Thursday, January 21, 2016

Erica Williams Murder By Death Poster, Original Art & Prints

Erica Williams dropped a bunch of great work in her store. Posters, prints and original art.

Murder By Death played a couple of amazing shows at Harriet's Pioneertown Palace for New Years Eve. They had requested a Western theme for their poster and so this little buffalo was born.

Murder By Death New Years Eve 2015
Five colors, 18x24"
AP Edition of 35

Print for the "Labours of Hercules" show presented by FAMP Art. Featured art depicting each of the twelve labours of Hercules by different artists. Erica's is from the 12th labour. There are 2 variants of this as well.

Hind of Cerynria
Three Colors 18x24"
Printed by Triple Stamp Press
Edition of 40 with Metallic Gold Ink on Steel Blue French Paper

There are also 6 original illustrations left also.

Head over to to buy them 

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