Monday, January 4, 2016

It's A New Year

Hey 2016 is here art lovin people. I want to know where my hoverboard is now and not some raggity ass Segway impersonator but one that actually hovers. Did you have a good holiday season ? How did all your football teams fare this year with the bowl games and did the pros make the playoffs ?

Yes it's a little late but Happy New Year everyone, regular posting resumes on Monday. Until then enjoy some of the silly stuff I came across recently. That molten copper on the cake video is pretty cool actually.

Thanks to Michael Hacker for the mushroom New Year greeting image.

I don't do Best of lists because as Jermaine Rogers taught me years ago, art is very subjective. But if you want to email your top 5 posters & prints from last year I will include them on this post. My email is to the right towards the top. 

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