Monday, January 4, 2016

James Flames Dead & Company Poster In Los Angeles New Years Eve Release

So this was James Flames very last poster for 2015 and my his first release for 2016. It's the New Year's Eve poster for Dead and Company's two shows at The Forum in Los Angeles.

These are exclusive Uncut Sheets and Holo-Foil Variants, so they are extra large at 36"x24". The versions available at the shows were cut into two separate posters (one for each night), and they were available only to VIP ticket holders. So this is the first time these are widely available.

The illustration is called "Come and Join the Party Every Day", and features a group of dancing skeletons getting down to the Earth's groove. As they make their way through a grove of roses, they enter a magical doorway marked "2015"... and suddenly appear across the way through another doorway marked "2016". There's a good ol' jamboree going down on the other side, with bears and terrapins all jamming together as the waves behind them crash.

Everything will be available, Monday, January 4th at 1pm Eastern on James Flames  website.

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