Shock's first print of 2016 that's dropping on Wednesday. It's the 3rd installment of his Greatest Side Characters in Cinematic History poster series, paying tribute to Tommy Chong's character from Half Baked.

Darin on the Squirrel:
"I've always had a soft spot in my heart for the cult classic Half Baked. Dave Chappelle is an all time hero of mine and this film is a prime example of his (and co-writer Neal Brennan's) genius. It's fantastically ridiculous that Tommy Chong plays the incarcerated heroic character that declares fragile Kenny to be his bitch and protect him from the feared Nasty Nate. It's even more utterly, fantastically ridiculous that this prison badass is not only apparently a martial artist, he's additionally a whisperer of squirrels. With his faithful companion Fuzzy Nuts, Squirrel Master is a true defender of all that's right as well as "Kenny's sweet, virgin ass"!
The poster is 12x24", 4 color screen print
regular edition of 70 and 10 of each (rainbow, lava, and sparkle foil)
The will be available at 2pm EST Wednesday, Jan. 26 available here:

Ravi Zupa Pearl Jam Chile Band Signed Poster & Set List Charity Auction

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Most hard core Pearl Jam fans know Kille Knobel as the bands lighting designer and director. She is raising funds for the Echo Center in Culver City, CA. The Echo Center is a pre-eminent program to educate children who are deaf and hard of hearing where they learn alongside their hearing peers in the mainstream environment of the Echo Horizon School 2 of Kille's children have hearing loss.

So she has Pearl Jam's Santiago, Chile poster signed by entire band and copies of set lists from each city on their 2015 Latin America tour including Chile, Buenos Aires, Porto Alegre, Sao Paolo, Brasilia, Belo Horizonte, Rio, Bogota, and Mexico City. All up for auction.

Bid on this killer bundle of stuff over at

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Tom Whalen Popeye The Sailor Meets Sinbad Poster Release From Dark Hall Mansion

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Dark Hall Mansion is so very pleased to finally reveal a project that's been in development for well over a year, DHM's officially licensed "POPEYE THE SAILOR MEETS SINDBAD THE SAILOR" limited-edition prints by leading contemporary artist, Tom Whalen, and on sale this Friday, January 29th.

Dark Hall Mansion, in partnership with Warner Bros. Consumer Products, King Features Syndicate and Fleischer Studios will release Tom Whalen's colorful take on the classic 1936 long-format Fleischer Studios cartoon classic that finds everyone's favorite sailor matching wits with Bluto (er, Sindbad!) in Max Fleischer's singular Popeye Color Special. We chose this very special Popeye short for DHM's first officially licensed Fleischer release as we're huge fans of the early groundbreaking Fleischer Studios shorts, and know this 16-minute Popeye special was so well received it was nominated for a 1936 Academy Award for the best short category: Cartoons. In addition, this short is formally recognized by no less than the United States Library of Congress as "culturally significant" and selected for preservation within the National Film Registry, as well as having been recognized as #17 among the Greatest Cartoons of all time by members of the animation field.

"POPEYE THE SAILOR MEETS SINDBAD THE SAILOR" limited-edition prints go on sale this Friday January 29th on Dark Hall Mansion's dedicated store page here: at 9:30 AM PST!

"POPEYE THE SAILOR MEETS SINDBAD THE SAILOR" Foil edition of 10 (based on the Standard edition colorway) $150
"POPEYE THE SAILOR MEETS SINDBAD THE SAILOR" Foil edition of 10 (based on the Variant edition colorway) $150

All editions are strictly limited, measure 18" x 24," are screen printed, and hand numbered.

Tristan Eaton Painted Oceans Red Sands Sea Forts Project

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If you have ever been around or seen Tristan Eaton work you know he loves a challenge and can't sit still very long. Tristan has been working on this Painted Oceans project for 5 years and now he is poised to once again push the boundaries of art and make history.

In the summer of 2016 an adventurous crew of artists and filmmakers will head out into the middle of the ocean off the East Coast of England to pull off the most ambitious, dangerous and exciting mural project in history: PAINTED OCEANS.

Artist Tristan Eaton has assembled a team of world-renowned Graffiti and Street Artists to join him: Shepard Fairey, Futura 2000, How & Nosm, and The London Police, to paint murals on the historic Red Sand Sea Forts off the east coast of England. The new documentary feature, PAINTED OCEANS will be directed by Pascal Franchot and will capture the entire process as the artists live at sea for one month, battling weather and danger on all fronts while striving for their place in Art History. All of this is happening with the blessings of the local governments and England.

