Thursday, January 21, 2016

Zoltron Sue Nami Hanbill Sale

Zoltron is having a Sue Nami Party today
7" X 12" • Artist signed • Silkscreen Handbills • Various Paper
The original version of the Sue Nami Handbill was handed out as a gift to the first 100 people to enter the door at a recent art event.

Sue Nami is the calm before the storm.
Mother Nature’s messenger. A Harbinger (of things to come.)
She’s always been here, but she’s rarely seen. She was there at Fukushima.
She held hands with Katrina and skipped along the Levees before they broke.
She might appear just before it happens. Or you might think you hear her. A giggle in the wind.
An empty playground whisper. But when you look again, she’s gone.

Sometime between 10am & 11am PST on Thursday she will appear in Zoltron's New Store.

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