Monday, January 18, 2016

Anothony Petrie RoboCop Poster Release By Skuzzles

Skuzzles' first movie poster of 2016 is something they've been working on since last spring with the extremely talented and detailed artist Anthony Petrie. Skuzzles are thrilled to finally release Anthony Petrie's RoboCop. They wanted to include some iconic characters from the film, but ran into issues with likeness and the initial release was delayed. After several months, they were finally able to negotiate the use of likeness for Kurtwood Smith's character Clarence Boddicker, thanks to Kurtwood himself--he's also the first person to receive this print.

The attention to detail that was put into this RoboCop print is absolutely insane. Throughout, you'll find an array of one liners and references from RoboCop. Here's what Anthony Petrie had to say about his work on RoboCop:
"Robocop is one of my all-time favorite movies, and he’s the subject in a lot of Hero pop culture references. That’s why I wanted to approach Robocop in a more unconventional way, visually depicting him in a more vulnerable state than we’re used to seeing. Thematically, this concept explores the duality of man and machine by drawing a graphic connection between Murphy’s organic —and inorganic— elements, with a darker and more dystopian palette."
For this RoboCop print Skuzzles did something new that they're hoping to continue for future limited edition screen print movie poster releases. If you already didn't know, limited edition pins are becoming very popular. Over the past year they had several people ask if they would ever get into selling collectible pins. Skuzzle's is run purely as a passion business and each of the guys have full-time day jobs. Selling another product would be a lot of extra work that they're just not capable of taking on, so instead of selling pins we decided to GIVE AWAY FREE pins. The first free pin was created by Anthony Petrie and it's a 2" Delta City Police badge die-struck pin with an antique silver finish and butterfly clutch. They only have 100 limited edition pins, so the first 100 orders will receive them.

The free stuff doesn't stop at our RoboCop pin. They will also be including 4 original RoboCop art pieces by Anthony Petrie. They will be randomly inserted into tubes if you purchase a RoboCop movie poster within the first 3 days of the original sale.

This is also the first time they've created a screen print movie poster with a full metallic wash, and the results are stunning! Here are the details of the RoboCop poster:

RoboCop by Anthony Petrie
Limited edition of 150
6 color screen print featuring a full metallic wash
24 x 36 Inches

On Sale Wednesday January 20th at 1:00PM EST at

Bonus: The first 100 orders will receive a free 2" limited edition RoboCop pin. Also, any orders within the first 3 days of sale will have a chance to win 1 of 4 original RoboCop art pieces by Anthony Petrie.

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