The history behind the PAINTED OCEANS project goes back 74 years, but the execution will be completely modern. PAINTED OCEANS will be creating a robust digital campaign including: re-launching the Pirate Radio as a curated live stream, creating satellite mapping of the forts in high definition, interacting with the world in real time via live video and social media as well as a high-profile KICKSTARTER campaign.There are many cool rewards in the Kickstarter project be sure to check them out.

Embracing the already legendary status of the Red Sands Sea Forts and the enormous audience for global street art, the PAINTED OCEANS project strives to be at the intersection of art, film and technology while breaking new ground in the realm of Public Art and Art History. They face danger and risk it all to transform these iconic instruments of war into beautiful murals at sea!

With help from Converse, Montana Cans, Library Street Collective, PangeaSeed and others they are going to create something like no one has seen before.

Head over to to learn more, it really is an incredible project.

Half & Half Shovels and Rope Charleston Poster Tryptich

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The Half & Half Studio have released a cool looking Tryptich set of posters for 3 nights of Shovels and Rope in Charleston a couple of weeks ago.

You can get each night of the poster or the uncut edition of all 3. And they each have an edition of 30.

Buy them at

Monday, January 25, 2016

Kilian Eng RoboCop Poster Release From Grey Matter Art

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Grey Matter Art, under license from MGM Studios is proud to present a New Officially Licensed, Limited Edition Screen Print for the Classic 80's Action Film, "Robocop." This is the second poster Grey Matter Art has produced for this classic property as well as the second time working with the ever talented artist, Kilian Eng. Kilian's style perfectly portrays the violence and grittiness of the film. There are 2 separate editions for this poster, a Regular & Variant Edition. Below are details regarding the poster and release date.

Artist: Kilian Eng
Size: 24x36
Regular Edition: 220/$45.00 (Hand-Numbered)
Variant Edition: 110/$60.00 (Hand-Numbered)
Printed by: VGKids

This poster will be released Wednesday, January 27st on our website shop page between 1:00PM-2:00PM est. at

Follow Grey Matter Art on Twitter to get a jump on the drop.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Winner of the Ryan Duggan Free Friday Poster Giveaway Snowzilla Edition

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After this monster snow storm they called Jonas, I hope everyone is safe and nothing happened to them. The pictures from Twitter and Facebook were just insane. There was a lot of snow dropped on the east coast and now the flooding is getting bad.

The according to the National Weather Service Eastern Region Twitter account Glengary, WV received the most snow at 42 inches which is northwest of Washington, DC.

So with a guess of 37 inches Ryan T is the winner. Ryan shoot me an email with your address and I will be shipping your poster. My email is to the right also.

Thank you again to Ryan Duggan for providing the poster and to everyone that entered. Be safe out there and take your time.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Ryan Duggan Free Friday Poster Giveaway Snowpocalypse Edition


As I think everyone knows the east coast of the US is about to get hit with a huge snow storm that is supposed to dump record amounts. Bad weather is no fun to deal with and it's even worse when you have car problems. Ryan Duggan created this "I Hate My Car" poster as a love letter to his piece of shit car back in 2013, this one is the 2nd edition. You may also know Ryan from his shitting dog series of hilarious prints. So I figured this would be a fun little giveaway to make it a little less maddening.

This is how it will work. Guess the largest amount of snow accumulation one place will receive. They are talking 10 inches to 40 so who knows how much really. Some of the weather people on Twitter said looking at the models they have never seen anything like this storm before. So you can guess like 20.8 inches or whatever you want. Now the tiebreaker will be you have to name the city that will get all this snow. Giveaway will end when the storm ends or at midnight PST Saturday night January 23. Also Price Is Right rules are in effect, the person closes without going over will win.

Now go to the top of the post above the picture and click on comments or scroll down (depends on how you see this post) to leave a comment about the largest amount of snow from the storm in inches and the city that gets it. Don't worry if your comment does not appear immediately I have to approve them before they are published. I will use the Random Number Generator to pick a winner. Entries are limited to ONE PER PERSON PER HOUSEHOLD. Please leave your name with the comment, comments without names will not be accepted. Entries will be accepted until Midnight PDT Saturday January 23 or when the storm is done and the winner will be announced on Sunday hopefully if I can find an accurate amount. If you see something about the amount from the storm hit me up on twitter or email with a reliable link.

