Thursday, January 7, 2016

Justin Santora 2016 Print Subscription & New Poster

Here is the last thing Justin Santora printed in 2015. Fittingly, it was a poster for a series of New Years shows. Richard Thompson did a three night stand in Evanston, IL. Justin tried a more stylized, graphic sort of approach to this one, specifically with the clouds.

Said Justin:
"It was nice to sort of loosen up and bit and focus on what is essentially a decentralized contour drawing. Weirdly, I tried centering the tightrope walker two different times while I was illustrating and laying this out, but I didn't like now it looked nearly as much as when I placed him off to the left a tiny bit."
The print subscription will cover everything Justin prints for the entire 2016 calendar year, as well as a small original pencil drawing/ink study or two, test prints, etc. In the past, he has also printed record sleeves, post cards, and CD inserts. These are also included, should they happen to be produced this year. In total, his output for a year ranges from 35-40+ individual prints.

Justin's plan for 2016 is to send all prints to date out around the halfway mark, and then send the last half in early 2017. So subscribers will receive two shipments of prints with matching edition numbers, roughly six months apart.

You can find Justin's email on his website and contact him regarding payment and any questions you may have. You can also buy the new poster there as well.

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