Thanks to Ryan Duggan for providing the poster. Be safe out there folks.

Munk One Everlasting Love Print On Wood Release

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Munk One has swum with the big fish; he's executed work for Warner Bros., created the art work for Snoop Dogg's critically acclaimed Snoopify app -- if you don't remember this, now is a good time to utilize Google -- and has been exhibited up and down the California coast, across the nation and back again. When Prints On Wood was chatting with such accomplished artists -- one who, let's say has been hired to paint a giant mural for Pearl Jam's famed 20 year anniversary concert on side-by-side billboards with friend Maxx242 -- it can be overwhelming. That's a lot of cool stuff to do in one lifetime. As such, Munk One and Kim from POW take it easy and chat about his first POW print titled "Everlasting Love" and shamelessly recap some career highlights thus far.
Hey Munk. Can you talk to me about your print "Everlasting Love." What's going on in that piece's imagery?

Sure. It shows an owl and a fox inside a cactus and the characters are holding hands. To me, it was a really personal piece. I think I was trying to express a feeling of love that's there without any distractions, or anything taking away from it; no matter what's going on, the love is still there. The owl is awake during the day; the fox is asleep. There are different elements that don't exactly go along with everlasting love, but they're still holding hands.

Why did "Everlasting Love" stand out for you as a painting to print on wood? [POW and I] talked about releasing some art work at some point and I kind of just felt like this one fit the wood element. It's an earthy painting in my opinion. I don't know, I really just had a good feeling on this one as far as the look of it. Also, the border has some wood element to it so I just thought it'd be really great for Prints on Wood.
Everlasting Love is 12 x 12 in. (30.48 x 30.48 cm)
Fine art wood print on 1/2" sustainable birch wood, bright white finish
Signed and numbered timed release ending Wednesday, January 27th at midnight PST.

Buy it at

America's Savings Shepard Fairey Print Release

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Prints all lined up for Shep to sign
Shepard Fairey once again takes on cash in politics with his next release, America's Savings. He does make a very good point. Laws are being written to favor those that buy the ear of our "lawmakers" and that is not what this country was founded on or stands for.
America’s Savings is the next in my series of images about the need to overhaul the American campaign finance system. End corruption, get money out of politics, return to democracy – these are calls to action that I will continue to push and champion in order to limit the influence of corporations and special interests in our political process. Our system allows influential corporations and special interests to use their money and influence to put profits ahead of the general well-being of the populace. Sometimes a relatively small investment in campaign contributions or lobbyists by a corporation can result in laws that ignore the needs of the people in favor of business interests. If you like this print, good, that means that you’ll contribute to our efforts to fix our broken system. Rootstrikers and Represent.US are two organizations fighting for campaign finance reform and profits from this print will go to both of them to help end the legal bribery of politicians.
– Shepard
 America’s Savings, 18 x 24 inch screen print, signed and numbered edition of 450.

Available Tuesday, January 26 at 10am PST in Prints.
 A portion of the proceeds will benefit Rootstrikers and Represent.US

Landland Phish Riviera Maya Mexico Poster Release

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Landland did the poster for the recent Phish show in Mexico. Dan Black has a story to tell about the poster Jessica Seamans designed :
Our friends over at Phish HQ put us in control of "making web stuff look a little less webby and more like a place you could spend a minute" with their site for last weekend's Riviera Maya shows down in Mexico. If you were there, I hope it was rad! Also, if you were there, I guess you know that we also made a poster for it. Apparently these things sold out pretty instantly down there, with a relatively tiny run of 500 posters for all three nights. We've been getting a ton of emails about this, from the dozens and dozens of people who were all a couple people away from the person who got the last copy, and to answer all of those emails in one fell swoop, I offer this: We do have copies of it. Not many at all, but some.
Phish Riviera Maya
January 15-17th, 2016 at Barceló Maya Beach Resort in Mexico
Six-color screenprint on 100# French cover stock • 18" x 24"
Signed & Numbered Edition of 500
Illustration/Design: Jessica Seamans

These posters will be available at a RANDOM TIME, sometime Friday, January 22nd at
For all intents and purposes, every single copy Landland have will be going up, and there are zero artist proof copies or anything like that. No copies of this thing will be available from them after this drop.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Erica Williams Murder By Death Poster, Original Art & Prints

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Erica Williams dropped a bunch of great work in her store. Posters, prints and original art.

Murder By Death played a couple of amazing shows at Harriet's Pioneertown Palace for New Years Eve. They had requested a Western theme for their poster and so this little buffalo was born.

Murder By Death New Years Eve 2015
Five colors, 18x24"
AP Edition of 35

Print for the "Labours of Hercules" show presented by FAMP Art. Featured art depicting each of the twelve labours of Hercules by different artists. Erica's is from the 12th labour. There are 2 variants of this as well.

Hind of Cerynria
Three Colors 18x24"
Printed by Triple Stamp Press
Edition of 40 with Metallic Gold Ink on Steel Blue French Paper

There are also 6 original illustrations left also.

Head over to to buy them 

Zoltron Sue Nami Hanbill Sale

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Zoltron is having a Sue Nami Party today
7" X 12" • Artist signed • Silkscreen Handbills • Various Paper
The original version of the Sue Nami Handbill was handed out as a gift to the first 100 people to enter the door at a recent art event.

Sue Nami is the calm before the storm.
Mother Nature’s messenger. A Harbinger (of things to come.)
She’s always been here, but she’s rarely seen. She was there at Fukushima.
She held hands with Katrina and skipped along the Levees before they broke.
She might appear just before it happens. Or you might think you hear her. A giggle in the wind.
An empty playground whisper. But when you look again, she’s gone.

Sometime between 10am & 11am PST on Thursday she will appear in Zoltron's New Store.

James Jean Year of the Monkey Print Release

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James Jean is getting ready to unleash a wicked new print titled “Year of the Monkey”. It is a signed and numbered, time-limited edition of giclée prints. It will be made available for one hour only, starting at 8:00 AM PST on Tuesday, January 26th. The edition will be limited by the number of prints sold during the one-hour sale, and never re-printed.

Paper size: 24 ¼″ tall × 18″ wide
Image size: 21 ¼″ tall × 16″ wide
Printed on archival 310 g/m² 100% cotton-rag paper with archival pigment-based ink
Embossed chop
Signed and numbered by James Jean
Slated for release on January 26th, 2016
Price: $200

Grab some bananas and head over to on Tuesday

Tomer Hanuka The Thin Red Line Poster Mondo Release

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One of the questions Mondo were asked most last year was if they’d be continuing their Terrence Malick Director’s Series… On Thursday, they’re very excited to continue the collection with The Thin Red Line by Tomer Hanuka.

Terrence Malick's films are beautiful pieces of visual art themselves, so it can be difficult to match an artist to such lush source material. Beyond the cinematography, they're also layered with metaphorical meaning and poetic ironies. Mondo talked a lot internally about which artist would make the best poster for The Thin Red Line, as it's not an easy job, and they all landed on Tomer Hanuka. He once again did not let them down here, delivering a beautiful illustration with loads of subtle nods to the greater story at play.

Here's what Tomer had to say about his poster:
"Fighting a hellish battle in the Pacific theater of WWII, a soldier is deeply moved by the beauty of the natural world as he experiences a prosaic baptism by fire. His interior life and the reality of war are equally epic; the eternal and temporal... life and death."

The Thin Red Line by Tomer Hanuka. 24"x36" screen print. Hand numbered. Edition of 275.

Red Variant 24"x36" screen print. Hand numbered. Edition of 150.

On sale Thursday at a random time at

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Ivan Minsloff Primus Grand Prairie Posters

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Ivan Minsloff has his Primus posters from the recent show in Grand Prairie, Texas on sale. There is a regular edition and a variant sepia edition.

I was laughing when I saw them and had to know how he came up with the design:
 Sure - Nothing too deep here... 
A cubist Primus Pig just felt appropriate.
Likely because I'd just seen the Picasso sculpture show at the MoMA in NY.
My printer (Danny Askar) got some pretty good overlays on this one too.
Posters are 18 x 24 4 color screen prints

Buy them in his Etsy Shop HERE

Nakatomi 7th Anniversary 50% Off Art Sale

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Nakatomi was launched 7 years ago this month by Tim Doyle, and instead of Tim having a party for himself, they’re having a party for YOU the customers who made it all possible!

From RIGHT NOW through Wednesday the 20th at Midnight CST, all Tim Doyle, Clint Wilson, and BERNIE WRIGHTSON artwork will be 1/2 off regular retail.

All these prints are IN HAND and ready for immediate shipment!

This includes Doyle’s BRAND NEW additions to the Nakatomi store, like this new colorway of the sold out UnReal Estate ‘What a Piece of Junk’ 24×36″ print